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  1. Really, what did you get in February 2013?
  2. I think it gets warmer as you go up to about 800mb....that will change when the storm begins to bomb.
  3. Detonation! We ended up with 3" of cement
  4. Your secondary appears to be right over the state of Delaware:
  5. Winds starting to crank down here
  6. 3" and still getting pasted
  7. Yes indeed it is.
  8. The 0z nam is hinting at a euro-ish solution at the end of its run....the northern low gets that football shape aiming one of its points at the southern low.
  9. I don't think we can have a beast like this 100 miles east of Boston without having some crazy azz band pounding you guys. Think back to 2/15/15, when the killer band was not well modeled until the night before...I believe RGEM nailed it first. I like 15" for greater Boston.
  10. Interesting pressure fall map. Maybe a little less resistance over the southeast?
  11. lol at weenie 9" wienee poking into my back yard
  12. euro pbp?
  13. Road trip to Hazey's house.
  14. For Monday, us southerners need the trough in the Soutwest to be weaker or further west, which will allow more "dig room" in the East. Or, the block showing up to the east of Greenland needs to be a bit stronger, or more westward. Perhaps the two go together.
  15. What the heck? Radars lighting up down here once again