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  1. December is also hard to commit. Every weekend has something.
  2. My whole aftn is effed up now. Weather ftl.
  3. My wife’s flight is delayed now. If nobody is going just scrap it for something in January. Hopefully it’s at a time where an event is near.
  4. Looks like euro trended warmer and less QPF.
  5. 6z gfs is a nice example of maximizing a meh pattern.
  6. 18z euro warmer. Liquid in Lewiston?
  7. You may have to burn your sled.
  8. Half the house will be a loss if that’s the look heading into January.
  9. I know it would be a mental binky for me if we somehow snuck in something before Christmas and then after. Not a blockbuster...but just enough to lift the monkey of awful Decembers off our back.
  10. The inv dong of destiny in SW CT.
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