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  1. Yee gads the sun is coming out here. Just what we need, more instability!
  2. Is it just me, or is this tracking a tad rightward of projections?
  3. As the owner of an insurance agency in Westport, I can tell you this sucks. Reminds me of Irene, which really pounded my clients in Ridgefield. Well inland, but many of the ridges poke up over 700'.
  4. Do you think this winter's typical 500mb map will look like this, from today's euro?
  5. The 850 hotspot east of the Great Plains is...Cape Breton and Newfoundland?
  6. Ripping here, no accumulation at all though
  7. Damn, I get only 33" while Ray, Jerry & Co. are over 50". Life isn't fair.
  8. Unfortunately we have plenty of ocean to the left of the mean, too.
  9. Do you have a perspective that shows us what is to the right of the mean?
  10. is that northern stream dropping in harder?
  11. I honestly do want that. Then I want the storm to track to a position near MVY while deepening to 955mbs. I honestly want a blinding, wind driven snowstorm west of the river, a sloppy mess from the river to EWB, while the Cape surges to 60f in a foggy dry-slot.
  12. The 973 east of DE gets my vote.
  13. Looks like a good surface for ENE to me...
  14. Canadian drops the hammer at 144.