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  1. Im in Rolesville and we already have more than we had last event. Nice glaze on trees and the deck.
  2. 20 years of sobriety lol. I was wanting to get hanmered by the storm but I have no problem with those would partake on a stormy day,.
  3. Live in Rolesville. Would really love to get hammered tomorrow and take the day off but probably not going to happen. I’ll gladly take a couple of days without power.
  4. I just came through there. Glaze on the trees you can see but everything else is fine.
  5. I live in Rolesville. What is this snow you speaking?
  6. I am disappointed with the lack of hotness on the mid to long term discussion board. Cold rain to infinity and beyond.
  7. Might be the wrong place but I have work to do at the NCVA border tomorrow morning. Planning on leaving Raleigh at 5 am. Should I be concerned. My van will not like slick roads.
  8. We got 2” so far in Rolesville and it’s sticking to the roads.
  9. Is this the thread where I can weep,wail, gnash my teeth? One day I will have the money to chase the snow. At least this is what I tell myself as I cry in the fetal position thinking about falling snow.
  10. We had a good 10 minutes of snow in Rolesville.
  11. I’ve come to the realization that if I want to see good snows every year I’m going to have to budget money to and pack up and go to the mountains rent a cabin and enjoy it that way.
  12. Ground turning White and sticking into cars in Rolesville.
  13. Just started snowing in Rolesville about 5 minutes ago.
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