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  1. 56F at 1230pm. Not bad for Jun 11th
  2. AC off, windows wide open. 79F but the 54F dewpoint seems so refreshing.
  3. Scratch and clawed my way to a welcome .33" of rain.
  4. High today was 49.4 and yesterday was 50 and the day before that was 51F Pretty impressive cold spell for the last few days of May
  5. Up to a balmy 43F at 1245pm My sister is going to Iceland in July. Hope that volcano is still erupting
  6. Snowy Day atop S Greens. I snapped this picture from the top of Stratton at 1115am but still snowing
  7. Snowy day atop Vermont higher mountains. Looking at the Stratton Cameras. Snow line was around 2500 feet. It's still mixed at this level as of 11am but snowing and accumulating on the summit
  8. wxeyeNH

    RIP James

    Seems so. His sister's post said he past away in the ICU next to his Mom. So it has to be Covid. In my orbit of family, friends and friends of friends like James this is the 9th death. Such a sad gut wrenching story.
  9. I just looked at my Nest cam timelapse. I had lots of clouds late at night. You may have too which helped keep you from colder temperatures. If tonights storm comes any further north the Whites could have some snow tonight according to my weenie eyes
  10. Hum, (it's the NAM) but the 12Z run raises some eyebrows. Precip gets further north and it is sure cold. 850mb below freezing and even 925mb is very close. Could I flip early tomorrow morning or at least at elevations above 2000? It's happened before.
  11. Looks like Alex bottomed out at 32.9F Here is the weatherunderground link to his PWS https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KNHCARRO4
  12. I got .31" yesterday and .10" the day before. With those I am up to 1.44" for the month
  13. The storm that will be passing by to the south looks cold for the end of May. Maybe we can yank it north 50 miles? If heavier qpf could get up to the high Whites I would think snow level would be quite low. 850mb below freezing even 925mb would be pretty close. I need the rain so have been watching the northern edge each run. Sharp cutoff through my area.
  14. That was snow was in my top 5 lifetime weather events. Rain flipped to snow around 6pm. Then 3 hours of snow thunderstorms. Not one or two bangs but dozens and dozens. Huge parachute snow that accumulated 3" in about 3 hours at 33ish. Lost power but what a fun and surprising snow for me.
  15. wxeyeNH

    RIP James

    31 is way too young to die. James really enjoyed winter weather and I always enjoyed his enthusiasm. R.I.P. James