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  1. My uneducated opinion but given that sars cov 2 has a proof reading mechanism and that it only goes antigenic drift and not shift unlike flu I think its really unlikely we'd need a vaccine every year. Good to prepare logistical for those possibilities though.
  2. We shouldn't ignore those who have been infected and there's a fairly wide range of estimates on that People are not acting normally across the US. Mobility is down and people are taking precautions. There is no hard line between when herd immunity is achieved and herd immunity isn't achieved. Young kids potentially being less susceptible to infection and less productive spreaders and non homogeneous population mixing may lower the herd immunity threshold a bit from a simple Ro calculation.
  3. Do you think an alarm bell goes off when herd immunity is reached?
  4. There was a 19% increase in accidental death due mainly due to overdose last year. The increase was far higher than the background trend. We can argue why those happened. But mental health has gotten considerably worse during the pandemic. Maybe it's the fear of the virus...maybe it's the negative media...maybe it's the lockdowns. But either way the other ways people suffer during this thing can't be cast aside.
  5. Isn't this already a thing?
  6. I get it. It's frustrating. There's 2 other vaccines with ample supply that are currently used. Theyre upholding their commitment to safety. You and I both know there's almost no appetite for poor vaccine outcomes in the US. I hope they look for a few day make recommendations and get back to business.
  7. I guess we'll see who the real bills fans are.
  8. Okay. So he supports the other government agencies that made the decision. Why is this a problem? It's exactly how the system is supposed to work. This is why they are constantly monitoring.
  9. You live in hamburg. I'm not terribly surprised lol.
  10. Fauci is not part of the fda lol.
  11. Maybe. But the players are required to be there and are employed by the NFL. The fans are not. I'm just guessing it would fall under a different legal standard. I was listening to a medical ethics dude the other day that suggested an employer requiring vaccines for employees would be really tough under an EUA and would be a big court battle.
  12. Sure. I feel like the county would have a real tough time trying to exert its influence over a NFL team in that way. The NFLPA would probably complain and take them to court. I dont know the rules and the legal but requiring a vaccine to play for the Bills (especially under an EUA) might be a bit different than requiring one for attending a game.
  13. Yeah I have a feeling he'll get around to it. He didn't say he wouldn't.
  14. I mean maybe. I'd rather have everyone vaccinated lol.
  15. It's an erie county rule not a bills rule.
  16. Nah. Growing up on a cantaloupe farm will do that to you lol. Its fine. I'd rather he be a bit more pro vaccine but he mostly took a neutral milquetoast position. Perhaps he wants to make sure that he doesn't offend anyway and sell merchandise.
  17. If it was the only vaccine I'd agree with you. But there's 2 other vaccines with ample supply. The pause probably won't be very long.
  18. Buffalo Bills are doing passports for full capacity this fall
  19. No one doubts that fitness and health are strongly associated with good covid outcomes. You just exaggerate the benefit to absurdity to the point where you actually believe vaccines are more dangerous than the virus.
  20. All american meal right there.
  21. Yes. Im okay with the pause so they can better to analyze and quantify the risk.
  22. A younger athletic persons risk of dying of covid is far higher than 1 in 7 million.
  23. Yes, but even the AZN vaccine has about a 1 in 100000 risk of these rare blood cots discussed. The only time it might not make sense for someone to get that vaccine is if they are under 30, and if they live in an area with low covid prevalence, so that your absolute risk from the vaccine would be even or maybe slightly higher. Anywhere where there's a lot of covid, it makes sense to get the vaccine, at any age, from a risk standpoint. In places where there's more than one option, I would definitely opt for the mRNA vaccines, but if AZN was only available, I would take it at 35.