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  1. Well I can Say that and 2007, I received 40 inches in 8 hours in Parish... during which time I had several hours of 8 inches per hour.... And near the end of that time frame the snow was settling at about 1.5 inces per hour.
  2. Hang tough!!! It is a great area to experience winter's love!! Lived up in Parish my whole life....and we had our share of "down" years....but seeing 7+"/hr. and many 40+" events is well worth the few years that are "down".
  3. Three and a half inches of slop in Cazenovia. Air seems super moist so I'm wondering if we'll get a surprise with the frontal passage later.
  4. From BGM: NEAR TERM /THROUGH TONIGHT/... 655 AM Update... Things really coming together early this morning, with snow line already reaching Syracuse-Cortland-Ithaca-Corning and edging eastward, and the surface low bombing/cloud tops cooling. Tweaks made to forecast to account for more incoming guidance, continues the trend of being more robust with this system. Confidence is even higher now, for a few locations in the heaviest axis to exceed a foot of snow.
  5. IMO, this will be an overperformer for most of CNY....I think 12+" for most areas and some lollies of a foot and a half...maybe 20", with most falling in a 8-12 hour period.
  6. I think the main issue has always been how much qpf was going to fall as ZR/IP and the ratios early on. I'm in Cazenovia now, and we are icing up fast! 06z RGEM just coming in, and seems to want to turn over to SN+ a bit earlier than previous runs, for most of CNY.
  7. Hey everyone. Haven't been posting a ton, lots of life going on. This event looks great for most of Upstate.... my largest concern for big snow totals is if there is a ton of convection to the east of the storm track... will it rob some of the moisture being thrown back into the frontogenical forcing?....
  8. Moderate snow here in my new home (new wife) in Cazenovia. Ground covered....A ping every 20 seconds.
  9. For all the abuse the NAM takes, it has seemed to always be a great thing to see when lead times shorten, but qpf increases dramatically as the event approaches
  10. Not're directly under the convergence zone/line....the prime spot!!!
  11. I posted this a quite awhile a visual aid:
  12. Many times, when a band is moving (in this case it drifted south), the heaviest snows will be located on the edge, where the convergence zone is, opposite of motion with respect to the radar depiction. (In this case, on the northern 1/3 of the radar returns) sometimes, you will see high reflectivities over your head (800-1200 feet) but the flakes at that level are being drawn into the convergence zone (in this case, just to your north!!)
  13. Thundersnow reported by Channel 9 Syracuse, around Adams Center, around 5:15am. Barnes Corners must be getting walloped with 3-5" rates, I'd presume.... The band will settle a few more miles south, then shift north after 12-14z.....then slowly back south (a bit further into central Oswego Co. by late evening/ overnight.)...and then contract back to the lake by Friday morning. I think 3+ feet, 5 miles either side of a line from Adams Center to Montague, is very likely.