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  1. Is there any chance that as we get closer to the event and the models ingest better data, we could see a "north trend" for the eclipse?
  2. With such a strong upper low, I would imagine the lapse rates will be steep. As long as we can keep the boundary below freezing, there would be good snow growth and somewhat powdery snow. A lot of wind too. B-B-B-lizz-ar, ah forget it.
  3. This looks like a good wind producer for SE areas too. Those isobars get tightly packed.
  4. Full moon Sunday
  5. It literally caught on while the worst of the storm was in progress.
  6. Beautiful snow growth in Westport
  7. Through 96 it looks like GOM low and Midwestern low are set for a phase/merger
  8. Euro looks Canadian thru 72
  9. Mastiff? Isn't that a dog breed?
  10. Fast flow I guess.
  11. euro pbp anyone?
  12. Doesn't mean much. Doesn't mean anything at all. Hey, I can't find a gun-to-head emogi!
  13. Really, what did you get in February 2013?
  14. I think it gets warmer as you go up to about 800mb....that will change when the storm begins to bomb.