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  1. Moderate snow here in my new home (new wife) in Cazenovia. Ground covered....A ping every 20 seconds.
  2. For all the abuse the NAM takes, it has seemed to always be a great thing to see when lead times shorten, but qpf increases dramatically as the event approaches
  3. Not're directly under the convergence zone/line....the prime spot!!!
  4. I posted this a quite awhile a visual aid:
  5. Many times, when a band is moving (in this case it drifted south), the heaviest snows will be located on the edge, where the convergence zone is, opposite of motion with respect to the radar depiction. (In this case, on the northern 1/3 of the radar returns) sometimes, you will see high reflectivities over your head (800-1200 feet) but the flakes at that level are being drawn into the convergence zone (in this case, just to your north!!)
  6. Thundersnow reported by Channel 9 Syracuse, around Adams Center, around 5:15am. Barnes Corners must be getting walloped with 3-5" rates, I'd presume.... The band will settle a few more miles south, then shift north after 12-14z.....then slowly back south (a bit further into central Oswego Co. by late evening/ overnight.)...and then contract back to the lake by Friday morning. I think 3+ feet, 5 miles either side of a line from Adams Center to Montague, is very likely.
  7. In Liverpool (Bayberry development): 11am - 6pm Saturday: 2.7" 6pm - Midnight: 3.5" Midnight - 6am: 5.5" Storm Total So Far: 11.7"
  8. Well, to our south is nice, but the real McCoy with this system will be the deep moisture in place, as the lower and upper jet dynamics team up for some sick ascent.
  9. Looks like we have our ramping up of deep ascent. Returns all over NE Ohio/PA/NY are rapidly filling/increasing.... ….Our atmospheric "chimney" is now in full working order!
  10. Well, the visibilities were pretty low at times....I'd wager that the band may have approached 2"/hr. at times....I could see 14" or so....but whatever....
  11. The UL jet to our W and NW will get cranking shortly. (Up to 210 mph!!! (180 kts.)) Returns will explode, especially after 10pm...
  12. Yeah, I've had various flake sizes over the last 3 hours. Typical during the overrunning of an approaching storm. All this snow from earlier, until about 7 or 8 o'clock is just gravy. The dynamic fun starts in 3-5 hours!!!!
  13. be 20 something again...… Just under 2" in L'pool. Snow in various intensities and flake size.
  14. Especially with this storm. Much like LES, the ratios will be relatively settling will be amplified vs. normal 8-10:1 ratios.....