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  1. This rain and warmer weather will have Tiger playing in my backyard by Friday. We turf builder.
  2. I’ve had enough rain. September has been pretty wet.
  3. September and October have been known for prolific rains. The combo of still high PWATS and now synoptic lift.
  4. CoastalWx

    Countdown to Winter 2018 -2019

    I’m Joking. Good luck with the new place!
  5. Must have been a good batch there. Not able to look, but looks less to west and east.
  6. And no Watch. This was a slam dunk. Every model had it nailed in SW cT.
  7. That seems high. Did you get into heavier rain vs BDL?
  8. Hrrr nailed that earlier.
  9. CoastalWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    S coast poundage
  10. Almost half inch here.
  11. That was you when we stole 2/15/15from you.
  12. The commander responds.
  13. And we'll be dead and gone. I plan on being buried while holding onto pics from 2015.
  14. On a side note, GFS is a furnace next week. 576 thicknesses approaching.
  15. I'm sort of egging the commander of cold on, but speaking from a global standpoint..we warm. It's just our little pocket has been relatively cool at times. Which I am not complaining at all.