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  1. I'm seeing bears more frequently. When we moved here full time in 2001 we never saw bears. Now they seem to be everywhere around Newfound Lake. Summer's back isn't broken just yet. Very warm evening but yet I can tell by the lowering sun angle that the seasons are changing. Conditions remain very dry here. Other than the last week in June there has not been much rain since April. 2.51" was my July total and so far in August .65" I really wish Isaias had past east. Isaias high wind gust here 42mph and rain total .40" Even a 42mph gust was enough to knock out power for 24 hours.
  2. I'm 63 so was born in 1956. The first hurricane I can vaguely remember was Esther in 1961. We lived with my Grandparents in West Newton. I can remember the power going out and my grandfather lighting lanterns. He also wanted to go outside during the height of the storm to bring some patio furniture in and my grandmother was yelling at him not to. I remember the winds blowing wildly through the trees. My grandparents lived in Newton during the hurricane of 38. They are both deceased but my grandmother told me about it. The hurricane conditions came on very rapidly. She was picking my Mom up someplace in Newton and said trees were coming down left and right as she drove. Don't know how true that was. I moved to Baltimore in the 70's to live with my Dad. Next storm I remember was Agnes. Tropical Storm Agnes was not foretasted to be a big deal in Maryland as I recall. The rain began in earnest in the evening around Baltimore. I was 16 years old by then and had a rain gauge. I recorded around 12" in 12 hours. Just massive flooding everywhere. The Jones Falls Expressway (I-83) runs from the Baltimore Beltway into downtown. It runs along the Jones Falls River. The river very quickly overcame it's banks and I believe 8 people were swept away in flash floods that night stranded in their cars along that expressway. 16 people died from flash floods in the Washington DC area and 122 died in the northeast mostly from flooding. That storm got some synoptic enhancement and intensified over land as it moved north. The next storm I remember was Hurricane Gloria. That was a Cat 5 as it headed for the northeast and the media hype was tremendous. By that time I had moved back to Boston. The evening before I believe Metro Boston had a Hurricane Warning. I have lots of old VHS tapes of the forecasts. People were panicking. Driving down Commonwealth Ave I remember most every building had taped their windows. The following day most business and schools were closed in metro Boston. Gloria weakened quite a bit and I was underwhelmed. Don't know what I expected but the rainfall was not that heavy and we had some big wind gusts but nothing that lived up to the hype. Living in the city of Boston there were not that many trees around my apartment building so perhaps if I lived in the suburbs I would have been more impressed. The next storm was Hurricane Bob. I lived in Newton. Most business opened that morning but closed around noon. I remember how heavy the traffic was on Rt 128 at lunchtime. Bob was the most impressive TC in my lifetime. A period of heavy rain and strong winds in Newton. The worst winds was as Bob was leaving and we had strong northwest winds. The Cape didn't get that much rain but the high winds. I remember how many of the trees on the cape turned brown as there was so much salt water mixed in the air that it killed the foliage. Isaias up here in NH was briefly impressive. Only a 42mph gust but enough to knock out power for 24 hours. As the feeder band came through I made this 45 second Utube video. My cat Tessie was not very impressed.
  3. Still no power. Isaias could have been quite a bit worse. If that wind shear had not been so strong off of Florida and the track 75 miles east we could have had a major hurricane coming ashore along Long Island. With the trough to the west Isaias could have been coming up the coast in a similar fashion to '38. Damage in New England would have been so much worse than it was. Lucky for wind shear and maybe SAL this wasn't too bad. I was able to take a ride around my area of Central NH. Really not a lot of tree damage. That makes sense because I never gusted higher than 42mph and I'm up high with a open south exposure. I'm actually surprised there is as much power out as being reported. Our high gusts also did not last very long. Really as that main feeder band came through. I thought the backside west winds would have been stronger as what happens as a Noreaster passes but this was different because it was a filling storm not a strengthening storm as a Noreaster is. Still need rain but I'm lucky to have received my .40", I know much of the board received less.
