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  1. When I went to see the total eclipse in Aruba 1998 I dragged my partner down with me. He is not an nature person and really thought the whole thing was going to be overhyped. Boy did he change his mind once he saw what was happening. Let's see what people say about it being overhyped come Monday night. People will want to see an another one absolutely. Now for most of the country that sees a partial eclipse that's a totally another story.
  2. Totality verses Partial is like almost being dead or being dead!
  3. I was here in Central NH for our 1994 annular eclipse. My house was almost on centerline. 88% coverage. I have videos. At 88% you can barely notice a darkening of the landscape. In Aruba when I saw the 3 minute total eclipse even 5 minutes before totality at 95 to 99%% or more of coverage it was not a big deal. Once the dark curtain of complete shadow descends and the diamond ring comes out everything changes in seconds to the jaw dropping, awe experience. With this eclipse you are going to have people literally at one end of a football field in 99.9% partial saying, that was overblown while 1000 feet away people under totality saying, oh my God, that was crazy awesome. The line is that fine!! Trying to explain this to "average Joe" is so frustrating!
  4. Hum, still quite aways out there. All in all the weather looks about as good as it can get if you factor in the whole track from Oregon to South Carolina. I see that moisture in Missouri and East Nebraska but again its only Wednesday. Too early to make adjustments.....
  5. ...... boy in years gone by we would be looking at this satellite picture and saying, wow, watch out, things are going to really become active......Now after a 11 year old drought who knows? Sure does look ominous out in the Tropical Atlantic considering that its getting toward last August....
  6. Time for another post about this total eclipse. I have seen 3 partials, 1 annular and one total. Aruba 1998. From the beach. Almost a 3 minute eclipse. Total blows everything else out of the water. Photographers were set up all around me. I decided not to bother with cameras. So many wondrous things happen so fast. Not just the sun but the rapidly changing twlight all around me. The planets, stars, the eerie light on the hills. There will be a zillion pictures/videos on the web. Grab a couple of pictures just to say you were there but every second that you play with lens and exposures are seconds lost taking in the whole experience. It does go by ultra fast!
  7. Jeez. I just looped the last vis. 92L sure looks darn good. Really can see the rotation. I am going to guess if things continue on this trend for the next 3 hours the NHC will bump up developing chances quite a bit.
  8. Wow. Things have gotten impressively dry over the past 3 weeks. Only .44" in the past 3 weeks. Thought we would get some nice Storms/showers today but that is looking increasingly unlikely. High clouds from the SW is killing convection chances.... next.....
  9. My favorite sunsets are when its clear to the west with clouds overhead. The sun sets and then for a brief time the rays shine up and light the underside of the clouds. This is my favorite. Took it a few years ago from my front yard. The fall foliage added some ground color too.
  10. Never get tired of where I live. A photographer friend of mine took this picture this morning. It's on a 15 acre parcel we own which is 1/2 mile up the road from our house and about 250 feet higher. I constantly run up there when we have T storms approaching from the NW. The higher peak to the west of Newfound is Mt Cardigan 3120'. I
  11. I'm not paying attention to Gert. Some swells but it's safely one for the fish. 91L and all the unsettled weather out in the East Atlantic is what to watch over the upcoming days.
  12. Sure a whole lot of "stuff" going on in the East Atlantic. Both 12Z GFS and 12Z Euro have strong tropical cyclones approaching Florida/SE Coast around Day 10. Euro has a strengthening system coming WNW over the big islands toward the Florida straights and the GFS has a 960 cane moving NW bound northeast of the Bahamas. Maybe things will finally start getting interesting?
  13. Maybe I can make this a bit more clear. It is where the shadow falls off the earth. It's the place where as the sun rises or sets its alreadly in total eclipse. 2024 is going to be a nice eclipse. Moon's orbit will be closer so a wider path. Wider path means darker skies at center line. Next weeks eclipse is 70 miles wide so even if you are at center line the sun will be shinning 35 miles to your north or south. So it will get twlight but not pitch dark unless there is thick cloud cover as the sunlight on the horizons have a lot of cloud angle to penetrate. Another point. The sun angle is now moving southward each day as August moves on. So the southern horizon would have more light. If I were picking a spot I would be a bit north of center line so more of the south sky is darkened. Of course weather is the wildcard. There could be a tropical system heading in from the islands. Let's hope that doesn't happen or at least delayed....
  14. eek, Do Bald Eagles like butterflies? Just saw this on my facebook feed. Taken on Christmas Island near the Weirs today. I think that is very close to you?
  15. I'm so frustrated today. My Mom, sister, brother in law and niece all live in Bend Oregon. About 25 miles south of totality. As someone who has seen a total eclipse and knows how mind blowing beautiful it is I have been trying to get my family to go just a bit north to get under totality. No go. Mother says too much traffic. Brother in law and niece say they can't get the day off. My sister is off and keeps saying 99.5% coverage is good enough and she is staying put. Arrgghhh....