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  1. Less so in my memory - nice events 3-4-5 in 1989 and 2007 but 6-7/03 is easily tops for 1st week Dec. NNJ memories of big Dec snowstorms begin with 11-12/1960, 18" at low teens for the deer season opener - learned to field dress on dad's 5-pointer. Nearest to serious hypothermia came on 12/4/1965 at my uncle's N. PA hunting camp. 4° at sunrise, but it was the day's final hours that did it, plus inadequate clothing. Temp never topped 15 and I sat for 2+ hours facing NW into strong winds and some light LES before heading back to camp. Was okay for dinner but the instant I stepped outside afterwards the heavy shivering resumed, and continued throughout the 4-hour drive home, while dad and uncle C roasted in the front seat. Only the warm bath at home stopped it.
  2. Or 12 hours for CAR. Go for the northern Greens.
  3. Not common for your place to be less cold than mine - 17 was yesterday's low, also the season's lowest, though I expect near 10° tomorrow morning. November will finish about +0.5°, without a single day with more than 7° departure. That's more like July departures - never had a Novie without 10+ departure days, max AN is 22.9° on 11/11/02, tallest BN is Thanksgiving 2018 with -26.7°.
  4. Nothing here (as expected), though the clouds held the temp above 20 overnight. Clouds disappeared about sunrise, another sunny day. We've now had 50% more sunny/mostly sunny days this month than in any of the 23 previous Novembers. Friday's wet dusting (0.2") is amazingly persistent, most still in place. In March with the same temps, all would've been gone before Saturday noon.
  5. We would always see that phenomenon in a good Aroostook winter, one without a major midwinter thaw. Large windthrown tees would have 3'+ stacked, with visible strata from multiple snowfalls. Coolest were the small fir that would have snow piled up until it would bend the top as if the snow was taffy, the snowcone top now pointing sideways or even somewhat downwards. I'd refer to that as a "snownose". Somewhere in my slides from the NW Maine woods there are some showing that effect.
  6. Almost enough for decent tracking and more than here. RA changed to snow about 1:30 yesterday afternoon and continued thru 8 PM but only 0.2" accum. Was a drippy late afternoon in the woods. Saw 4"+ in Waldo County but even Temple at 1220' had only 0.9". East (or mountains, or north) was best.
  7. Switched to mainly wet flakes here about 1:30, though precip has been light since arriving about noon. Flakes melting on contact in mid-30s temps, but first time this season I've seen them in the air, rather than on windshields from overnight. Baby steps
  8. GYX a bit less enthusiastic. Glad it's for a small and early event, but seeing the higher forecast to the west, north and east fits with last winter, when central/southern Maine fared worse compared to climo than almost anywhere else in the Northeast. Expected Snowfall - Official NWS Forecast Point Range
  9. 13" in the 2014 event - finally saw a 10"+ snowfall on my 42nd November in Maine. Nine Novembers in Fort Kent produced nothing above 8", then a year after we move south, Nov 1986 brings a 21" dump. While we lived in the north, all the places we had or would live in Maine (BGR, Gardiner, Farmington) had 10'+ storms. Farmington had more during our 13 years in Gardiner. The 2011 storm was close - 9.7" - and was the biggest snowfall of that snow season. Looks like some of us will see more in the next 24 hrs or so then Monday right now. Maybe 1-2 tomorrow night, little or nothing Sun-Mon?
  10. Morning AFD from GYX has snow in the mountains and the more significant precip east of the mts in the Capitol and Midcoast areas. Seems to skip over a part of Maine I think to be significant. (P&C looks somewhat more logical.) At this juncture I think south & coast with the better odds for Monday, with plenty of cold air available, lots of upslope.
  11. Picky, picky (even when it's right). Newsies are always looking for eyeballs/clicks.
  12. Fake snow and fake cold. Except the fake snow looks great and the skis slide over it nicely. And the battery in my pickup doesn't realize the cold is fake when I start the vehicle.
  13. And bomb cyclone, atmospheric river, supercell - all those catchy click-bait terms.
  14. How about a not-miserable boomer at 75? This season is establishing new lateness records for temps, but if there's snow for the grandkids over Christmas it's a win. (Plus the fun of managing 11 people, 4 male 7 female, on a single bathroom. )
  15. For the 4th time this month the temp stopped right at two-zero without ever dipping underneath. Even with yesterday's 33° max the temp just hasn't been able to drop. All the CAA this fall has included too much continued wind. Maybe tonight. As for snow, our locale might be neatly bracketed, missing both the Friday frontal action and Monday's coastal. Deja vu all over again.
  16. If the wind slows down - already under 30 here. Prior to this year the latest date for 1st sub-20 was Nov. 15 in 2014. Other late dates were 11/11 in 2007 and 11/12 in 2018. All good winters here. Earliest was Oct. 15 in 2002. Other early dates are 10/17 in 2009 and 10/19 in 2015. Not so good winters here. We'll await what 1st sub-20 on 11/23 or 11/24 means. Probably nothing
  17. Numbers r us (though not in the same class as Will or Unc.W)
  18. Worst snow winter I've had here, but a lot worse in VT, especially the northern half. However, for a one-event scenario, 12/25/20 is incredibly anomalous. Van Buren was 41° AN for that event. Not many 40+ departures out there.
  19. Looked at CAR/Ft. Kent/Van Buren - all 3 had heavy RA on 12/14-15/19, light snow on 12/22 then about 0.2" cold RA on 12/27 before winter returned on NYE. At my foothills site there was 1.65" in the rainstorm and a nice 6" event on 12/17-18. That one stayed too far south to help Aroostook. Other than the small event on 12/27 (which was mostly snow at VB) I can't find the just-before-Christmas event. I also don't have up to date numbers for southern Aroostook or northern Penobscot. Last Christmas's Grinch will, one hopes, stand alone for awfulness. It's my greatest December rainstorm and at 29° AN, the greatest positive departure I've recorded here for any date, slightly ahead of 3/22/12. CAR was +35 that day. As bad as it was in those places, the real bummer was for folks watching 20-30" disappear in a few hours.
  20. 12/2019 had a nice pack up there early in the month but the RA on 14-15 wrecked it. Then it was mostly dry until NYE.
  21. Just went to GYX and got the 10 AM AFD for yesterday, so I hit the #2 version and got 10 AM today. #3 was the 5 AM AFD for today. Weird.
  22. Not the biggest snowfall of my experience, more like 20th, but the most powerful blizzard by far. Also the absolute best positive bust I ever expect to see. On the evening of 4/6, with snow headlines to the south and an OTS forecast for N. Maine, CAR upgraded its cloudy-cold-windy forecast to add flurries. By 2 AM we had S+ in Fort Kent, the wind howled for 2 days and our Chevette (little car, but it was black) had just one hand-size bit in view, within a drift. CAR measured 26.3", at the time its biggest snowfall on record. (It's now 4th.) Some "flurries". 1981-82 had 185.8" snow, a January morning with -34° and wind 30-35 with light snow, "All roads north of Houlton are impassible" in late Feb (not true but intended to keep more people from needing rescue) and other goodies.
  23. 0.35" of 33-37° RA from ~9:30 last evening thru 10 this AM. A bit surprised that there was no IP at the start as it was closer to 32 than 33 when I was out with the dog at 10 last night. Very November-y day.
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