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  1. wxeyeNH

    NNE Fall Thread

    PF, nice to see the snow...I had a graupel shower around 530pm with temp at 44F. Then cleared up this evening. Rain showers then moved back in. Went to moderate snow for 5 minutes or so at 36F with gusty winds to 34mph. 1030pm with flurries in the air. I'm sure a wide area of NNE had the first flakes of the season tonight.
  2. 1030pm Graupel shower earlier dusted the ground. Then cleared out. Rain showers moved in around 930am and turned to moderate snow squall wind gusting to 34mph. Now just light snow. First snow of the season.
  3. 45.4F and moderate graupel shower coming through. One neighbor calls and says its snowing. Next neighbor calls and says its hailing. One thing for sure the pellets are large and making a racket. Perhaps this evening as the column cools off we will have the first snow showers of the season up here in the NH Lakes Region.
  4. wxeyeNH

    NNE Fall Thread

    Looks like the first flakes here in the foothills of the Whites will fall early this evening.
  5. wxeyeNH

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Our lawn is lush and green right now. Did the final mow yesterday. We have so few trees around the house that no leave cleanup. The few trees we have, ash out back and horse chestnut and red maple out front are now bare. Just as we finished the mow with our 52" zero turn ride tractor it blew a tire as we were bring it in for the winter, perfect timing... Drone shot....
  6. wxeyeNH

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Around 40F all morning with light rain. Meanwhile 1500 feet away it was snowing. (Above me). Cat paw season has begun up here. Hey, that would be a good name for a handle AMWX. Only us weenies would know the significance.
  7. wxeyeNH

    Fall Foliage 2018

    Things were getting very colorful yesterday. Probably approaching 75% and perhaps 3 days away from a stunning peak. Then today Michael's wind put an end to that. A huge amount of leaves came down today in gusty winds. Mostly maples while the oaks are just starting to turn. Some years the weather cooperates some years not. I'm guessing south of my area of Central NH is okay since most trees are just starting to change. Without major wind over the next week that area will be able to reach a very colorful peak..
  8. Tamarack Im 12.23" since July 1.
  9. 1.06" brings me up to 1.73" for the month and 16.77" since April 25th when the heavy winter rain/snow turned off. Over next 10 days perhaps another .25". So that would bring me to about 17" for the past 6 months. Looking at the AHPS maps Im about 75% of normal precip. Foliage is at about 75%. Peak should be within a few days.
  10. wxeyeNH

    Is Tropical Storm Michael a threat to New England???????

    Last 2 storms... People expected a Cat 4 in NC and got a Cat 1. People in the Panhandle expected a Cat 1 and got a Cat 4. I agree intensity forecasts stink compared to track forecasts. The NHC discussions seemed to play catchup time and time again with this storm. I wonder if it had another 6 hours before landfall how low the pressure would have gone? Lots of discussion about mid level shear. Dry air in Gulf. Shallow water. Storms almost always lose intensity as they approach the extreme N Gulf waters. Nothing mattered with Mike. Eye was even clear 15 miles inland. It was an amazing storm and luckily it hit in a low populated area all and all although East Panama City had huge amounts of damage along with Mexico Beach. Would have been worse if eye came ashore at Panama Beach and the city was in NE quad.
  11. wxeyeNH

    Is Tropical Storm Michael a threat to New England???????

    I have often wondered what it would be like to be in a perfectly cleared out eye of a hurricane. A few videos are starting to show up on Utube. Just saw this new one. The transition to calm sunny skies to violent 100mph+ winds must be very sharp. In this clip watch towards the end as the eyewall sweeps in.
  12. wxeyeNH

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Another very interesting video of inside the eye. I have always wondered how sharp the transition is between the calm eye and the eyewall. The clip is short but towards the end watch the rain curtains sweep back in as the eye passes.
  13. wxeyeNH

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Thanks. That was so nice nice of you to tell me that and make me feel like a jerk. I had not seen it and thought someone might have missed it on the 1000 times it has gone around.
  14. wxeyeNH

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Just reviewing this thread and looking at the videos. Looks like hundreds of homes in Mexico Beach are just gone. Swept away by tidal surge and wind. I fear that there is going to be a substantial loss of life. There had to have been people who didn't evacuate and were in those homes. The body count is going to unfortunately grow. It willl take time to search the marshes and remove rubble piles that were once homes.
  15. wxeyeNH

    Major Hurricane Michael

    A couple of thoughts. I was 22 years old when Andrew hit. For the first 12 hours the damage reports were slow to come in. It took until the next day when helicopters could get up before the huge amount of damage could be seen. We are very lucky this storm didn't come ashore 25 miles further west. Panama Beach/City would have been in the east side of the eye. Regarding wind speeds. Has anyone noticed how bare the trees are? Takes more than a 90mph wind to do that..