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  1. Still forecasting at GYX, but hardly ever posting here.
  2. When we lived in Fort Kent, those -30 and colder nights would set the drywall nails to popping. In more recent construction the drywall is fastened with screws, which probably reduces the percussion symphony.
  3. Last time I saw a winter storm do that was 1/1/2010. It then camped and rotted over Sable Island for months and wrecked winter throughout Maine - the winter when BWI had 7" more than CAR.
  4. My arthritic knees are long past skiing, but you've brought back memories of Glen Ellen, the only big mountain I've skied. Learned parallel there during a ridiculously cheap ski week package in Jan 1971 - lifts and daily lessons for 5 days, for 22.50, half their usual ski week price. Stayed at the "Bagatelle" in Waitsfield, bunks with mattress, bring your own bag, $3/night. Probably spent <$75 including gas from NNJ. I'd borrowed dad's camera and ran 2 rolls, only to find that the shutter had broken 7 pics into roll #1, so I "had" to go back in Jan '72 to get the pics. I still kick myself, gently, for not trying Upper FIS on the last run - steep, mogul-y but really wide with good snow and nobody else on it so I could've picked a back-and-forth line and counted coup at the bottom. The one trail I would never have tried was Scotch Mist, under the upper mountain lift - just as steep as FIS but about 1/5 the width and those steel obstacles down the middle. I don't think more than 2-3 skiers had run it during my 2nd visit, a Sat/Sun.
  5. A shot in the dark: ORH 70 BOS 40 PVD 34 BDL 50 BDR 33 PSF 60 ALB 70. BVT 75 CON 58 PWM 53 CAR 120 KGINX 48 KRAY 58 KDIT 55 HUBB 70. DXR 44. NYC 27 TAN 45 GON 32 AUG 70 DRYSLOT 70 MITCH HOUSE 160 NEW SHARON 82
  6. Did you find someone to record AUG snow? The AP stopped reporting i years ago. Edit: If Jeff, AUG and CAR all hit your targets, it would take a really weird pattern to keep my area under 100.
  7. My dad was deferred due to his occupation, despite turning 25 on 1/1/42. As an electrical engineer for ITT, whatever he was doing at their Nutley, NJ facility must've been really important. I think it may have involved remote sensing.
  8. Or 12 - he's only a few months younger than me.
  9. Also lowering crude $$$ - under $80 for American earlier this week and a bit over $80 elsewhere.
  10. My wife left for Florida (visiting her sister) during a BGR snowsquall about 12:40 this afternoon. Ground is white here again, sort of, thanks to a late morning squall (only 0.1") while we were at the AP.
  11. Storm total 1.40", 0.07" of which came after my obs time last evening. Novie numbers: Avg temp: 37.0° +3.5 and 3rd mildest of 25 here. Avg max: 46.5° +4.1 and 2nd highest Avg min: 27.5° +3.0 and 3rd highest Precip: 4.47" +0.20 3rd consecutive AN month, 1st triplet since 12/15-2/16. Year remains 2.95" BN. 1.33" on 11/30 was the wettest day. Snowfall: 2.3" Exactly half the avg. 2.2" fell on 11/16 and at least 1" hung around until the 11/30 storm obliterated it. That storm began with 0.1" mix. 2nd highest available November sunshine, next to last Novie. The month was most remarkable by its first 13 days and then the abrupt change. 1-13: 60/36 +11 14-25: 34/20 -5 And also by the early month's very mild days: The 58° low on 11/6 is 6° above any previous November minimum and that day's mean of 63.5° tops #2 by 5.5°. 3rd highest November mean is 11/12/22. 11/7/22 at 56.5° is tied for 4th mildest and 53.5° on 11/5 is 9th. The 52° on the 1st is only tied for 14th. The +26° of 11/6/22 is highest positive departure by 3.4°; only the -26.5° departure of 11/22/18 is greater.
  12. Northern fringe for Maine, 4" in Farmington. We had 18" at our NNJ home and 12/13 was the firearms deer season opener. Dad dropped a nice buck 250 yards from our house, then talked me thru field-dressing it, useful as I was alone when my first deer fell several years later. That storm came with temps in the low teens, quite cold for NJ snow. On 12/12 the NFL Giants were playing Wash in DC, with SN+ thru the 1st half and 8-10" pow OG for the 2nd. Actually saw (on TV, of course) the players digging thru the snow for a fumble. And then some insane cold in January 1982. Averaged -1.5 for the month in Fort Kent. Farmington co-op had 3.4°, their coldest month in 130 winters there. Jan 17-18 was the bottom for N. Maine: At 9 PM on 1/17 it was -29 with gusts 40+ and next morning -34 with gusts 35+ (and 2 mi visibility in SN-!). Those conditions hit -100 on the old WCI, -70s on the new. IT did make it up to -14 that afternoon.
  13. So would I, though temps were AN in the north. I recorded 46" in 12/81 with temp +7.6. (Aroostook benefit, big snow, big AN temps, nice combo.) Farmington co-op had 33" and temp +1.8.
  14. They should be okay after this one - New Sweden (NW from CAR) reported 8" OG and there's more in the woods above 1000' elev. However, another rain/thaw is forecast for Saturday and the early-next-week event is a p-type toss-up at present. Aroostook won't lose all its snow but may end up with a crusty mess, at least east of Rt 11.
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