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  1. New map cut totals by alit, looks much more realistic and probably still too high.
  2. Yeah definitely can’t complain. Even under decent returns the snow is very light and just a few big flakes falling from the sky here and there. Thinking 1-2” max.
  3. My point and click forecast. If this comes to fruition what an epic month. Would be closing in on 60 inches this month with well below average temps and an awesome snow depth. Tonight A chance of snow showers before 8pm, then snow, mainly after 8pm. The snow could be heavy at times. Low around 15. Southwest wind 9 to 18 mph becoming northwest after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible. Friday Snow likely with a chance of light snow before 7am, then a chance of light snow after 7am. Cloudy, with a high near 17. North wind around 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible.
  4. Well to my north but beautiful looking band right over KBUF for the last hour or so.
  5. Yep S+ here right now despite rather weak returns on radar. Prob 1-2”/hr stuff.
  6. 3.2” and still snowing. I may be wrong again TS. 4” seems achievable as flake size has been much much better the last hour or so. Perfect dendrites. The snow piles are getting extreme here. Having trouble backing out of the driveway now. Need to back in so we can pull straight out otherwise it’s almost impossible to see what traffic is coming. Snow banks along roadside are 4-5 feet. Deep deep winter here. makes over 17” in the last 48 hours. As well as over 30” in the last 7-8 days.
  7. I don’t think we get there. Back edge quickly approaching. I think we end around 3” but I’ve certainly been wrong before.
  8. I honest to god think my heart stopped. The absolute most incredible game I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Josh Allen is absolutely unbelievable (Gabe Davis too).
  9. Back to the stupid run run run play calling when we’re behind. What a fricken JOKE. Daboll needs to go after this game.
  10. Tell me why the hell Diggs only had 3 targets and 7 yards. What a joke the offensive play calling has been tonight.
  11. You see the tackling tonight? It’s so bad. That’s the biggest shock to me. It’s not even like they’re getting torched over the top they’re getting beat with short passes and runs and KC just keeps breaking tackle after tackle.
  12. Tackling has been an ABSOLUTE JOKE. Bills don’t deserve to go to the super bowl when they’re playing like this. Game over. Goodnight. What a pathetic performance by this Defense and offensive play calling.
  13. What horrific play calling tonight. Whoever wants Daboll can have him. C ya !!!
  14. Finally finished snowing here. 14.4” is the final tally since last night. Now up to 58.7” on the season and a solid 19” OTG. Feels like deep deep winter here.
  15. Another 1.8” so storm total of 14.0” on the dot. Still snowing lightly. What an awesome surprise storm here. Got about triple what was forecast. Average snow depth is about 19 inches here. Was driving all over this afternoon. No doubt just south of here a few miles in Angola on the Lake there was another 4-5” over what we had here so they’re probably close to 20”.
  16. 12.2” storm total here now. Snowing at 1”\hr still and picking up a bit even.
  17. 13” in Angola just a few miles down the road from me at 8am. Wow. ...Erie County... Angola 13.0 in 0800 AM 01/23 COCORAHS
  18. 10.6” and still snowing. Stuff is pure fluff. May end close to a foot when all is said and done. Just awesome!
  19. Up to 8.7. Still snowing at an inch per hour. Overachiever here. Depth is around 16-18 “. Beautiful morning.
  20. They just changed the advisory to a warning for S Erie County. Additional 4-6” expected.
  21. 6.4” new here since last night and just DUMPING. Very nice band. RGEM nails another one.
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