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  1. Just had some thunder snow at my job north of Strykersville! first time this winter!
  2. Man, so sorry for your loss. May she rest is peace.
  3. Nothing crazy, steady snow but big fatties coming down.
  4. Last summer was certainly the hottest and stickiest I can remember around here. I’m definitely not hoping for a repeat. Mid 70s to low 80s and low dews is perfect for me. Add in a slight breeze and I’m in heaven. Sounds awfully nice right now actually
  5. Do you know when the last time BGM won the award? I would have to think it’s been quite some time as they usually don’t get much lake effect. Honestly I think if anyone overtakes them it’s ROC or SYR as they have a nice big body of wide open water to their north. BUF is just about done for the season for lake effect so we’re relying on purely synoptic storms which as we all know (back to back major synoptic storms haha) are hard to come by this far west in NY.
  6. I think I just had a stroke trying to read this.
  7. Looks like a trained spotter in Boston also reported 46”. Not sure if they dismissed it but I can tell you there’s no doubt in my mind that much fell. There were multiple reports of 30”+ at 7am and then it snowed heavily until late afternoon. I have a friend on Stanfield Road in Colden at 1500 feet who measured 48” new snow. He has a 50+ inch depth currently. PRELIMINARY LOCAL STORM REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE BUFFALO NY 1117 PM EST SAT FEB 20 2021 ..TIME... ...EVENT... ...CITY LOCATION... ...LAT.LON... ..DATE... ....MAG.... ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE.... ..REMARKS.. 1049 PM SNOW BOSTON 42.64N 78.74W 02/20/2021 M46.0 INCH ERIE NY TRAINED SPOTTER STORM TOTAL THROUGH 7PM. Really wish I got that house in Boston haha. I’ll settle for Derby though. Still upping my average snowfall by about 30” or so. Good thing too is I’m further from the lake. I’m actually only a mile as the crow flies from the Eden border.
  8. Still holding on to moderate snow in Amherst. 3.3” and counting.
  9. Surprised to wake up to moderate to borderline heavy snow falling and 1.5” new OTG.
  10. Friends final tally in Boston is 46 inches. Just a little bit of an over performer.
  11. Buddy in Boston is up to 44” new snow since yesterday afternoon.
  12. Head to Evans, let me know how much by my new house haha. Buddy in Boston is up to 38” since last night and snowing at 2-3”/hr BuffaloWeather is right. Head to Boston/Eden for some insane sights. Go up in elevation too and you’ll see a huge difference from the valleys.
  13. Buddy is Boston is gonna hit 50”. Just said he broke his plow there’s so much snow. Closing in on 40 inches there and 2-3” per hour and getting heavier. Easily the most epic lake effect event ever for the lake being over 50% ice covered.