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  1. Another incredibly dooshy storm. Downtown Greenwich, CT, had 7", while the Byram neighborhood, which is the far SW corner of the town, had 19". The I95 traffic cams were insane that night.
  2. I would retire from the board and jump off the Sikorsky if 1888 happened. That storm had an asinine subsidence zone over Fairfield County. The totals were much higher over Westchester and New Haven counties.
  3. 1933, I love that one. February of 34 had a rare storm that was a sloppy mess for eastern New England, and an all-time blizzard for western New England. This place would be nuts if that repeated itself.
  4. Do you have a comparable for the 10 coldest Novembers?
  5. Could the volatility be related to the unusual amount of open water to the north of AK?
  6. Is that a little wave forming over MD?
  7. Griteater's winter outlook. To say the least...it doesn't suck: https://t.co/9f2d4oEaG3
  8. Goodday mate! Thanks for your input.
  9. Of course the 18z nam is right...just look at that jack (squat) for eastern Fairfield County.
  10. Reggie is a good tool within 36-48 hours or so. Too early to pay any heed now.
  11. The southern streamer over the southwest seems to be compressing the height field in the Gulf states, not allowing our northern streamer to dig deep. In any case, 06gfs is an improvement.
  12. 06 GFS rallying with the day 9 event.
  13. -20c at h850 in Mississippi in early November....are you freakin kidding me!? Has this ever happened before?
  14. Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly, And the spiders from Mars. He played it left hand But made it too far Became the special man, then we were Ziggy's band
  15. With each run this feature that follows the Midwest storm (a few days ago it looked like a massive phase) gains a bit more separation, and edges a wee bit closer to causing mischief out east: