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  1. Sign me up for the 6z GEFS, a solid -NAO with ridging in the EPO region showing up just after day 10...
  2. yup, a November torch is definitely not wanted around here....50s/30s would be great until Turkey Day
  3. This is why a normal to slightly above normal is much better for November, no need to waste so much money on heating the house with so little chance of snowfall...Today despite the colder weather is the first day my humidifiers are not running, since the end of October it seems. The misery mist is good for something at least.
  4. Thankfully this wasn't in the middle of winter when we were expecting 6-12 inches of snow with an offshore coastal...only to fade away to dustings and stray flakes...
  5. Short term, the models continue to show the upper level feature strengthening as it swings through tomorrow night....Euro actually show a band of snow in the Western areas of SNE, maybe even a flashover to snow down this way?
  6. Law of averages with a touch of climate change says December is +7ish and knowing the ways thing have been we will some how sneak in a warning event that melts the next day...
  7. The dewpoints are going to be near 0, 24 hrs prior to this storm...I would also think a block to the north would help keep that cold in a bit longer?
  8. Another cold morning, dipped down to 21.6° after the clouds cleared out....will feel great today with temps near 50
  9. GFS has the perfect forecast for here at 18z, 33 and rain...
  10. Did we just get punted into the Mid Atlantic?
  11. 15.1° for the low, lowest of the season so far....ground is a solid rock already
  12. 28.4° for the high, 15.3° for the low..Surprised we didn't hit 30 under clear skies, already down to 25.6°
  13. I have always been intrigued by microclimates, especially neighborhood to neighborhood. My station last night had a bit of calm in the wind and the temperature quickly responded only to bounce right back as soon as the wind picked up again. I suspect we make a run at single digits around here if the winds go calm and the clouds hold off long enough....
  14. Temp is down to 31.5° with some light snow falling....even a bit of a coating on the deck, first of the season....not bad considering it was pushing 53 degrees at 730 this morning.
  15. Front just passed through here at 7:40 with a 20 mph gust...was 52.3° at that time...temp is now 43.3° and dropping, now we wait to see if that precip in E. New York can bring the quick burst of some snow or just some weakening showers and 35 degrees....