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  1. I was making a general comment of being careful. wouldn't support restaurant restrictions after those who want it can get it.
  2. They probably couldn't do it for an EUA vaccine anyway. Maybe after full approval.
  3. Its not suddenly. Its because of things like Tuskegee.
  4. I'm sure you got your percentage from a poll too.
  5. It was done in mass back in the day for polio. But I doubt they'd do it now...mostly because the anti vax movement is larger than ever and will cause the idiots to revolt.
  6. https://news.gallup.com/poll/325208/americans-willing-covid-vaccine.aspx 58 percent on latest polling. Democrats, women, college educated, and white more likely to take it than other groups.
  7. It seems like we'd need to wear masks and try to socially distance while vaccines are being distributed during at least a portion of 2021. Doesnt sound that bad to me. Neither of those things are economically problematic.
  8. The UK Zoe covid symptom tracker app peaked on November 4th with 608k active infections. The second UK-wide lockdown was put into place on November 5th. However, Wales had a circuit breaker more severe lockdown between October 23rd and November 9th. There was some disagreement between two groups of researchers on how fast the infections in the UK were ramping up over the past month or two. https://covid.joinzoe.com/data https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/health/coronavirus/what-is-a-circuit-breaker-lockdown-and-should-canada-consider-one-1.5175362
  9. I got the flu shot this year. And I got it when I worked at Walgreens at a pharmacy tech. But there was a few years that I just kinda got lazy and didn't get it.
  10. Is the flu shot good at slowing down transmission? Or does it just mostly reduce disease severity?
  11. Thats the pcr reagent problem. Its why we need the rapid at home tests.
  12. That was the whole flu after they did all the normal excess death analysis. We are still in the middle of covid so I'm not sure how you can compare.
  13. Yes. I know. Covid is already worse in the US than the three pandemic flus since 1918 (1957 1968 and 2009).
  14. Well there hasn't been something this bad in a 100 years so maybe we have a little while.
  15. I'm glad you haven't been affected personally, Jim. I think things will be close to normal by next fall because of the vaccine.
  16. We know damn well what you're implying. This is part of the problem. Because it hasn't affected you personally you need to find a way to act like its not a big deal. Infections hospitalizations and deaths are rapidly increasing now whether you believe it nor not.
  17. I've posted this before but there's clearly some additional opportunity cost in targeted interventions to get us through the winter to more widespread vaccine use. Got to pass some stimulus and make people whole who are financially hurting though.
  18. Were about 23 days from 2000/deaths per day on average. Deaths have been in exponential growth for about 1 month or so.
  19. Seems like there should be so governments tax payers, and businesses don't have to choose between sickness and death or financial ruin.
  20. Canada is getting worse at this point too. We started at a lower baseline per capita but the exponential growth is substantial.
  21. I wouldn't. In fact I think they will. Transmission peaked on June 20th for the summer wave. Deaths, hospitalizations, and icu numbers basicallu doubled from that time until late July. We could stop transmission now and we would still go to 150k hospitalizations and over 2000 deaths per day in December.