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  1. That's more appropriate if aimed at PWM TV mets, at least when on camera. Not thrilled at seeing the 12z GFS op for AUG showing 0.01" total thru March 23.
  2. 2010 doesn't quite fit that profile, as it was about average for sun/cloud and its 6.44" precip is 2nd only to 1999. That earlier month had 7.91" and 32.2" SN, with 3 big rain events and snows of 14.5" and 14". Worth noting that only 0.30" of 2010 precip came prior to the equinox. 2010 never got especially warm - max was 64 - but also never got cold - lowest was 11 and it's our only March without a subzero morning. Contrast that with the slightly less mild 2012 in which temps ranged from 80 to -10. That 90° span is the most I've recorded anywhere/any month. (2nd place is Jan. 1979 in Ft. Kent with 40/-47.) I can wholeheartedly say this was the worst “upslope” episode of the winter. While we weren’t expecting much, all we got was a few days in the single digits and teens, a dusting and not a ray of sun. At least the snowpack is strong enough that you can walk on it without sinking for the most part, which makes it easy as we prepare for tapping. When you do sink though, it hurts lol. Mostly easy snowshoeing on the woodlot yesterday, though some places had lost that last little storm and were surfaced by polished ice from the 2//16 sleetfest. (My racquets are modified beavertails made of ash and strung with nylon - no ice-grippers.) Few deer tracks post-sleet but some bobcat prints and a scat, and considerable coyote sign.
  3. Farmington co-op recorded only traces in March 1905 and again in 1946 - be hard to beat that, especially as they probably recorded some frozen on the 1st this year. My lowest here, and since moving to Maine in Jan. 1973, is 0.6" in 2010, also my mildest March here. I'd say 1 in 10 chance we get less than that.
  4. Many thanks. And not too long until you join the diamond anniversary club.
  5. Correct about Maine and 70 - they're in cadre 1B, after first responders and medical workers. Now the threshold has dropped to 60. I would've had to wait a few more days if I'd been in Mass.
  6. One caution I'd offer - if I get any reaction beyond minor and ephemeral soreness at the injection site, it will be my first. Many others are not so fortunate.
  7. 83-84 in Ft. Kent had the longest run of snow cover, 169 days - Nov 11-April 28. Then two days of frozen stuff (more IP than SN, 2.2" from 0.71" LE) on May 4-5 that added another 2 days. 81-82 was the only season that carried cover into May, Nov 18-May 3, 167 days, helped mightily by the April blizzard. 1984 had only 8.4" after the big dump on 3/14-15 as the late month event stayed south. Each of those snow seasons totaled 173 days with 1"+.
  8. Moderna is what Franklin Mem Hosp ha been given so far. Have to modify the "costly lunch" comment above. The Icelandic krona was about 100 to the dollar when we were there. It's been running closer to 130 for the past couple years, so our $30 (apiece) lunches would be 21-22 now, not cheap but plenty and excellent.
  9. On our longer stop in Iceland we spent one day walking around Reykjavik, including a great but costly lunch on the shore, then took the touristy but fun Golden Circle trip. One little highlight for this forester was when the host on our vehicle said, "If you're ever lost in an Iceland forest, stand up!" Lots of scraggly head-high birch saplings clinging to the young volcanic rubble.
  10. Nearly 4 hours after the stick, so far not even any soreness at the site. Tomorrow might be different according to the literature - we'll see. Nice upper teens and windy March afternoon, not quite in Tuesday's league but no evening obs spoiler this time. Skies suggest there's flakes up there but none reaching the ground here.
  11. Don't need dry soil for "spring" fires, just the revealing of last season's dead grass/leaves. Soil below could be soaked or even frozen while the surface litter blazes.
  12. I've never flown nonstop from coast to coast, but we were airborne 6-7 hours EWR-KFL both ways on our Norway trip in 2017. (Icelandic allowed indefinite stays before the 2.5-hr continuing flight to Oslo - we stayed there 2 nights. Had an 8-hr layover on the way home, just enough to visit the Blue Lagoon but alas, they were booked solid. Went to the Viking Museum instead.)
  13. Ten top years for that. Since my obs time of 9 PM, the years are ranked by the March 31 number, 3 hours before entering April. Year 3/31 4/1 2001 48 47 (Even in Ft. Kent we never entered April with more pack. 46" in 1984 was tops there.) 2008 35 34 2014 34 32 2019 26 26 2017 25 28 (3.5" on 4/1) 2015 20 20 2018 15 14 2005 14 13 2011 13 25 (15.0" on 4/1) 2020 10 10 22-yr Avg 12.5 12.8 median 9.5 9.0
  14. The potential volcano is between Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport on a relatively narrow peninsula, so there's the (probably low) possibility of the capital being cut off from the island's major AP.
  15. Iceland is closer, 17,000 quakes in a week though none greater than 5.6.