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  1. A little early for this? At least it doesn't say Hurricane conditions possible....
  2. Someone one is going to get yanked out into the ocean soon....
  3. Might end up being watch out Cuba....
  4. This GFS run will start the media hype already....
  5. I was just there again in April....I can't imagine anywhere in that area taking a beating from a storm like this.
  6. I have a friend who was riding out the storm right by Tutu Bay in the USVI. The facebook live feed cut out about 30 minutes before the core of the wall made its closest pass. I havent heard anything since then, winds looked to be gusting around 100 MPH right before it cut out...
  7. 39.3 here for the low. My garden is not a fan of that number, this early...
  8. What it looked like from SW CT....
  9. I saw my breath while I had the dog out this morning, 49 here and chilly 61 in the house.
  10. Since moving up here to New England from Delaware, it feels like this has been the case in this region. The Mid Atlantic bakes, while we sit in this cool pool of air, no matter what season it is. Maybe this is just a short term 5-10 year pattern or maybe there is something more significant going on. My partially scientific thought would be with the melting arctic ice and a pooling of really deep, cold water in the Northern Atlantic, maybe there is something to the shifting north pole. Funny thing would be watching a batch of ice start to develop up there and become a permanent fixture. Are we witnessing the infancy of the North Atlantic ice shelf? Shifting of the axis a bit? Assuming the accelerated warming of the planet is due to an outside force (humans) we are seeing the planet going through a quick reboot in an attempt to fix things before having to do a full reprogramming? I guess time will tell, but one would assume the planet will attempt to fix the problem and not just give up.... Just a thought on this damp, dreary day.
  11. Even with 75 degree dews yesterday, I think I heard 1 clap of thunder and ended up with 0.15" of rain with little bit of wind. I feel like this area misses the storms, every time... this picture pretty much sums up yesterday...
  12. The rainfall is impressive, 0.75" in the first storm in like 20 minutes. This second storm has a us over an inch already.
  13. Zoomed up from that same cell....this was just before we got hit and I couldn't see any further than 100 ft.
  14. This is a picture of that cell near Waterbury
  15. 48.1 on the Davis this morning, house was down to 61 brrrr.... July 1st is this Saturday, right?