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  1. Saw a piece yesterday that the South African Dr's that are directly involved with Omicron are more than a bit taken aback at the global reaction. Their initial clinical obs are that it looks more virulent but no indication that its more deadly. Almost all of their O cases are mild. Which...glass is half full here...could be good news long term if a less deadly strain became dominant. To early to tell but the freakout is telling...about the world...
  2. I'm going to guess that the past 2 winters being well below norm snowfall (for most of us) has resulted in some mean reversion thinking for this winter. Can't say that I'd disagree with the thought...
  3. Picked up 0.8" of snow yday, mood snow...total of about an inch and a half over a couple of days. Looks wintry out there even if the totals aren't noteworthy. At SYR, November avg is about 9.6" and we are under that but I'd imagine the standard deviation on Nov snowfall here is pretty big. Seems like boom or bust usually. Edit: SYR Nov snowfall similar idea to what @DeltaT13 just posted above.
  4. 12Z GFS looks like a few chances for dustings of snow and 2 heavier synoptic rainfall events over the next two weeks with indication of genuine Sizzle out beyond Day 7. Right on schedule for the Sizzlemas Season again! Will be great weather to shop for pool supplies on sale!
  5. SN- here locally all a.m. sometimes steadier, just a dusting on raised surfaces fornthe most part. Still a covering on ground from the "big one" Friday night.
  6. The Sizzle will not be denied! Heading down to NYC area to visit relatives for a couple days so I'll miss tonight's snowfall here. It'll probably be the bomb since myself and you, the Sizzle King, will both be out of area. Edit: flakes are starting to fall here.
  7. Interesting decision to be made. I was surprised that my company decided this as we just supply electrical to various entities that are govt related. I suspect the lawyers defaulted to a conservative decision to avoid future haggling. Moog would seem to fit in the same category but I think the definition of what constitutes being a federal contractor may be open to interpretation...
  8. The one for Federal contractors and employees is still effective. If the company does not consider themselves to be Fed contractors in some way then no mandate applies as of now.
  9. There were 2 separate mandates. The OSHA-related one is delayed in court. The other one addressing federal workers & contractors is still effective. The company that I work for has decided to comply as they have contracts with the govt to supply electrical services...so we've been "requested" to upload our covid vax proof. Not a big fan of this for a few reasons but I knuckled under like a good slapped ass. It buys us nothing though as the company put back in place "restaurant rules" for mask wearing in-office.
  10. Same here. I haven't got the booster yet but will fairly soon. It was "interesting" when i was in Europe last month. A lot of mask wearing but only required on public transport. Restaurants and bars mostly required proof of vax in Amsterdam and Berlin but not in Belgium or outlying areas. The masks were of course annoying but pretty high compliance rate from what I saw. Plane rides were more sucky due to the length of wearing a mask but I didn't mind as much remembering that I had a nasty illness for 3 weeks as soon as I got back from Europe back in November 2019. No issues this time.
  11. It's also a term used by the coasties when sneering at our abundant snowfall. Or when i get momentarily disgusted with another LES band that mocks me by being a few miles north, or west, or south. Which is often.
  12. I'll be headed to NYC to see relatives on Friday/Saturday so i'm sure that THIS WILL BE THE BIG ONE.
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