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  1. Don't know about cold out that far, but Madawaska and New Sweden have high 20s pack and the woods probably a foot more. Today likely took 1-2" off the depth but Thursday should add a bunch
  2. Just right - 8 AM dentist visit in Farmington then 1 PM appt with vascular specialist in PWM. Might make for some interesting driving.
  3. Sat/Sun temps at my place were 37/-8 and 43/12 and it was low teens again this morning with full sun and light winds each day. Tubing about to burst and 24-7 boiling?
  4. My area was progged for mix and 30s, got powder at mid teens. Won't be that stark this time as antecedent airmass isn't as good, but I love the 06z Euro.
  5. Considering the minimum, quite a nice day here with full sun, no wind and temps leaping upward. 3 mornings at -20 or colder this year, about average (78 such minima in 22 years.)
  6. Or, climo usually wins. Current snow total is 8.5" BN for the date, and unless something serious pops between now and May, this will be just the 2nd winter in 50+ years (including some back when I lived in NNJ) that failed to produce a snowfall greater than 7". Just a garden-variety BN winter here, not a major ratter like in the MA.
  7. Another subzero morning, probably another 40+ diurnal range. Yesterday was 23/-24.
  8. Thru last month, NYC is running 30.2" for 1991-2020. Last time a 30-year norm was 30"+ came 1891-1920. The far-from-finished 2001-2030 period is 32.3".
  9. Makes sense to me, as that's where I usually land and I'm fairly warm-blooded - short-sleeved shirt today and -20 or slightly colder. Only time I go with long sleeves is when I'm in the woods during the cold seasons. Used to be even more cold tolerant before taking a beta blocker for high BP - dropped my pulse from about 60 to low 50s. The almost always too warm GFS pulled a fast one this morning, dropping 2/27-28 temps at 2m and H9 by about 10F. Verbatim we'd get ZR/IP to SN. Still beyond 100 and more back and forth to come.
  10. Hey, even a blind pig sniffs out the occasional acorn. And I don't think next Thursday will be an inland 970 stemwinder like on 12z GFW.
  11. Thru yesterday GYX was 0.6" AN, which means they're probably dead on their norms today. (And BN tomorrow ) CAR's 97" is 129% of their average thru 2/19, I'm at 88% (data back only thru 98-99), and I'd guess the rest of the Maineiacs on the snow table are a bit AN.. Nice rainstorm on the gfs for next week. Inland runner. That model has over-warmed nearly every precip event since New Year's. The op run for 12z Tuesday had Augusta reaching upper 30s with snow-to-rain. Only missed by about 15° w/o a sniff of RA, not bad for the last run before flakes arrived.
  12. Makes me think of the Jersey pine barrens. The blueberry fields there might have a shorter frost-free season than PWM, probably 2 months shorter than ACY or PHL
  13. Hey, if BWI can outsnow CAR (in 09-10) then anything is possible.
  14. Do you know that elevation? Ten years ago this month brought the late great Feb slopfest, in which I got 10.7" of 4:1 mashed potatoes plus 1.1" of 34° RA. I wondered how the "Temple 1.8 W" cocorahs (noted in Jeff's post of GYX snow reports) could've gotten 3X the snow (26.4" vs 8.8") of the Farmington co-op, just 6-7 miles away. Using Google Earth I followed the only road heading west from the small center of Temple and learned that at 1.8 miles the elevation at the nearest house was about 1220', or 800' higher than the co-op. Given that event's character, the difference suddenly made sense. (And made me jelly!) Of course, yesterday's storm was of entirely different character.
  15. Was +5.3* on 2/13, now down to +1.4. Might be a tiny bit BN after Friday, then the see-saw tilts the other way - expect to finish the month near +2. *compared to my records that started 5/98. Farmington co-op's 1981-2010 norms for Feb are about 1.2° colder than their average '99-on, so probably +2.6 there.
  16. That would put your total 1.1" ahead of mine, with Raymond leading the pack. Had 5.5" total with 0.46" LE, the initial 4" about 10:1 and the final (after 9 PM) 1.5" about 20:1. Now 21" at the stake, 18th winter of 22 reaching the 20" mark.
  17. I've seen 2 such >22" events in 22 winters here, 12/03 and 2/09, and have to go back to 1984 (in Fort Kent) to find another one. Unless you're at Stowe or Jay Peak, or in prime LES country, that kind of dump isn't coming every winter.
  18. I've read that the snowy owls come south mainly when lemming populations in the north take a dive.
  19. Moderate SN in Augusta, 10/14 at 4 PM. Heading north in about 10 minutes - 30 miles of fun.
  20. This morning I heard a chickadee singing its "phee-bee" spring song, with temps about zero and snow on the way. Brave little fellow.
  21. "Relatively" being the operative term, as 22.4" (Philly's 4th biggest) isn't too shabby.
  22. AUG ramped up to moderate snow about 1 PM, visibility about 3/8 mile, couple tenths new. Still chilly, 19/14.
  23. At least NYC's depth got up to 22" in 2016. The record breaker (now #2) in Feb. 2006 never brought depth past 16". IMO, given equivalent measurement skill, NYC's greatest snowfall was either Dec. 1947, 25.8" (now #3) which added 24" to a 1" cover, or 1888, in which depth was even more guesswork than usual.
  24. Full whiff up here from Jan '16. My 1st (of 3 lifetime) thundersnow came 12/24/1966. I learned 2 things that day as I was out hunting in NNJ - first, that 345 KV powerlines are hot (temp-wise) as I could hear flakes "popping" as I walked the edge of the R-O-W. 2nd one took 2 booms to convince me, as #1 merely confused - "It can't thunder during snow, can it?" After the 2nd and louder one my thought was "This is going to be something special." By then we had SN+ and 4-5" new, and the storm finished about 15".
  25. And that bar gets higher as winds get stronger. Did PDII have winds anywhere near the strength of '05 and especially ''78? Also, how was measuring done in 1969? That event only trails '03 by 1.3".