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  1. Wind advisories, high wind watches forthcoming? Trees in leaf still cause more disruption.
  2. PF, you are totally right. I made contradiction statements. I also said this foliage season has baffled me and I am not sure what is going on. We seemed to have a peak last week with the sugar maples. Yet so much of the forest was still green. In the last 24 hours the colors have rapidly increased in the general forest. This morning was the best color I have seen, at least up at the top of my hill at 1400 feet. Yesterday it seemed much more green, see my smartphone picture. This morning the colors seem to be increasing quickly. I took the drone up there for a quick fly around. There is that big pine patch but you can get an idea. Lake is at 587 so I'm flying 900 feet above. It is much more green around the lake but that is because of the warm water. Now I'm guessing the "2nd' peak might be tomorrow? Ha, I should just stop why Im ahead and let the pictures speak for themselves...
  3. Oh, just another late October night with the windows wide open... Some good rain on the way? Just looked at the Weatherbell accumulated rainfall over the next 10 days.. Euro 1-2" Region wide GFS 3-4" for VT but 5-10" for much of NH and Maine Jackpot is Northern Whites with 10-12" GFS has a second wet system towards the end of the run. Euro doesn't...
  4. This foliage season really has baffled me. Still so much green in my area. The maples are mostly past but most other tree species have not. Oaks are mostly green. Very little change this week but has never looked like this on Oct 21rst. Of course we are running near record warmth. A week has past since I posted the first picture below. I had my other smartphone with me today so its not a direct comparison but you get the idea. Still very green up at 1400 feet. It's hard to believe that in N VT its bare. I wonder if we will have any power issues this upcoming week with strong winds and trees still mostly in full leaf? First picture is Oct 14th second picture was from today, Oct 21st.
  5. I got in trouble with a photographer friend last night. He wanted to do shots of the meteor showers. I told him it was a great night. No moon. Clear skies. I checked the satellite view late afternoon. Clear all around. I never looked deeper into the models deeper. He texted me this AM. Mostly cloudy. Waste of time getting up in the pre-dawn hours.
  6. Next weeks system should put any hot spots out. I found the Concord Monitor story about the meteorite possibility. Here it is... http://www.concordmonitor.com/meteor-cause-fire-woodstock-nh-12912467
  7. When the fire first started someone reported that they saw a fireball hit the mountain. There has been lots of reporting on this. Basically impossible scenario. Concord Monitor did a whole story and said no meteorite. I spent time researching the possibility myself. Couldn't find anytime a meteorite started a forest fire. Would have to have been a very big fireball. No one but this one guy saw anything and no sonic boom etc. etc. By the way a 1 pound meteorite can be worth up to a million dollars. Go get em boys!
  8. Whites are past peak. We are just passing peak here in the NW Lakes Region. Yesterday might have been peak day but lots of leaves coming down. The one exception is the oaks which are just starting to turn their golden brown. I posted a drone flight a bit back in my thread from 2 days ago. Really pretty poor color in my area this year...
  9. Meh, I can't tell if we have not peaked or its past peak or whatever. One thing for sure is that its 2 different worlds from last year. Okay, todays flight was in full sun when last year it was overcast. Even still a vast difference.
  10. The other thing to do is go back to the good old days. When forecasts were like, lows tomorrow tonight will be in the low to mid 30's. Everything is now to the degree. Ridiculous on the 7 days ( in general, not picking a fight with the NWS but TV's internet etc. etc. ) when they show the high and low to that level. As much as you can get the P&C accurate to 100 feet if the model data is off as a whole then the P&C's will be off too...
  11. First frost last night. Colors improving but not nearly like last year. Great visibility right now. Waiting for a couple of minutes after sunset and going to fly the drone. I should be able to see the Green Mountain spine to the west. Just after the disk of the sun goes down the ridgelines are most visible. View from my webcam right now. Looks like you can reach out and touch those mountains!
  12. PF, nice to see the pup. Tonight might end my growing season. Gardens are beautiful right now. Actually, a fairly wide-ranging area around me has escaped frost so far. Newfound Lake is 62F. The other night, while most other areas of Grafton Co. had a killing frost Newfound, produced a wide area of low clouds over and around the lake. So in my travels, I don't see that anyone's gardens have been hit by frost yet. Tonight should do it... 41/34 at 630pm
  13. Just flew the drone to compare Oct 16 2017 to Oct 16 2016. Same drone, same route, same time of day, same standard camera settings. Couple of things to point out. Wind is blowing today so I noticed the underside of the leaves are showing making the forest appear kinda weird. The underside of leaves are lighter. So you're getting that strange appearance. Foliage is way behind last year and not bright at all. Perhaps with the nice weather this week we will catch up to last year.
  14. I'm going to start posting back to this thread now that winter is approaching. Well, should be approaching... I flew the drone one year ago today in the afternoon and I'm going to do the same route for foliage comparison. Need this wind to calm down a bit. Was also mostly sunny last Oct 16th so hopefully, the low clouds will thin so can compare sun to sun... Also flew the drone last Oct 18th which I deemed "peak day" so can do the same on Wednesday. Foliage did really bump up yesterday but then lots of wind strip too.. Wonder if we are going to have an active brush/forest fire season? Other than the rain from Nate almost nothing in 5 weeks. With many leaves falling over the next few days it increases red flag conditions if we get a strong wind event before a general rainfall..
  15. We will get a good idea from Alex's cam if the clouds break up later. For those of you that have lost the link here it is http://1800cam.ddns.net:8155/stream.jpg