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  1. The GFS has been like a dog that will not just let go of his grip. Jeez, run after run for day after day the GFS has been insistent that something is going to get going in the NW Caribbean or Gulf. If this would ever come to fruition the GFS will have scored a total respect from me.
  2. 63F Heavy thunderstorm approaching. .95" so far Davis rain gauge fixed
  3. Brian, good catch. Actually just 20 minutes ago during the storm I looked at my display and it did not measure rain. So something has to be caught in the spout. I will clear it tomorrow and see what happened. I have the stratus and we just had .70" in the passing storm. More rain to come but we needed this drink. Oh, no wind, no hail but lots of cloud to ground strikes.
  4. Looks like im going to be hit hard. Constant thunder and cloud to ground strikes to my south. Watch my cam's for hail www.bridgewaternhweather.com
  5. Congrats, My cousins are also getting married next Saturday. 150 people, outdoor wedding in the Poconos. I guess I have been elected to be the official weather guy in the family. Hot and humid for sure but the cold front and line of storms could screw things up late afternoon. Lots of pressure on me, could come down to the wire and if I'm wrong I could be out casted from the family
  6. Hot day in NNE for Mid May. Berlin at 3pm is 90F. I'm seeing quite a few 90-92F readings on people's home weather stations. I'm not happy with this heat. It can stay 70 to 75F with dews in the 40's all summer! Looking forward to some rain. Black flies will probably peak in my area this weekend.
  7. Super fast leaf out up here. The tree canopy looked like November 7 days ago. Now everything is leafing out. Here are 2 pictures from my Cam. Monday AM and Friday AM
  8. I agree John. I know you worked with him. I never did that but went down to Ch 7 numerous times and even had dinner with him once. Great guy! I'm old school. Don Kent was my idol but then the next generation of great mets like Harv and Barry came along. The greats are leaving. I left the Boston metro 20 years ago and don't bother watching TV much anymore but the talent level seems worse.
  9. Reed Timmer a storm chaser launched a drone in Andover Kansas and captured about the most amazing tornado video I have ever seen. Watching the first part of the video. Amazing stuff...
  10. Let evening we had several hours of snowshowers with just a dusting left over this morning. Had to an errand up in Lincoln NH. This afternoon the "snow on the ground" line is about 5 miles south of there. All the Whites down to the valley floors are snow-covered. Boy, snow-cover and late Aprl sun is blinding bright.
  11. April continues to buck the seasonal trend. Another cold week with some snow at higher elevations. Leaf out is going to be really late this year if this continues. Finally the first forsythia are opening. If we had 2 or 3 days of 70's everything would bust open here in Central NH
  12. What a sucky month so far as far as temperature. Nothing is growing. Still waiting to see the first yellow forsythia or a flowering fruit tree. Nothing. At least the snow from the other night has melted except for the piles that formed when it slid off the metal roof. It must be green and spring somewhere? Here is a graph of my temperature up here in Central NH. I would assume it is pretty unusual to see no hint of seasonal warming through what should be the month with the fastest rise of seasonal temperatures of the year.
  13. 33.2 Moderate snow. Flipped past hour. Only 1/2" so far
  14. 39.1 Moderate graupel shower. Actually enough to coast the ground white a bit Last evenings rain mixed with snow for a couple of hours. Hills are white above 1900 feet Don't like the west trend for the potential blue bomb. First guess is a quick dump on the front end followed by a flip.
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