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  1. I REALLY would like the virus thread back. Except reading some headlines or watching the news I feel lost without it. So much good quick important info. There must be away of having it without it being hijacked by outsiders in our NE group. Just factual info. Please bring it back! Rant over
  2. 74/57 Looking on the south horizon I see those towers going up in CT and can even see the cirrus outline of the storms down towards NYC. Later this week that SE low moves up towards New England and merges with a low north of the Great Lakes. I was noticing that as the storm moves up the Saint Lawrence River area as it deepens down to 995mb (29.38) on the 18Z GFS. For a July low pressure system that is not tropical that seems quite low. Anyone know how unusual that is for this time of year? Whatever happens looks like a tropical airmass for New England.
  3. Nice trends today for the tropical low. It's over land right now but the GFS and Euro bring it up the coast and possibly to the west of New England late week. Not expecting a tropical storm or anything like that but the Euro has it at 1005mb as it comes up the coast and deepens it to 1002mb in New York state. That would give us high tropical humidity, downpours and a nice south breeze. Good for areas that have missed convection rains the past week or so.
  4. Looking for the CV thread. I see it got taken away. Damn. I would skim that thread to get so much useful info. There should have been a discussion first before taking it down. Yeah it got political and nasty but was great info. I say put it back up please?
  5. Happy 4th NNElanders.... Question. I happen to look at the Mt Washington webcam and noticed that there is still quite a bit of snow in Tuckerman's Ravine. I remember as a kid in the 1960's that there was an article in the Boston Globe about the fact that some snow made it all the way through summer up there. I wonder what the usual "snowout" day is on the mountain? Anyone have a clue? Oh, I noticed that sunset tonight for my region of Central NH is 832pm. Tomorrow we loose a minute with sunsets. Sunrises have been getting later for a couple of weeks now. Still a couple of weeks away from the climatological peak of temperatures.
  6. Caught this rainbow with the moon in it. What are the chances of that?
  7. Nice thunderstorm passing over Newfound Lake NH. I just got .58" past half an hour. Now up to 3.25" for ULL total Video of thunderstorm passing over (and my lawn guy getting down fertilizer just before it passes. https://video.nest.com/clip/a0ff3167665646ab8aa507aa81dfc3b0.mp4
  8. .17" yesterday .07" today as of 7pm.
  9. About .07" today after .17" yesterday. The 1/4" of rain over the past 24 hours came in various showers, very light rain and drizzle so pavement under trees is still dry. Another batch to my east looks to make a run at me later this evening Bit over 3/4" in last 6 weeks
  10. Noon 68F Sprinkles About .04" this morning. Up to .21" storm total.
  11. Another dry day for me. Flash flood warnings 5 miles to my north and storms to the south. Shooting the gaps perfectly so far.
  12. Models the past couple of days shifted south and kept Central NH high and dry. I'm surprised to see the rain area being so far north. Looking at radar I would at least get some rain this afternoon. Models say no