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  1. It’s like Colombus Day out there. Lol.
  2. I’m in the more quieter part of the lake. But weekends are extremely busy. That area where you were is a shit show on the weekends.
  3. It does feel nice for a change. Probably cooler in Tolland.
  4. It’s freaking September here. Gales at the lake.
  5. In and up getting the brunt of this cold. Congrats Tolland.
  6. Dews aren’t here until later week. Hopefully WAR sets up for Augustein.
  7. Stein on the cape outside of the upper half of the elbow.
  8. So the whole region had like 10-16+” lol. I think aside from the cape which had 4-8”? That’s like a map of snowfall after a storm.
  9. I’m close to 13” I believe as well. Insane.
  10. Dendrite did you have like 5” over the last week?
  11. And now you’re gonna complain of too much rain lol.
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