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  1. Gotta love the natural harbor. Or harbour, eh?
  2. Do you think the Les Suetes might blow just a bit? And then the Wreckhouses of Newfoundland.
  3. What happens to a system that moves right up the Gulf of California?
  4. Yes, maybe just enough weakness between the ridges? 10 days away, but I am like the desert traveler hallucinating with distant visions of liquid.
  5. Our storm gave us 10 mins of moderate to heavy rain, then redeveloped eastward...as if leapfrogging us. I feel like Joey Gallo, I see the big fat hanger, take a mighty cut....and the ball is in the catcher's mitt.
  6. The cell approaching me looks a little bit spinny
  7. A complete two day shut out here. Unfriggin real.
  8. Here is the view looking to my northeast:
  9. We got enough to barely cover the street with moisture. It's over now. Good luck to you, Hoth.
  10. This morning Bob Maxon, a good local TV met here, mentioned something about Saharan dust abating...and lookout for lots of tropical activity soon. Can anyone add or subtract anything to that?
  11. Get a ladder and a long stick, and give it a whack. If they sting the crap out of you, it will be a great winter. If you escape unscathed...dead ratter.
  12. For the love of God, someone in CT please tell me you have had FROPA, please!
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