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  1. Soon many torch come. Australian XMas Wx in NY. Golf and Shrimps on the Barbie.
  2. Mega MAGA Torch coming, straight thru winter. Can't Stop Won't Stop!
  3. The Discord is a merry band of Global Warmers. We dance sing ballads praising the God of Carbon! In fact, I may change my screen name to CarbonElectra!
  4. Yup, I think you will have a great time up thar. Bring your banjo!
  5. This sort of loose talk would get you banned from OT. Or at the very least called a [email protected] by the intelligentsia there...such as it is.
  6. Hot as a firecracker! Look at all that delicious heat! :)
  7. Is there an actual limit to how many times you can be wrong? Or are u freeballing?
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