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  1. No sneaky qpf here for the late Feb event in 2010 - models were showing 3-4" several days prior to the first flakes/stuff, the only question was P-type. Verified at 3.81" here for the total event, 2.67" in 10.7" mush and 1.14" in cold RA. Maybe 5F away from duplicating what occurred on the same dates 41 years before. (Capping the winter's frustration.)
  2. That Christmas night + storm is CAR's biggest at 33" and change. Same at Fort Kent where the co-op recorded 32". Eastern had a member from FK then and he measured 37". Given the one-a-day and seemingly lackadaisical reporting from the co-op, I think the higher number is more accurate.
  3. 2005-06 was my only winter in the past 50+ years that failed to produce a storm 6"+. It's a member of my bottom 5 Maine winters, with 1973-74, 1979-80, 2009-10 and 2015-16.
  4. True. The Whites and Greens (and BTV) did a lot better than CAR's 71", their 4th lowest on record and 7" less than BWI.
  5. 2009-10! Four KUs and MBY featured 3 total whiffs plus the ugliest 10" snowstorm I ever hope to see, followed by 1.1" of 33-34F RA while NYC had a 21" snowicane. Probably would be worse for one who has just moved from MA to NNE. June had the widest range of temps I've seen in that month, from 27 on the 1st to 90 on the 20th. That 27 was equaled at the Farmington co-op and tied 6/9/1980 for their coldest June morning in their 127-year POR. Ironically, just 3 days earlier they set a new record high minimum for the Month of May. With the wide extremes AN and BN, June finished a bit over +1 for temps. Also, June 1-27 had 0.61" and 28-30 brought 3.58"; the 4.19" total was also about 1.1 BN.
  6. Cold meh up here thanks to suppression. Long period of snow cover but no depth, and nearly 2 feet BN for snowfall.
  7. After MWN got 500"+ in 1968-69, folks were talking about the Tuckerman's glacier. There were estimates that Tucks had about 90' in places. That my have been the thru-the-summer year.
  8. Finally floated the canoe in North Pond (Belgrade Lakes.) Lots of small white perch but I was after what's eating fish that size. Never a bad day on the lake. - saw a fawn bouncing thru the brush next to a shoreline lawn and had a large snapping turtle surface within 5 yards of me, twice. Water is cloudy with algae so couldn't see the whole animal but its head looked like the 40-pounders I caught in NNJ eons ago.
  9. Some of those millions on unemployment plus the $600/week are now finding time for the projects they've been putting off. Most states I've looked at have forest products manufacturing on the essential activity list and while producing PT isn't mentioned specifically, it fits under the broader field. Of course, if half the mill's workforce has tested positive for COVID, that would sure have an impact.
  10. Chris has mentioned "corn-fed dews" from his time at DVN. Dews would peak up to mid 80s, often after dark as the corn was turning the day's solar energy into stalks and ears.
  11. Warned TS looks to pass just to my east while a lesser one misses west. Glad I got the 3.7" earlier in the week.
  12. Sounds a bit like my sister-in-law, who is otherwise a great lady and doing strong in her 70s (same decade as I'm in.) Some years ago she and my brother were staying at our parents' NNJ home, using the spare downstairs bedroom. About 4 AM one night she shook my brother awake, saying, "There's a spider in here! I can hear it!" My brother dutifully got up, turned on the light and proceeded to search all over the room for about 20 minutes, finally discovering a spider about the size of a pinhead. He dispatched it, carefully showed the carcass to his wife, and all slept peacefully the rest of the night.
  13. Exactly my total but that includes the 0.08" overnight. I've done my daily obs at 9 PM since moving to Fort Kent in 1976, and precip also at 7 AM for cocorahs since August 2009. These multi-day events can make my two obs times and reporting intervals a challenge. For this one my obs series is as follows (Note: The AM obs is for 10 hours while the PM covers 14.): 6/28 PM: 0.08" (and some distant thunder before any measurable.) 6/29 AM: 0.15" 6/29 PM: 1.37" 6/30 AM: 0.66" 6/30 PM: 1.32" 7/01 AM: 0.08" And we're still getting occasional showers. High temps 28th/29th were 65/63. Had 0.65" May 17 thru June 27 [43 days], then almost 6X as much in 3 days.)
  14. Sandy River is up near 3300 cfs, from its 130 prior to this RA and still rising. Oddly the Kennebec, 40 miles downstream from its confluence with the Sandy, is showing only 2200, and the impoundments in those 40 miles are small potatoes for holding back freshets. The Carrabassett puts in about 10 miles upstream from the Sandy and it's running near 2000 though its curve looks to be near its peak. The flow at the Sidney gauge will probably look a lot different this time tomorrow. Two-minute shower just ending. Glad I wasn't walking out to the pickup at the time - have a rain jacket but wouldn't have put it on unless it was raining as I headed out the door.
  15. No sooner had I posted this but the sun burnt thru enough cloud to actually create shadows for a few minutes here. Not long afterwards came a 10-minute downpour, heaviest RA I've seen in this event though no toad-strangler. Back to just cloudy now.