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  1. 85/79 with the sun blazing, horrible.....
  2. 77.3/76 here with the sun peeking out...awful feeling out there right now. Wind has picked up a bit too...
  3. quite muggy out there right now, 74.6/74 on the Davis. Off and on misery mist right now, shrooms growing everywhere, probably don't need much rain at this point. Looks like coastal DE and parts of Southern NJ have seen 3-6 inches of rain so far, not too bad.....
  4. its a nice spot, moving next month though. Hopefully it adds an extra inch of snow to my seasonal
  5. I am a few minutes south of exit 11....
  6. Thundering for the past 30 minutes, only a drop of rain so far....Radar says it is coming, but I have thought that before. Always seems to be north of 84....
  7. 72/72 right now. Had the windows open last night and woke up to a swampy house. Might be the last time for open windows for a while...
  8. Go from drying out my garden to rotting it out in a span of 3 weeks, great...
  9. I was tracking that boundary on radar, lol...Wife was not very interested. Temp went from 92 to 81 fairly quickly with a lovely breeze.
  10. What would it take to get some of those storms down in Philly right now to develop right over Fairfield County? Lol, they must be dumping a ton of rainfall...just broke 90 here, yesterday was 91, almost an official heatwave, would be the first of the year.
  11. Looks like more for us today....looks like the 15 day drought is over.
  12. Only 65.1 here...feels quite nice out this morning. Models have quite a bit of rain today for the area. Guess our drought is over....
  13. Alright fair enough....The stratus had 1.86" from that storm yesterday evening. Event total was 3.16", not bad after going 15 straight days without a drop of rain.
  14. Why can't this happen in the winter? Well over an inch and counting....
  15. Looked like we were going to miss the rain today...guess not