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  1. Normally it would, especially wny but I think it has something to do with that lakes low.. Winds straight out of the south.
  2. Gfs doesn't look too hot with LES potential, not enough separation between the cutter and a northern stream disturbance dropping down.. Followed by a driving rain storm lol
  3. Came with the house..lol Rumor has it that is was built by the Amish, which we have a huge community of..
  4. Models seem to be missing that stuff up north.. I have just under 2" as of 10am.. This was the 12z hrrr for the entirety..
  5. Snowing pretty good out with large flakes, nearing my first inch.. Snow is not wet enough for snowballs but not powder like LES, kinda in between lol
  6. I'm sure we'll be hearing some bitching and moaning over the next week lol As the models look pretty blah for the next 10 says or so..
  7. SIGNIFICANT LAKE EFFECT SNOW EVENT CONTINUES TO LOOK FAVORABLE BY MID WEEK... An arctic front will pass quickly through the area Tuesday allowing cold air to surge into the region. Ongoing rain showers Tuesday morning will transition over to snow showers through the afternoon as the cold air deepens. Arctic air will continue to pour into the region Tuesday night through Wednesday night with 850 mb temperatures dropping to near minus 20C. This will allow for a strong lake response off both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario during this time period. As is the usually the case this far in advance, there remains some uncertainty with respect to exact location of the lake snows, but current lower resolution models suggesting a general west or west-southwest flow will dominate for much of the time period before veering northwest near the end of the event. It continues to look like all parameters are in place from extreme over-lake instability, available moisture and position of upper level features for significant lake snows downwind of both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario during the Tuesday night through at least the Wednesday night time frame
  8. I guess it will come in 2 different parts..
  9. Surprised no headlines.. P&C showing 4"-7" today..
  10. That cutter will be giving somebody a lot of lake effect snow (as of now) , even if most of it misses me to the north, I welcome the opportunity lol Tired of seeing a NW flow. Only a couple people on this board welcome a west-wsw flow.
  11. Wouldn't call them carbon copies lol That's the difference between mid 30s and upper 20s.