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  1. 9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Today is ice out for Belgrade's Long Pond; yesterday's low 60s made that inevitable and today's mid-60s will finish the job, except for the odd shaded little cove. Had a 44° range yesterday, 63/19, almost certainly the season's final sub-20 temp, then dropped back into the 20s overnight. Tomorrow will likely be the first day since Nov. 6 to remain above 32, after 169 consecutive 32 or lower.
  2. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    You're far from the first to lay this accusation at me. Guilty as charged! My latitude being about 200 miles closer to the pole (and farther inland) means that +5 won't ruin anything, but is about where the best storms take place - though the best storms here rarely come in January - Of my 16 storms of 15"+ in 20 winters here, just 1 (2015) came in Jan. The rest: D:3, F:5; M:5; A:2. For 37 storms 10"+, the scores are: N:1; D:8; J:4; F:9; M:12; A:3. (At least Jan beats Apr at this level.) And my subjective take on summer heat is that +10 hits my personal "torch" threshold.
  3. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    I'd reverse those departures, as temps are far more variable in winter than in summer. I've yet to see a day 20° AN or BN in met summer - it's happened at the Farmington co-op, but their 125-year record dwarfs my 20. In met winter (plus March) I've had a handful of days 30°+ BN and 25°+ AN. My average max in deep winter is 26-27, and so 31-32 doesn't feel torchy at all, but >40 is getting there. My average midsummer max is 77, and 15° above that is only 1° from the hottest I've had here. In my well-forested (thus transpirationally cooled) locale, 85 is torch enough for me. I've had summers that never got there, and few that have hit that mark 10 times or more. As you noted, it's entirely subjective.
  4. 2017/2018 New England Cities Snowfall Predictions

    Thanks again. AUG co-op dropped snow at the end of 2000, though oddly recorded Dec. 2008.
  5. 2017/2018 New England Cities Snowfall Predictions

    Thanks. I'll have to check on how long that observer has been reporting.
  6. NNE Winter Thread

    Wonderful - perhaps for folks who have little interest in weather. I think "boring" would better fit many of the weenies on here, starting with me. Great place for a vacation, but not for 365. As for miserable wx, NNE (and EMA/RI) spring can have its share, but so can Oct/Nov, and consider even midsummer, like August 2008 when we had 3 days of stratiform rain with temps 61/57/58. And adding to my above post, yes the tick acquisition was not to my liking, but Saturday also marked our 1st meal of the year from the barbie. Maybe another one today.
  7. 2017/2018 New England Cities Snowfall Predictions

    Fun for all participants, IMO. What's your source for AUG? The airport stopped reporting snowfall several years ago.
  8. NNE Winter Thread

    A bit longer this year - New Sweden reports 18" OG this morning. Madawaska wasn't listed, and they've been running about 6" more than New Sweden. Still lots of snow on the crown of Maine. Just patches in the woods near home, though some were nearly 2 feet deep on my woods walk Saturday. (Picked up the year's 1st tick, and the dog got her 2nd. All were deer ticks. Bleccch!) Reached 56 yesterday, finally topping Feb. 21 for the year's mildest. A few hardy peepers at work the past couple evenings, and the wood frogs have been quacking for a while. May approach 40° diurnal range today, as the low was around 20 and forecast high of 60 or so. Ice on Long Pond (Belgrades) looks about like that of Newfound (above) and will likely go out with tomorrow's warmth, or more likely, Wednesday's rain.
  9. Given the elevated location, that's more impressive than the 20-of-20 at my frost pocket. (Last minimum >32 was Nov. 6. That streak should end during the late week rainy stretch.)
  10. Or Farmington's -11/-36 on 12/30/1917. They did have a -8/-18 on 1/14/2004. It was followed by -6/-15 on the 15th, and that 2-day average max of -7 is their coldest on record.
  11. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Looks like bd-city for my area. And we did get that ... we had a series of springs around 2009 I think '10 and '12 that were above normal March 2012 had that record-shattering stretch 18th-23rd but als had some BN days early and late. It was 2010 that had the extended way-AN temps after the New Years retro bomb ate winter - 4th warmest of 20 Januarys, warmest for Feb-Mar-Apr, and #3 for May (only 0.03° behind #2.) That 5-month run of AN (including one period of 46 consecutive AN days) is so far beyond any departure series for that many months that it reminds me of a comment from the very first America's Cup race. Once the American boat was sighted, someone asked, "And who is second?", and the response was, "There IS no second!"
  12. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Thanks - weather events have long been my memory key for other things. One example: I clearly remember my paternal grandmother's funeral in Feb. 1970 because it was during 36 hours of eerily constant 0.1"/hr baking powder grains. My NNJ records are lost, but NYC had 3.4" from 0.51" LE with mid 20s temps, pretty consistent with NNJ. And our 1962 baseball outings seemed to pick the heat, including NYC's 91° on 4/27. It was way cool to be only 1° from their record for the month, at least until 1976 blew it out of the water.
  13. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    My hazy understanding of the climate change models is that greater variations were likely, meaning a better chance for a -6 month, but also for one at +8.
  14. And east of that snow hole one starts to see some elevation, plus slightly more from developing coastals.
  15. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Thru yesterday, April was running 6.5° BN. Thus we'd need 11+ AN today thru the 30th to break even - averaging 70/45 would get there. However, since today thru Sunday are likely to average closer to 50/30, that would mean the last 8 days would need to run 75-80 for highs, 45-50 for lows. Models say we wind up between -5 and -6. Edit: Given my weekend guess, the month's final 8 days would need to be +3 just to avoid this April being the coolest of 20 here. 65/35 Monday-Monday? Take the under.