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  1. Our apple trees are in full blossom today. Some years the bloom is okay but this year its much more vibrant. Wonder if because they were stressed last year with the drought if they put out more blooms the next spring? Eastern Redbud is in bloom too. I am always posting pictures looking SW but here is one looking north-west out the backside of the house.
  2. Natural AC in our house this time of year. Basement is below grade. We have old floor vents when there use to be an old furnace down below. I opened up 2 vents and set up 2 fans in the basement and blew the air up. 47F down there and it kept the house really cool yesterday. Doesn't work quite as well in late summer as the ground and basement is not as cold.
  3. May 15th and the trees look like mid winter. In about 3 months your first foliage will start with the early frosts! Expect a very rapid green up in the next few days.
  4. Looks like we are about done 2.43" up here. 1" of snow. Sorry for the inaccurate post yesterday when I added an extra inch to my QPF.
  5. Just checking Mount Washington. As of 2pm they had recorded 14.5" of snow today. May record 24 hour snowfall is 22". They are reporting heavy snow at 5pm and 27.5F. Lots more moisture to come. Looks like they could break a May record. Total record for May monthly snowfall is 97". That one is safe.
  6. I have been watching Alex's cam and it's been snowing at 1500 feet in Bretton Woods all day. Snow seems to be really increasing in intensity but not sticking yet. Noted Mount Washington recorded 14.5" of snow as of 11am and its been snowing hard and 28F. I was curious as to how much snow they usually get in May. Average is 12.2". Record is 97". Most in 24 hours is 22" so I think they may break that one.
  7. Brian, You are totally right. I actually just came back to this thread to make a correction. I must be getting old. I emptied the Stratus cylinder. 1" Then poured the extra in the container. Another inch. Then had .05" left. So it's 2.05" not 3.05"!!! A friend in Bristol emailed me with 1.88" and some slush left to melt. Sorry about that.
  8. Ginx posted this picture in the banter thread. Thought I would post it here too.
  9. Regarding leaf out. As you can see from my picture above at around 1300 feet there is little leaf out. Leaves are really just coming out at my elevation at 1000 feet in Central NH. Down at 500 feet the trees are in green with leaves at about 50% of full growth. That is just my area in the NW section of the Lakes Region of NH I am sure its much greener just to my south and west...
  10. Great storm and busting for the better. I have received 3.05" of rain as of 10am and 1/2" of snow. Our road is washed out just above my house. Rain turned to snow around 4-5am as temp dropped to 33.6F. No snow below 800 feet. . I drove to 1300 feet and about 2-3". Friend just west and a bit higher reported 6". Models had about .75" to 1" liquid. If it rains all day and evening this will be a 4" storm. If it had been snow it would have been an epic bust... Picture below of my road. It evidently is impassable further up. Also picture from neighbors horse farm at 1300 feet
  11. 33.6 snow and rain. Slush on dirt surfaces. Going back and forth
  12. I wanted the Mavic and I'm sure I will want the new P5 when it comes out. My P4 does a great job so I just can't justify it. Enjoy the Mavic! Meanwhile it has sure taken all day for the rain to make headway NE. That was well forecasted. Not expecting any flakes or even cat paws but who knows? Black flies have made it to my location. Hate those things!
  13. I took the drone up today for the first time in about a month and noticed something subtle but interesting. Wonder if you have noticed this eyewall around Lake Champlain. Trees are just leafing out around here. West of Newfound Lake as you can see with the drone picture the trees are still mostly bare. Away from the lake they are leafing out. Here is a picture looking SW. Wonder if the west wind keeps the climate just a bit cooler east of the lake to retard the leafout? You would never notice from the ground but you can from the air!
  14. Euro way east compared to 0Z and much less QPF for New England
  15. Ocean, from what I understand Moose are really dying off again because of exploding tick populations perhaps with warmer winters? Here is one on my road. He looked really sick and the poor thing had thousands of ticks stuck on him. Take a look at is rear end. I guess mortality rates are way up...