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  1. Last year was king for that, cold/dry warm/wet dominated....The whole second half of that GFS run reminded me of a late March/April pattern. Who knows, I just assume at this point if something is marginal, money is on rain, even in the core of winter
  2. Waiting for us to get Nam'd on one of these runs coming up... current run was close with the low developing further south and east...
  3. It is interesting to see the mesos with a lot of speckled precip around over the next 36-48 hours....maybe see off and on non accumulating flakes? NBD obviously, I feel like this type of weather would bring sprinkles/off and on showers
  4. Expectations are set pretty low at this point, but it would be nice to get on the board going into the end of the month.....anything after last year will feel like a blizzard
  5. Just a quick glance at the ENS, awful amount of blues around AK and the west coast...Maybe SNE gets lucky over the next couple of weeks, but moving forward oof. I will end up burning less wood in December than I did in November...
  6. After the last few days, a beautiful 50 degrees out there....
  7. Here in SNE, we actually have some cold air to play with too...just goes to show how perfectly we need to time something this time of the year to get anything more than a cold rain, at least down here
  8. 16.9⁰ this morning...didn't expect it that low I feel like this month had a bit of "wasted" cold. Hopefully something pops up early next month after the warmup
  9. 6 GEFS look pretty good after day 10.....at least the blocking up near Greenland is inside of day 10 now
  10. look at that shift in western Mexico.....something flipped that model since 0Z
  11. 27.0⁰ currently, it has been above 30⁰ only 4 nights so far this month. Definitely great radiating conditions so far....
  12. as cold as things look over the next couple of weeks, one would expect a period of warmth to follow. Hopefully it shifts back to colder the second half of December like the Weeklies show..... Temp actually dipped down to 26.2 this morning.....
  13. 20.5⁰ for the low....coldest so far of the season. Teens for sure tomorrow morning, unless some clouds roll in.
  14. I do wish it would work to our advantage when it comes to snowfall, but the complete opposite...I guess some extra ice in damming situations is a plus.... On another note, where is my sunny skies that everyone was forecasting for today?!?!? Cloudy with a few dots of blue skies is about all we have. Must be pretty cold aloft.
  15. Perfect radiating night....34⁰ in town, 24⁰ here, just 5 minutes away....while I understand it is "fake" cold, my need to warm the house is definitely not fake
  16. That EPS does bring back terrible memories from last winter, I feel like that is what it looked like most of the time....I guess the hope is El Nino climo does take over
  17. I had mine installed just over 2 years ago....It produced all the electric I needed per year and then some. I have since converted to all electric, minus our oil furnace (We dont actually use much oil since we installed our woodstove), purchased a plug-in hybrid. The issue is getting a company to add panels to our system. I would really like to get back to having no electric bill, but can't complain because despite the high electricity costs, for our vehicle it is still cheaper to charge at home than it is for a gallon of gas....
  18. Already down to 29⁰ here, anything that was wet, is now frozen....
  19. Has an early winter chill to the evening...might just skip the 20s and go right to the real fake cold, 19⁰ by morning here? Plenty of non accumulating snow on the 700ft hill, but even some flakes and a graupel shower down here in the valley. Not a bad day for November 1st...37.9⁰ already
  20. That is some impressive cold air sitting to the north days 11-16 on the GFS. Hopefully it has a clue, definitely will be chances if that look sticks around as we head into that time frame.
  21. I am not that old, but I remember a time in school when we had debate clubs. You can have a really good debate, using facts/concrete data to back one's opinion. Go back and forth....in today's society, one side could have all the facts, written in stone, plain as day, and of course in the simplest of form and the other side just says I don't believe you, you will never change my mind, end of story....the earth is round, here is all of the data to back my opinion/hypothesis whatever it maybe, other side, no its flat, here is youtuber 017985, he says it is flat, end of story. It is so frustrating as a scientist nowadays....even though the +3C⁰ over the next century or 2 isn't going to take out mankind directly, all the other indirect impacts most likely will and if it doesn't, it is going to make living life not very pleasant for most of us...I mean, they pretty much figured it out in the movie WALL-E back in 2008. I agree 100% with Dendrite's comment...."It takes a lot of heat to wipe out the arctic ice that has rapidly deteriorated in the last few decades. We know the CO2 has been steadily, rapidly rising since we started measuring it in HI too. It’s pretty obvious we’re trashing the planet with our excessive waste, pollutants, GHGs, and plastic. It doesn’t need to be a political issue. I don’t even care what the global temps are. Look around. The planet look like trash compared to 300 years ago. We should just simply be striving to be as “green” as possible." I mean how does cleaner water to drink and swim in, cleaner air to breathe, and just being cleaner in general become a political battle? No wonder I have a headache every day....
  22. No doubt, frying Turkeys while wearing shorts and t-shirts
  23. Whatever happens next week, it is impressive to see strong high pressures continue to build in after any warm up....Also coming in through the center of the country, not into the Pacific Northwest, already looks better than last year....
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