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  1. That's an interesting call, as it is with a lot of LES. I'd say northern Phoenix probably gets the better LES when a band is hitting Fulton. Lots of variables with any given event though. The PHX school district sticks pretty far north from the town itself, which is why some snow days happen for school when conditions don't seem all that bad closer to the river. From what I recall (and Wolfie is probably more expert than i am), when Fulton gets hammered, it doesn't necessarily mean Phoenix will, though north of the town center might. As a thumb rule, mile for mile north of the river does best over the course of a winter. As you get further south from me, less so, though Liverpool, B'ville etc still get their fare share of LES events. A lot of the LES in my vicinity tends to be somewhat transient. We don't usually get the 12+ hour significant dumps as winds tend to veer and are less stable when pointed our way. So we get a lot of 3-8" events that last and hour to maybe 4 hours, which are generally manageable to get around in as snow removal around here is really good.
  2. Decent banding with the coastal, has same banding signature as several major snowstorms in past years (Oneonta to Herkimer area).
  3. I see you moved south! Yes we are not far apart. It's almost time to start praying for WNW flow.
  4. Hello again to all. Just back from a few weeks in western and central Europe, where the weather was changeable and generally similar to here. It's that time of year and won't be long now before flakes are flying. IIRC, a weak/neutral ENSO winter usually provides good winter results in upstate NY.
  5. Giid chance to burn up the last of my fireplace wood this weekend. Snow showers here the past few hours.
  6. Pretty much agree with all of this. We also seem to have a couple of curiosities repeating: 1) early snows in November causing us to go from final lawn mowing / leaf raking to serious snow blowing in about a week's time and, 2) the XMas holidays warmup again, from mid December thru first week of January. I give this past winter a B grade. I had average snowfall IMBY (135.5") and w/in a few inches of last year's total. Can't complain about that. The downside was frequent cutters which slammed snowpack repeatedly. We had a few arctic outbreaks and it all started pre-Thanksgiving yet again and lasted thru most of March. That said, I usually give our Spring weather a D for the reasons Buffalo Bumble stated. 70s and sun forecasted for tomorrow though. So we are slowly ramping up. Here's to a hot & dry Global Warming summer! (Yes, I have a pool in one of the cloudiest areas of the US).
  7. I thought about that. I didn't snowblow the last one. But...I need to run my snowblower dry for the end of season. So rather than just idle it next weekend, figured I'd put it to some use before I drive it back to the shed. And they havent plowed our road. Think of the children!!
  8. Totaled up 5.5". I'm going to snowblow it. Just cuz its April 1st. ...
  9. Pretty ggid snow falling here last couple hours. Road is covered. We are over an inch on the grass, maybe pushing 2". Will be a nice April fools joke when people wake up in the a.m.
  10. About 3, maybe 4" here. We may eke out 6". Not a total bust but projections from a day ago were predictably over baked. 3-6" call by Teske looking pretty good for SYR area, other than the hills south. Pretty windy.
  11. Still RN- downtown SYR. I think most ppl around here are going to be wondering WTF with that WSW by the time this is done.
  12. Light RN downtown SYR. More like a heavy drizzle. Going out with a whimper in the lowlands? #sad