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  1. It’s not that. We have single digits and teens occur many times in normal Winters. I think recent confirmation bias along with timing of cold leads to this. I’m not justifying this, but a city like Boston has a lot to consider.
  2. Yep. The days of the moms sending kids off to school being at home are gone. Need to consider much more.
  3. Lots of kids going to school with temps upper 20s and not caring. Leaving with temps in single digits with wind chills -20s. Unfortunately many students are not capable of dressing right for many reasons.
  4. Euro map looks weird. -10 at FMH but -8 at BOS? One degree colder than ACK? Tossed.
  5. Nah we knew. I just don’t consider euro elite anymore.
  6. BUFKIT NAM and GFS have 45-50kt top of boundary layer. NAM even has 53kts at BOS at 03z.
  7. You may get a quick one. Looks like they fade as they head SE. A little too dry. If flow was more SW off the ocean we’d probably have a derecho.
  8. I’m surprised GEFS were cooler than op. I wonder if the surface “improvement” made to not make it too cold with snowpack affected it.
  9. That was pre-Davis. That ran a bit colder than actuality on these things, but point stands haha.
  10. You look at the ensembles, and you just want to see a big H5 blue area over AK and know it's over. Instead you get a big -EPO. LOL. Mother Nature can't let us off that easy.
  11. HRRR is -10. Part of me wonders that when the real strong CAA levels off on 300 winds, Logan sometimes will take 4 hrs to drop 1F. That's why earlier I was unsure of colder than -6, but with guidance still gung ho, -7 or -8 definitely looks close to a lock. Not that it matters a whole lot.
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