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About Me

I'm just your toned down weenie with a BS degree in meteorology! LES and tropical systems are my interests. Global warming cannot be proved or disproved via the scientific method....take that for what it's worth.

I used to weigh 280 lbs., with chloresterol near 300 on a high carb, low fat diet with lots of exercise....discovered low carb in 2000 and it basically saved my life! All health issues disappeared...now I've gone completely carnivorous ("zero" carb)...meat only!! 4 years in, and I now feel like I'm 21!

I take in more saturated fat in one day than most take in a month.....my HDL has risen (over the last 22 months) from a measly 50 to 78, while my overall chloresterol has stayed steady around 210. My current weight is now around 185....eating around 3000 calories per day of exclusively meat. I used to gain weight on 1500 calories of a low fat diet.....with no change in activity.

I only post this because I know many struggling with weight....I believe our insulin was NEVER meant to be so high (which it is when eating sugar)....Really, try it if you struggle with weight! I was there!!! But needless to say, I feel, nutrition-wise, our "experts" have got it wrong!

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