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  1. The elevation has certainly helped quite a bit for a good chunk of the difference, But I was also closer to a couple of synoptic events in December and January.....and I'm not too close to your house, lol!!!:p
  2. Just flipped to parachutes in Caz. (1200') 20210508_062612.mp4
  3. Elevation made a huge difference this year , more so than in years past... Plus we were closer to that big storm in December.
  4. Caz picked up a half inch of snow overnight... calling the season...107" total.
  5. On the drive into work, rates are what I would estimate to be 2" per hour.
  6. And also there was no residual salt. That is an often overlooked fact by drivers, whether it be a long period of time between snowfall events or the 1st snow of the season.
  7. Another moderate squall moving through. A total of about 4.5" since last night.
  8. 2" in Caz. overnight. Still light snow. Roads covered. 27°.
  9. 2" this morning in Caz. Another 1" today...still light snow. Pic taken this morning.
  10. I'm with you Dave...we've pretty much all been bitten hard by the models this past winter season at some point. But, much like a punched-drunk boxer, getting up just before the ref calls the fight, we go one last time! With the bulk of the snow falling overnight Wed, and temperatures (for a lot of areas) most of Thurs below freezing on pretty strong CAA, the totals that many of the models are putting out look somewhat reasonable.... ...and maybe some stout LES early Thurs night to boot!!!
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