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  1. 25.7/1 down here already....
  2. Temperature was freefalling last evening, I think it was 29 degrees by 11, but got rolled in shortly after. I think we got down to 26 first thing this morning.
  3. It looks like a 50/50 mix at the moment, but it is trying hard....
  4. Multiple kids help with the increased tp usage, lucky or unlucky enough to be on the town's sewer line so that is one thing I don't have to worry about.
  5. Yeah, it is a nice improvement over the old one. I failed to order the wireless transmitter for my anemometer, so for now it is located roughly 20 ft off the gound. I like that my temperature and dewpoint can be close to each other now, before making the adjustments frequently would only get them to be within a few degrees of eachother no matter how soupy it was outside.
  6. I have actually been saving toilet paper tubes for a while now, just for this reason....it is essentially the same thing https://organicdailypost.com/make-tick-tubes/
  7. I got the entire ISS from Ambient Weather. Davis was going to charge me $170 to refurbish my 12 year old unit and ship it back, plus the cost to ship it to CA. I picked up the brand new ISS for only $100 more, so figured it was a better option.
  8. The sky actually has "that" look to it. 34.8 atm, with a low of 29.8. I finally broke down and bought the Davis replacement sensor suite, so I am confident that the temperature is pretty accurate.
  9. We don't count....
  10. I have looked into them, from what I have read they seem to be really effective but have a lag time and probably wouldn't notice a huge difference for almost a year. We have cedar oil sprayed every 6-8 weeks and has been quite effective. I actually think the spike in ticks was from all of the leaves being blown into our yard from the woods. With all of the rain, the ticks were probably using the leaves as flotation devices and rescue rafts.
  11. 34.7 here already. We need some February 2015 type cold soon, pulled 3 ticks off my 4 yr old and he was only outside for 30 minutes this afternoon...
  12. my total from the stratus was 5.73" and 5.71" from the Davis....not too bad
  13. I am at 3.06" in the Davis so far, pressure is down to 996.5 and dropping like a rock....
  14. Just hit 3.00" for the day, it is quite breezy but nothing crazy yet...
  15. Up to 1.83" now and pouring. The wind is really picking up too.