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  1. Man HRRR almost has a gravity wave looking deal or some sort of meso high right behind the squall line. It's got a weak ridge based on the isobars immediately after the front early tomorrow morning. Might see some weird shit happen.
  2. It will. I'm sure you'll get some terrain enhancement too. Although...I wonder if you get a little what Alex gets. Some downsloping off the Whites to the SSE of you? I'm definitely not familiar with the nuances over your area. I just know it
  3. Almost as bizarre as a record snow winter with a raging +NAO.
  4. HRRR soundings are pretty nuts. Maybe a small inv verbatim, but the winds off the deck are intense.
  5. That area on CT river up by Littleton NH to PSF right into the MId Atlantic is the conv zone from now through 06z or so.
  6. Nice blob of rain to miss Taunton to the SE over the water.
  7. Almost looks like a winter time setup with that trough going negative. Precip backing NW near Albany.
  8. Eff the rain. Let’s get some wind.
  9. Hopefully slotted all winter in Taunton.
  10. Stein blown right out of Tblizz’s twin bed on the latest HRRR.
  11. I know it’s hard to undo the shook from last year, but I really believe there is nothing to fear when that happens in October.
  12. Kevin should do well. He'll owe me some tree house when he is over 1".
  13. Yep...and man last year threw everyone for a loop. Who would have thought on 12/15 that we would enter such a historically bad stretch.