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  1. Some good cells down there. Had hail just to my south in SWEY but just stratiform rain and thunder here.
  2. Don’t think anybody is near that?
  3. Decent action around these parts into SNH
  4. Yeah I'm not saying it isn't a part of it at all....but I don't see a clear signal like the other items I brought up.
  5. I have a hard time though attributing CC to something that typically has it's origins from humans. Whether it be from a train or gender reveal etc. You start a fire in a typical dry area...how do you then parse out that from some sort of underlying CC? I'm not saying CC isn't part of it...but I have a tough time seeing a clear CC signal when a large part of these fires are the result of careless actions from humans. In Quebec, is it possible they just had a dry spell? I mean those do happen. I can easily attribute CC to things like ocean temps, precip, etc. But it's seems quite hard for me to see a clear CC signal through all this other stuff with fires.
  6. They have tstms there all the time. I have to assume it's just been very dry there overall. Perhaps still a lot of early season debris on the ground and dried up. Not sure if green up is mature there yet.
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