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  1. Went through my local Dunkin Donut drive through this afternoon. None of the employees making sandwiches or drinks were wearing masks. Made me a bit leery. Would that bother any of you? Should restaurants cooks or food handlers be required to wear masks at this point with them breathing on food?
  2. Had to get out of the house and took a ride to the nearest big town around here. (Bristol NH pop 5000). Didn't go into any stores but did drive to the grocery store parking lot. Only saw 2 people wearing masks out of around 100 in my whole trip. Many people walking or talking in groups.
  3. Hum, snowy day Wednesday? 4 days out and it's April, lots could go wrong...
  4. My town of Bridgewater has mostly dirt roads and very low taxes. Acess to a clean swimable NH lake was also important to me. Although I "only" average 80-85" of snow my retention is good because of cold air damning. Very rare to have bare ground in December through March. It's a balance of what you want in life, just snow and sking or closer to civilization. For me I lucked out picking this 15 acre plot. My other advice is to wait until we know how this pandemic works out. With sky rocketing unemployment land and home prices might plummet up here.
  5. I have not thought of it in so long but growing up we always said kiddush on Friday night. I could almost recite kiddush in hebrew I said it so often. Nice to know someone else celebrates Shabbat. You brought back a good memory which I needed on this Friday night. Shabbat Shalom!
  6. It's been a amazing news conference. I'll leave it at that
  7. Right now COVID (for most of us) is just something you hear about on TV. Once people that you know actually start dying it will become real and reinforce social distancing.
  8. Trump announcing CDC is recommending non surgical face covering such as scarfs. Trump made it a point to say it is only voluntary and he said twice he will not be adhering to the guidelines. He is communicating this new guideline very poorly.
  9. I just googled it. Found this useful info https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/microwave-mask-disinfect-covid-virus/
  10. If they don't have any metal perhaps a microwave for 10 seconds or so. That might do the trick. I think wetting them changes the filter densities
  11. This topic comes up from time to time on the boards and I respond to each time it does... I made this exact decision back in 1989 when I lived in Boston. I wanted a fixer upper with land and a view up in the mountains. As a skier and a snow lover I looked all over NNE. I needed some balance between weather but social activities and even medical care. Living far away in a rural area has some downsides. I found my place in the foothills of the White Mountains of NH. In a low tax town of 1000 people called Bridgewater NH. I'm high on a hill at a elevation of 1100 feet. Plenty of snow (over 80") but only 13 miles from interstate 93 so I can be in Boston in 2 hours for everything a city has to offer. So for me it was a balance of services, taxs, weather, skiing, shopping and medical. Also make sure you have wifi access. Much of NNE does not. Good Luck
  12. Sobering news out of Italy. I keep looking at their daily numbers to get a sense out of what will happen in the US. They reached a peak and have stayed basically steady with a slight decrease this week. This is going to be with us for a long, long time. Life as we knew it back at the end of 2019 may never return . Certainly not 2% unemployment and soaring stock prices. I'm 63 and as a baby boomer lived through a darn good period to be alive. I hope the "youngsters" reading these pages have the same. I fear life as we know it will be put on pause for the next decade unless a vaccine can be found fairly quickly before the economy unravels totally. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer....
  13. I had to go look for myself. Wow. $54 round trip. What happened to social distancing. Packed plane for 3 hours? Airlines needs to require passengers wear masks
  14. 38.9F Light rain about .90" We had mixed rain and snow most of last evening with temperature around 35F Fields are brown and pond is full. Grass should greenup in the next week or two
  15. 34.6F 50/50 snow and rain. As it was getting dark looks like snow line is around 1600 feet on the ridgelines