  4. Yesterday most of the gusts were the usual kind where there is a lull and then you can hear the roar in the forest as the winds pick up and gust through. Yesterday before the feedband rain and wind started we had a gust of 40mph that came out of no where. Almost seemed to desend on the house and you could hear the creaks as it hit the house. It was a 40mph gust. Up until that time the winds were just pretty breezy, 15-20mph. Maybe it was mixing from above? I have no idea
  5. Checking in Still no power or internet but mobile hot spot with Verizon working great Storm summary rain .42" High wind gust was only 42mph out of the south but had several gusts to 40. Storm Summary High cirrus arrived late on August 3. By yesterday morning there was a solid overcast. During the day we had showers passing just west of us most of the day with breezy conditions. Temperatures remained in the upper 60's with dews in the mid 60's Around 5pm the wind picked up substantially and soon after brief periods of heavy downpours. Dews jumped to around 70F for a short time and then fell back in the upper 60's. For about one hour we had roaring winds and driving tropical showes. This is when we lost power. Winds decreased through the evening with clearing skies
  6. Just checked again about our power company NH Electric Coop. Of 88,000 customers 36% do not have power. So it might be a long wait for me. Just took a quick ride down my hill to Newfound Lake level. Quite a difference in the amount of branches and debris up here verses 500 feet below. Winds are calming down now. Interestingly I had several gusts to 40mph but peak gust of only 42mph so far.
  7. No power, no phone, no internet. I was smart and called Verizon this morning figuring this would happen and changed temporary to a daily unlimited data so using phone as hotspot. 25% of the NH Coop does not have power and backside winds are just arriving. Lots of gusts into the 30's but peak wind so far 42mph This is not going to be a quick power outage.
  8. 70/68 Heavy rain. Some huge gusts coming through the tree tops. Still top gust in the apple orchard VP2 is 40mph
  9. 69/67 Light rain. Wind sustained 17 gusting to 39mph Out of nowhere big first gust came through 39mph.
  10. Were there leaves on the trees? A 45mph gust with a bare tree verses a wet leaf tree is very different
  11. For all the people posting pictures of a leaf down just wait.
  12. Okay, I'm an old timer, 63 years old and have been through so many New England TC's since the early 1960's. My takeaway is that it seems Meh on the right side but just wait. It will roar later. I've never gotten a weenie tag yet and will be happy to receive many tomorrow when you tell me "I told you so".
  13. The problem with this environment is by the time the warning goes out and people look at their phones and decide what to do the spinup is 25 miles downstream. Brief spins are so hard to predict and then act on the prediction
  14. 1 million without power now
  15. Brother in Ocean City MD says lots of damage to awnings, chairs thrown around, trash in the streets. He is on the 3rd floor of the hotel and says that water from the pool is blowing 3 stories up to their balcony. He's a 50 year old doctor not a kid making this up. Just wait till later. Big wind coming
  16. Watching SW. Heavy shower just past west. Here is a 15 sec timelapse of past hour https://video.nest.com/clip/3e2fa1cd60bc46f3afa887b04fcc58e0.mp4
  17. Totally different. Bob went east. My brother just texted from Ocean City MD. Crazy strong winds on the backside now Very dark just to my west. I'm watching a shelf cloud to my west but moving NNE, right on the edge of these heavy downpours
  18. Just like Hurricane Bob which I remember well, very little rain to the east of track but the wind became insane for awhile. I remember most of the leaves on the trees turning brown on the Cape Cod east of the track with so much salt air
  19. Brian, does the LLJ being a bit more east bring stronger winds into Central NH?
  20. 930am 68/65 Light rain calm wind
  21. Dumbing down and translating this to English I think you are saying these crazy winds will probably not happen up here to any great extent
  22. Need some advice from the Mets please. The Euro has been consistent in bringing a core of very strong gusts through the NW Lakes Region of NH. It actually intensifies the core as it moves north just east of the Conn Valley. Im at a high elevation with a south exposure. I rarely gust over 40 and my all time high in a winter cold front is 61mph. That did a lot of damage. Is this core of winds even remotely possible. Euro says 80-90mph gusts. I don't believe that but even 60 would be very strong
  23. Wow on some of these wind gusts. Depending on models I see 50-60mph up here. Euro gust product has a core of 80-90mph going through NH. Don't believe that but this hurricane is going to go down as one of the big boys. Under hyped in the media. With such widespread damage and Covid protocols some may be without power for a long time. Sit back and seatbelts on for me up here. Hoping for 1" of rain
  24. Oh, I agree on that. Even if there was a swath of stations reported gusts to 60mph there would be widespread power outages. Not often do you see gusts in the 50's except in a isolated severe thunderstorm. If this comes up the east coast with population centers on the right side there is going to be major problems. Power crews might be very busy for a large area. I firmly believe this storm is going to overproduce compared to what many people are thinking. I don't think I have ever honked so loud on this board.