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  1. I'm still waiting to see if all this north trend eventually drags that 2 second system northward....or all of this is just a head fake and 0z pushes back to the south
  2. Figures, we know where this is headed....seems like the Icon led the way? Assuming of course the GFS is correct...
  3. there goes the wiggle room....This thing keeps trending north, but somehow the 29th will be congrats Georgia, Lol
  4. yup...seems like a bit of wiggle room too, so hopefully looking at advisory snows, just in time for some serious cold next weekend....
  5. 18z Reggie is 3-5" CT wide and western Mass....1-3" for the rest of SNE outside of the cape
  6. at least 24hrs of snow on that model too.....lots of light snow flying around if these models have a clue
  7. we might get our days and days of snow....might only add up to 2-4 inches, but I will take that any day in a season like this. Currently 25 under bright sun and it is freezing outside, at least give us some flakes in the air if it is going to be cold like this
  8. ugghhh, do not mention that, it has been trending north....probably end up with periods of freezing drizzle or snizzle for 24 hours or so after the initial "snow event"
  9. since we cant have the 29th, lets squeeze out as much as we can from the 26th before the cold air locks in for a bit....better than bare ground at least
  10. Multiple models are starting to run that low pressure towards Cleveland now....hopefully it stops soon. Unless of course it brings the follow up system further north, then keep it up. It almost seems like the first system is leaving behind a boundary that tugs the second system along...the GFS kinda showed that at 12z.
  11. yeah once that NAO breaks down....there will be nothing stopping the SE Ridge from flexing which will lead to the inevitable. Probably a SWFE followed by a full fledged rains to Maine cutter.
  12. Continue to see heights rise in Alaska towards the end of the ensemble runs...maybe February won't be so bad
  13. I will take 2" at this point, all this "cold" air and nothing but bare least we could sublimate our 2 inches and not Swiss cheese the soil
  14. I like hearing Luke's hood mentioned, maybe we can score both being just enough west and just enough south....asking too much?
  15. looking at the indies, there are 5-6 huge hits for SNE in that suite....there is some upside at least, something to watch as we move toward the 26th.