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  1. What are you looking at other than the next week or so? The AO is forecast to fall of a cliff after that. We will get help from the arctic, and it is far from too late. I am sure you remember 1993...a dog of a winter until March.
  2. Remember 1960, or even 1993 which was crap down here until March. This isn't over. Have we ever had "great Leap Year blizzard"?
  3. Ye of little faith, so the space ship has not arrived to take us to our utopia on the planet Remulak, but when it does come, it will be bigger and more beautiful than ever!
  4. For those who have the EPS days 11-15, does that anti-cyclone over Greenland show any signs of strengthening?
  5. When everyone capitulates...it's time to buy.
  6. Yeah, OK....can this hold for the next 46 runs?
  7. This isn't the worst thing I have ever seen:
  8. The year after a solar minimum. Epic blocking fest reminiscent of 2009-2010, with storms tracking 75 miles further north due to the HC expansion.
  9. The grouping literally near Bermuda has to be specious.
  10. Silence for 15 minutes. Is everyone as confused by euro at 102 as I am?
  11. Reminds me of the lead-up to Boxing Day
  12. If euro is showing its old bias, and is just half-a-day slow ejecting the energy from the desert SW....