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  1. Yeah the highs in SNE have not been torrid. Just a warm pattern.
  2. Why the HI in eastern MA? Dews are dropping. Should have had it yesterday.
  3. I could see a couple of days cooler than that, inland.
  4. Not sure about the lows, but it could be Tues-Thurs...especially East. That’s fine with me. Wouldn’t mind a break.
  5. They’ll probably be cooler air later Tuesday into Wednesday as a low develops and N to NE winds ensue.
  6. Where you moving to again? Weymouth, MA.
  7. Been a day with lots of storms just to my SE in Wolfboro. Quick downpour here, but extremely humid.
  8. Phin will have some pants tent snowliage shots I think.
  9. It will always be cold where you are. The shittiest winter there will have you in awe.
  10. Winni is about as warm as you'll ever see this early. We AGW.