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  1. Yeah, it's a bit of a compromise I think also.
  2. It has been discouraging. But one thing I'd say is that the lower res models that were showing 6+" in this area generally, were whacked. And I think we all knew that. So today was not a surprise. For me anyway.
  3. For the most part I'd support that. Not a fan of yet another social media platform but it is easy to use.
  4. Impressive. KBGM is also up on a 1300' , or so, hill at the airport.
  5. Yes, we have found various ways to underperform the past few seasons.
  6. It's brutal here in the lowlands. Given the lack of LES and synoptic here the past few seasons, events like these are just another kick in the gonads for us. Up to 2" here...
  7. Probably the right spot among your options. Good luck!
  8. Just occasional flurries here. Not buying NAM nonsense. Maybe we get inch Or two of accum if it's at night.
  9. It seems absurd to imagine now, but Rochester got clobbered x2 well into April back in 199x. So I guess it's possible...
  10. I gave this winter a D, just like the last one and the one before that... I wanted to go lower but an F should be reserved for special debacles...we've had 2 of them here in the last 15 years. I forget which they were though.
  11. Snowing in Kiev, Kharkhiv...Lviv. plus some fires, sirens. All in all an interesting Fri night / Sat a.m.
  12. I think we see 2 days of 100s and a plethora in 90s. My pool should be near boiling. As it should be.
  13. It's mid afternoon March 28th and I have 16 degrees with snow again. Disturbing
  14. Yeah I've often thought the hilly areas south and SE of Syracuse (Madison Cty, So. Onondaga) are well situated for wringing out LES and better locations for Noreasters.
  15. That's crazy. I never would have thought that was possible. The elevation in your area has really made a big difference this winter.
  16. I missed all the fun last night or early a.m. but picked up another 2.5"...puts my spot just over 80" for season.
  17. That map for N Cayuga toward Onondaga county is bonkers. C'mon divide by 2...
  18. About same here. 1.5" snow with 0.18" liquid. One last weekend to lounge about and not do spring cleanup outside. And...ive surpassed last year's Snowfall total, barely. Up to 79.1". Would be nice to get to an even 80". Maybe tonight. Overall winter grade remains a D. Same as last season...
  19. Sizzling here near Cuse. 47 degrees. Expecting some rain and then brief ground whitenings tonight and tomorrow. Should get that 1/2" to climb over last season's total.
  20. Only officially at 50 at KSYR last hour. We are being outsizzled. This must not stand!
  21. Just when the ice had melted off the pool cover. Sigh. Fortunately there will be little snowfall accumulation here.
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