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  1. We bought in August of last year....there were multiple offers on the first day. We were told by our good friend, who was also our realtor to not ask for anything, basically a take it or leave it situation. Just spoke to him recently and he said he would probably list our house for 80 to 100k more than we paid for it, just 9 months ago. It seems like 4 bedroom houses are a hot commodity right now...
  2. I had just bought a ticket to board the Stein train, but thankfully it was fully refundable....1.24" last night, it seems like the grass greened up within hours
  3. 77.5/45 with a mix of sun and clouds, nice day
  4. Either they had covid 19 or some other coronavirus and the first dose triggered a reaction due to t-cell memory? I know so many people that had no reaction to the first and only some fatigue with the 2nd. I just had my first on Wednesday, this morning is the first time I have felt "normal", headache and fatigue the past couple of days. Can't wait for my second one, yuck... My 84 year old grandmother with multiple comorbidities had no reaction to either of the doses. I understand the older you are, the weaker your immune system is, but you would expect some sort of reaction on the second dose...
  5. Just had my first Pfizer on Wednesday, 24-36 hrs of fatigue and headache...took a long nap yesterday, woke up today feeling pretty good....should be interesting to see what my adaptive response is, seems like us "younger" folk are having more side effects from the first dose
  6. Going to have to drive up the hill to see accumulations....will probably look like the October snow, will be able to see it snowing from my backyard, while it is all rain here
  7. From 29.7⁰ this morning to 71.8⁰ this afternoon....what a glorious day, can't they all be like this? We could use some rain though, definitely do not want to have to worry about wells this summer.
  8. 17.8⁰ for the low....the early sprouting stuff probably won't be happy with that....yesterday barely touched 33⁰ with a nice coating of snow in the morning, where was this in January!?!?!
  9. Just about here, red maples are popping too...probably going hit low to mid 20s Friday/Saturday, hopefully the sensitive stuff isn't hit too hard
  10. 24 for the low, already up to 36⁰, should be another great day...enjoy! Tomorrow looks meh, hopefully Thursday over performs
  11. Last hour dropped down to 22.8⁰, these cold mornings are keeping The foliage from popping too much.
  12. What a beautiful day, from 20 to 64 degrees....
  13. 20.1⁰ this morning for the low, a bit cooler then expected....
  14. 18.1⁰ for the low here while OXC is 28⁰, hopefully the last teens for the season. Our neighborhood bear visited last night, for the first time since Fall. He thinks it's Spring at least....