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  1. Oaks are easily mid leaf out here. Looking more and more like May.
  2. I did hear a report of a brief change to drizzle in lighter precipitation rates in Hanson. That may have been possible, but it didn’t get N or W of that.
  3. Tough job being a cop these days. At least you can’t demonize electricians. Or can you?
  4. Why don’t you invest 5K in your lawn?
  5. Sometimes I feel like PF lives 1500 miles away.
  6. Blue Hill at 635' and maybe 7NM west of me practically doubled my snowfall this season. Amazing.
  7. I know we are going O/T, but it may be awhile before things settle down.
  8. You should see what a few hundred feet does here. There is a huge difference at 32.0F and like 33.5F. Which can happen in borderline events with a difference of 200-300'. Meanwhile, I may eventually move further south in Plymouth County. May shave off a few inches a year, but at least Phil comes to visit now and then.
  9. Kevin will be at like 750’. It’s going to kill him. You could see him driving up to his old house in borderline events, parking in the driveway of the new owners of the house, and just staying in his truck drinking an IPA. Not wanting to go back down below 800’ where it’s white rain.
  10. Well he said he didn't expect a surge in the Fall. What issue do you have with that? Whether he is right or wrong on that, is another debate.