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  1. wxeyeNH

    NNE Winter Thread

    Thanks Brian. Still working on getting the new anemometer on the roof with it's own transmitter. I had to order a special bracket to hold the new pole, Home Depot didn't have it. That should come by Amazon tomorrow. So when all is said and done this weekend I should have 2 weather stations and consoles. Old ISS/ anemometer on the roof. (No fan). New ISS in the field and new anemometer on a new pole with its own transmitter on the roof. I don't trust the old anemometer with readings, its well over 15 years old. I got my CWOP number and once I have the new anemometer functioning, will set up weatherlink to upload. Fingers crossed this will all be done by this weekend. Thanks for your input. By you alerting me my dew was low and giving me that link to that $599 price I would not have done this upgrade. (Actually it was $599 plus tripod plus anemometer transmitter, poles and brackets)
  2. Yup, I use weatherlink. Currently it also uploads to Weather Underground. I'll sign up tomorrow. I looked at CWOP and it gives good directions on how to upload to CWOP. I'm certainly not a techy but seems easy to understand. Really interesting to watch the 2 stations. Today in the sunshine I was consistantly lower with the new station. Even last night I was 6.9F on the new station and 8.3F on the old station on the roof.
  3. wxeyeNH

    December Discussion

    He has just a perfect spot. Went to visit and brought the drone to get a good idea of the mountains in his area. He is right on the Ammonoosuc River on a very low spot. I think his elevation is around 1500 feet. Wall of the Whites just to his south for great upslope. Here is a video of his area and the house. Im very envious. Ammonoosuc
  4. Thanks Brian. I can easily do that. It is really interesting to see the old and new station consoles side by side. With breezy conditions right now they are within a few tenths F. Last night the new station at 3m was running about 2F colder than the old station at 10m. On a good radiation night it will be interesting to see the difference.
  5. Sorry for the confusion Brian. So I got the new vp2. Got it setup, put it outside on my lawn in a shady area for a day for acclimation. Got my digital thermometer that has a probe and prepared an ice bath of ice/slush/snow.. I placed it in a slush/ice bath and took readings, several icebaths in fact. It read consistantly 31.8F. I placed the probe on the vp2 and watched the temperatures on both. They read the same. So I offset the outside temp up by .2F. You can offset any reading on the Davis console. See page 26/27 of the manual. Select the feature and push the 2nd key and then press and hold SET. Use the plus/minus key and for temp can offset in .1F. When we have a night that we are right at 32F and water is just barely starting to freeze on cars etc. I will watch the temp to see if it is in fact 32F. Guess I'm getting picky with tenths of a degree F
  6. Lave, I got another vp2 with fan. $599 on sale. The old one doesn't have a fan. Both running right now with consoles next to each other on the desk. Old vp2 above the roof peak is reading 25.0F. New one out in the field at 2m is 23.0F. Really interesting to see the difference with elevation. I calibrated the new one with a digital thermometer using a ice bath so I know it is right. Can't be sure about old one on the roof but that should be with .5F or so.
  7. Brian, thanks for noticing my dewpoint was off. The fan is working fine in the new station. I should now see much lower minimums with the sensor being at 2 meters. I decided to site the station on a flat area above my house. At least the anemometer will get a fairly unobstructed view from the SE to the SW. Either way, field or rooftop I don't get good wind readings from the NW to NE because of my slope. Both stations are now working but the data logger is now on the new station. Utube video of both stations
  8. New Davis station arrived. Hopefully will get it out in the field today. Sitting in the driveway the low was 7.6F 4 feet off the ground. Old Davis on the roof had a low of 11.4F. 30 feet vertical makes a huge difference. Fan is working fine on the new station but will not be able to get anemometer up there til probably spring. Roof is still snow covered. 6" of cement on the ground at my snowstake, but more in the woods. Maybe, hopefully some bare ground next weekend for the animals. Coming up on a month with constant snowcover
  9. wxeyeNH

    NNE Winter Thread

    Nice to see you post Jeremy. Is Raleigh under all kinds of snow emergancy's? 5" probably shut the city down. Glad your getting some snow down there. Happy Holidays.....
  10. wxeyeNH

    NNE Winter Thread

    Have gotted dusted with snow the last 2 nights. Just trace amounts. Turnng out to be a mostly sunny nice mid winter type day. 29F at noon with a NW breeze
  11. wxeyeNH

    December Discussion

    Would it help if I sent you snow pictures? Better yet just live stream my cam onto your laptop background? (Just couldn't resist just a small jab) If this doesn't work just think I could join you guys if we get a nice cutter around day 8 or 9.
  12. 23.5F temperature has been inching down. Mostly cloudy with occ flurries. Snow depth 6"
  13. wxeyeNH

    December Discussion

    It's going to take 5 to 7 bumps, a couple of nudges and a push or two for this system to be interesting for me....
  14. wxeyeNH

    NNE Winter Thread

    Some pretty good snow showers have made it over the greens into my area. 2-mile vis stuff. Starting to refresh the pack. If I could score a 1/2" I would be happy although it will sublimate away.
  15. wxeyeNH

    NNE Winter Thread

    Winter came in here on November 13th with a vengeance. People had not finished raking the oak leaves. 4" of snow that day and that was the last I saw of bare ground. Then it was just like midwinter, frequent snows and cold. A lot of rain yesterday soaked through the heavy snow from last week and now with the freeze the snow becomes glaciated and very hard to melt. It would take quite a cutter and warm wave to melt this.