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  1. It looks like that classic PVA forced stuff that "Vs" out as you go north and latitude.
  2. Man what a nice event for the far interior. I’ll clam a small victory in that I still have some snow cover.
  3. Well we did mention this relaxation and potential warm solutions. Hopefully we can squeeze one more event in. I guess if we blow hard enough, we can keep the frontal boundary we’ll offshore prior to Christmas.
  4. It’s more - pna. It’s not a warm pattern. But if storms amplify, they could cut West or overhead we just don’t know. They could also go just to our south east and give us ice and snow who knows.
  5. It is. But in this pattern it would be nice to have a negative NAO to help reduce the chance for cutters. Canada is mighty cold. It’s good to have that source region cold
  6. Days of ice on the GFS?
  7. Good stuff in the far interior and NNE. Jealous, but nice to see the old proverbs of CAD come to life. As we have see hundreds of times.
  8. I'm referring to winter.
  9. Yeah that's an E-NE drain. CAD FTW. Those temps aren't budging much.
  10. -Sn in Andover.
  11. I think CON stays below 32. Maybe a brief post cold front bump before the real CAA moves in.
  12. Well it's not always immediate from the boundary. But 24 there now with the potential to drop a degree or two before slowly going up.
  13. Arctic boundary. Attn: The Pope.
  14. I feel like the secondary will just ride that CF feature in NE MA into the GOM. That should lock in the cooler temps near and esp north of ORH..maybe into LWM area. Just my guess. Might not be below 32 everywhere, but they won't sniff 40.