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  1. Maybe if more people took the vaccination they wouldn't have to? According to the CDC as of July 19th 44% of the nation remains unvaccinated..A state like Mississippi is only at 12% for example.. Here in Oswego county it's 50/50 yet no one wears a mask..
  2. Heading pretty close to my in-laws in freehold, luckily it looks to pass just south..
  3. * At 550 PM EDT, a confirmed dangerous tornado was located near Lumberville, or 16 miles northwest of Trenton, moving southeast at 25 mph.
  4. Picked up a surprising 1.42" of liquid, pretty much ending now..Puts us just under 11.5" for the month..
  5. Today was definitely "pourly" forecasted and modelled.. Most SR guidance had nada here but nearing 0.40" liquid and rates nearing an inch an hour..
  6. Another decent batch of showers moving through, 0.18" on the day so far..It might be hard reaching the forecasted high of 73° as it's still in the mid 60s, obviously clouds and showers..
  7. Getting some steady rain here but not much behind it.. Currently 0.05" of rain, 63°..
  8. I understand man.. It's nice to see people take care of the love ones that took care of them!!
  9. Florida? Lol My sister in law lives down in Orlando and she went on a family vacation to Maine, she basically wore a winter jacket when temps were in the 60s lol
  10. NWS trended a little cooler once again, today went from upper 70s to low 70s, tomorrow trending downward into the mid 60s and now upper 60s through Monday..We start to warm back into the mid 70s by mid week..It's hard for us to drop that low at night given the lake and all lol At least for this time of year..
  11. Friday- Monday is the"coolest" period with forecasted temps between 69°-71°..Kalb talking upper 50s for parts of the Dacks..Those are highs lol
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