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  1. In general climo is very hostile, but you have some Greenland ridging and an EPO cold dump. If there is a pattern to do it, that's the look. My gut says Midwest and Plains probably best choices, but it only takes one s/w to dumbell off the coast. Hell Thursday is a nuke for Maine.
  2. But wait, there was more...LOL. Where was this pattern a month ago?
  3. This is pretty funny. "But I'm a social scientist"
  4. Maybe they coat at the in up in the Monads at 1K, but it's basically a fropa there.
  5. Quarantine means nice weather wanted. I’m all set with that shit.
  6. Thursday may be ok for a chunk of the day. Heavy rain late day, fropa, a little ozone sniff....and we are off for a decent Friday albeit chilly. Even tomorrow aftn may be ok. Wish we could have yesterday and today for the rest of the week.
  7. Wishing the best for your Dad, Kev. Heads up.
  8. Yeah, just speaking for my hood. First half of December was fun, but another year where early snow and cold failed to foreshadow the rest of the season. Disappointing.
  9. I'm going to sneeze all over the organic produce section of the Tilton Market Basket.
  10. Effing horrible. I know rt 2 corridor on north wasn't as bad, but the period from mid December on was as bad as it gets. I would take 15-16 a thousand times over.
  11. It's amazing to have a bright, sunny morning. What a boost for the soul.