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  1. Is that a warm front visible on radar, running from about Utica to New Haven?
  2. I gotta say these euro 10 day maps have been insanity for mid-summer. What's this...a three-stream phaser? Can we have this in winter, please?
  3. Not far from snow in the mountains...
  4. SWCT may suck for snow and T-storms. But we are underrated for fog!
  5. Fasten your seat belts, extinguish your smoking materials, and place your trays in the upright position. The descent into winter is about to begin!
  6. I think NBCs coverage blew. How did Morakawa get the 7 on the par 5? The low-angle shots of puts were useless...we couldn't see the cup!
  7. Yup, it looks like differential heating with the west-facing slopes getting the sun, and the east-facing slopes in the shadows.
  8. Good call...I hope he has some sort of military honor at his service.
  9. Next winter won't be the same without the big guy.
  10. Yup. Welfare check on the neighbors. Just bust in and make sure they're safe from this blast furnace heat.
  11. Try doing CrossFit with a mask on.
  12. I was the only person in our Stop & Shop tonight without a mask.
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