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  1. Unfortunately for you, the same day TugHiMatt sees an above average snowfall season. you poor poor bastard.
  2. That’s the only way I’d ever do it again. That is the last place you want to be when it’s ripping like that. Now at an air bnb with a couple drinks and the fireplace roaring inside would be the perfect way to ride one out lol.
  3. I’ve chased on the tug a couple times and it’s truly frightening when your in 4-6”/hr + rates with how truly desolate it is up there. Also so wide open you really do feel exposed as you said. Lots of spots that don’t even have cell service so if you go off the road all I can say is you better have a lot of gas left in your tank and good luck. I had a bad experience chasing up there in the early 2010s (don’t remember the year). I went off the road during heavy rates and crashed into a Boulder and totaled my car. I was bruised up good and fractured my right arm but was otherwise lucky. Somehow even with as few cars as their were up there I was somehow followed by an electrical company truck which was nice enough to have seen me go off the road and pulled me out. My car was very badly damaged but I managed to make it to Pulaski before the vehicle died. Was a very humbling experience to say the least. It is no joke up there.
  4. 1.7” of rain yesterday at my location . Up to nearly 6 inches on the month.
  5. 7 , tied a MNF record. Was one of my favorite loses we ever had. Was a heartbreaker but a McDermott showed he has guts and faith in his quarterback and I respect the hell out of it even though we ended up on the wrong side.
  6. Now you see why the “transition zone” is the transition zone. Lines up exactly with that area of lower elevation.
  7. That is absolutely incredible considering our average low has been below 50 for 3 weeks. Just unreal warmth this month.
  8. WOW, it’s not even close. Obviously it will come down some as temps return to normal by next week but I don’t see anyway we don’t shatter the record for warmest October ever.
  9. This weather is PERFECT. If it’s not going to be cold enough for accumulating snow give me this all day every day. I’d love this for another 4-6 weeks then flip a switch and have a gangbusters cold air outbreak and significant lake effect event come mid November ala 2014.
  10. Up to 1.11” and counting on the day. Nearly 2.5” in the last 36 hours.
  11. 1.37” yesterday and .68” since midnight already today with more rain about to move in. Quite a good soaking.
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