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  1. So the biggest snowfall this late in the season in 33 years….
  2. Moderate snow here. Starting to coat grassy and elevated surfaces. 34 degrees. btw it was wonderful being in Florida for the last 10 days. As much as I love the snow being in the warmth and sunshine was even better. Sorry TugHillMatt and Rochester Dave, I’m on BuffaloWeather and Syrmax side with this one. We loved it so much we’re looking into jobs down there for once our boys are adopted later this year and likely moving down there the end of this year or early next year.
  3. Finished at 6.2” in Derby. Puts me at 101.5” on the season. Nice little event for sure.
  4. My guess BUF 3.5” ROC 4.1” SYR 4.2” BGM: 7.7” ALB 6.8” Delta in VT 14.6”
  5. Yeah this ones cooked for us man. If we’re lucky someone sees 3” round here.
  6. Yikes not looking good for us westerners. Hopefully this thing will tick back northwest over the next 24-36 hours or else we barely see advisory snows back here. Looks great for BGM to SYR to ALB as they have some wiggle room even if this thing shifts further SE a bit or does trend back NW.
  7. Would be borderline warning here with ratios but I’m thinking this is more of a 4-8” advisory event here.
  8. Yikes maybe I spoke too soon about Vermont. Gonna be a close call for there man, especially in central Vermont. The next 48 hours should give us some more clarity.
  9. Yep this time tomorrow the NAM will be jackpotting YYZ. Lmao
  10. If I was you as of this early juncture I’d be headed to Vermont for this one, looks like a super safe bet unless your in far southern VT. Should be more wind and whiteouts there as well with the low rapidly deepening as it moves north closer to you.
  11. Winds are cranking here now. Starting to see some down branches and light at southwestern and mile strip is off and hanging by the wire.
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