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  1. The planet is warming quickly? Or nothing has changed in 1200 years?
  2. Check out the 06 GFS 500mb progression at around 300hrs. Is that a new category of storm....maybe a Cape Breton bomber?
  3. A wind driven, cold, catpaw rain. Great.
  4. Regardless of snow, the winds should howl for a while heading into Friday morning.
  5. Ahhhh, the models come out an hour later!
  6. I like seeing the northern stream outrunning the southern stream on euro.
  7. Won't the extra hour of daylight next week reduce the accumulation potential?
  8. Is there a freebie beyond 10 days?
  9. I would love to see a day 11 operational euro just for schitts & gigles....
  10. In George's defense, the NAVGEM looks menacing.
  11. Wasn't he from NJ? I can still hear the very good song by Dylan titled "Hurricane". Fun fact, radio stations quit playing that song for fear of slander suits...I love Dylan, but he took a bit too much license in this case.
  12. Better example here. If we can get the trough axis over ETX to ELA.....