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  1. It's 145pm on Saturday. My temperature has been in the low 50's all day. Up to 54. It seems that most NNE stations are a little warmer than forecasted. I saw something from the NWS at Gray that record low high day minimums were in the mid 50's. Concord is at 59F, Portland 63 and Augusta 61. We had a 10 minute drizzle shower this morning. I'm still hoping for a couple of showers over the next day or so to dampen down the pollen. As usual my manmade pond is getting very low and will probably go dry in the next week. That is ahead of schedule.
  2. We all need to install solar panels for the house and to charge our EV's. Maybe buy the new electric F150 lightning. In the event of a power failure you can plug the truck back in to the your houses electric panel and it will deliver enough power the house for a few days worth.
  3. Yep! I have the GT and extended battery so my exact model seems to have the problem. Metal contacts can melt under extended acceleration or heavy battery use. Perhaps my car is not the best to try to climb Mt Washington in. They say they will be able to do an over air update to correct the problem. Until they can do that no more Mustang Mache can be sold. You have to tow it on a flatbed too as it can otherwise it can damage the electric motors. If your in NNE and see a dead white MME with the EPONY plate and an exasperated hitchhiker, please pick me up!
  4. I am allergic to grass pollen and I'm miserable right now. The tree pollen that was super bad the past 2 weeks is mostly gone and now it is grasses. At least .14" is enough for a quick rinse. I hope, perhaps a couple of the instablilty showers in the Whites can get down here tomorrow. I'll take .10" or so
  5. Crude Oil down 6% today (Friday). Will gas prices follow? I bought the electric Mustang Mache this spring. Amazing car. 270 mile range. 0 to 60mph in 4 seconds. I am getting 125 miles on about $4 of electric. No more oil changes for me.
  6. The Mt Washington road race is tomorrow. I just saw they have decided to shorten the distance to the 1/2 point. That makes good sense to me. I just watched WMUR weather for up here. Other than to say that tomorrow will be much cooler than today there was no mention out of the ordinary. Brian, did you score any rain today with those showers? Not a drop here.
  7. Just to bump up this thread.. I posted this on the June thread too... Hum, this cold air means business in NNE. I know the NAM is the NAM but it came in really cold for Sunday night. If NNE could clear out in time and go calm the temperatures could really bottom out. The GFS and Euro are in the upper 30's but take a look at the NAM temps. Frost advisory for the north country? Alex better cover up those tomatoes.
  8. Hum, this cold air means business in NNE. I know the NAM is the NAM but it came in really cold for Sunday night. If NNE could clear out in time and go calm the temperatures could really bottom out. The GFS and Euro are in the upper 30's but take a look at the NAM temps. Frost advisory for the north country? Alex better cover up those tomatoes.
  9. Boy the GFS is stubbornly cold for us up here on Saturday. My Weatherbell site shows 44F for a max high for Plymouth NH during the daylight hours on Saturday. That has to be overdone. Showers in the Whites would be snow at the summits. Maybe I will take the 35 minute drive to Franconia Notch on Sunday morning for a look around.
  10. Ouch, 18Z GFS is even colder than last run for me. 41F at 4pm on Saturday? I don't think so but even 51F would be extreme around the summer solstice.
  11. Just checking in. I know most of you are hating the cold look but I will take this anytime over 95/70F. Obviously if I had a boat and wanted to be swimming in a lake I would feel otherwise. Give me a couple of heavy showers for the gardens and then open up the windows for 60F air for the weekend. No complaints here...
  12. Today, the pine pollen probably reached it's peak up here in Central NH. When those south winds started to crank mid to late morning the pollen past through in waves. I made a 30 second time lapse from my weather cam. Pretty neat to watch. Glad we get a soak over the next few days to clean things out. https://video.nest.com/clip/1b7dd1b198494caa95df188caab98ca2.mp4
  13. So sorry to hear this. WBZ always sent her out during bad weather.
  14. Finally the garden gets a drink. Overnight thunderstorm and training cells have given up .58" Currently a cold 49F
  15. Arrggghhh. Getting dry again. We have not had any rain in quite awhile. Models had forecasted about 1/2" from this system. CF is through. Grand total was .03"
  16. 89.7/62. Highest I have been in the last 2 years is 90.2F Will I break it? Station highest is 94.9F. Looks like a severe thunderstorm watch will be issued up here.
  17. Full sun up here in Central NH 55F at 9am and just hitting 70F now. Temperature should rise rapidly, not a cloud in the sky. 70/62 1pm
  18. The MCS that moved out to sea and moving ESE almost looks like it's creating some banding. Probably optical illusion but it is over gulf stream.
  19. The GFS has been like a dog that will not just let go of his grip. Jeez, run after run for day after day the GFS has been insistent that something is going to get going in the NW Caribbean or Gulf. If this would ever come to fruition the GFS will have scored a total respect from me.
  20. 63F Heavy thunderstorm approaching. .95" so far Davis rain gauge fixed
  21. Brian, good catch. Actually just 20 minutes ago during the storm I looked at my display and it did not measure rain. So something has to be caught in the spout. I will clear it tomorrow and see what happened. I have the stratus and we just had .70" in the passing storm. More rain to come but we needed this drink. Oh, no wind, no hail but lots of cloud to ground strikes.
  22. Looks like im going to be hit hard. Constant thunder and cloud to ground strikes to my south. Watch my cam's for hail www.bridgewaternhweather.com
  23. Congrats, My cousins are also getting married next Saturday. 150 people, outdoor wedding in the Poconos. I guess I have been elected to be the official weather guy in the family. Hot and humid for sure but the cold front and line of storms could screw things up late afternoon. Lots of pressure on me, could come down to the wire and if I'm wrong I could be out casted from the family
  24. Hot day in NNE for Mid May. Berlin at 3pm is 90F. I'm seeing quite a few 90-92F readings on people's home weather stations. I'm not happy with this heat. It can stay 70 to 75F with dews in the 40's all summer! Looking forward to some rain. Black flies will probably peak in my area this weekend.
  25. Super fast leaf out up here. The tree canopy looked like November 7 days ago. Now everything is leafing out. Here are 2 pictures from my Cam. Monday AM and Friday AM
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