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  1. No piggies please....September through March, but it is 2020, so why not
  2. Will take anything at this point, 1-3 inches state wide sounds good. Reading a thread from our old town and it seems like there are quite a few people experiencing well issues over the past week
  3. This guy has been around 2 out of the last 3 nights....first at 430 am and last night at 815 pm, 5 minutes after I had the dog out. I do not really want to run into him.
  4. .08 overnight, first measurable since September 11th with hopefully another 1-3 inches this week....
  5. Yup, cranked the heat up and sent the kids in....maybe push for tomorrow and Tuesday before closing up?
  6. Yellows, with the occasional oranges/red showing up here in the valley....still a long ways to go around here
  7. No thanks...way too much of that here of late. A snowy November through March would be alright though! Those few mornings of sub 30 and now 80+ feels weird, it felt like August today, the kids swam in the pool for a bit. Temperature was actually 68 before I kicked the heater on, sun is still cooking the water, just a bit at least.
  8. I have 5 larger spruce on the property that are either dead or will be soon, thoughts on using them as firewood? I would hate to let them go to waste....
  9. 28.6 this morning...Looks like a warmup is coming, 70s/50s would be just fine until November
  10. We have a regular ambiance fireplace, but want to get an insert so we can lower our oil usage. I hate the smell of burning oil, I'm just not sure what I want.
  11. Great views from my house as it sits at the high point of the "valley". I don't think those hills will effect much, might end up staying under 32 in freezing rain events though. The breezes are great, so much better than our last place, surrounded by trees, never had any breezes, always felt stagnant.
  12. The bottom third, that the main unit is attached to is a galvanized steel pipe. The anemometer is attached to an aluminum pole that is used for a roof rake. Since it doesn't snow anymore, I figured the pole would get better use holding an anemometer...
  13. Thanks, definitely want to maintain my credibility in the temperature I planted a few apple trees the other day and the soil was super sandy, the whole way down. Not a rock to be found, amazing to find in SNE...Interesting microclimate for sure
  14. Tell me about it. I am a little OCD with numbers and I am starting to question the Davis. Yesterday I installed it 6 ft off the ground. It is located at the lower edge of the property. Everything is frozen today, so it got below freezing, just not sure about 28 degrees. The location is unique and will be fun this winter, hopefully...
  15. It is only September 21st, I will not turn my heat on, I will not turn my heat on.....28.0 for the low, 28.6 currently and 61 in the house