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  1. Cloudy 44F. About .12" so far and models give me about another .25"
  2. One year ago today parts of NNE had accumulating snow. At that time I grabbed this picture from Alex's webcam. Speaking of that, I lost your link Alex. Do you still have a cam up that you can share with the forum? As for the present, about 1" of rain from the last system. The foliage is a bit weird. We were at about 75% peak and then the wind stripped a lot of leaves. So the oaks are just starting and the rest is a mix of bare, color and some green. If not for the front we were heading for a nice peak.
  3. Scott, I get what your saying too. It's basically a continuum from what the eye sees to total art or fantasy. If I happen to get a great morning shot on a still lake with mist and a heron flying flapping his wings and creating ripples on the water that would be a great photograph. If someone else takes a picture a minute before me and "photoshops" him in, to me it's cheating. WMUR our NH station posted this picture that someone took at the Balsams. Obviously no one under any lighting pictures would see that. To me it is much more art than photography but countless comments said how stunningly beautiful it must have been up there. We could go round and round but I think we both understand each others point.
  4. Hey, I was going to put this post in foliage thread but I think it is more off topic banter. As a semi pro retired photographer one of my pet peeves is that so many people take pictures these days and then post produce them so you don't know what is real and what is not. Back in the day we could not do this pre digital. I will give you an example. We have a well known photographer in our area. People are always commenting in Newfound Area Facebook Group how fantastic his pictures look. So vibrant and colorful, a real master! Yesterday he rented a plane and took this picture of Newfound Lake. So today I took my high end drone which has a fantastic camera and went to the highest hill to take the same picture. Both images are below. Mine is out of the camera, no edits. I understand everyone's eye is different so some post editing is fine, for instance my dehaze tool because that takes away something that on a clear day would not be there. By the way the photographers image was yesterday and mine today so if anything the colors should be better as we still have not peaked. There use to be a commercial some of the old timers might remember. Which one is real and which one is Memorex"?
  5. Just took this. Still lots of green here. Seems like peak each year is October 18th.
  6. Interesting about the growing season will be officially over. I never thought of that but even if we got there I feel they should issue a frost/freeze since although the farming growing season will be over many people keep houseplants out. I had envisioned that once we get later in the season than this when the first cold snap comes they will have to issue a warning from the Canadian border to the South Coast of New England, basically all of New England at one time.
  7. Question.... has any "official" reporting station in New England or for that matter the Northeast reported a 32F for a low yet. I know a few weather stations like Alex's 31.9F have had a touch of frost but anything official?
  8. Thanks WW. Corrected to jays. I don't know what it was but the sound I heard was about 20 seconds after the reports. Wouldn't a jet sound last longer? Maybe with the speed of sound/vibration it took awhile to get this far north? From time to time locals set of tannerite explosions that can be heard for many,many miles if there is a air inversion.
  9. I was well north but webcam mic picked it up. About 15 seconds into this clip. Set the blue jays off https://video.nest.com/clip/dace83ddf8c64c4abdaff623ff511437.mp4
  10. Looks like the peak is just slightly south of you looking at the webcams and photos. Just grabbed this picture of Waterville Valley. About as much color as you can get. I made no adjustment to the webcam picture. I am at around 40% color. Peak here should be around Tuesday. It's a great year with little wind and rain as mountains peak. People say frost brings on color but maybe because we have not had any frost there are little browns?
  11. It's a crowd on top of the Rock Pile. 47F with a 9mph wind with peak colors in the Whites is about as good as it gets for Columbus Day Weekend foliage and weather. Low clouds have moved in south of the Whites
  12. Tamarack, Hope you are feeling better. I wonder if there has been studies of temperature differences just in the first 3 feet above the ground? Maybe it drops off so much that a 37 at 2 m can be a 31 a couple of inches off the ground. That is what had to have happened.
  13. Foliage is around 10-15% here but the pace is just starting to pickup. I may of asked this question but does anyone know the latest date into the fall that NNE has gone frost free? Usually frosts come in drips and drabs depending on location so it is not something kept in the record books. It looks like no frosts in the next week or more. When it comes it could be one large region wide event from the Canadian border to the seacoast. It will be interesting to see how it plays out since there is no other weather going on. Just COC weather on and on....
  14. Here is precip for the past 60 days. The haves and have nots... I'm in that light green that goes through central areas.
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