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  1. Storm for Manch/Hooksett has a bunch of lightning. Near constant thunder for a few mins here now.
  2. Just a really light T-shower in Bow but I'll take the 75 degrees down from 91 before this started.
  3. Very unimpressive here in Bow. Cool air feels great though.
  4. Good thing there's no virus banter in this thread. People should come or come back to the ampol site. Got my 1st Pfizer shot today at an Osco inside a Shaws. Was pretty casual compared to what I've seen at the mass vaccination sites. Was in and out in like 20 mins. I'm happy to have gotten it and looking forward to getting the protection in a couple weeks.
  5. Nice, my wife and I just scheduled for Saturday
  6. Damn winds. Power outage here in Bow.
  7. This tree is healthy almost 10 years later. 09/2011
  8. I haven't gotten out a ton but the price makes it tempting to get the epic local again. Maybe re-schedule my ill fated Tahoe trip originally planned for March '20. Hadn't checked out Indypass before though, seems like a decent option especially since I usually end up spending at Pat's Peak a couple times since it's right down the street. Anyone know when '21-22 pricing comes out?
  9. I have been to Sunapee and Crotched recently and that was my experience too. Good job skiers and Vail resorts or whoever is responsible.
  10. Get some Zardoz or similar for spring sticky snow. If you're carving your turns and skiing aggressively you're going to appreciate a tune, if you're skidding not so much. If I were out there 5 days a week I'd get a season tune pass.
  11. Put some skin in the game by telling my friend in Westford he's getting 1'+. Seems like a good spot for this one.
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