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  1. Before we know it we will be tracking rain/snow lines, hopefully....
  2. RGEM looks marginally better.....general 1-2 for most of SNE
  3. It will probably end up where most of the US besides the NW and NE "bake" for December standards...We will find a way to be much "cooler" relatively speaking, not sure that means snow, but definitely not what the rest of the states will see. End of the GEFS still shows some promise, might be a rough 2-3 week period. Rather have it now than in January
  4. Great news! Hope the cause is a simple fix! Best of luck to you as you continue to recover....
  5. I agree totally, I have seen way too many of these storms dismissed in the mid range only to come back in the short term. Especially recently for what ever reason that might be....
  6. I guess a good question when learning from this is why was the GFS so bad while the rest did "better". Still3 days out so I guess the GFS could end up correct, but that ship has at least sailed for the time being....
  7. Close enough to keep an eye on it and plenty of time for the shift north right?
  8. Until the Nam shows something of consequence, I will assume the GFS is broken...LoL
  9. Would be my worst season since moving up here....but still well above the average from where I used to live, so there's that
  10. One of these models are going to face plant hard really soon, sadly it always seems to be the GFS that stumbles hard in the 4th quarter. But it is a new season, so who knows...
  11. looks like a nice shift north on the Icon, but not sure I believe anything with that model other than maybe trends....
  12. I was thinking early on our over/under for the season was 40 inches....might have to backtrack down to 30 inches? This season definitely has the hallmarks of a cool/dry, warm/wet winter, reminds me of living down in PA....
  13. Allen might run for 100 yards and still end up scoring 20+...I'm a Phins fan, so hopefully they both lose, lol
  14. Definitely some confluence up north on this run...keep that there and we might do OK down here, otherwise it's pushing 60 unless we wedge of course
  15. Coming from the Mid Atlantic, I dont expect to see snow until after Thanksgiving...I can remember snow one time on Thanksgiving, it was maybe an inch or so. Even December didn't produce very much until the last week or so in the month. I was in college at Millersville University from 2001-2005, I remember it snowing a lot in December during those years but that was about it. Point is, living up here, even in the Southern most areas of SNE, I have seen a lot more snow in October/November/December over the past 7 years than I ever did in 30 years in PA/DE. I have also seen a lot of snow in March up here, so if winter is defined by snow chances and cold weather then December and March are more winter like than February has been (outside of maybe last year and 2015). BTW, I actually saw snowflakes the past 3 days with temps never reaching 40, not bad for the end of November....
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