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  1. Speaking only for my area, nothing could be worse than 2009, though by 2nd week of August things had improved to merely AN precip with lots of partly cloudy. June-July were another thing entirely, rain on 49 of 56 days at one stretch, and much of it was all-day stratiform stuff, more appropo for November. 2009 had the least sun of Julys 21 here, and June that year had the least of any month. Met summer 2009 brought 23.8" precip, 10.6" AN and 4.7" more than 2nd place. The only uglier month here was May 2005, which had the same duration of rain but at temps about 20° cooler. Many issues with that cloudiness chart, but the least/most pretty much reflect what I've recorded - Sept has been the sunniest month on average and Nov-Dec fight it out for least sunny.
  2. If that fell on the Pompton-Passaic watershed, Route 23 in Riverdale-Pompton Plains would be closed for a week. (As it was back when I lived there, 1950-72: in 1955 - Connie/Diane - and 13 years later from a late May deluge. Seeing flood debris on the top railing of bridges was impressive.)
  3. Just about right. Saturday I snipped off the tops of the tomato vines, so they can use their energy ripening the set fruit rather than trying to reach the sun. I try to do that 4-5 weeks before I think they'll get frosted. 'Least in modern times... I thought the Seattle Mariner's beat the Chicago Cups 1906 116 win total, with 116 .. a slightly more notable achievement due to the longer schedule? Neither team one the World Series in 2001 and 1906 respectively. Or perhaps otherwise, as the Mariners lost 46 games that season while the 1906 Cubbies lost only 36. (Then lost the WS to the "hitless wonders" Chisox - team BA was in the .220s.) Edit: Models were fine this weekend for my area, putting the cutoff near Route 2. We live a mile north of that road, and totaled a few teeny droplets yesterday morning. (After a 100% CoC Saturday.)
  4. tamarack

    NNE Summer Thread

    Comparing some of J.Spin's numbers with mine for the past 12 winters (11 for SDDs) illustrates the different character of our respective snows. I'm sure LE would show the same variation. (StandDev in parentheses): Location Waterbury New Sharon Avg snowfall 152.8 (37.3) 95.9 (25.7) Avg max depth 26.6 (8.5) 31.5 (12.6) Avg SDDs 1,312 (692) 1,975 (956)
  5. Almost cloud-free here in Augusta, 78/49(!) with a NW breeze. 69/48 at FVE with gusts to 31 - after these past weeks that almost needs a WCI number.
  6. No agenda, just your frequent mind-probing discussions. It's all good.
  7. Not to worry - some days back, I got a similar kind of response for commenting that "normal" wx is merely the average of abnormal wx. This met summer is shaping up to be one of my warmest here, despite the BN June, and this month has a good shot at being the warmest August of our 21 years in the foothills. However, it's also a fact (noted earlier - in the banter thread?) that my average daily mean drops below 65° today for the 1st time since July 8, and it's all downhill for the next 5 months. I fully expect some semi-autumnal days later this month (maybe much later) but we're not about to go all August 1988, when the 1st half of the month was about +8 and the 2nd half -4. (Gardiner, where we lived in 1988, had avg temp of 77 for 1st half and 63 for 2nd half, with daily averages dropping a bit more than 2° 1st half/2nd half.) Fair enough. Just like on January 20th Winter's back breaks and climo starts rising again (at least at BTV) but you've got a lot of winter left. Temps start rising, true, but the midpoint of my snowfall season comes as Jan moves to Feb. That's unlike classic summer storminess; on average 2/3 of TS here come prior to August 1st.
  8. They had only 0.79" in May, their 2nd driest May since 1920. However, June had 87% of avg precip and July 99%. Can't get their to-date number for August (Wunderground has become almost unusable since being eaten by TWC) but GYX is about 0.3" AN so far. Looks like PWM is very close to their average July 1st on.
  9. GFS has been fairly consistent in showing single-digit H8s late in their 16-day, been doing it for a week or more without the cooldown ever getting closer than 300 hr.
  10. Dews falling past 60, looks like midsummer version of CoC today. However, today is also the first day here since July 8 with average daily mean below 65.0°. After a 30+ day plateau, average temps have begun the long slide (though I don't think it will be very noticeable for a while this year.)
  11. Install a hamster wheel for quicker acceleration? We're re-doing our back bedroom, which has produced malodorous air for years when the sun is bright and hot. We knew there were mice in the back wall, but when we pulled off the v-match pine, the rodent damage (and stench) was beyond belief. Much of the fiberglass insulation had been converted to nest material and was mainly in "pellets" the size/shape of rice krispies. The wall has horizontal nailers between the studs at 30" and 60" from the floor, and each had about 2" of mouse poop below the fiberglass nesting, 40+ years of guano build-up. (House was built in 1975 and I'd guess the mice invaded within weeks of its completion.) My wife sent pics to friends via Facebook - one could almost smell the stink over the internet. Vinegar and baking soda have reduced the odor's power by perhaps 95%, still leaving plenty but one more application plus the replacement v-match (and lots of D-Con upstairs in the knee-wall closets) should make things a lot more pleasant.
  12. Just a guess: big acorn crop last year so high winter survival, then mild and sunny May with no multi-day cutoff disasters that would've killed off much of their first litters through pneumonia. 2nd litter newbies are getting hammered at present.
  13. House amid tall trees, crummy orientation, 90"/yr avg snowfall with good retention even on the roof, modest electric bills - incentives here are rather small. President Nixon used to blast his A.C. in the Oval Office while the fire place was stoked and raging ... I wonder if it's a GOP thing - hahaha PR forum? Anyway, my 2 first-ever votes for POTUS went to that crumb-bum. And though I'm still registered in the GOP, we don't have a fireplace, nor have we put current thru our AC since 2013.
  14. Electric hot water heater? It comes off the oil furnace here - hot water baseboard heat. Our bill runs $47-$61 despite CMP not being the cheapest in the region. Of course, we're empty-nesters living in a 960 sq.ft. (plus loft) cabin in the woods. Have not installed the AC but run the fans a lot. Typical year we burn about 500 gal oil and 4 cords in the Jotul.
  15. That poll is like asking whether one wishes to be punched in the right eye or the left, especially since "neither" was not acceptable. Should've been worded, "Which would you hate more?" At least the deer flies are close to being done haha! Seeing a couple dozen stalking us around each side of our pickup while at our Machias River tract really encouraged us to go walking into the woods (which we did anyway, of course, as that was what we had come there to do.)