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  1. I have never would have thought a total accumulation rainfall map would be more impressive than any snow map I have ever seen. Then the 12z GFS rolls in for S TX and proves me wrong. My God. Hope it does not verify.
  2. I have no words for the GFS solution. I hope it does not verify.
  3. It used to rain once. Now it's the Cape and NNE that get it. I feel your pain.
  4. Since when did I move to Dubai?
  5. After the rainforest look through July...I am back to last year again. I've had it with summer. Give me synoptic storms.
  6. I was wrong. Instead of .02 I had .03" back to last summer again.
  7. Well as with everything regarding Kevin...I need to clear it up. Of course we will have warm spells...and perhaps Sept is AN. But is an AN September really all that bad? Summer's back is broken. And yes, this summer was much more tolerable for sure, even down here. I am annoyed that we reverted back to dryness again over the last 4 weeks.
  8. That LLJ is cranking. Noticeable wind down here for sure.
  9. Can't wait for my .02"
  10. Weeklies were warm week 4. I don't think anyone said no more warmth. But long bouts of heat and dews are done.
  11. I don't care if a comet landed in front of me...I don't think I could give up 14-15.
  12. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm done.
  13. Yeah it's nasty...one of the nastier days this summer.
  14. 42" of rain lol.
  15. Heat content is not as high as the Gulf loop, but SSTs which is plenty. It's not like you'll have crazy upwelling in that part of the GOM.