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  1. Not terribly at that point. Nor’easter in-and-out. Rain.
  2. I can think of a lot worse case scenarios. This is a TS at best. More likely a sub trop deal.
  3. The hype was certainly worse than the reality
  4. Things have kind of died down here in Raleigh and looks like the edge is nearing. Overall, much more similar to a January nor’easter than a cane.
  5. Things have kind of died down here in Raleigh. Some occasional bursts around 30.
  6. It would seem to me Ian’s forward speed has increased with the northwest turn
  7. Saving grace is probably going to end up being the fact we’ve been borderline drought. Otherwise uprooting would be major problem.
  8. May take an interesting flight path down across SC and in from the southeast. Should be just about out of here by 11.
  9. Just had a gust to 48 in north Raleigh. also — it is cold out. 55 degrees.
  10. If Duke would trim from time to time it probably wouldn’t be too bad
  11. NHC just called it at Georgetown SC
  12. NHC just called it. Georgetown sc
  13. Can you post where they say hours? I see where they say it is about to make landfall.
  14. He walked it back after the initial comment when the host asked him if it had made landfall and he said yes
  15. That’s because it’s not purely tropical. This is no where near a cat 2.
  16. With the shape of SC coast, it won’t shift to E until it’s somewhat inland
  17. Josh just said he found the center inland near Awendaw on Twitter. 985mb currently
  18. Dr. Knabb just declared landfall on the weather channel, just southwest of McLellansville
  19. This is going to be a much earlier landfall than was forecast
  20. I’ve seen some forecasts of 50-60mph winds but have yet to see any reports of such from the coast
  21. Hard to believe it takes 7 more hours to make landfall
  22. It’s 53 degrees at my location. Definitely more like November.
  23. Yes, but the southeast coast encounters high category hurricanes, whereas the mid Atlantic and northeast do not. I think they’ll handle it.
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