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  1. Going through a burst of moderate to heavy snow.
  2. 11 -SN pretty good snow growth. Eyeballing 2.5" Looking at radar Im good with echoes all the way back to Central NY so this should go for awhile. Good night
  3. 11F -SN much better snow growth. Bit over 2"
  4. flakes have become bigger since my post 25 minutes ago.
  5. 10.7F -SN poor snow growth but getting a bit better last 10 minutes. Eyeballing 3/4" ish
  6. I was just looking at the 18Z Euro. Has over .5" qpf for me. So 5" at the 10 to 1 ratio. The weatherbell product almost doubles that to about 9" for me. At 11F right now I would think ratios would be good but snow growth is so poor right now. It's not pixel dust but sure not nice flakage either. Precip is going to have to pick up this snow is very light. Vis is down because of such small flake size. This will be a very easy storm to cleanup.
  7. Welcome. We need more posters up here.
  8. 405pm start time 12/4F Pixel dust snow doesn't help with snow ratios.
  9. Watching the ridges disappear quickly. Start time for you and me will be within 15 minutes. Snow seems to be slightly ahead of schedule 13/0F
  10. Going to start awfully cold up here 1245pm 12/1F Sun dimly vis
  11. Clouds thickening up. 6.5F as of 930am up here in Central NH
  12. What would be the realistic ratios up here? Tomorrow night's lows look like in the mid to upper teens while the snow falls. Then towards the end we rise into the upper 20's. Seem like some good ratios?
  13. My afternoon high today was 8F, low -1.2F although I was at 14F at midnight. Will today be the coldest high afternoon temp of the season? Next Tuesday might be colder. We are just about at the climatological lowest temperatures of the year about now.
  14. Wish this was a daylight storm. Seems like it will start around dark and end around dawn. Good night for the spot lights.