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  1. Deal. I'll video that sh*t for the forum.
  2. Just go with KBGM's 90% probability map. It's usually closer to reality this season. They have us flipping to rain/snow mix Saturday night. The warm tongue will not be denied. pencil in 4-5" total. Might get an extra inch or two of LES scraps but that's usually a crapshoot here.
  3. What's the Euro got for storm type next weekend? The GFS has been all over the place with this next weekend system.
  4. Looks like KBGM will go with WWA's for most of their CWA later this afternoon per their HWO. Northern Oneida Cty will convert to a Warning.
  5. I can see low ratios being real. I seem to recall another WAA driven snow event earlier this season where we (SYR area) picked up 2-4" within the first hours of onset and then dendrite production went to he!! as mid layers warmed. Ratios were sub 10:1 for the whole event. At least here. The system underperformed relative to forecasts and qpf panel gazing expectations. I think Kuchera method actually hinted at this and was right. Wolfie would remember this one.
  6. KSHT excerpt ...Fortunately, the increasing sun angle should melt off recent snowfall rather quickly during the day Saturday without any hydro problems. As for later Saturday, after a brief burst of low quality snow and then rain Saturday evening into early Sunday due to a prominent warm nose aloft, lowering equilibrium levels, dryslotting, as well as near February sun angles, combined with dry air advection and global warming will limit lake snow accumulations and permit a rapid melt off of whatever snow falls. Flood watches may be necessary for the usual places later next week and certainly by next weekend...Refer to NHC updates for further updates as the week progresses.
  7. 2 maybe 3" here. It's barely worth measuring. Right in line with NWS (and my) 2-4" forecasts.
  8. I go hiking and snowshoeing there on occasion, and up at Green Lakes. Let me know sometime.
  9. Its unbelievable. What's not unbelievable is that somehow, yet again, my NY Muts have managed to end up circling the bowl in a scandal that they had nothing to do with.
  10. Thinking this would be a bad time to discuss the Euro's Verification scores vs the rest of the pack?
  11. It must be counting next weekend's tropical flooding rains as snowfall.