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  1. Experienced sugarbush today to start the ski season. Wind was strong, only one trail (3 by name) and it had major snowmaking active. Good to get on the slopes, but it definitely was challenging conditions. Should be fun this week!
  2. The biggest expense for the commuting skier is lodging. I've got an IKON pass and will get 30+ days this winter so the daily ticket cost is $25, but there is no way around the lodging costing $100-$200 per night depending on location. Toss in fuel and food and that is at least $40 per day. Time is money, so there is no way I'd do 30 day trips, honestly that isn't in my portfolio anymore! Long story short, skiing isn't cheap, but there are definitely ways to make it less astronomically expensive! Plane tickets out west and to Canada were $300 this summer, now they are over $1,000!
  3. Those pictures look great! I need to get up north to check this out, but I'll wait my turn until it is snowing! In Newport our Fall Foliage is the complete opposite, with trees from so many places around the world, we have a few trees that start dropping leaves in late August and this continues into early December. The way to make it fun is to use this time of the year to learn more about the various trees. My backyard isn't that interesting, but the silver maple looses all its leaves, before the norway maple changes color.
  4. If Wildcat was a reliable mountain for proactive snowmaking and electricity, it would probably be my favorite place as there is something relaxing and exhilarating from having a single list (that is fast) that gets you to the top of the mountain and can access 100% of the terrain. I just like the feeling of going up and knowing you can pick any run, whereas most other mountains you have to make that decision before your descent so that you go to the correct lift. There are lots of other mountains that can't have this setup (Cannon can't combine the high speed quad with the cannonball quad because the top has much more wind variation and very limited green/blue terrain from the top). All mountains are great. When in doubt, go to the mountains!
  5. I'm eyeing up the Epic-local pass. a good change of pace and really good with the unlimited at so many places! For $100 more than the Northeast pass, it seems worth it!
  6. Skied at Sugarbush on Saturday and Sunday, i found the hard pack to be a lot of fun and fast, and only once did I carve on something that felt frozen. After 12 days of skiing on what felt like powder/packed powder this season, it was actually really enjoyable to experience hard pack. While I'm not a big fan of the spring skiing, I do like seeing the ice jams on mad river, we should start a thread about awesome ice jam pictures and statistics!
  7. I drove up 89 this evening, so cool to turn the corner towards Waterbury and it starts snowing!
  8. Realizing that the weather from Saturday into Monday morning has above freezing elements, but curious how much impact that will make on overall conditions? Aiming to make a trip north on Thursday thru Sunday and leaning to think the snow will still be good/great/awesome? Thoughts
  9. I skied Mad River Glen yesterday for the first time ever. Wow, what an awesome mountain! The snow quality was incredible, the only ice I ever felt was on frozen waterfalls on rocks! The lifts are slow, but that gives plenty of time to rest. Quite impressed
  10. Heading to Sugarbush and stowe for next weekend and week. Hoping the Friday storm stays Below freezing!
  11. now starting to stick to roadways in Newport RI. Visibility down to 1/4 mile
  12. Skied at Sugarloaf on Tuesday through Friday and conditions were really good. An exciting mountain, minor crowds and all around good time!
  13. Sugarloaf had at least 12 inches and still snowing. Not wet but still felt heavy. Went from 87 to 94 to 104 on demos. Definitely a new experience to try fat skid
  14. Drove thru the cf in Boston at 37 entering the se expressway and 26 in Saugus. Now in Maine and brisk and the storm is Tuesday up here
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