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  1. At sugarloaf and definitely strong winds last night and now ramping up more so. Lots of wetness as well. Completely opposite of why I planned this trip, but grateful that any action packed weather is good stuff!
  2. 3 inches before 8pm and an additional 5+ inches upon inspection this morning. While not the best situation for automobiles, it is nice to see the streets unpaved and people driving slowly. With cool temperatures all day, should make for a great evening walk to celebrate the season of winter!
  3. Good report on WV, that was my old stomping grounds in the 80's for high school and my knees have a personal connection to the moguls on true grit under the Sunnyside Triple. Places like Waterville an Wildcat with one lift that services the entire mountain are truly enjoyable, however the desire to explore still results in checking out all places. Good stuff!
  4. So great. Post some snowbank pictures!
  5. Experienced Sunday River on January 30th and 31st. Sunday was packed and I couldn't handle the crowd, but Monday was really good. Mostly packed powder on the groomers and about a foot or more of off trail action.
  6. Snow continues at a brisk pace in Gorham NH, should be interesting how much snow is at Sunday River on Sunday!
  7. Relocated to Gorham NH and snow continues to pickup, perhaps 6 inches so far, but looks like a few more hours of action.
  8. Good stuff. Aiming to check out Sunapee for Saturday. Ironically, I'm leaving Newport RI this evening for a few days up north, but my original plans to leave on Saturday are no longer possible. Now my neighbors can park entirely in my driveway and also do the deed of shoveling it out!
  9. Good update. I really like Wildcat and positioning my next trip to have this as an option. While Sunday could be the better day, I'll take leftovers on Monday with the minor crowd. Keep skiing!
  10. Thank you for sharing this. I am a bit familiar with reading the data with respect to drops within tropical systems, but unclear how to interpret the data within synoptic baroclinic flow. If you could provide some links or references, that is most appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Experienced Loon (South Peak Only) on January 25th and had a pleasant surprise of about 3 inches of very dry new snow during the overnight providing some effortless powder conditions. The entire south peak was probably groomed before it snowed, because fresh tracks were available on all the runs (it says there are 9 or so trails, but feels like 5). With a high speed quad and ridiculously easy access from car to lift to lodge, the south peak is a great combination of steeps (rip cord or saw) and the other trails are reasonable pitch. All in all, balmy air temperatures in the 20's.
  12. Experienced Cannon on January 24th and had a pleasant surprise of about 6 inches of very dry new snow during the overnight providing some effortless powder conditions on ungroomed tracks. About 2/3 of the mountain was open, but it felt more like 1/2. Solid packed powder was the norm, except for the historical icy spots that I just take as a part of the landscape, less so a question. It is pretty amazing how relaxed mid-week skiing can be in these areas, except for the base of the mountain, never really see anyone!
  13. BTV disco makes a good point that the the system responsible for this is south of the Aleutians. The most recent ASCAT-C pass for the NPAC shows plenty of gale force winds and likely will be storm force on next pass. Taking the EPS 120hr and 144hr verbatim shows a classic climatological outcome that works well for the mountains (snow) and the coast (surf), reminds me of how weather used to work before when the source of data was the newspaper!
  14. Experienced the cold skiing today and was relieved that winds were rather light, if not calm. However, eventually the cold air got the best of me as each run my hand would get a bit chillier, and so had to call it a day after a few hours. Wednesday will feel like summer compared to today!
  15. Conditions were great today at Sugarbush. Felt like 80 people were there, conditions were groomed hard-pack and as it broke up the loose granular was easy to work with and didn't feel any ice below the surface (except for the immediately exiting the bravo lift).
  16. Heading north for the first part of the upcoming week. My fixed schedule of trips is certainly resulting in some very different conditions. From wetness and rain last weekend, to the coldest day expected on Tuesday, but looking forward to it nonetheless!
  17. Surprisingly, Sunday River was pretty darn good today, people said yesterday was not so much. Overall, plenty of terrain especially relative to the small amount of people up here. Did some hiking on the unopened trails and there are quite a few with huge whales curing, I can see how 3 feet of man made comes to be!
  18. Heading to Sunday River for next week and while it is still early season, I do appreciate the notes above. By adding hiking into early season skiing, these trips are still quite enjoyable. I welcome any additional thoughts about sr.
  19. Experienced sugarbush today to start the ski season. Wind was strong, only one trail (3 by name) and it had major snowmaking active. Good to get on the slopes, but it definitely was challenging conditions. Should be fun this week!
  20. The biggest expense for the commuting skier is lodging. I've got an IKON pass and will get 30+ days this winter so the daily ticket cost is $25, but there is no way around the lodging costing $100-$200 per night depending on location. Toss in fuel and food and that is at least $40 per day. Time is money, so there is no way I'd do 30 day trips, honestly that isn't in my portfolio anymore! Long story short, skiing isn't cheap, but there are definitely ways to make it less astronomically expensive! Plane tickets out west and to Canada were $300 this summer, now they are over $1,000!
  21. Those pictures look great! I need to get up north to check this out, but I'll wait my turn until it is snowing! In Newport our Fall Foliage is the complete opposite, with trees from so many places around the world, we have a few trees that start dropping leaves in late August and this continues into early December. The way to make it fun is to use this time of the year to learn more about the various trees. My backyard isn't that interesting, but the silver maple looses all its leaves, before the norway maple changes color.
  22. If Wildcat was a reliable mountain for proactive snowmaking and electricity, it would probably be my favorite place as there is something relaxing and exhilarating from having a single list (that is fast) that gets you to the top of the mountain and can access 100% of the terrain. I just like the feeling of going up and knowing you can pick any run, whereas most other mountains you have to make that decision before your descent so that you go to the correct lift. There are lots of other mountains that can't have this setup (Cannon can't combine the high speed quad with the cannonball quad because the top has much more wind variation and very limited green/blue terrain from the top). All mountains are great. When in doubt, go to the mountains!
  23. I'm eyeing up the Epic-local pass. a good change of pace and really good with the unlimited at so many places! For $100 more than the Northeast pass, it seems worth it!
  24. Skied at Sugarbush on Saturday and Sunday, i found the hard pack to be a lot of fun and fast, and only once did I carve on something that felt frozen. After 12 days of skiing on what felt like powder/packed powder this season, it was actually really enjoyable to experience hard pack. While I'm not a big fan of the spring skiing, I do like seeing the ice jams on mad river, we should start a thread about awesome ice jam pictures and statistics!
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