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  1. Yeah,nice and warm on the hill this AM
  2. Last night at -20F we ran the oil heat and the wood stove. Even with that our pipe in the kitchen that leads to the ice maker and to the outdoor faucet froze. It still is frozen. With the crazy wind and sub zero temperatures the cold air was coming in everywhere. I guess that is expected in a 230 year old restored New England cape.
  3. -19.8 for me. An hour ago I looked at the obs. Every reporting station in New England including Nantucket was 0 or below.
  4. I find this more interesting than a snowstorm. Just hit -18F. I took a short walk to just experience that cold. That wind is still cranking. Actually being out for a short time I could not tell the difference between this and say 10F even though this is 30 degrees colder. Maybe some positives in that this quick sharp freeze will kill the Moose ticks and Emerald Ash Borers. Seems like MWN is bottoming out around -46.25F
  5. -17.6F A little while ago I tried to see if I could make snow by throwing boiling water into the air. It didn't go too well with the wind and I didn't want it to land on the cars. In the video I said it was 17.2F out. Obviously I meant -17.2F I would guess this will be the coldest I will ever see in my lifetime. Going out to take a walk
  6. Mt Washington -45.8F real time weather link https://xmountwashington.appspot.com/wind.html?fbclid=IwAR0hXaIaZ9sTfToPISD3MVOy4FBkZTKPxnFDu27jNaxQUo8mE_B3qLNJPFw
  7. I know your kidding but... Newfound had finally frozen over yesterday but the thin ice broke up this morning. Lots of people posting pictures of Arctic sea smoke. The widest part of the lake is directly NW of me. Could a 2 mile fetch over open water and then rising 600 feet up my hill add to any flurries? -16.2F
  8. -16.1F Light snow. I am really surprised how hard it is snowing. Not just flurries but a steady light snow. Driveway and cars are white. Moderate snow growth too.
  9. Just broke my 2016 record now -15.7F and steadily going down
  10. Light snow and blowing snow -14.6F I'm surprised it clouded up and light snow for the past 30 minutes. Vis less than 2 miles I am now approaching the 2016 temperature record for me. Perhaps later this evening I will take some boiling water out and see if I can make some snow. I will record it on the phone. Just got to get it a bit colder
  11. In the 32 years of living up here in Central NH it has never been -12F at 4:30pm. So for this point of the day it is an extreme event.
  12. It's finally cooling off nicely up here. From the late morning till early afternoon I hung around 0F. Over the past hour temperatures have been falling. Down to -6F with the aid of a lot of Cu/virga so we are not in full sun as earlier. Winds are roaring through the trees. Pack is a solid 11". Glaciated with that sleet we had in the last storm. The snow slides off our metal roof but I have been doing some roof raking in the flatter areas just to keep the extra weight off in the event of future big storms that I really don't see right now. Looking forward to later this evening. Models show me bottoming at -22F but I doubt that will happen. Years ago I had a -19F and I think in 2016 about a -14F.
  13. Noon it is -1.2F Very meh. I was hoping for a -4 to -6F by this time. The sun is doing it's job. Solar noon is exactly at noon today so from this point on the temp should start to fall more rapidly
  14. -.5F During the past hour the temperature has continued a very slow downtrend. Wind has picked up. Sky is about 50% filled with Cu/Virga. Would this be a setup for Diamond Dust this evening?
  15. We are just behind you, +.9F and going down. We got a 1/4" squall around 2am. Peak wind was 26mph. Although trees and the hill block me from the NW there is still very little wind. Mostly 2-12mph on the Davis at 10 meters above ground.
  16. Although we don't have kids I decided to call our school district superintendent's office to suggest cancelling school. Up here 125 miles north of Boston the cold is going to be well established by school time. Anyhow I got the superintendent's secretary. She thanked me for my concern but the tone in her voice was like, this guy is a nut! I don't think school systems have any guidance in place for cancelling schools except for snow type events.
  17. I'm looking at these temperatures up here. CF comes through early enough that it is -10F by 8am and stays well below 0F all day. Do you think the kids should have a "snow" day? Seriously bitter cold waiting for the buses if they start. Am I over reacting?
  18. In addition perhaps the Moose ticks will be killed. Winters have been so mild. A quick freeze job for them too!
  19. Friday afternoon should be the coldest I can remember up here. These are crazy low temperatures when people are out and about. The cold front is through here by early morning with potential snow squalls with temps near 0F and just drops all day from there. We have a deep snow cover and that will help keep it cold. If we are going to get cold we might as well go big. It is in and out. I can take that. It is the endless cold that I hate. This is at 5pm
  20. 850mb is actually a bit colder for at least Brian and my area. Even so the min's are a bit warmer than 6Z temps. Is that a function of the wind staying up Friday night?
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