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  1. The plate and 4 screws in my neck from fusion surgery at C-4 are also titanium. They've been there since April 2011 and I've had no issue with them (including with TSA) though the fusion is long complete and their only function now is to make for pretty X-rays.
  2. It's far from new. In 1974, 2 years before I started with Seven Islands, 2 guys were bar-hopping in NH (takes a lot of miles to hop more than once) until they finally go cut off after a spell in Errol. Then they headed down Rt 16, not the straightest road, until the driver put his Beetle in the ditch at speed and crashed into the end of a culvert placed for a logging road. Driver had minor injuries (isn't that the way?) but his chum became a paraplegic and the lawsuits began. Started with NH DOT as the culvert was within the Rt 16 ROW but NH chose not to entertain the suit - most/all states have that sovereign option. The bartender in Errol settled out of court, while the badly injured guys lawyers went after Volkswagon of America, James River (road was built to access their forest land) and Seven Island, because JR had to cross a tiny corner of 7-I land (~40') to get to theirs. After several months 7-I managed to get excluded from the suits, but by then the legal bill was $27,000 - in 1974 dollars. My 1st year's pay as a graduate forester (started 1st Monday of Jan '76) was $10,000, by far the most I'd ever earned.
  3. This is why I've voiced skepticism of the widespread use of dendrochronology to estimate past temperature regimes. It's most useful at the cold edge of a species' range, where a 1°C change can determine success or failure to produce viable seed. Elsewhere it's like you found - water is by far the bigger determinant. 10/10 for CoC today. Sun is strong enough for me to work up a sweat moving wood but dews low enough to evaporate it. Edit: July has already had 1/4" more rain than the full month average, but the Sandy River flow is slightly less than 25th percentile. Garden roots are fine but the water table has dropped.
  4. The 7/4-5/1999 derecho broke some trees at Natanis Point Campground (Chain of Ponds Twp) and a large branch fell on a tent, injuring a boy and his mom. They tried suing the state (it's on BPL land) and did sue the camp owner. Mom said the injury ruined her son's summer, but he was running around like normal 3 weeks later at our church's VBS. The suit went nowhere - that system had downed trees from Boundary Waters (many thousands there) to BGR, Maine has lots of trees, the one causing the injuries had no outward defects, etc, etc. Don't know how much out-of-pocket for the camp owner before the case was tossed.
  5. 2nd cell thru about 3:45, looks like .10-.15" additional, and a strike at 1.5 miles distance. (Nothing else close) June had 12 days with measurable precip and only 1.05" total, while July is up to 14 days measurable and more than 4 times the June total, and above the average for the full month. Temps now 2.3° BN and given forecasts, looks like this will be the first BN month since October.
  6. 0.05" and no lightning near enough to bother our thunder-phobic dog. Those bright echoes clipped the was part of town. Better than nothing, however - precip May 1 forward now past the 7" mark, with 60%+ of that in July.
  7. Old saying: Do right 1,000 times, not hear of it once. Do wrong once, hear of it 1,000 times.
  8. We joined FB back when dial-up was our only option and wanted grandkid pics without a 2-hour download wait. I've found that when I stopped reacting to or commenting on the political-poison posts, I stopped receiving them. An FB algorithm that was actually useful? Who knew? Now it's back to family and friends, plus a few outside subjects, classical music, Maine Cabin Masters, the group for the lake community where we grew up, Friends of Norway (where wife's grandparents were born) and similar stuff.
  9. Kind of misses the point. Being compelled to take the vaccine by the federal government smacks of dictatorship. What states, school districts, private sector entities do is something else. (Disclosure: I was fully vaccinated - Moderna - early last spring.) I wonder if the non-vaxx opinions will change once the drugs get full approval. Unfortunately, I don't think it will make all that much difference.
  10. Decent here but pop-up showers around, so maybe 8/10. Two fairly intense cells crossed Rt 2 about an hour ago, one soaking Farmington and the other Mercer, skipping New Sharon. Glad we got yesterday's 3/10".
  11. About 5-7 days later here, but it's more a plateau than a peak. The 30+ days 7/9-10 thru 8/9-10 all have average within 1° of each other. (Subject to change. Being in only our 24th year here, all averages are "live", potentially having slight changes with each entry.)
