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  1. 43F Moderate drizzle and light rain. 1.78" stratus so far Last evening will be remembered as one of the worst commutes in a long time. Total s..tshow. NWS put up a winter weather advisory I believe late morning or certainly by afternoon but the state seemed totally unprepared in the Lakes Region. Maybe because this was advertised as a big rainstorm in all areas. Light snow grains and a bit of light snow started here mid day. All afternoon we had snow grains that left a slight coating. Temps in the mid to upper 20's. Heavier freezing rain began later in the day and the roads became skating rinks. I think it was because the previous rainstorm washed away any residual salt/sand. Also the ground was very cold. So everything including Rt 93 from about Exit 20 on up through this area of Exit 26 was ice covered. 90 minute commute from a friend for 25 miles with many, many accidents on Rt 93 and all the state roads around here. Temperatures went above freezing by midnight. When warm air comes from above it really takes a long time to scour out at low levels, especially with light winds. NNE snowcover seems decimated. Now we can look forward to a system on Monday night. I am worried it will be so weak it will trend south and leave NNE out of anything meaningful. Maybe a few inches to whiten things back up. There is very little snowfall left in my area. I don't see any storms after that for awhile, just some weak systems. Ski resorts like Tenney without snow making are going to really hurt. Upslope fluff will not be enough.
  2. Wow, my local facebook page is going crazy with stories of nightmare roads right now. Worse than most all snowstorms.
  3. NH State police say 7 accidents on I 93 just between exits 20 and 23. Telling people to stay off the roads. Winter weather advisory is up but for some reason the state seemed to caught off guard at least north of Concord NH
  4. 30.7F Light freezing rain A friend of mine just posted this on her facebook page. 1&1/2 hour, 25 mile ride home from Belmont to Bristol. A few accidents, many cars off the road and my traction light on the dash going crazy the whole way. DRIVE CAREFUL NH! It's rain now (we had a snow flurry earlier) but the road's and temps are still below freezing. Hats of the the crews keeping us all safe tonight!
  5. 30.5F Freezing rain, drizzle and fog. Town is sanding/salting roads. Very slippery. Should be over soon. Hope the rain cleans the roads of so much salt they are putting down.
  6. 28.9F Light to moderate freezing rain. After a couple of hours of snow grains that coated the ground thinly the freezing rain has put a nice ice coat on it. Ground is really cold after temps in the 20's all day. People walking outside may be into a nice surprise.
  7. 27.6/23 Light snow and snow grains. Roads becoming dusted white. Vis about 2-3 miles. Just noted WWA up. Makes sense. Will be interesting to see if it's sleet or just freezing rain before we go above freezing
  8. Rainer on Saturday. Maybe wrap around moisture will help a little bit. Storm early next week is trending in the wrong direction but looks colder than Saturdays. Follow up system after that perhaps but that is out in fantasy land. Southern New England is killing it in the snowfall department. Mostly bare ground around here. Wildlife must be loving that.
  9. Sharp back edge to the clouds. Beautiful day inbound down there. Come north young men to see bare ground!
  10. Down to 37.7/31 Nothing falling here despite what radar shows.
  11. 42.5F Light rain Temperatures are running from the mid 30's to 50F within 1 mile of my house. Mid 30's at low elevations around Newfound Lake at 580 feet. I'm 600 feet higher and in the low 40's. Friends weather station at around 1400 feet is 50F. Snow is down to 2" at the stake
  12. 41/41 Light rain dense fog. Warm air is making it's way north alittle faster than I thought. Still 34F Plymouth NH but I'm warming up here on the hill.
  13. My prediction is that by 7pm tomorrow night it will be snowing up there. No big deal but a touchup. This weekend looks kind of interesting. Noreaster coming up the coast. Right now it looks more wet than white but just a slight shift to the SE might be enough for snow at the higher elevations. Then after that yet another system next week. Active pattern.
  14. Here comes the warm air 36.8F light rain Plymouth NH ASOS can't figure out the rain and fog. 33F and light snow, 1.2 mile vis. Don't think that is going on a few miles to my north.
  15. Living the life 34.6/33 light rain and fog. Any guess when I'll hit 40F? Tomorrow dawn?