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  1. N95 masks will offer the wearer a decent amount of's why medical professionals wear them. A cloth "face covering" certainly protects "others" more than the wearer, however, I'd argue that even a cloth covering does offer varying degrees of protection to the wearer vs. nothing, depending on a multitude of factors.
  2. Impressive.....modeled sounding for the BUF area late Sun. night/ early Mon. morning look a bit moist...
  3. 3.5" in Caz....Most of that within a 2 hr. period... Visibilities were below 1/8 mi. around 4:30ish....
  4. From past experiences, and based on radar trends and verification, I think the axis of heaviest qpf (mostly snow) will be in NY on a line from Hamburg, Ithaca, Hamilton, to just south of Albany......IOW about 20-30 miles north of the current 12z NAM output.
  5. 00z NAM vs. verification....note max totals north of Chicago vs NAM and where reports in S. lower Michigan are overperforming vs. NAM.
  6. It's subtle, but the axis of heavier snow was modeled yesterday by the NAM to be a bit south of verification...
  7. 3.5" overnight in Cazenovia.....came all in about 5 hours.
  8. Super impressive Tornado signature (earlier) on radar near GA/SC coastal border:
  9. 2.5" here in Cazenovia....moderate snow, increasing in intensity.
  10. I'm guessing/estimating that (now that testing is "better") we can look at the data and make some rudimentary (fitting into commonsense) deductions that the daily death counts in a particular area, are going to lag behind the "confirmed" cases by 10 days or so */- a few days..... ….thus, it's nice to see Italy's daily confirmed cases on a nice, prolonged downward slope.
  11. I read another article that Drs. were perplexed because they were getting really low oxygen levels in the blood of patients, yet CT scans/x-rays of lungs weren't "that bad" sounds like (from my modest biology knowledge) that this virus may indeed be more of an inhibitor of the normal uptake of oxygen at the red blood cell membrane level, and not so much a "respiratory" (aka...SARS) disorder. Thus, blood transfusions/100 oxygen hoods, and potentially hydroxychloroquine/Zithro treatments may be a better option than vents.....just thinking out loud as a layperson...
  12. Interesting read...
  13. I wonder how many of those 2200 tests are people who reside in Onondaga Co. I know many outside the Co. Were being sent to the drivethrough testing site in Syr....