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  1. Pretty sure I almost fell out of bed with the first strike from that storm. Woke straight up with my heart racing, great stuff....
  2. It's hard to tell if you take main roads, the second you go off onto a back road, even secondary ones, there are still so many that are closed with trees and powerlines...pretty amazing almost a week later.
  3. Day 4 of no school school here. At this point they might as well just go to school until July. This pretty much guarantees that June ends up being a dry/hot month. No air conditioning ftl....
  4. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    My friend took this photo as the storm was hitting right up the road from me in Newtown. Hard to tell, but the image looks tornadoish....
  5. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Newtown/Sandyhook area is a mess, seems like most of the roads are closed at the moment..
  6. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Wind started out from the nw shifted to s and ended within a minute...
  7. May 15 2018 Severe Threat SNE

    Well if that wasn't a tornado, not sure what it was...just south of 84 in Newtown
  8. Spent the day yesterday in Mystic, noticeable increase in foliage closer to the coast, but even that area has yet to get to the massive maple pollen burst phase of spring.
  9. We bottomed out at 28 this morning, rebounding to a high of 60.1. With the dewpoint in the mid teens, clear sky, light winds I would suspect we drop at least that low again...its amazing to see so little foliage yet.
  10. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Good! I can barely muster 75 degrees in my greenhouse right now...Plants are not very happy, I refuse to heat that thing, especially since I have been needing to heat the house recently.
  11. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Finished with 2.36", temp is up to 56....
  12. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Up to 41 here, 2.20" storm total so far, 2.05" for the day so far....
  13. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    I am sitting at 71.9" for the season, my record in Millersville, PA was 72" in 95/96". Hoping to somehow top that over the next week!
  14. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    GFS is quite active right through the middle of April. One would expect severe season to pick up pretty quickly, not here of course....
  15. 6.1" looks to be the total in Newtown, let the melt begin.