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  1. Was some serious thunder last night. Thundered for over an hour straight and was loud enough to keep me up. I had 0.63 in the gauge this morning.
  2. Only mad it to 77 in Derby. Mac temp here for the next week is 79 according to NWS. So much for the “heatwave”. Fine be me and perfect weather to enjoy outside.
  3. Ive never had a water bill more than $80 for a quarter. It’s insane how cheap water is here. When I lived in Rhode Island it was around $300-400 a quarter and I didn’t even have kids then so that was for just 2 people.
  4. Not sure as this is just my first year with a pool. However water is up to 78 degrees with the solar cover and heater on. Before today it’s been pretty toasty the last week or so which really warmed the pool up. Water was 43 degrees just 2 weeks ago. Pool feels like bath water now. Those solar heaters really do a hell of a job. I have a 27 foot by 4 foot pool and a 36” x 20 foot solar heater.
  5. Yes I use test strips. I just use the 3” chlorine disks, 1-2 a week in the skimmer and 1-2 a week in a pool floater. Got a 40 pound bucket at Sam’s club for $99. Should last me all summer.
  6. How often do you shock your pool? Ive had mine open 3 weeks and haven’t shocked it besides when I opened it. Water is crystal clear and water test are perfect.
  7. Haven’t worn a mask in a week. Soon as CDC stated fully vaccinated people didn’t need to wear them anymore. It’s definitley taking a while getting used to it, but it’s great catching all the dirty looks from the people who are still double masked.
  8. Took my first dip in the pool this afternoon. 72 outside with full sunshine and water was a frigid 44 degrees lol. Only lasted about a minute haha.
  9. I could see 13-4 with another loss coming to Indy. With that D and if Carson can return even somewhat to his 2017 campaign that would be a tough game for sure.
  10. That Hartford number is insane. That was almost 30% increase of their 40” a year average.
  11. 1.57” in the gauge here. Finally coming to an end but pretty much poured all day long here. A miserable 42 degrees.
  12. Rain is pouring down. Nearing an inch in the gauge already. What a miserable day. Maybe some flakes tonight as the moisture pulls away?
  13. My bad. I used app, and it showed in stock at Hamburg Walmart for pickup today. Just got my pool opened today. Got all my chemicals from Sam’s Club.