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  1. CoastalWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    I’ll trade winter QPF for summer QPF but only to a point.
  2. CoastalWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    What town you at?
  3. CoastalWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    It was. I hope I never hear thunder again as long as my yard gets water.
  4. CoastalWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Good storm here
  5. CoastalWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Days getting shorter
  6. CoastalWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Yiggity Yawn
  7. My neighbor was friends with him. It’s so awful. I wasn’t born and raised here, but I know a lot in and around the town. My wife went to get food yesterday and saw a Quincy cop in the same place getting take out. They were covering for Weymouth. She just looked at him and said how sorry she was. He teared up. It’s a weird and sad feeling when you go about doing errands. I think the circumstances are just so horrific. The guy clearly had mental issues based on what his mom said and his past history. I wish this country would focus on that and not lock up people for a dime bag.
  8. This has completely devastated the community. Absolutely crushed. The whole circumstances are disgustingly mind blowing. The officer goes after someone who ditched a car after an accident, try to apprehend the guy vandalizing a home, scuffle or wait until the officer holsters his gun to apprehend you, hit him with a rock to knock him out, shoot him multiple times in the chest and head with his own weapon, murder him, and then deliberately kill an innocent bystander having coffee in her sun room with the same weapon meant to use to protect. All of this and only 30 minutes left on your shift. I can’t even fathom that. As a parent, seeing the pics with his family just crushes you. I don’t get it and never will. I have many friends in law enforcement and it’s hit them pretty hard. It’s been amazing to see Weymouth pull together.
  9. It's probably 1-2F on avg warmer than BED all the time. Even OWD at times seemed to drift warm lately. It's one of those things that don't quite pass the sniff test for me.
  10. CoastalWx

    SNE Tropical Weather Discussion - Hurricanes

  11. I thought maybe a month or two ago? I'd have to ask the forecaster.
  12. We reported it to BOX and they claim nothing is wrong. Good response.