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  1. Congrats, love the views from that area and the drive to Wildcat, Sunday River, or Mt. Washington is not bad at all.
  2. Just a hair under 3".. sticky stuff 32f
  3. Finally a coating on non-paved surfaces. Had been 35 for a couple hours of insta-melt light snow but dropped to 33 not long ago.
  4. It's been pretty bad here near the 93/89 intersection. Gusting to the 30's now been non-stop accidents on the highways.
  5. Just cleared the slop before it all freezes up. Was getting nailed by falling ice, should have worn a helmet.
  6. 132 hours out, what could go wrong? I'm all in.
  7. ouch, I guess this trended even worse than a few days ago
  8. 4.5" probably final still some dust falling.
  9. 3.5" and rate much better looking than it was earlier. Has not moved off of 15F yet.
  10. Flake size has increased, the snow looks like a popcorn ceiling now. 1.75" 15f still.
  11. 1.25" tons of tiny flakes 15f
  12. 58 here in Bow NH.. Snow is going fast.
  13. Taking a break from clearing the driveway. One of the worst to clean up. It's solid underneath with just a little snow on top. Two passes and there's still about 1/2" ice left.