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  1. And somehow, non of them will be right....
  2. Euro looked a bit better too, not really snowy, especially around here, but different I suppose...
  3. That is exactly what I have experienced since moving here....My next move needs to be close by, but might have to move north west of here, at least they get more snow on average, might not be the "big" ones though
  4. CMC looks different around that time period too, looks to be some blocking that is forcing that storm south. GFS, not so much....
  5. and with this winter, add a side of EEE in March and who knows how many ticks....We need some Alaska cold
  6. Cooler to start, warmer right afterwards....overall a net loss, meh down here on this run
  7. Actually has some heavy snow here 0z on Sunday...looks colder for what it is worth
  8. Quite the Pig hanging out in Alaska over the next 10-15 days....hopefully we score something this weekend and/or get "lucky" otherwise it is going to get rough around here.
  9. 4ish days out, it's the GFS with a developing coastal, I will assume that it gets the right idea Friday night....We are somewhat close to 32 degree power problems, we shall see. It is January and not March
  10. Still a kid when it comes to snow...hoping our 42 degree torch doesn't melt it all. It will freeze solid tonight and become almost too fast for my younger kids....
  11. Why can't that model find a nut from time to is at least nice to see something close on all of the models
  12. What a torch, at this rate the snow will be gone by mid afternoon....42.1° atm
  13. My snow is melting already and it is January 19th....what a season
  14. Looks like 3.7 inches will do it....crazy temperature gradient, 24.1 degrees here, 4 miles to the south it is 32 degrees. It has been like that for almost 2 hours now....
  15. 3.4" with the back edge near by....21.9°, never really had good snow growth, looks like temps are jumping up just to my south, hopefully we can keep the cooler air here....