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  1. I happen to see this about warming temperatures over the past 50 years. Since I'm 67 it sure seems true. How accurate do you think this is? 5F is a huge amount for New England https://www.wwlp.com/weather/weather-news/winters-warming-50-year-trend-of-rising-winter-temperatures/?fbclid=IwAR2lSjQkxm2hkIAHldvhEQVEEjVWNWpWWG0K9ikcnj4k0jImISjXYpbaXVs
  2. 37F Vis 1/8. Rain just started. I would not mind a few hours of 55F but we will never even make 40F. Will any of our 4" of snowcover remain? Probably. Will we have a brief flip tomorrow AM? Maybe
  3. Congrats PF. Nail biter yet again for me. Friends just arrived here from Boston and were amazed how sharp the snow on the ground line is. Still a winter wonderland but just climbing above 32F which is taking the snow off trees for the first time since the storm. Took the drone up this morning. Hills are white.
  4. I ended up with 7.5" from the storm but then light snow the past couple of hours added .5" This brings my seasonal total to 16"
  5. 3pm Light snow. Vis about 1.5 miles 32.3F 1/4" new past half hour Snow settled 1" but the trees are still coated and will remain so for the next couple of days
  6. 31.3F Very light snow 7.25" Neighbor at 1500 feet 9" Low temp last night during storm 29.7F Most of night was 30 to 31.5F
  7. 7pm Light snow 31.7F 2.5" Temperature slowly fell this afternoon and leveled out at 31.7F after dark. The grass has the 2.5" or so but as you can see the patio and railings have a bit less with temperatures 32.5 to 33.5 this afternoon. I'm glad the precip has been so light. I was kind of worried about a blue bomb with near 1" liquid and me staying right at 32F or just a few tenths above
  8. 32.3F Light snow Half an hour ago I took these screen grabs from friends here at Newfound Lake that have webcams. 600 foot elevation lake edge it is rain. 1500 foot elevation a mile away it's all snow and white.
  9. Your company cam (Bretton Woods Vacations) rocks!!
  10. 32.6F light snow. Snow was moderate 15 minutes ago
  11. Mark, I flew my drone with the Kestral attached. Freezing line was around 2000 feet above sea level.
  12. 34.2/32 Precip just started. 5 minutes of rain and now flip to light snow
  13. 49.1F not bad for Dec 1rst. Euro for the win if this transpires. Here's the 12Z clown. Kuchera and 10:1 are fairly close with Kuchera being a bit less which makes sense.
  14. I like the Spaceweather.com site. They say Dec 1rst but I guess that could be now since it's past 0Z. The moon has now risen and the visibility was a bit hazy today too. More importantly is what will happen up here on Monday. GFS making steps towards Euro
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