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  1. Brian, I got to come visit you and have you drive my electric Mustang Mache up the big hill you live on. You will be blown away with power of instant torque. Going on 18 months now and love this car. With the electricity rates going down it is much less costly to drive and great in the snow. Other than tire rotation not a penny of maintenance. Electric has down sides but like you said we have to start somewhere, especially for those who like snowy winters
  2. Compare my views. Thanks Canada. Estimate vis is about 4 miles
  3. Was just thinking how smokey it is....working in Newton just off 128 and it's super hazy/smokey So much smoke for the Eastern part of the US. Now it is coming from Western Canada. No more cool, clean Canadian air!
  4. ......and the event rainfall prize goes to Albany NH Trained spotter 4.85" (unless I missed something)
  5. Unless something pops up to the west, I'm done at 1.35". Most came within a 15 to 20 minute. max rain rate of 5.33" per hour
  6. Wow, quickly passed me 1.17" As the axis of heaviest rain is passing east of us up here do you expect more echoes to develop in SE NY State and W Mass to come back NNE this afternoon or is our heavy rain mostly over?
  7. RA++ Rain rate 5.33" per hour on Davis passing through 1" stratus
  8. Brian, you must be in a pretty robust cell right now? Just mostly light to moderate rain so far up here .20" looks to change soon
  9. Out of sight, out of mind! Canada continues to burn. An amazing amount of smoke. Midweek is the upper level winds going to drive all this down across the Northeast? It is not going to be coming straight down from Quebec but still lots of bad air for the Northern US
  10. The tricky thing is when this is all over you have to very carefully pour the big cylinder into the small one multiple times without missing one drop!
  11. I'm finally in the dry slot. About 1.30". Much more just NW of me.
  12. Batch of heavy rain just came through. Good luck to Vermont 1.15"
  13. This is shaping up to be a disaster for Vermont. I hope the general public there has an idea as to what is coming. Florida declares a State of Emergency when there is a Cat 1 heading that way. Would a SOE be warranted in Vermont to get the publics attention, or am I over reacting?
  14. Scary situation shaping up for Vermont. Epic rainfall. I hope I'm wrong but Vermont might be heading into a disaster.
  15. PF's picture looks like the Bahama Blues. Just a bit of forest fire smoke perhaps.
  16. Compared to me, you started out slow but have caught up. Very bright to my north and rain is just a few miles south. Enjoy your monsoon. Time to cut my lawn. 0.00" past 24 hours
  17. Light rain 61/59 About .75" Miserable day but the plants love it. Everything is super green. I don't mind if the 70F dews stay south of me. We had some major flash flooding in our area a few days ago so this gentle light rain is fine with me.
  18. Thunderstorms gave me 2.27" yesterday evening. .65" the day before. This time I was not one of the have nots. Another tropical downpour just came through.
  19. 2.27" Thunderstorms last evening .65" The day before
  20. Actually I got to clean the Vantage Pro 2. Stratus has 2.03". Still moderate rain. Nice storm.
  21. 70/66 TS+. No wind to speak off. We had a 6.6" rainrate at one point so far ,80" storm is nw slowly winding down
  22. Out of nowhere these cells popped up this evening. Lots of lightning and thunder just to my south
  23. 81/68 I expected a lot more cloudiness and shower/storm activity up here today. It has turned out to be a mostly sunny warm and humid day. The smoke to the north has not made much progress south. My skies are still very blue. I have never seen so many fires to our north. Quebec province is mostly clear but look how many fires are burning! I have never seen this before. Of course out of sight-out of mine so people in the Northeast big cities don't realize how big of a deal this is. I would assume most people think the fires are put out.
  24. .65" yesterday. Meanwhile the wildfires are brutal in Quebec. The smoke is just now crossing into extreme NNE. Wonder how far south it makes it with the BD cold front? If it does make it to me in CNE and we have some afternoon T storms it is going to be pretty dark.
  25. Meanwhile glad we don't live in Quebec.
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