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  1. We had to fire up the wood stove too. Stayed around 57-58F all day About .65" of rain as of 630pm. Looking at radar it looks like we are about done but models say, nope
  2. Just enough of a shower here to wet the deck. The best part about Lee was the huge cirrus shield on the western side last night. Beautiful sunset over a wide area of the Northeast. Here was the view from my front lawn
  3. I am surprised that the National Weather Service has not issued a wind advisory for Inland areas. Gray Maine hasn't done it either. It's not like anything is really going to change with the track or intensity of the storm it's not already known so why the delay unless they don't even think it will meet that criteria?
  4. There should be a wide area fantastic sunset over many parts of New England tonight.
  5. I think you are right. Tropical storm watches would be a better choice as it may be marginal to get a few hurricane gusts.
  6. I've been mostly lurking lately but have been watching Lee closely. Here is a guess on watching/warnings if the track holds serve with just noise adjustments as models settle in. When would watches go up? 5pm or 11pm advisory tomorrow? Again, I'm just guessing so no flame throwing! Hurricane Watch from Watch Hill RI, Cape Cod and the islands and up along the coast. Inland high wind watch RI and Eastern Mass, NH and inland Maine. If the track stayed as, a guess might be that as the track locks in watches would change to tropical storm warning RI, Cape and Islands and Mass Coast. Perhaps hurricane warning downeast Maine coast but with north winds would hurricane gusts be recorded or just tropical storm winds.
  7. I was totally obvious to the heavy rain in SNE. We had 2 showers yesterday .32" and about .28" the day before. I checked on Lee a few times during the day skipping AMWX. Wow on your rainfall
  8. 86/72 up here. Most impressive is Chibougamau Quebec which is 525 miles north of Boston about as far as you can go on road! 82/68. That has to be a record in a big way especially the heat index.
  9. Meteorological summer is about over. Our lawns enjoyed the rain. We have had to do very little watering. This picture is of the back of the house. We are trying to save our Ash tree from the Ash Borer and have had it treated the past couple of years. I'm sure it is a loosing battle after we are dead and gone. In the meantime we planted a Eastern Redbud ( I think) that is on the left of this picture. We also planted a oak tree (not in picture) that is just off to the right. That will be the shade tree in future years if the Ash does not survive. That Ash is now getting so big that it may interfere a bit with my anemometer during NW wind events.
  10. Our apple trees are loaded with apples. Fortunately, because we are at a higher elevation the May freeze was not as bad as down below. Originally in 1907 the owner of our house planted about 40 apple trees. Most are now gone but a few still survive including this one near a surface well. Over the past 5 years we have planted about 20 more apple trees and now some are bearing fruit. The problem is that there are more bears now than the past 75 years and they keep destroying the young trees.
  11. I got .52" from the morning rain and then a quick line of showers developed just to my west and quickly intensified over me. No lightning and just breezes but a quick additional .28". .80" a nice drink for the gardens before we go into a dry spell for awhile. Here is a time lapse of the shower intensifying right over me. https://video.nest.com/clip/1e765d5d5bc14eeba7ed3ae5753b5036.mp4
  12. That blew up fast. Purples in that cell. I can hear the thunder here. .07" last night
  13. Such a disaster in Maui. The news media is just catching on to how big of a story this will be. Miles and miles of coastal property destroyed. Lahaina in my opinion was the quaintest town in Hawaiil Speaking of smoke a wildfire up in James Bay is sending a ribbon of smoke our way. It is interesting to see how the smoke inhibits the convective cloudiness in it's path.
  14. Radar and lightning shows the line weakened right around DC and then merged and strengthened just east of the city. Lightning strikes have increased sharply and purples showing up on radar
  15. Coming in to DC right now https://www.earthcam.com/usa/dc/washingtonmonument/?cam=wamo
  16. I bought one of those smart telescopes (Vespera) that does not even have an eye piece to be able to look at objects. Instead the scope slews to the object you select through an app and it will find it and start stacking photos for the time you request. You then download the images to your computer. I have always wanted to see Andromeda. I finally got my chance 2 nights ago.
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