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  1. Yeah, be careful with this. Can be hazards hiding under the snow surface. No big base for this to fall on top of.
  2. Clearing is done followed by a very necessary shower. I was soaked from sweat from the snow removal.
  3. Groom it down for the weekenders. Place is mostly too flat for 4' powder skiing anyway.
  4. I am loving the powered chute on my Craftsman snow thrower. I thought it was a frivilous feature when I was shopping but it is really nice to have. I think brand matters less than getting the largest machine possible. My old smaller one was trash and this largest one they had is great.
  5. 21" still spitting out some lighter snow.
  6. 44" in Ludlow, VT from a trained spotter.
  7. Up to 17" now so roughly 2" per hour. Great storm, enough snow so I don't even notice missing the jackpot.
  8. Glad I saw Gloucester before this apocalyptic event.
  9. Sure has snowed alot for 4-5" on the ground. Will probably be a big difference in reports depending on if and how often the snow got cleared. Ground not being frozen doesn't help either. Stuck at 33, snowing pretty hard at the moment.
  10. came here just to post the clown map from 12z. Obviously I'm all in on this solution. is 18z similar?