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  1. Beautiful morning in the NH foothills. Bright sun is making it feel, well not as cold... Sorry to everyone on the other side of the mountains stuck in clouds. This is when I enjoy living on my side. Cloudy spring weather north of me and days and days of sunshine here. Snowpack is at 11" and it has a lot of water in it. I am hoping that 3 or 4 days of warm weather at least melt some bare spots on my southern slopes. Last night 17 deer wandered around looking for anything to eat but it's hard digging through glaciated snow
  2. The fun starts next week. Mud season. Every year is so different. It was dry this fall so the moisture was not deep but then we got the Grinch storm but don't know how much moisture got down deep before freeze up. Here is a video of my road leading up to my house a couple of years ago.
  3. Nice standing wave cloud presentation this morning
  4. We received 2" of snow with last nights squalls. Basically ground blizzard conditions on the south side of Newfound Lake with that snow blowing. The lake is orientated NNW to SSE so the wind really howled at the foot of the lake creating zero visibility in places.
  5. I received 2" of snow with the squalls last night. 2F outside with ground blizzard conditions at times at my altitude with the blowing powder. My anometer is sheltered so high gust only 33mph
  6. I received 2" in heavy snow squalls last evening. Exactly as the GFS and Euro predicted my low was 0F around sunrise. Nice roar in the trees with lots of blowing snow after the squalls.
  7. 17F S++ Vis couple of hundred feet. Hard to estimate but 1/2"? in past 15 minutes?
  8. Relentless howling in the trees. 22F Had some light to moderate squalls over the past couple hours but looks like an organized line moving almost due south towards me.
  9. I know. I am eating my popcorn and watching your show! Should be my turn in another 30 or 45 minutes
  10. Don't know if it was OceanSt posted this on the Gray NWS FB page but I never thought about this. Great graphic. Makes total sense met. winter isn't on the same date across the country. Areas near water will lag.
  11. Whoop, forgot to attach the graphic
  12. Looks like quite the arctic cold front passing through later tomorrow. Snow squalls with rapidly falling temperatures. I don't know how overdone these weatherbell wind gust map is? Usually with synoptic storms they seem to be with strong winds struggling to get down to the surface. Perhaps with NW winds they are more accurate. 61mph gust in Plymouth NH (my area) is very impressive. Could be a fun few hours with this fropa.
  13. It is amazing that from your area through Plymouth NH that CAD always rules. Snowy and icy day here. Still have not hit 32F. About 14" on the ground
  14. CAD rules at my location time and time again. Our road is a mess. Things still iced over with calm winds. After fropa I'll warm up. 30.9F Light freezing drizzle