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  1. Unusual day today with the convection. It is coming from the SW but the anvils are blowing off to the SW. Usually the anvils come in before the precipitation but it is the other way around. Really nice towers too in the high humidity.
  2. 75/70 Shower just ending .07" heavy rain went just south of me. These time lapses are fascinating to watch. From clear skies this morning, then the convective updrafts. The showers just dump rain but the smallest of distance makes all the difference. Here is the past 2 hours. https://video.nest.com/clip/f0cdd0e33a664e1f9e2968e5c7ce32d5.mp4
  3. Here it is up here on June 7th. Not as bad as down there but the first time I had ever seen this https://video.nest.com/clip/1b7dd1b198494caa95df188caab98ca2.mp4
  4. 81/73 Nice airmass towers going up to my SW.
  5. Speaking of pictures, here is one from my Nest Cam. This was the July 21rst storm that gave me 1" of rain, hail and the 56mph gust. We spent a fortune about 10 years ago and put a lightning protection system on the house. I can enjoy storms much more now knowing that we are protected.
  6. .23" last evening 71/69 NH electric rates went way up this week. Ours is usually around $130, even with the electric car. I just got an email to expect a bill around $240. Electric cars were so cheap to drive. They still are but the gap is closing as gas is coming down and electric going up so much.
  7. Rain just starting 74F wind gusting to 27mph Time lapse of past hour https://video.nest.com/clip/0dcb50ba97b14925ba301d5d74e069cd.mp4
  8. I just hit 90.4F. That is the highest temperature in 4 years. 2021 89.3 2020 90.2 2019 88.9 2018 96.3 but that was my old location above the house roof and not at 2m out in my apple orchard.
  9. I just hit 90.4F. (It's Thur 8/4). That is the warmest temperature in 4 years. 2021 89.3 2020 90.2 2019 88.9 2018 96.3 (Anemometer over roof not at my new site at 3m in the apple orchard)
  10. I have not paid too much attention to the next heat wave but just took a look. Wow. Wasn't it a few days ago that tomorrow looked like one super hot day? Now it seems the cold front will never make it into SNE until Tuesday or even Wednesday of next week. Not just a plain 90F+ 5 day heat wave but everyday 95-100F. The Euro for Bedford Mass (the GFS is a couple of degrees cooler and brings down the cool air faster next week) Thur 100 Fri 102 Sat 97 Sun 97 Mon 97 Tues 100 My question is...would this 6 day stretch of hot weather be some time of record if we take the highs and lows into consideration and average out the temperature over the whole period. 6 days in a row of near 100F each day has to be in contender for hottest stretch ever. Thoughts?
  11. 72/57 Partly sunny, nice breeze We take! Perfect temps for my liking. About 3" of rain this month so the grass has started to turn green again. For how long, who knows? A few years ago we had a very dry summer and SNE kept getting rain. The dividing line was always around Brian. This summer although it is dry we are doing okay vs SNE. I wish the tropics would wake up and throw a TS up this way.
  12. For what it is worth here are the Euro and GFS high temperatures for next Friday
  13. I have been getting off and on showers and thunderstorms. About .20" Cells are producing some good downpours. I grabbed this picture a bit earlier from my friends webcam overlooking Newfound Lake
  14. Congrat Beverly! 107F. Time to jump in the water.
  15. Growing up in Baltimore the official temperatures were taken at a weather station on the roof of the downtown custom house. Then in the 1970's they switched to Friendship airport which is now BWI. These type of changes are a big deal as far as climatological records. I would bet if you looked at all the ASOS in the US and went back to the begining and then zoomed in on Google Maps you would see changes within the 1/4 mile area. That is why observatory's like Blue Hill or Mt Washington are so important as to long term trends. Meanwhile up here it is 68/65 and still getting training rain from earlier convection. Up to .64" Adding that to the 1" from Thursday storms this is the first good soaking since the first days of June.
  16. .17" overnight and we just had a moderate thundershower. Still raining. .40" Question of the day for me is, will the new line of convection form in my area and move south or will I be totally too far north? Probably too far north? After my severe storm last week I have a whole new respect of what thunderstorms can do. If you see purple on the radar heading your way, watch out!
  17. Boston hit 100.4 ten minutes ago
  18. 83.6/64 Light shower It is pretty special when I hit 90. I believe 90.2 was last years high. Some upper 80's this summer, like yesterday. I thought today might be a 90 day but morning debris and now some developing convection is killing that chance. About to clear back up but I don't mind being 16F cooler than the big east coast cities
  19. 1pm. 98F. Quick look and I don't see any official temperatures higher than 98F, down the coast. As of 115pm Boston down to 96.8F
  20. 98.6F if this is the official KBOS reading.
  21. Is this Mesonet the best to watch for Boston? 96.8F with a SSW wind. I was just looking. Any more south component would lower their temperature, right? https://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base_dyn.cgi?stn=KBOS&time=GMT
  22. 83/68 at noon. Cirrus debris moving out. It will be interesting to see if any convection will pop this afternoon or how much of the weakening storms from NYS will get in here this evening. Lately I have been in an area that they die out and then the front moves through at night and the next days convection fires south of me. This front is moving slowly so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  23. I bought this fixer upper in the spring of 89. Spent weekends here till 2001 when we moved up from Boston full time. I didn't have any window unit AC's for the first 15 years. I don't remember it being so warm at night that sleeping was hard just like the May to early July period we just had. Looking back at my life of 65 years I can tell that the climate is warming...but like the frog that enjoys slowly boiling water until it is too late to jump out most people living today are younger than me and don't remember the cooler climate. The change is so slow that they just shrug it off. Personally unless the whole world got on board (which will never happen) climate change will continue.
  24. That was an amazing night. I had my first digital camera. No long exposure needed. They were so bright. I was driving around in awe. Here is a picture I grabbed over Newfound Lake
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