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  1. Snow bomb obs March 21

    2.9" total here, still can't believe our forecast was for 16" right before the storm started. Hats off to the EURO for seeing the southern push 24-36 hours in advance...
  2. Snow bomb obs March 21

    Off and on snow bursts, but normally under bright banding that would be heavy snow....we got a coating.
  3. Snow bomb obs March 21

    we had a light dusting around noon, since then not a flake. Temperature has actually risen to 37 degrees at the moment...The recent run of the hrrr, says that I will see a dusting to an inch total. Euro for the win, at least here....
  4. Snow bomb obs March 21

    The dry air flowing down into CT looks like it is going to squash this thing well south. We finally have a light snow falling and the temp has dropped to 31.5, but looking at the radar it seems we go back to flurries in no time....
  5. Snow bomb obs March 21

    Of and on flurries since 7:30 this morning, 32.4/19
  6. So I am assuming the EURO took DC/Baltimore's 18-24 inches away from yesterday?
  7. My mudpit of a yard actually felt hard yesterday evening so this snow won't be attempting to accumulate on a swamp.
  8. I'm down here in Newtown, right off of 84... I have only been here since 2015 so I missed all of the biggies prior. I have no complaints though, I came from an area near Dover DE that averaged maybe 15 inches per year...
  9. I'm still worried about the 1" in New Milford and 15" in Westport deal with 84 getting a few inches....
  10. So far between 12z and 18z the models have me in a range of 2"-20" for a storm that ends in 36 hrs...sweet
  11. Too close for comfort up here. The precip made it further north than earlier forecasts for today, so hopefully that holds true for tomorrow...
  12. Didn't the Euro have one of these odd too far south and east runs with a recent storm? Only to have the ensembles say otherwise and the Op bounce back even further NW 12 hours later?
  13. GFS looks more tucked in at 30, more precip to the NW. Should be better than 6z
  14. Yeah expected snowfall of 16" here too, talk about selling that number. I'm worried even cutting that in half might still be too much. Confluence for the loss?
  15. I'm actully close to 63" so far here in Newtown and I only measured 15.5" in that storm.