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  1. Still far too high to not be put in red zone Wednesday. You know Cuomo is not going to allow the Galleria to be open on Black Friday lol.
  2. Wow that’s crazy. Just plain rain here since afternoon but only 35 degrees. Still a couple patches of snow here and there.
  3. Yeah super nice storm for them. They deserve it. They’re hardly ever the bullseye for any event. Ours will come in time, I know it will.
  4. Just switched to a very light mist here. Enough snow to just about cover the grass. Looks great outside! Came down good for a little while this morning.
  5. I think BUF may be good for 1-2 inches before the flip to rain, IAG may be able to squeeze out 3-4 inches before the warm air makes it that far north. One of those rare storms you’d rather be in Youngstown/Lewiston than anywhere else in WNY haha.
  6. I was in elementary school. Got stranded at school till my mom could get me after 8pm. We watched movies on cots in the gym and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to spend the night as over 20 other kids landed up sleeping overnight in the gym...
  7. What is pretty crazy is WNY region now has 220 hospitalizations which is up from 30 hospitalizations just last month and already nearing the peak of the “first wave” in May which was near 260 hospitalizations. Good news is there’s only about 50 in ICU compared to almost 150 during the peak of the “first wave”.
  8. Thats to view the percentages by “region” and if you click view by county at the top you can see specifics by county.
  9. Red zone is 4% for 10 straight days. Erie county is at day 11 already above 4% (in fact we’re nearing double that now). So technically we should be a red zone but I don’t think they wanted to go straight from yellow to red but there’s no doubt in my mind it’s coming (just before Thanksgiving IMO).
  10. Don’t mind you debating him at all, I have as have many others, but the personal attacks and name calling are just unnecessary and in my opinion makes the rest of your post irrelevant even though you may be making good points with evidence to back it up.
  11. Truly heartbreaking man. I got Duffs wings for takeout for dinner tonight and there was only 1 table of people inside and all the servers were gathered around the bar talking about how after Friday they don’t know how they’re going to survive and they were literally in tears. I felt so bad I even almost teared up. I ALWAYS leave a very generous tip even on takeout orders during the pandemic as these people literally don’t know how long they’re going to have a job for and when their hours might get cut. Really rough stuff for sure.
  12. I kind of don’t understand the whole yellow zone orange zone thing in areas as small as zip codes in NYS. Isn’t it kind of counter intuitive to shut down the highest zip codes but not the surrounding areas which would than cause people in those areas to flush outside of the shutdown zones into areas that have a lower infection rate possibly raising the rates in areas that aren’t doing as bad? As SouthBfloSteve mentioned earlier you could go to a gym in Boston or Springville if you wanted to which is as little as a 10 minute drive for you, I could go eat indoors at a restaurant if I drive just 15 minutes over the border into Niagara County if I want to. I get they want to control the spread in the higher infection rate areas but without closing surrounding areas as well people are just going to flock to those areas. Not that I even agree with the shutdown idea in the first place, I’m just saying that what they are doing seems a little silly on this micro of a level.
  13. Can we not derail this thread and have it shut down like the New England sub forum Covid thread did months ago because of all of the personal attacks, bickering, and nonsense? This thread has for the most part been a pretty good and informative thread to read for the better part of the last 8 months until the last few days. Obviously everyone is going to have their own opinions and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing them but the personal attacks and bickering clogs up the thread and if it continues I would bet money it gets shut down just as the New England thread did. Everyone in here post and contributes valuable information and I appreciate everyone’s input and points of view, it what makes it so awesome to read. Keep up the good work peeps