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  1. Do they convert to centimeters for Canadian accums?
  2. You wouldn't remember it in Maine...it was all rain up there. The mets can correct me on this, but I remember an IVT or maybe a CF with a SE to NW orientation. I think Newport had 30"?
  3. Yeah, but he got all jacked up on roids after he left the Red Sox.
  4. The children's blizzard of 1888 in the Great Plains...people were getting knocked on their arses whenever they touched their wood stoves thanks to St. Elmo's Fire.
  5. Just back from a "supply" trip to Great Barrington. I was shocked to see 4" of fresh snow on the ground.
  6. The Boys in the Boat is a tremendous book about the University of Washington crew team that represented us at the Berlin Olympics of 1936. The author writes about the crippling blizzards that were hitting Seattle at that time. I was a bit incredulous, as I haven't seen that in my years as a weather nerd...but we might see that in early December?
  7. In the old days we would look for the ridge apex to be in line with the Chimney of Idaho. That would give this some more room for maneuver.
  8. The pig begins to retrograde off the set near the end of the euro run.
  9. Seriously, who here dares to deny the pragmatics of auto-dissing?
  10. Hi Heights in the NAO region and a -60 height anomaly over us...does that really call for a torch alert?
  11. It's a Cheech & Chong-style one-eyed snake over Alaska!
  12. But a really cool storm evolution.
  13. The leaf-dritic growth zone seems to be between 20' and 80'. Some real fatties.
  14. Veteran's Day is normally the day when I can sit on the upstairs Crapper, look out the window and see the tops of semi-trucks across the valley on Rte 25, about 1 mile away. This year...not even close....but the foliage has become very nice.
  15. Did someone say dogshit? Every one of these maps looks effing great to me!
  16. How is there an island of warmth over Hudson's Bay, when it will be frozen solid for those months? Is their 2M temp two meters under ground? OTOH, that looks great for my old stomping grounds at SBN.
  17. And....the models start coming in at the "right time" tomorrow. Another harBINGer of the changing season.
  18. Looking forward to reading it when I have some time later today. Ray's analysis is like the opening kickoff of winter.
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