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  1. I vaguely remember this heat wave. I was living in Baltimore as a teenager but still watching weather. This particular hot day had a NW downsloping wind. I remember thinking how low the RH was.. I maybe mistaking.... Hot August 1975 put up 102 at Logan, 104 at Providence, and 107 at New Bedford.
  2. I totally understand what your saying. Because I don't have the Meteorological skill set that you have when it gets down to the nitty gritty I just look at the for fun products and assume the algorithms take all of the factors to come up with a trend. I also tend to get hung up on the snow clown maps for the same reasons. Then I fill this all in with the more knowledgeable posters like you.
  3. Hi Tip, I just compared the "machine numbers" off the Weatherbell site. Here is the comparison 0Z and 12Z for Monday max ending 0Z Tuesday
  4. 56F with rain. Just looked at the 12Z Euro on Weatherbell. Looks like it came in about 10F-13F cooler next Sun/Mon. Temps around 90F instead of 100F+
  5. I really had not paid attention to this possible heat wave till today. Those 107 or 108 numbers seem crazy. Over the years East Coast heat waves always seem to top out at 100-103F in the big east coast city. Maybe it was the 2012 one that BWI hit 106F. This forecasted heat wave comes close to sun angle max and I guess if we had a few days of mostly clear skies, fairly dry ground and perhaps less haze than some stagnant airmasses we could reach those numbers. Will be interesting to watch...
  6. Just checked Alex's weather station at Bretton Woods. 32.5F last night
  7. I looked at the 10 day GFS and Euro forecasted precip for New England. Averaging them and smoothing high and low areas over New England it looks like around 1.25" averaged over the region. So that would not worsen the dry conditions or help alleviate them either, kind of status quo. Much can change but at least some precip chances.
  8. 74/48 Deep blue skies light breeze. Highest sun angle of the year. Top 10 up here!
  9. 75/53 but broken high clouds off and on so I give today a 8.5. Also really enjoying watching a turkey hen and her 7 chicks in my pasture. The chicks hatched about 10 day ago and she and the family are staying around the pasture. They are getting bigger by the day and now have feathers. I assume they can fly to low branches at night. I guess turkey families stay together for a couple of months so I am putting off cutting the pasture so they have high grass to hide in. Alex at Bretton Woods sent me another bear picture this AM and wanted to share with the group. Love this picture. Guess the bear was hungry and wanted to start up the grill. Living in C/NNE is the best!
  10. wxeyeNH

    NNE Spring Thread

    Eek, i was just asking where you had been. Yeah, you keep me honest on those pond depths. It went dry during the big drought a couple of years back. You corrected me that it had never gone dry before but you were right it did at least another year. I think during the big drought it went dry in late July. By August I was able to mow the base of it. It went from full pond at the end of April to almost no water left in it so if this dry spell keeps up it will be dry pretty shortly. Now that the ground is so dry even a couple of inches of rain will not bring it up. We will see what happens...
  11. Act 2 gave me some nice showers late evening. Total rainfall ended up being .38" Seems like most people got some beneficial rain but not everyone.
  12. Talk about a Wedding Crasher. When you rent out your property for those weddings this summer wonder if he'll show up?
  13. wxeyeNH

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Wow. Details please after you calm down
  14. Busted with heat today too. High of 84. Looks like many people did get good rain today. S NH, SW Maine which was very dry and many places in Mass. Hopefully it holds together for you. Rain was very frustrating for me as I really needed a good rain. Didn't realize 2 tornado warnings down in Mass right now.
  15. Kudos to the models (in my hood) on total qpf from today's event. Looks like everything is now through with only a few scattered showers upstream. Just 2 showers today, no lightning or even distant thunder. Grand total .06". May rainfall .77" June total so far 1.15"