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  1. Weenies are everywhere in Weymouth. I can buy that gust. Corroborates nicely.
  2. Wind a little more north now. Can see it on radar as it shifts south. May stabilize things a tad before it goes back more NNE later when the low moves SW. Cranking to about 50 I would say or close to it. 45-50.
  3. Just had a gust maybe near 50 and big blue flash. Lost power for about a minute and came back on.
  4. This thing has several hours to get near peak.
  5. Usually when he and Tblizz meh, that is a good sign. Everything seems on track to me.
  6. What's the conflict? Winds stronger near coast vs inland?
  7. RAP isn't really until like 5z where it gets nuts. 7-9z LLJ core overhead.
  8. That is nuts. Lots of dead branches and smaller alive ones down now. A mess already. 2.8" rain. 54F.
  9. Little more of a lull or steady state now. Seems like after 11 or so it picks up quickly. I'd say sporadic gusts to near 45ish still.
  10. It's possible the LLJ misses to the north of ACK. The area from about HYA N is a better area I think.
  11. Yeah Weymouth is one of them. It's either on of off. Delay seems dumb.
  12. This has slowed a few hours too. Getting peak after like 1am potentially.
  13. I'd say we are getting 45 now. It's got the sound where you look out the window.
  14. We're blowing pretty good now. Must be near 40mph or so in gusts.
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