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  1. A very enjoyable (weatherwise) trip to Boston and back today. Doesn't look like any rain fell at the house up here. Headed back from Boston around 230pm at 80F. Went through nice shower line north of Boston and then again in Concord. Then a break but another line was developing north of Concord a real nice cell was developing. Dark precip free base. Really intensified just ahead of us. Went from no lightning to many CG strikes within 5 minutes it seemed. Hit a wall of heavy rain and hail just south of Sanborton. Cars were basically stopped on Rt 93 just south of the rest stop. I kept going another 1/2 mile and pulled in to the stop. No wind but lots of CG and rain/hail. Manholes were overflowing. Here is a short crappy video. Pea size hail stuff... Very enjoyable but would have done a number on our gardens. Broke out of the heavy storms at Exit 20. Hope eek's garden escaped, looked like the action was just south of Dendrite and eek.
  2. Driving back from Boston. Hit a crazy thunderstorm on 93 the Sanbornton rest stop. Everyone was pulled over. Tons of hail flooding I'll upload video later when I get home.
  3. Just looked at the Euro forecasted rainfall for C/NNE through July 4th. 3-6+" for the region. I assume much will be convective so would have to watch out for flash flooding??
  4. 7.4" of rain in May. 3.36" in June. Only .03" in the past week. Ground water is great and lawns are lush. Missed the CF/Cindy rain and yesterday's showers. Very happy with this season's rains. A quick shower/tstorm would be nice this week just for the surface grass. Love this cool weather!
  5. Beautiful evening up here. Watching the showers/tstorms slide by 100 miles to my south https://video.nest.com/clip/af1a6cb2338746c3abf97fc9434cdf7e.mp4
  6. Cindy spawned tornado at the Home Depot parking lot in Howell NJ this AM.
  7. Jerry, your in for a real treat in Quebec City. Magical place. I had never been until several years ago. Not that long of a drive for me. Headed up and was so blown away! We went just before Christmas. Cobblestone streets, every building covered with lights and endless light snow falling. Summer should be just as good. So close to New England but yet you really feel like your in France. Best kept secret. Wave to me as you pass Exit 24 on Rt 93!
  8. Cold front and associated Cindy moisture is now through... Grand total over past 2 days..... .03"
  9. 84/72F. Looking at radar you can clearly see "Cindy" spinning through Kentucky right now. Extrapolating her out where does this bowling ball travel over? Just eyeballing it perhaps Mass Pike area to Manchester NH? Thoughts?
  10. Nice photo. Down south I would frequently see towers like this go up on many afternoons. The tower phase before the cloud gets to freezing height and starts to anvil out is my favorite time to watch. Wish we had more up here!
  11. Tip, this prompted a question for you. Growing up in Maryland and spending time in Florida I noticed the difference between towering cu down there and up here. Many afternoons as the towers went up they had very sharp edges between the cloud and clear skies. Kind of like volcanic clouds with clear ripples and edges. Stunning exploding towers. Up here in NH it seems as Cu towers go up they don't have quite the defining edges most times. Don't grow as rapidly either. Is it the higher dews? Better surface heating? Seems to be a difference as you get towards lower latitudes?
  12. Congrads Needles CA. 125F at 4pm!
  13. Same here. Lots of CG's past couple hours. Very little wind. Almost like a dark fall rainy day but with tons of lightning. Mostly moderate rain type stuff. Only about .40". Looks like a break and then the next line.
  14. Here we go. Heavy thunderstorm. Lots of lightning. Caught 2 bolts on this quick time lapse of the past few minutes. Almost a twist as the base cam over. https://video.nest.com/clip/755d7438445a43fa95673ad5dfc92109.mp4 Cable just went out. Don't know if this will send.