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  1. My forecast for ne.wx contest. I'll throw in BUF: 5.8", SYR 7.3", ROC 6.8" CAR: 0.5 BGR: 4.5 PWM: 8.5 CON: 10.1 BTV: 6.0 BOS: 4.3 HYA: 2.1 ORH: 6.8 PVD: 3.0 BDR: 2.5 BDL: 4.0 ALB: 7.5 BGM: 5.1 ISP: 1.5 JFK: 1.0 ABE: 0.05 MDT: 0 PHL: 0 ACY: 0 EWR: 0 BWI: 0 IAD: 0 DCA: 0 SBY: 0 RIC: 0 ORF: 0 RDU: 0
  2. Some minor snowflakes in the air here now. 0.60" of rain yesterday. Thinking there is a decent shot of reaching 70" seasonal (60" now) before the Morch arrives.
  3. Big torch coming in early Morch. Probably best to make sure the a/c is working now.
  4. We have some nice warm rains coming first. Time to get outside and wash that car!
  5. We have calibrated instruments. You have the salt licks at the Airport.
  6. Forecast high today for me is 49 amd we are ROASTING at 55! Who knew?
  7. People are still overlooking the Rochester Rains tomorrow. Can they get over 1" and 55F at the airport? Discuss.
  8. Shouldn't sleep on this next storm, a solid rainfall in the offing...and the pre-event torching has already started!
  9. Noone is talking about the big warmup and rainstorm coming? Looking for 3/4" here. Maybe more for ROC and BUF. Should we get a separate storm n obs thread going?
  10. How about.. increasing sun angle starts to melt the ice on my pool cover? Too soon?
  11. Positive? ... I'm up to 60.1" of snow for the season. If GooFuS or CMC pan out we have a shot at getting near last year's totals (78") in the next 10 days?
  12. Sky cleared out and lake effect died. So much for the WWA here. Only 3-4 weeks of winter remain.
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