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  1. Poked in a spot where corn cob noses shouldn't poke?
  2. Yep. Last few days were terrible. If it's this cold, at least have a good pack, or snow chances. But cold and dry? Blech.
  3. I was pimping the warmth last week. Widespread 70s coming for least down here. But after Friday or Saturday, party is over for a bit. Doesn't mean we won't have one or two nape days...but prolonged mild weather will wait. Also, you live at the North Pole.
  4. All I know is after this week, the warm weather is gone for awhile. Fact not opinion.
  5. After this week, it looks as it always has looked. Go back to work.
  6. I don't know, I saw it burying the Andrea Gale on 546 thicknesses this winter.
  7. It was pretty cold though. It’s son I think has a cold bias.
  8. Nothing has changed. Think Ant has been captured by Antifa.
  9. Will you park at Coney Island and suck back a few dogs while watching scantily clad women on the boardwalk?
  10. I saw that. We went back and forth a bit in March 2018 during those damaging storms. I think as a more prominent OCM, you just can’t go out there and publicly wish for damage like Kevin does. I think it’s almost taboo, but shit.....that’s exactly why I got into it.
  11. Probably build a gym for women 50 and up.