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  1. Here too. Really came on fast the past few days. Very, very early. I would even guess that peak might be this weekend for the Whites and maybe even me. Heavy rain next week may take down a lot of leaves.
  2. DIT, next weeks axis could be NW but there are more systems to follow. GFS shows that if we look all the way out. Impossible to know exact winners and losers but we are going into a more active pattern and should be able to chip away at these deficits.
  3. I bet you are okay but every well is different. Hopefully the access of heavy rain (for you) will setup over NNE and start replenishing ground water. Make a note as to well water level, how much qpf you think you have had this summer and note what you get before the ground freezes. That way you will have a guide in future dry spells.
  4. I want that Golden pup. You are lucky!
  5. Great day today. 77F. A friend invited us for a sail on Newfound Lake. Color is coming on very fast and very early in my hood. My birch and aspen grove has really exploded with color the past 2 days. We never had a freeze last week up here on my hill so it must be stress related to the drought.
  6. Color is coming on strong and very early in the Newfound Area. My birches and aspens especially. I usually don't peak till Oct 18th or so. Trees must be conserving moisture as they start to go dormant. That's my hypothesis
  7. 12Z Euro with rain totals through the end of run
  8. 72.6F Mostly sunny but lots of hazy today. Not the high smoke like last week but hazy at lower levels of atmosphere.
  9. 12Z GFS Total Rain from the next event
  10. We have Magnum's. Bought them last year at New England Electric Bikes off of Rt 93 in S NH. They said these bikes get the most bang for the buck. LOVE them. We have ridden around 800 miles this past year. So easy to go up hills. Even has a throttle so if you get tired of pedaling you can press the throttle and they will just go on their own. Costs $1999 but are worth it 100%. I hated riding regular bikes up hills. Your fanny will give out before the batteries!
  11. PF. It just didn't work out here. There was a fair amount of smoke but not enough in my opinion to make it such a dud. We had the cirrus. Just don't know why it was not better.
  12. We heat our home by oil and wood. We buy 3 or 4 cords of green each spring and let it season over the summer. It's ready to burn by fall. I find that wood gives off a much more even heat. The oil furnace makes it too warm then too cold as it cycles on and off. We have 2 wood burning stoves. The one we use the vast majority of the time is in the living room. The old 1910 kitchen stove really blasts heat and we only turn it on to impress the Boston friends. Here is our wood stacked and the 2 stoves. (and the electric bikes which are fantastic) The past few mornings we have lit the living room one with some scrap wood. Takes the chill out of the house quickly.
  13. Looks like we could have a really great sunset over a wide area of New England around 645pm this evening. Teddy has a pretty solid cirrus deck over eastern sections. It's clear in Vermont and NY state so the sun should illuminate the underside of the clouds. We will see how this works out.
  14. Steve, I watch the Hampton Beach webcam but if you have time could you suggest a few that you watch? Thanks
  15. 35.8F Window boxes and gardens live yet again. No frost yet.