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  1. 38.1F Light to moderate rain. Vis 1/4 in fog or low clouds. About .70" so far with last batch coming through. Dark day up in these northern latitudes. Nice to have the wood stove cranked and turkey in the oven. Very cozy Happy T Day to all NNEnglanders...
  2. CAD rules. Finally hit freezing around 6am and now up to 34.4F. Just missing the heavy rain sliding off to the SE. Eyeballing around .55" so far
  3. Up to 30.0F Dusting of snow on the ground is just sitting there. They salted roads here but just drove south 5 miles to Bristol and there was very little evidence they got anything earlier this morning. Another .25" down in my yearly snow total. Ouch on the Euro for next week. 5" of rain? Good for the drought. A nice deep soak into the deep roots of trees before the ground freezes up. Not so good for winter enthusiasts.
  4. 26.8F CAD rules here. SW to NE valley drains the cold right down to me. Many times I have been warmer than Alex in these types of situations. Let's see how long it takes for me to get up to 32F
  5. 20.8F Light snow. Vis 2 miles looks to end soon. Less than 1/4"
  6. Alex, sure blame it on the kids. I think I remember you talking about this the first year you guys moved up here from Mass.
  7. Yeah, guess that was a bit of an exaggeration. 2 years ago we started with snow cover around Nov 8th. I guess I meant the first snow that falls and never melts in the shady areas up at my elevation because of low sun angle. That is not really a pack...
  8. For NNE it's the track of the storm. In another couple of weeks even with cutters you will start as snow then go to rain and back to snow or squalls. One way or the other you will not have bare ground.
  9. Cutter for early next week? How far into the season can we keep NNE bare? I'm usually building a snowcover up by now. Maybe Phin moving up here has started climate change?
  10. I only got .60" of rain. A few snow showers at the begining yesterday PM and some freezing drizzle in the evening. Axis of heavy precip seemed to be further SE than modeled. Good for the most severe drought areas.
  11. Yeah, that storm blasted areas east of me. Eastern NH had extreme winds with tree damage. We were a bit too far west to get into the brutal part of the storm
  12. 32/25 Very light freezing drizzle. Few snow showers past couple of hours. Meh but could surprise a few people with slippery decks if freezing drizzle continues we we slip below freezing....
  13. Coming from Maryland myself and first moving to Metro Boston and then up here in 2001 I use to get really excited for every snow event. You get use to frequent snow events very fast and pretty soon small 2-4" or 4-8" events are no big deal. Some of the most exciting stuff are the heavy snow squalls when visibility drops to a few hundred feet. Noreasters with lots of wind can be pretty impressive although cold storms with lots of wind means flake size is quite small. Big wet spring storms with wet parachutes are a lot prettier. Below is a pretty typical noreaster day when visibilities can be in the 1/4 to 1/2 mile range for hours. https://video.nest.com/clip/5913c751eeca4a4c9c125c3695668d1d.mp4 March 14 2017
  14. 32.7/21 Radar shows echoes over me but the ceiling is pretty high and I can see 40 miles to the SW so nothing is even close to reaching the ground. What is more exciting, a straight 25F snow event or being close to the changeover line with lots of chances for flipping back and forth? Although being close to a changeover line is much more of a messy cleanup I think I enjoy trying to figure out what is going to happen.