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  1. Disagree. The realtionship with the solar nadir is blocking. We have had blocking up the wazoo!
  2. And the minute I post this...it starts snowing here!
  3. Nice tight spinner evident on radar in the Chicago area. I am tempted to start up a thread for tomorrow's south coast 1/2".
  4. It seems that our block wants to open up and mege with the SE ridge. At that point it is no longer a block, just a big-ass heat ridge.
  5. Are you arguing they are dependent events? Someone can flip a coin and get heads six times consecutively...on the seventh flip the odds of heads are still 50/50.
  6. A dozen robins working the back yard today. I wonder what they are digging up?
  7. Well, I received my copy of The Awakening Dawn this week....stay tuned for the full review!
  8. I's like we're going up against Greg Maddox in his prime. Everytime we think we have him figured out and are ready to rake, he gives us a subtle change of speed and location....and we whiff like fools.
  9. Haha, this afternoon everyone is lurching toward the optimistic side of the boat! I'm gonna get sea sick, or we're gonna capsize!
  10. I think this is from James's book...the double criss-cross front with intersecting trough leading to the end of Boone, NC:
  11. That is a nice stinger for eMass. Would be real nice if that happened in winter.
  12. Let me grasp at a thin reed here....this season, the 50/50 lows have had less sticking power than initially modelled. Maybe, just maybe, it will leave the playing field half-a-day faster.
  13. Your language is stangely concise. Please state your thoughts in 300 words or more.
  14. I think the ridge over Hispanola is the biggest problem. It turns the atmosphere over the east coast into a threshing machine. Although it does seem to be banished after the proverbial 10 days....