  12. Realtors have it right with their 3 "Ls". SNE/CNE appear to have fared better compared to their norms than sites north of PWM/CON, but the exceptions can be great. March 2014 was one of those, with Farmington getting 3 feet and farther south getting cold wx with poorly timed (read: messy, or worse) storms. Kind of like January that year for us - AN precip, BN temps, record low snow.
  13. Rangeley prices have been thru the roof for decades, especially for waterfront. By now, a house on the lake is probably in the "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" range.
  14. Sunday, Feb 22,2015 popped up to 35, probably less than 4 hours in the 30s. Next highest was 28. That Sunday had a low of 4, the 19th had 5, 2 days had 1 and the other 24 were zero or below. The month's low was -25 and it's been colder in Feb (lowest is -29 in 2003) but that -25 was on 2/24, almost as anomalous as the -26 on 2/29/08. Feb 2015 wasn't remarkable for all time cold mornings, but for staying consistently cold all month. Temps for the month at my place were 16.5/-10.1 for an average of 3.2. Jan 2003 had a max of 34, 2nd coldest monthly max. 3rd place is 37.
  15. At least Rumford is still buying roundwood, and ND opened an idled paper machine that uses more softwoods so that we sometimes actually get positive revenue from spruce-fir pulp. (20 years ago it was worth 5 times what hardwood brought; now it's closer to 1/10 or even below zero - sell it just to conduct proper silviculture and not leave a mess.) If the price of purchased pulp goes up much, I anticipate that Pixelle will cut and run, and the market for an older mill without a digester is mighty thin.
  16. Those whiners need to get the "beam" out of their own eyes before complaining about the "mote" in the vaccinated.
  17. I don't think the OV Monster of 1978 got particularly close to the 940s, maybe low 950s, though this is pulled from deep memory and thus suspect. Lowest I've seen in Maine was CAR's 957 in the 1976 Groundhog Day gale.
  18. The side-slipper is now warned - saw a 60 dbz pixel just west of WVL. May have a 2nd chance as radar indicates RA+ in Farmington. 2nd bite at the apple was less noisy (same distance from strikes but less of them) but lots wetter - 15 minutes of RA+ probably dumped 3/10" though I'm not wading thru the wet grass to find out (until my 9 PM obs time.)
  19. Would love to experience another band like 2/22-23/09 - 9" in 2:45 and 18" in 7:30. Then the March 2 storm busted, 5.6" with forecast 8-12 and less than 2" after that. (Two straight years with early March busts - the 10-14" "Manitoba Mauler for 3/1/08 verified at 6.1", stopping pack growth at 48".) January 2009's max was 31° here, on 3 different days, the only </=32 month I've recorded since Jan. '85 in Ft. Kent. (Max was 22 that month but it only cracked -20 once; 2nd lowest was -17. 1983 with -19 was the only other January of 10 there that failed to touch -30.)
  20. Finally had a TS this month, tying 2 other Julys for latest thunder, though it did the usual sideslip - to the south this time. Considerable thunder, none closer than 3-4 miles (rough estimate as none was near enough to detect the flicker) and another 0.04", putting this month at exactly the same 3.89" as 7/09 thru the 21st. Had another 3.40" in the rest of the month back then; nothing indicates we'd get even close to that now. (Some drops falling presently (3:45) so we may finish the day ahead of 2009.)
  21. La Nada has been a bit AN for Maine, though my much shorter POR is BN due to 05-06 counting for more of my 7-season group than for the full 22. 2012-13 was pretty much on my average as Nemo's best failed to get here, while 13-14 had no blockbusters but a lot of medium-large events and great retention, aided by a snowy and very cold March.
  22. Looks like cloudy day #13 today, bringing us to within one of the 2009 record for cloudy days in July. I checked rainfall and 7/2009 had 3.89" thru the 21st while last night's 0.04" brings this July up to 3.85". Similar? Not quite. 7/09 finished with 7.29" and I don't see anywhere near 3.44" for the rest of this month. Also, June 2009 had 8.71" more rain than last month.
  23. We had a quick-hitting 0.04" no-thunder shower about 2 AM. Still no TS this month.
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