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  1. Can watch the snow coming down the hill towards the camera location around 2200'
  3. Some wind damage and heavy rainfall way downeast. Not sure how widespread winds were in that area.
  4. Looks like it's walking up stairs a bit rather than heading in a steady direction on radar.
  5. It's the top line on every hurricane headline and it's simple enough that people who know very little about weather can follow. There are many more important factors than top wind speed, especially a with a long duration storm carrying a formidable surge. The death and destruction from Katrina, which was only a cat 3 at landfall didn't change this. If that storm didn't carry the highest alert level, the system stinks IMO.
  7. seems way off G. Eye shape/orientation/diameter
  8. Laughing at a moron shouldn't be political. The problem is that politics has neutered these people's ability to think.
  9. Ouch. Those look like stick built homes. Found the spot in Spring City.
  10. A shanty town is definitely a bad place to be for a storm like that. I was able to figure out where the first 40 secs of the flight was from some landmarks and they show damage at "The Mudd" Here's a pic of what I guess is are some typical homes in that area. Not a big surprise they failed entirely. The more modern looking buildings in the video looked very survivable for the most part. Hopefully people were able to get out of the shanty town but I assume there were casualties there.