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  1. Is this thing over CT a CCB? Deformation band? Is there a difference?
  2. Does anyone care about this anymore, or has it been discredited?
  3. 30 minute power failure in downtown Westport, CT, this morning from the Post Road to the train station. Coincidence? I think not.
  4. The first wave died like a shot quail before it reached me, we'll see what the next brings.
  5. A direct hit on Boston? What a disgrace.
  6. Have you been reading the late James's novel?
  7. I hope you're right. As someone sitting in the "visitor's section" of the stadium, I am growing worried. Just too much time left on the clock.
  8. Ha, who doesn't love ambrosia salad? And fruitcake for that matter.
  9. Does this have any meaning in the eastern ENSO region...or just a short-term blip?
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