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  1. Still waiting for my new liner to ship plus the Pool company is still behind schedule. It might be August by the time I get to open the pool....going to be a long summer if that is the case, bet on a record hot one!
  2. Groundhog day down here.....temps in the low 50s and winds gusting to near 50 MPH. The only road out of town is still closed until further notice. Thankfully our house has some of the largest dunes here, it is the sound that keeps rising ever high tide. The island's roads are slowly becoming impassable. We need a wind shift, sooner rather than later....Enjoy the nice warm weather up there in SNE
  3. 54⁰ under cloudy skies, winds gusting to 53 over the last 2 hours. We might have the only clouds on the entire east coast right now....Waves continue to increase in size
  4. Sitting down here on Hatteras Island in an oceanfront home, pounding surf and howling winds. From a weather standpoint, tropical storm like conditions for the past 24 hrs have been fun, but the kids want some sun.
  5. 72⁰ here, almost perfection with a slight breeze...headed to OBX next week, I will share in everyone's misery, just a tad warmer down there
  6. We typically travel to the area in May and have dealt with all sorts of weather down there during the month. Tropical storm Ana was the most recent named storm that I could remember 2015? Definitely some great weather mixed in there as well our last time down there was pre pandemic, 2019 and it was July temperatures in May.
  7. I'm headed for Hatteras on Saturday. I'm concerned that thing sits and churns for the week down there. NE winds and upwelling ftl...Hoping it is more progressive than currently modeled, seems to be the theme this year at least.
  8. 71.1⁰ for the high, 28.6⁰ for the low...what a day!
  9. Seems a bit early for peppers and tomatoes? They can be pretty sensitive to temps under 50⁰, especially young plants....
  10. 28⁰ this morning, should touch 70⁰ here today...quite the daily swing That was 3 straight days in the 20s
  11. I knew it was coming, should have covered the asparagus, the past 2 mornings have been rough....the second the wind slows down, the temperature plummets. But the winds are howling again.
  12. 26.8⁰, please let this be the last one of the season....
  13. 59⁰ with a dewpoint of 0.1⁰ with winds gusting to 25 mph...Skin is cracking like the San Andreas fault
  14. Arggh, wind slacked for 2 hours and the temp plummeted to 25⁰. Back up to 43⁰, not sure the damage to the early flowering fruit trees...dewpoints are still running around 10⁰ here
  15. 48⁰ with graupel/rain shower right now... epic spring
  16. 63 under mostly sunny skies here....nice breeze, definitely got lucky here today
  17. Clover and grass actually do well together. The clover basically feeds the grass around it through nitrogen fixation. More bees for the gardens, lower grubs, less chemicals....seems like a no brainer
  18. Yup, just started seeding clover in the lawn...
  19. What has been noticeable has been the wind...it seems that regardless of temperature/sun/clouds the wind is always blowing away. Of course not on clear nights, when the temp can plummet, trying to kill all of my plants
  20. 27.7⁰, hopefully that is the last of the really cold mornings....had to cover the peaches and pears as well as the asparagus.
  21. During the winter, most of the time is sucks being this far SW....Spring time is a totally different story, 67°
  22. Already 61⁰ here, very little cloud cover as well....80s seem to be a lock at this point, the air has that summer smell, ahhh. Sadly 50s and 30s are back next week
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