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  1. Well, not an expert here of course and I havent followed the "Sh*tcoins" closely but the pattern with Ether and BTC the past couple of years has been to wait for, and then buy the effing dip...
  2. Wut?? Are you people not believing "the Science"???
  3. Could be some minor slushy snow in the hills. Speaking of which, there was snowfall in Manchester England just prior to the Man City v Real Madrid Champions League 2nd leg semif-final soccer match Tuesday. I turned the game on and was shocked to see the pitch was lightly covered in snow. I have to think that's quite unusual there in rainy old England.
  4. There is a light frost. I left a tomato and pepper plant out on the front stoop but they weren't affected fortunately.
  5. This is why i hate people. Last year it was bleach so they could lather themselves in it, now this.
  6. Yeah, its a nice gain, still unrealized as i haven't sold, and i won't be able to retire on this by any means but Raoul Pal, someone i follow at RealVision, really thinks this stuff is going much much higher. So far he's been right.
  7. Leery of the parabolic moves as they usually end up reversing hard but I think there's a solid LT case for crypto given the macro fiscal background. I just haven't dabbled in the Sh*tcoins, sticking with Ether and BTC itself for now.
  8. I bought 10 Ether coins on Coinbase last June at $265. My only regret is not buying more. I did get my son and ex-wife to buy some last fall so they are pleased. I've held it in my wallet there and not spent any as i look at this as a longer term crapshoot. Plus, no taxes if you don't spend or sell...IRS treats sales as capital gain much like an equity.
  9. I had my 2nd Pfizer shot 10 days ago. I went out drinking that night. Drank a bunch of water also. Bit hungover the next day but other than that, no after effects. Not that getting vaccinated gets you anything cuz muh, masks 4Ever, but I did get a free drink at a bar for showing my 2nd vaccination card. So there's that.
  10. 50s for HT's suck. Good for nothing. Looking forward to 100 degree heat.
  11. We still have mid 60s to mid 70s (Wed) in forecast. Hope it holds. Golf league starts wednesday. Could be rare good timing for starting so early.
  12. I heard they're hiring in the Buffalo south towns and offering real estate incentives and tax free living. I'm lying, but my next step is starting a GoFundMe to relocate your ass.
  13. That's disappointing but maybe it will enable an early start to the 2021-22 snow season and we can manage to break 90" again, like back in the Halcyon days of yore.
  14. I've got a measurable snowcover this a.m. Total of just under 2" including what fell and melted yday. Not quite enough for 80" total for the season. I'll have to wait for the May snows to roll thru for that.