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  1. Bottomed out at 27.1....ahhhhhh the fake cold, unfortunately had to turn the heat on.
  2. 33.8 already, glad I put the cover on the greenhouse today....might be able to save a few things for a couple more weeks.
  3. 34.3 here...I would assume some frost in spots
  4. Spanks45

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    I should always read the last couple pages before I post...Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Spanks45

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    That was a pretty cold run of the 12z GFS/FV3 GFS....has lows in the 20s even down here by the 20th. That was a pretty quick flip. It definitely has the look of the past few years where most of the country bakes relative to average and we stay locked in the "cooler" pattern. EPO driven I would assume?
  6. Spanks45

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    They had me in the mid 40s with clear skies. I think they missed the cloudcover that came in overnight...55 here
  7. Spanks45

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Best thunder and lightning show probably since moving up from Delaware 4 years ago....Nothing will top the July Derecho in 2012 I think?
  8. We have had a lot of near misses, I would say at least 5-8" to my south and east by only 5-10 miles. So it is possible you have nearly that much. Even today for example, just to our south 2-4 inches more than here.
  9. I am at 19.33" with today's rain. Its crazy to think that I have missed out on at least a couple inches here and there in that time period too, the infamous rain shield was in full affect during that time period.
  10. Already at 2.09" for the day.... I can't wait for the law of averages to take effect come December, its going to be a long winter....
  11. 44.2 this morning, should have turned all the fans off...
  12. 50s for morning lows with highs near 80 the past 4 days felt great. The heat can go away now....
  13. The wife goes back to work next week leaving me with full diaper duty, let the games begin....It would be nice to teach the 7 year old to take over the duty, but she has no interest in cleaning up after the family dog so I will assume diapers are off the table.
  14. Congrats....amazing how quickly they grow, my third will be 3 months old already, time has flown by since he was born.
  15. It's raining again, 14.6 inches and counting since July 10th....marshlands