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  1. Fort Meyers gauge now back above previous high sitting at 8.3 FT
  2. Makes no sense. Latest winds are stronger than they’ve been in a while from the WSW which would funnel the water right up towards the gauge…
  3. Lightning still plentiful on RadarScope.
  4. Don’t know what your talking about. Barely even go on the discord. Place is TRASH. Nothing but TROLLS!
  5. Good thing it only had an accuracy rate of 45%, in other words worse than a coin flip.
  6. As long as we can trick or treat in shorts and t shirts I’ll be happy. Hoping for a spooky warm torch ahead. 80+ for Halloween would be EPIC! The torchier the better!
  7. Lol when it’s scorching the winds aren’t coming from the N/NW. Get what your saying though. Some relief will be nice but I don’t think it’s been too hot a summer at least here. Couple mini torches (like the one BuffaloWeather correctly called) but that happens every year.
  8. So the biggest snowfall this late in the season in 33 years….
  9. Moderate snow here. Starting to coat grassy and elevated surfaces. 34 degrees. btw it was wonderful being in Florida for the last 10 days. As much as I love the snow being in the warmth and sunshine was even better. Sorry TugHillMatt and Rochester Dave, I’m on BuffaloWeather and Syrmax side with this one. We loved it so much we’re looking into jobs down there for once our boys are adopted later this year and likely moving down there the end of this year or early next year.
  10. Finished at 6.2” in Derby. Puts me at 101.5” on the season. Nice little event for sure.
  11. My guess BUF 3.5” ROC 4.1” SYR 4.2” BGM: 7.7” ALB 6.8” Delta in VT 14.6”
  12. Yeah this ones cooked for us man. If we’re lucky someone sees 3” round here.
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