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  1. Lock it in! Would put me over 100" for the season.
  2. Pounding in Bridgeport too... last 10 min. 1/2".
  3. I know we've been beat up this year, synoptically, but climatology tells us this is the time of year we can get big ones... And this set up is not too far off...
  4. Increasing vaccinated people + previous, current, and diminishing future cases are akin to dropping control rods in a nuclear reactor...even with the known varients att....the virus is toast soon.
  5. A couple tweaks to what the euro has depicted next week, and we may want to revaluate our grades for the season...
  6. Yeah, that was back when I led a Lake effect storm Chase With people coming in from all over the northeast and mid Atlantic. It was awesome! And having The Weather Channel interview some of us was great tooo.
  7. Cograts! Now get some camera time, and you'll be in the Big leagues, lol!
  8. Glad it's not snowing as hard in the Binghamton forecast area....
  9. Final tally? Caz. ended up with 7" total for event.
  10. Congrats to those in S. Erie Co.!! Who knew in late Feb., Erie would tell Ontario to "hold it's water"!! Just a fantastic event, and should provide some humble pie, to those of us that love our tools (models). Nature, obviously, isn't giving us all the answers yet! Small potatoes in comparison. Caz. received 3" today, and it's currently mod. snow. About 83" for the season.