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  1. Why have a fall banter thread with no fall?
  2. NYC- 39.6" LGA- 38.5" JFK- 33.8" BOS- 64.3" PHL- 35.9" DC- 27.2"
  3. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Anyway, the late NW jog on guidance is something to keep in mind going forward.
  4. Everything's getting more juiced as well. You guys may be in for a surprised 35° paste. Precip getting further north on RGEM as well, frozen further south...
  5. Somebody needs some logic. That's all I have to say. Gorgeous.
  6. Thing of beauty for 90% of us. You are set in any event my man. Grest poster and great local area.
  7. I agree. Even if it doesn't it IMO is understanding the dynamic cooling properly, I know the term is often overused, but this is truly a dynamic setup.
  8. Btw, it's powdee blowing around.
  9. I was shocked atthe virga after the earlier graupel under light echoes.
  10. It was plenty cold from nassau W at 12z.
  11. Went to mod snow out of nowhere.
  12. Virga. Kinda surprised had some graupel earlier with light returns.
  13. FWIW 12k Nam is clearly delayed with WAA precip. Radar shows its behind.
  14. HRRR remains beautiful.
  15. Kind of makes sense how it really advances northward as precip rates decrease. 3k NAM shows the dynamic cooling similarly.