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  1. My truck says 32 degrees coldest rain possible in North Raleigh.
  2. Snowing in North Raleigh.
  3. Is this Gaston NC? How much snow did you get there if so?
  4. Princeville is under mandatory evacuation and looks like the water is up to the bottom of the bridge between Taroboro and Princeville.
  5. Will these winds effect the Triangle or will it be further to the east?
  6. Wind seems to have died down here in NOrth Raleigh.
  7. Governor said 3 in the news conference.
  8. North Raleigh between Falls of the Neuse and Capitol by 540. Trees came down and took out his fence.
  9. My neighbor has 2 or 3 trees that are leaning over at a 45 degree angle. Doubt they make it through this next heavy band.
  10. Im in North Raleigh and it has rained since about 11 last night. Wind is gusting and the power has flickered a couple of times. Hope we don't lose power.
  11. http://www.beachcamsusa.com/ga/tybee-island/tybee-island-dockside-webcam May not be the right place but Idon't see a Matthew observation thread. Here is a webcam that is working on Tybee Island. Only one I could find working anywhere. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  12. Snowing in North Raleigh at 540 and Falls.
  13. Nice! I'm headed to Snowshoe in the morning for the weekend . Just hope some of the glades stay open! I got lucky last year and was on the mountain when they got 2' in a day!
  14. ZR here in North Raleigh. Not sure how much more we can get without having problems.
  15. Word is WRAL is now calling this an ice storm.