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  1. 8" so far for Storm here. Still snowing lightly. Right at 140" for this long season.
  2. Syracuse's expected high is 62 today. I bet a ton of money it will be above that. I'll go with 67.
  3. April 4th winter wonderland in Caz. Currently: 20220403_194834.mp4
  4. No April fool's joke here. 1.5" of snow here today in Caz. All of the earlier weeks snow was gone.
  5. 2 more inches last evening and overnight in Cazenovia. 22" for the event. 129" on the season. Deep winter feel this morning.
  6. 3 more inches during day...20" for the event. Still poundtown.
  7. Snow has pretty much stopped ended up with about 14" overnight.
  8. Even heavier now probably close to 3" per hour. Beautiful dendrites. 20220328_061033.mp4
  9. Woke up to 9.25" of new. Still rippin'. 13" for event. 120" for season.
  10. So as many of you guys know, I grew up 4.5 miles east of Parish for most of my first 40 years. Great LES location, averages around 180". Just north and east by 5-8 miles up through Happy Valley, averages go up quickly to above 200"
  11. Snowing nicely in Caz. currently. Nice fatties falling. So far, storm total is: 12" 5" Friday night + 3" Yesterday+ 4" Last night. 107" on season.
  12. Hammering pretty good still here in Caz.. up to about 5" now.. Roads are pretty much all snow covered.
  13. Buddy of mine who transplanted to Iowa, snapped this pic from his yard. Tornado missed his house by a few miles.
  14. Maybe...moreover vs NAM output...but just nowcasting/obseving.
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