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  1. Whenever I stop prepping for a hurricane... God makes the hurricane come straight toward me. So I guess I'ma keep putting away the loose stuff on my front porch.... But I really want to stop and just drink vodka. Because this time I don't think there's going to be any way this thing will come my way.
  2. The sky is red down here it's super creepy and weird.. But as long as we don't get any tornadoes I'm fine it can be polka dotted for all i care i feel terrible for those that have already lost loved ones in this crazy night. Ahh there goes my lawn chair..
  3. All of this is going to stay North of costal AL yes? Please?
  4. As long as it stays away from mobile Lord it's windy enough down here for me
  5. True. However not everyone gets to live there they want.. When you have to care for family members that can't be moved.
  6. Well for those searching for other info on hurricane that DO live in mobile Bay... Work in new Orleans Biloxi and pcola...Yeah we're watching everything that is said on here... Because even if it IS a "garden variety hyped up nothing"... It's still my family.. My dogs.. My home... My businesses.... I went through Frederick Katrina Ivan... We all have lost alot here on the gulf coast.. so if the hurricane doesn't concern you ... And it's a hyped up garden variety then why waste your time talking about it at all?
  7. I don't know if it's the storm... but I CAN tell you everything is blowing off my front porch. And I am in Mobile AL.
  8. lol... Saw the pic of the 1926 and scared the crap out of me for a brief moment.
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