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  1. 18.6 when I left with Rather windy conditions. WTF.
  2. Thanks, but guidance showed this potential for a couple of days. I mean it’s a very minor event, but WNW winds will have little marine influence on the Cape so they should cool quick. I’ll root for the Cape. Everyone shits on them and I understand why...but lots of good people like Phil who enjoy the snow. That’s a good event for them this time of year.
  3. Good thing pickles said to be medicated
  4. Phil is getting plastered in Brewster.
  5. Phil said it’s ripping and sticking there.
  6. How does he do that when a dendrite is 0.1”? That’s what I’ll call it. Not enough for 0.2, but solid covering.
  7. Maybe we can get a Jspin 0.2”
  8. Starting to freeze up and stick on some surfaces. This feels good. About to smoke a cigarette.