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  1. Looks about right, similar to the european at this juncture.. I'm sure the timing will change some as we get closer..
  2. We haven't hit the timing on one of these all year and we have had many opportunities lol
  3. Still getting into some wrap around moisture.. Slowly adding up..
  4. Ggem keeps most of the snow to our NW with a secondary potent SW delivering some snow like the GFS.. Little bit of a lake response as well..
  5. Picked up another 1/4" of liquid overnight, storm total 0.61"..
  6. I'd take snow over rain even if it doesn't stick much..
  7. It even changed to snow in boston, albeit probably not sticking..
  8. Our attention will then turn to a more significant feature in the form of a strong cold front that is forecast to approach the eastern Great Lakes Tuesday afternoon, then cross our region sometime between late Tuesday night and Wednesday. Model consensus on timing of the frontal passage continues to differ a little bit. Thus will keep precip chances capped in the high chance range until better agreement on timing of this feature locks in, after which can easily see raising PoPs into the "Likely" range with later packages. Precip does appear as though it may be anafrontal. Significance here is that with an airmass in the wake of the boundary possibly colder than the one we currently have over us, will see the possibility once again for some snow to mix in during this timeframe. Timing will again play a role as well being latter April. Cold upper low then crosses over the region Wednesday night and Thursday. A cold, moist cyclonic flow aloft and temps off the deck that may be cold enough to support a lake response (nocturnal) will keep a few rain and snow showers in the forecast to close out the period.