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  1. Is there an actual limit to how many times you can be wrong? Or are u freeballing?
  2. I see UrAnus has a high chance of appearing also.
  3. I had 1.12" rain yesterday, mainly in afternoon with a garden variety thunderstorm. Severe threat looked to generally not materialize.
  4. Anyone have a frost this a.m.? I was very close.
  5. Nice photo ! Finally some warm weather. BTW my phone was damaged so living the iPad life for another day or so.
  6. Today's weather still sucks. 50s, windy, rain incoming.
  7. 0.31" of rain yesterday and a T of snow. April just doesn't cut it for backside Lake enhancement here.
  8. I have to watch it again and let it sink in. It was weird I thought. I'd guess half of the qpf was just rain , so maybe we had 0.45" of snow and about 2" accum. Horrendous ratio that most models don't seem to he able to see...warm ground temps make it more pronounced. Maybe Kuchie would, but I didn't check those prior.
  9. I was up late watching Better Call Saul S6 premiere that I had recorded. By 1 a.m. I turned in and it was still a mix, more R than S it appeared.
  10. KBGM did a pretty good job forecasting this I think.
  11. Yeah, it's a bit of a compromise I think also.
  12. It has been discouraging. But one thing I'd say is that the lower res models that were showing 6+" in this area generally, were whacked. And I think we all knew that. So today was not a surprise. For me anyway.
  13. For the most part I'd support that. Not a fan of yet another social media platform but it is easy to use.
  14. Impressive. KBGM is also up on a 1300' , or so, hill at the airport.
  15. Yes, we have found various ways to underperform the past few seasons.
  16. It's brutal here in the lowlands. Given the lack of LES and synoptic here the past few seasons, events like these are just another kick in the gonads for us. Up to 2" here...
  17. Probably the right spot among your options. Good luck!
  18. Just occasional flurries here. Not buying NAM nonsense. Maybe we get inch Or two of accum if it's at night.
  19. It seems absurd to imagine now, but Rochester got clobbered x2 well into April back in 199x. So I guess it's possible...
  20. I gave this winter a D, just like the last one and the one before that... I wanted to go lower but an F should be reserved for special debacles...we've had 2 of them here in the last 15 years. I forget which they were though.
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