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  1. LOL, well you still get a sense of blocking when you have those deeper oranges and reds. I think Nick was just saying to keep that in mind with some of the more subtle AN heights. Personally, I can still get a sense of those maps.
  2. Those are anomalies, so beware pretty colors. Just like when Someone posts that we have blocking over Greenland, but it's still cyclonic flow, just AN heights. It's unfortunate, but we background warm.
  3. What a Debbie D he is. Good grief.
  4. Even U40s at my house. Sounds like another summery start to the Tolland mornings.
  5. Man you are like a fart in an oxygen tank. Just no fun and completely depressing. Your team is about to go into the WS, yet your posts make Sarah Mclachlan sound like a comedian.
  6. Might need to hoist the Ginxy SOS signal next week in the northeast. Deep cutoff with tropical flow in October usually spells hydro issues. Something to watch.
  7. Usually once you get into later December and January. That's when things finally become stratified from north to south.
  8. I spent a bit of time in Ray's beast of a man shed that winter. March 01 was pretty good though even here. But definitely not nearly as kind of a winter here compared to 50 miles NW.
  9. I'm just ready for man snow again. Let's see how many get offended by that term.
  10. They'll be cold shots, but as I said a few days ago..the period averages out to a bit AN in the 11-15 day. The Pacific is not in a good state for sustained colder weather.
  11. November looks to start out on the milder side I think. Bit of a Bering Sea trough with lower heights extending off the west coast.
  12. LOL, I dunno. A little early for that....but I am dying for some December fun. Winter starting near GroundHog day is getting old.
  13. I think it's important to look at the overall PAC SSTs and the position of the anomalies. Curious how previous seasons have done with a similar PAC PDO and more central to east based Nina. Might not be a huge sample size though.
  14. Yeah I do not see an abrupt change to siggy cold at all. Maybe seasonal as its averaged out. Could be some pretty good swings in temps during the tail end of the month. Maybe even some tropical moisture entrained into the mix along the east coast.