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  1. Ummm.....Marco already was a hurricane in the GOM.....before Laura...
  2. Not trying to rain on people's parade, But can we take some of the historical stuff to a different thread? Thanks in advance.
  3. No...go look at the vis see something heading toward the eye.
  4. Wow! Wierd...especially on the vis.
  5. Ha....I was thinking the same! And sticking with my first call from yesterday...944/140.
  6. My forecast for intensity, Unfortunately is coming to fruition. But thankfully, For Galveston and Houston, my track will not verify. Thoughts are with the folks along the coast of Southwest Louisiana and North East Texas...
  7. Debate about maximum intensity aside, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the hurricane wind radii.... It cannot be overstated enough about the catastrophic storm surge potential this has.
  8. Again, just a trivial note....135mph will never be reported, due to aforementioned rounding....
  9. Just IR imagery tricking the eye, no pun intended.
  10. T-Td increased significantly over the last hour within the eye, as should be expected with the clearing of the eye.
  11. Although probably very small (<10% chance), the answer probably should be "very small".