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  1. A bit worried about tonight...for some reason the strawberries are in full flower, with 10% having small berries already. Frost would not be good, but a freeze would be pretty sucky.
  2. 33.0 this morning, definitely some frost too....
  3. Snow line is pushing south with each run....might get to see my last flakes for the year. I have basketball at 7 am, so might be perfect timing
  4. I'm here too, but nothing too exciting for this area. I have watched my temperature drop from 37.3 to 36.4 in the last hour, but that only makes the rain colder. I do expect some sleet to enter the area overnight. I'm off to the Keys in 6 days, so I think I have checked out for this winter.
  5. Just looking at the change on the tropical tidbits snowfall map for CT, which is a lot of sleet I would assume. 12z did not have much accumulation, 18z has a ton, reminds me of the storm back in February I think?
  6. I leave for the Keys in 2 weeks, hopefully when I get back Spring has made its final push down this way. I definitely do not want to come back to 40 and rain. Hopefully the transition is quicker this year.
  7. I like the 1.3" of freezing rain that it is printing out here....is that even a possibility for this time of year? Obviously overnight, but I would assume it would not freeze during the day.
  8. I like this one better....NAM 2.0 now?
  9. I think I ended up with around 13, I was around 10.5 before the last heavy burst moved through, which had a ton of wind. Measured right after the sleet started and still had 10.5. It has settled to about 11 this morning...
  10. It actually looks like a blizzard out there at the moment.
  11. I was wondering about that, I might have 5 or 6 at the moment....now where near 10
  12. Sounds good to me, wonder what power issues might lie ahead here...might have to venture out to Federal Rd to stock up on some supplies.
  13. We had a 12" storm in February, I think we got that number in like 8-10 hours. This one is looking like a 10-16" storm maybe 20" in localized spots in 10-14 hours. The wind is probably going to be impressive, but this storm will be nothing like the others from prior years. Yes disruptive on Tuesday, but most will be back to normal by mid to late Wednesday. I am excited, but would be nicer to see a stalled out 24 to 30 hour monster....
  14. Well I see we have the 18z GFS joining the eastern shift crowd...It is almost like OKX jinxed this thing by posting this way too early....