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  1. Yeah, I mentioned that earlier this morning. That low-level cold is going to be as tough as a two-buck steak.
  2. Ice storm look as we get near Christmas?
  3. Eli
  4. There are five states in the USA that have 100% snow cover. I wonder if this has ever occurred, where it is just DE, NJ, CT, RI, and MA?
  5. We're about 18 hours out-of-synch. Long shot, but worth watching.
  6. It seems that the best banding has been to my NW all day. Whodda thunk it!
  7. Brilliant. Best Chances Danbury to Keene.
  8. I hate the way work interferes with my ability to keep up with this board. Does anyone else have that problem?
  9. Mid-week looks like a super-fast late developer. Good for you maybe, but bad for me.
  10. Still whiffing like Judge for me.
  11. We need the DGEX to show us how this evolves. What happened to the DGEX anyway?
  12. Tip, didn't the Cleveland Super Bomb have a similar deepening? And heck, we were both at ground zero for that (I was in SBN).
  13. NAM sharper at 84hrs, with a more activated baroclinic zone just off the east coast.
  14. Can someone with access to good graphics post a GFS snowfall map?
  15. just a run-of-the-mill 946 low. Ho hum.