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  1. I am Rangers, Giants but...Mets LOL (and Borussia Dortmund for real football - soccer). I left NYC area initially due to parents ultimately moving to VA (and then BGM), but I stayed in VA for Uni. My moves since then were all job related (USN...hence CT) and since then engineering positions. The $ and job dictates most of it. I was small when i saw my Dad, a senior aerospace engineer laid off in the vicious recession of 1972/73. He was gone on temp contract positions to fill the void (i got to go to school in Frankfurt Germany and Pascagoula MS for 1/2 a year LOL!). So that influenced my mindset. Stay flexible, go where the best job and $ is. Though I must say that when I was offered a position in Oswego...the thought of 100"+ per year had a sway in my decision.
  2. My $0.02 forecast has been for a MECS but not a HECS. That's part of why I didn't chase. Some CSI banded areas will get jacked with 2' but thinking 6-8" NYC and 10-15" most of CT and MA outside of the 495 ring. The wind on CC with snow, actual Blizzard conditions, would possibly be worth the chase.
  3. 00Z NAM close to taking away the football on this developing weekend ocean storm. NYC looks like 6" per NAM. My forecast for 4.5" at Norfolk is doomed. I knew it would be half that, just got hurried in the forecast. I might be ok at DCA/IAD/BWR as warm temps have precluded much snow accumulation so far and i have them all around 2-3". NE has to be melting over the 0Z runs.
  4. Awful model. Except when it agrees with me as in this storm of the weekend.
  5. Looks like RN to backend SN for KSYR at this point but still way out there in time. Doesn't really matter anymore here for season saving purposes that war has already been lost. Maybe win a few skirmishes here and there. Will be interesting to see models over next 6 days. At least they won't be fighting complex thermodynamic processes ala the current system, so maybe a smoother ride?
  6. Thanks. Was unsure about the T. Sounds more Sciency than just PV.
  7. Meh. These Meteorologists. What do they know? I'd pay 4 million just to be able to take a piss without it hurting. Signed, Hyman Roth
  8. Its NOWCAST time for you guys! Best of luck. Steal ALL The Snow!
  9. Great summary! Fond memories of watching the Rangers as a kid down around the city before moving to SE VA. My older cousin, was a big Rod Gilbert fangirl, so always watched NYR when visiting with her in her high rise. Another fond memory was listening to "The Big Whistle" Bill Chadwick doing color for games. Can't count the number of times he'd yell "shoot the puck Barry!" Referring to Barry Beck in the playoffs vs LA one season. We got mileage out of that playing street hockey. That and POTVIN SUCKS! LOL. Trading Brad Park and Jean Ratelle to the Bruinstains for net-hanger Phil Esposito and Carol Vadnais still bothers me. Anti-genius move by "the cat" Emile Francis as (much like with Roger Clemens), Park was not exactly in "the sunset" of his career. My last Ranger game in person was for my birthday back in the late 1990s vs the Bruinstains when Gretzky played for them. For that matter i remember when the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA had this young phenom named Gretzky. I knew in 1994 that I'd never see them win the Cup again. Heja Messier!
  10. Ugh. Well, we'll see. I'm always leery of teams grabbing the latest "hot coordinator". High flash-in-the-pan risk. But since we went down the same sort of road with the GM selection...in for a penny, in for a pound I guess.
  11. It will. Even some of the shaky 18Z models have LI getting 12-18" or maybe more.
  12. I think we can all agree that we kind of need a 3 day torch to melt some of this snow so that we have room for more. And the sidewalks and parking lots can be cleaned off better to keep everyone safe. Let's get that Torch!
  13. I'm at 45" for Season and believe it or not, 28" in January...roughly normal snowfall in Jan. The nickels and dimes have provided! We need Feb to be like Jan just to reach last year's miserly 76". Forget about the prior year's weaksauce 88"... KSYZle is at 35.8" season and 22.1" for Jan...Average for the Sizzleport is 29.6" in Jan as of 1/28 and 70.2" for season.
  14. For such a storm to be ID'd on models well in advance, there sure has been a lot of model waffling and only fleeting consensus other than its an ENE coastal only. Thankfully, we're just spectating and not going thru Bipolar reactions every 6 hours....I'm still worn out from that futility from the last storm. I've been thinking this is going to end up a bit more east than some would like but solid hit from Central LI on ENE
  15. +NAO, upper level too pos tilt and slp too far offshore. This isn't likely region wide epic. A good storm though for the coast.
  16. GFS hunting around consensus. NAM a joke. Here is 10:1 00Z GFS. Banding will prob jackpot PVD -BOS corridor. The rest is probably just a decent coastal hit.
  17. Nah. My friends are working storm Sat night. And It's New England so other than people i trust, screw those Swamp Yankee scum. US in world cup qualifier Soccer match vs Canada Sunday 3pm. Can't miss.
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