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  1. Yup, Feb 2010 was around 70mph in my area and it made a big mess out of trees with no leaves on them. I lost 10 or more. Would be much worse with leaves.
  2. Google search returns: I remember many years ago seeing a site that had hurricane landfall gambling, don't recall the URL or have any idea if it still exists.
  3. There is a decent looking lowered cloud base on that library cam I posted earlier.
  4. Seems like a decent storm skirting just to my south. Just a downpour here on the northern part of the warned area.
  5. Around the mid 90's I saw a huge fire in Hadley MA and drove down to see it. It's a blurry memory but I recall there being a pretty good crowd when I got there watching the massive barn fire.
  6. 75 was the low last night. I don't track carefully but that seems like the highest low I've seen in 13 years here.
  7. Nice soaker in Bow. Fairly frequent lighting for awhile about 20 mins ago. Got a little breezy but nothing close to severe.
  8. Congrats, love the views from that area and the drive to Wildcat, Sunday River, or Mt. Washington is not bad at all.
  9. Just a hair under 3".. sticky stuff 32f
  10. Finally a coating on non-paved surfaces. Had been 35 for a couple hours of insta-melt light snow but dropped to 33 not long ago.