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  1. Got down to 35 here. Lower than forecasted but the growing season goes on here lol.
  2. They just showed on TWC a buoy that was measuring a pressure of 980mb near the western edge of the eye...
  3. NWS is definitely on to winter now as they’re posting about ice thicknesses on lakes! Lmao.
  4. I’m somehow honestly more impressed with experiencing the 3% RH when it was 90 degrees with a dew point of 3 degrees haha. That was such an extreme I’ve never experienced before. I tried to clean the windshield on my car that day outside with canned glass cleaner and it literally was instantly evaporating the second it hit the glass between the hot temps, full sunshine, 30+ mph winds and, 3 percent humidity. It was absolutely mind boggling. Pulled my car inside and could clean it just fine.
  5. So I’m back in home in Buffalo. Once I figured out that this storm was going to be a bust we decided to leave and get home ASAP. Laramie only landed up getting about 3-4” total in which my father in law said mostly melted by yesterday evening. It did get hairy going over the summit with at least 5-6” of snow and heavy snow falling but by the time we got to Cheyenne just 15-20 minutes later it was barely sticking to the roads and only about a slushy inch. By the time we got through the Panhandle of Nebraska it turned to all rain and we even hit some thunderstorms in Iowa and Illinois. Turned out to be a bust for lower elevations but still impressive for early September especially on the heels of 90 + degrees just a few days prior. The Mountains just to the West and NW of Laramie saw anywhere from 12-20” + though so it’s not like the storm didn’t produce I think it just had a hard time overcoming the extremely warm ground from the antecedent conditions in the 90s for such a long time. The weather there is so fascinating and I can’t wait to go back.
  6. Not very impressed so far. About 1 - 1.5” of paste but it is coming down good now. Can’t drive up to the mountains in my front wheel drive van lol. Would never make it up no chance in hell lol. Looks like they have about 4-6 inches in the mountains but trying to get up without 4 wheel drive or chains would be completely impossible and far too dangerous. Will post some pics in a bit.
  7. The winds are insane out here. A normal day has 20-30mph winds. My father in law frequently has 70-80mph winds numerous days throughout the year. The weather here is so extreme. You can have 90 degree temps one day with 3 percent RH to snow and below 0 temps in 2 days. You can have insane thunderstorms and huge hail blow through frequently in summertime as well as an F3 tornado that hit a half a mile from his house. Then you have 2 mountain ranges within 1/2hr to 1 hr where there’s snow on top of Medicine Bow Peak year around. The weather alone is an awesome reason to live here. Everything else is icing on the cake. We were in Denver for a few days last week, we went to the Denver Zoo and Denver Aquarium which absolutely blow the Buffalo Zoo/Niagara Aquarium out of the water. I see the appeal of Denver and the surrounding suburbs as it is such a cool/trendy place to live with many of the same weather extremes that Wyoming can see although to a lesser extent, the only thing I don’t like about Denver/Suburbs is its so populated and there’s so much traffic it would be such a pain to deal with on a daily basis not to mention the home prices are insane there. Average price of a house in Denver is $606,000. Sure won’t be able to afford anything close to that on my Salary lol. For the prices of homes at least in SE Wyoming (as you said NW Wyoming bear Jackson Hole/Yellowstone is a different story) combined with such low property tax/no income tax/ low sales tax/ lower food/cost of goods prices and all the things to do here I honestly don’t know how there’s not more people here as Laramie only has a population of just over 32,000. Cheyenne is nice too but about 1500 ft or so lower in elevation and about double or so the population but does have more stores ect...
  8. NWS has a low of -2 here in Laramie now. WSW for 4-8” of snow. Pretty incredible considering it should be near 90 again today.
  9. WSW for here in Laramie for 4-8” of heavy wet snow. All the trees are still fully leafed. NWS now has a low of -3 here Tuesday night. Luckily I’ll be outta here Tuesday afternoon.
  10. Sure is. Gonna be leaving Tuesday evening. Snow should be over but low temp is forecasted at 9 degrees. Gonna be a hell of a change going from 90 today to 9 by Tuesday evening with a foot of snow in between. I have a hard time believing that much is going to stick given the antecedent conditions but I guess when temps quickly plummet into the mid 20s with heavy snow falling its certainly possible.
  11. Driest air I’ve ever felt. 90 degrees out with a 3 degree dew point giving a RH of 3%. No wonder there’s so many wildfires out here. Current conditions at Laramie Regional Airport (KLAR) Lat: 41.32°NLon: 105.67°WElev: 7270ft. Fair 90°F 32°C Humidity 3% Wind Speed W 16 G 28 mph Barometer 30.36 in (1016.2 mb) Dewpoint 3°F (-16°C) Visibility 10.00 mi Heat Index 86°F (30°C) Last update 5 Sep 4:53 pm MDT
  12. Could also be BUF only updates once an hour. Especially when the sun goes down temps can easily drop 3+ degrees in an hour which could be the disparity between the surrounding sites which update as frequently as every minute.
  13. Laramie. Down to 12 degrees Tuesday night. GFS shows single digits. Insane for early September. Even better Tuesdays my birthday. Best birthday present ever.
  14. I’d be doing the same thing I do here in Buffalo, working out of Cheyenne and living in Laramie. Nothing set in stone yet just an idea we’re contemplating in a couple years from now after my sons adoption goes through. Making $60,000 a year in Wyoming would go a lot further than $60,000 a year in New York. The money I would save on property tax and state income tax alone would make such a huge difference not to mention the cost of gas and food is even cheaper here than in New York. It really is a great place to live and raise a young family.
  15. Visiting family. My girls dad lives in Laramie. Awesome awesome place to visit and am considering moving here once my sons adoption goes through (could be a year or more still). Elevation in the town and his house 8 miles north is 7200 feet but just West (20 mi) is the Snowy mountains which we went up yesterday to 12,000 feet. Just East (less than 10 miles) is the Laramie Mountains and Vedauwoo Which is over 9000 feet and has absolutely awesome rock features. The mountains out here blow any of the mountains out east out of the water. We only went up to Mirror Lake which is at 10,800 feet or so but there was still plenty of snow left up there and you could feel how much thinner the air is up there. There are so many things to do here with camping in Medicine Bow National Forest, 4 wheeling through the mountains, and great fishing on the reservoir and Alpine lakes at nearly 10,000 feet. Throw in no state income tax and my father in laws $300,000 house only pays $1400 a year in taxes how could you not want to live here?