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  1. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Boy that’s some nice looking wrap around/lake enhancement on the 0z euro, over a foot at Kroc lol To bad it’s 150 hrs away..
  2. Upstate/Eastern New York

    GEFS agrees with the EPS on a below normal 1st week of feb (I only care about max temps) , we don’t need brutal cold nor do I want it lol But I think we get back on the “snowy side” of things between feb2nd-4th if current LR Guidance is to be believed..
  3. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Not that this should be taken verbatim but seems like a roller coaster ride the next 2weeks or so, plenty of warmth to melt ice but nothing bone chilling..Can see once we head into FEB temps start to trend downward..Euro OP has 4 potential 50 degree days over the next 10..
  4. Upstate/Eastern New York

    I’ll take my chances with “average” temps and slight chance of Above average precipitation, especially with February being Fulton’s snowiest month..Taking a quick gander at the CFS on wb (individual months) feb is slightly below average (2 m temps) and March being slightly above.. CPC
  5. Upstate/Eastern New York

    They just issued one for Oswego county, especially north..
  6. Upstate/Eastern New York

    And you would mostly be correct, Euro has definitely been trending cooler and so has the NWS, kinda on the fence here lol I could go for a nice warm up but I also wouldn’t mind saving a little of my snowpack..
  7. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Snow continues here, some of the biggest flakes I’ve seen this year, every time it looks like it’s ending more precipitation develops.. With that being said just a light accumulation overnight, I bet they did decent just to the north, will have to wait till the PNS comes out..
  8. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Some nice bands near kbuf, especially just to the north..
  9. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Yup, same here, monster size flakes falling right now..Nws called for 1”-3” So not a huge surprise..
  10. Upstate/Eastern New York

    For u guys to the south and east..
  11. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Not bad for 3 weeks into astronomical winter.. At least a Trace of snow 29 of the last 36 days..
  12. Upstate/Eastern New York

    18 degrees with light snow, fresh coating..
  13. Upstate/Eastern New York

    West Fulton spotter finished with 13.8” , a little over an inch under my projections...
  14. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Looks like a boring stretch of weather coming up over the next 10-14 days, obviously that can change, ensemble packages agree on a few day warm up followed by average temps but not much precipitation, as of now..
  15. Upstate/Eastern New York

    KFzy dropped 15 degrees once skies cleared between 4-8am, recorded a low of -15..