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  1. That sounds epic dude. Never would have thought that one with turkey. Haha.
  2. I don’t have sauerkraut, but I love it. Like the idea.
  3. That’s awesome. Are you close to Sandwich Notch road?
  4. Weeklies trying to a -NAO. They also have been all over.
  5. Put some cattle out to pasture there.
  6. Split flow. Looks fine to me. That’s enough ridging in western Canada. At least for New England.
  7. What a torch. I think you and I have the same grill haha.
  8. Definitely. Hopefully EPS follow.
  9. No shit lol. That’s a sweet look.
  10. Hey Steve, hope you feel better. Not as bad as you, but it sucks feeling useless. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. Some of the guidance soaked Maine. I expect hrly updates of the flow in CFS for the Kennebec, from Tamarack.