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  1. Had 25 yesterday and about the same this morning, as the clouds were delayed (though it's now overcast at AUG.) Both mornings put a skim on the washtub - about time to dump/store it. Odd fog pattern on my commute, as there was a 3-4 mile stretch in Belgrade where dense fog/cloud hovered near treetop level, allowing for clear driving. Only near AUG did the fog reach the ground.
  2. tamarack

    Fall Foliage 2018

    Between the wind and the frosty mornings, foliage around my place went from slightly past peak to 75% leaf drop in 3 days, though nearby places with lower ash component are closer to 50% gone. Still some very bright trees here and there.
  3. tamarack

    NNE Fall Thread

    I've witnessed just one, BWI in Jan. 1966, but it was impressive - 2"/hour powder at mid-teens during the evening, then 100-yard visibility in SN/blowing snow the next morning as 50-mph gusts played with 15-18" of new fluff. Probably 90% of the city streets were impassable at one point, and I nearly lost my chance to ride the train home to NNJ for semester break 2 days later, as the PRR was way off schedule. The downside was apparent when I returned 8-9 days post-storm, and saw that half the side streets remained impassable for anything w/o 4WD.
  4. Looked like IP, and I was out moving firewood when it fell. Definitely not graupel, might've been some melt/refreeze thingies, but it rattled the leaves and bounced off my sleeves like sleet. However, not all that much fell, so small sample size. 46/28 yesterday with no sun, 1st sub-40 daily mean. Slightly cooler this AM than last.
  5. Today and tomorrow will run 6-8° BN, chilly but nothing out of the ordinary.
  6. tamarack

    NNE Fall Thread

    A few pingers here about 1:40 this afternoon, temp was low 40s. Had all-liquid sprinkles at mid 30s at 9 this morning.
  7. By 1:40 this afternoon, the profile must have changed, as we had scattered IP for about 5 minutes. Only the 5th frozen precip here during the 1st half of Oct, 1998 on. (Still 10 days until 1st measurable, and I doubt that mark changes this year.)
  8. Cloudy here and still mid 30s - as low 30s earlier. Some echoes overhead, don't know if anything will reach the ground, but if so - maybe a few pingers? (Probably not)
  9. Maine's State Parks (which do not include Baxter, as it's under a different state agency) set a new high for camper nights. Since some of the parks' campgrounds remain open, that record will get extended over the next few weeks.
  10. tamarack

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    1976-1977: This one was kind of just frigid the entire time....Jan '77 was the snowiest month, but the best event near BOS might have actually been 12/29/76....a stripe of 18" snow near Rt 128 on a late bloomer....quickly diminished to the west....even ORH only had 4 inches. It is one of Ray's favorite storms he wish he was alive for. We traveled from NNJ to Fort Kent the night of Dec. 29-30, in a 2WD standard cab pickup, 3 people (3rd was our 4-yr-old son) and 2 cats - couldn't get a pet sitter. We were young and foolish then, now no longer young - that's why we missed Jan. 27-28, 2015 (except for the shoveling), as we spent an extra day with the grandkids in SNJ rather than challenge that blizzard. The 12/76 trip encountered snowy roads soon after entering MA and falling snow just south of the Kennebunk plaza on the Maine Turnpike. Stopped briefly at BGR HoJo for some coffee about 3:30 AM in SN+, which had been our view from PWM north. That HoJo stuff blew thru my system in about an hour - blessedly, there was TP at the Medway rest stop's outhouse - using snow in the 15° dark and snow would not have been nice. Snow let up shortly after dawn as we drove thru CAR, and about 2 minutes after we arrived at home the NW gales arrived and we couldn't see Pelletier Florist across the street - another blessing, as between PQI and CAR that wind dropped visibility to a low number feet (or inches), having 12" new to play with along with the foot-plus (at CAR - Ft. Kent had 24") that had fallen on 12/26-27. Those 2 storms turned our blue Beetle into a white lump. Would comment on Will's other mentions, but the above is enough weenie for one post.
  11. Storm total here 0.79", now up to 13.25" since July 1, about 1" below my average and dwarfed by points south. Yesterday's temps 50/44, classic mid-fall.
  12. tamarack

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Brady started slowly, then tossed 5 TDs in the 2nd Q.
  13. tamarack

    Fall Foliage 2018

    Lots of gain for not much pain. Oquossoc Bald Mountain is even better that way, but foliage is past peak there by now, probably 50%+ leaf drop by the time this rain ends.
  14. Same in AUG, but nothing but light rain, perhaps 1/2" since I got here at 7:30. Gorgeous day in Aroostook, with upper 30s RA (3/4" in 6 hr at FVE) - moose hunters must love it.
  15. tamarack

    Fall Foliage 2018

    I'd suggest Belgrade Lakes, will be at peak (many trails in Kennebec Highlands, also a drive-to at Blueberry Hill off the Watson Pond Road), or perhaps the hills around Winni in your state, or Bridgton in Maine. My area 10-15 miles north of Belgrade has been at peak this week, but today's rain will push it a bit past.