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  1. That was an amazing night. I had my first digital camera. No long exposure needed. They were so bright. I was driving around in awe. Here is a picture I grabbed over Newfound Lake
  2. I posted a video of our severe thunderstorm from 2 days ago. That video was not made at the height of the storm. This one is. The video starts shortly after the rain came in. Normally in the thunderstorms I have observed the strongest wind was with the gust front, just before the rain. This was different. Started out breezy with moderate rain and got progressively worse. The hail got bigger and bigger and the biggest hail was at the tail end of the storm, not on the video. Things start to get crazy around the 1 minute mark. Initially the wind came in from the west but as the storm got going it veered to due south. The bigger hail was at the end of the storm, not on the video. From my observation the most and biggest hail fell about 1/2 mile south of me. Interesting to note 1 mile north of me had very little wind. Visibility dropped to perhaps 1/8 of a mile by 1:20 about the same as I see in a heavy snowsquall. I also notice something that I have never seen talked about. The hailstones were hitting the Stratus funnel and bouncing right out. Obviously each nickel to near quarter size hailstone is equal to a lot of water. So the 1" of rain in the status might have been more. Also I wonder if strong wind gusts reduce the accuracy of a rain gauge?
  3. When the storm was about 25 miles out Matt texted me that it was going to be a doozy. He watches my feed all the time and said he was glued to it. His vacation house is just beyond the trees in my field. He was in Mass and wished he was up here. After the storm we were texting again. I later went down to check his house. A big tree came down and just missed his house but tore up a retaining wall. He appreciates me checking his house from time to time. He and Danielle seem like really nice people.
  4. One more post. This is the webcam footage of the storm in real time. The high wind was right at the end, then the power was lost. Hail came after we lost power. https://video.nest.com/clip/f83adb4b41f645c4a408d1c2adec1cb7.mp4 Last image the cam got
  5. I today I had to do errands. Went from my house to Concord then back up to Meredith and then to Center Harbor. Just a few trees down here and there. In my hood the roads are covered with leaf shreds from the hail and most of the damage was around my immediate neighborhood. The severe thunderstorm provided some unique graphs on my weather station. Temperature from 82F to 63F almost immediately. Rain rate of 6.50" but hailstones just bounced out of Stratus cup so maybe more qpf fell. Wind gust to 56mph
  6. Scott, what am I thinking?? I have so much cleanup and Im on a mobile hotspot with no services. You are right, the anemometer is at 10m. The weather station in the field got knocked over but the anemometer didn't. So the gust was over the roof level. Sorry about that.
  7. Yes, and it is not a wide open big field, we thought our windows would break with the hail hitting sideways
  8. My anemometer is on a mast over our sunroom about 10 meters above ground. The Davis station is in our Apple orchard on a tripod about 2meters high. Both transmit to the console.
  9. Wow, 2nd most intense thunderstorm I have ever seen. We must have had a microburst. 56mph gust from the Davis before the anchors were pulled out of the ground and the station blew over. 1" of rain and lots of quarters size hail This is the video in real time. As the microburst hit we lost power. Skip to the end https://video.nest.com/clip/f83adb4b41f645c4a408d1c2adec1cb7.mp4 During storm before bigger hail
  10. Shussh! I'm like a kid in a candy shop, want severe but no damage. Matt Noyes and Danielle are my neighbors, have a weekend place up here. He is glued to my cam's right now
  11. 83/70 Severe thunderstorm Warning and Tornado Warning just to my SW. Constant distant thunder. My webcams should capture it going through here pretty soon www.bridgewaternhweather.com
  12. Ouch, look at those dews in S NJ, E MD and SE VA Lots of 79s
  13. 82/72 Light shower. Towering Cu all quads
  14. 18Z GFS is much warmer than prior run. It now matches the Euro with even some 102's showing up in SNE
  15. Glad I don't live there. 85.3/68 Just looked at the GFS. Seems to be backing down on widespread meaningful qpf with tomorrow's convection
  16. So it is almost 5pm in London. Was 40.2C the highest at Heathrow? I received .58" yesterday. Biggest drink since very early June.
  17. The discussion does mention tornadoes a couple of times. Wonder which one it will be?
  18. Talk about towns and growth. I grew up in Pikesville in the 60's and 70's. Left Baltimore in 79. Reisterstown was a sleepy little town way out Reisterstown Road. Lots of corn fields past the Beltway. They were just starting to clear for the NW expressway. Now Owings Mills and Reisterstown are so built up.
  19. PF, the bear picture you posted was crazy. I stole it and posted it on my fb page saying that a friend took it in Stowe. I have had a lot of comments. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a New England black bear this big. Was it the biggest one you have ever seen?
  20. Speaking of dews here is something interesting for my location. I just went back and looked at the graph of my dews for 2022. I have only hit 65F dews 6 times this calendar year. I have hit a 70F dew twice, for about an hour each time. Statistically I don't know if this is some type of record for my location but it has sure been a comfortable summer. The uncoming dews will feel like a steam bath. Our electric rates increase 32% on August 1rst so lets get the muggies out of the way so I will be able to keep the AC off by then.
  21. We give up. We have been watering our lawns from our drilled well but can't keep up. An inch or two of rain early next week will bring everything back to life. The Emerald Ash Borer is really starting to hit hard here. Our neighbors across the road have a dozen Ash trees around the house. 4 are now bare and a couple more dying. I went over to a tree and pulled off a bit of bark and right there was a Borer. We have 2 nice Ash trees and so far they are fine. We called Tree Solutions here in Central NH. The owner came out. He was very informative. He said there is an insecticide that is safe for people and animals and has a very high success rate in saving trees. An application is good for 2 years. So we spent $600 to save our Ash. Our neighbors use there house as a getaway place. They live in Boston. I keep telling them about their Ash which will eventually fall on their house. They are not concerned. Now we have the Beech disease heading north and the Spongy Caterpillars too. In past we had the Elm disease and the Chestnut Blight. Seems like tree diversity is going down the tubes.
  22. Okay, locked and ready! What could possibly go wrong? .21" from thunderstorm a couple of days ago. .02" today's total
  23. Severe thunderstorm rolled through here a bit earlier. We have no power but wifi hotspot works great. Only .30" or so of rain but some strong winds. I'm sheltered from the W and NW but peak gust was 38mph. Power is out in the whole area. Lots of trees down.
  24. SPC has expanded the slight risk area into C/NNE for tomorrow.
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