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  1. I would be in upper Sullivan and Deleware county. I have no elevation here.
  2. I'm pretty sure everyone knows the water is frigid in early-bird April no need for a statement lol Very warm air temperatures in the mid to upper 70s are expected today. This may cause people to underestimate the dangers of the cold water temperatures which are currently only in the lower 40s across Lake Champlain, and in the upper 30s to lower 40s in the regions smaller lakes and rivers. * Cold water temperatures can quickly cause hypothermia to anyone immersed in the water. According to the US Coast Guard, when the water temperatures are below 50 degrees, the chance of immediate incapacitation due to cold shock is extremely high. Anyone on small boats, canoes or kayaks should plan accordingly if recreating this weekend and use extreme caution to avoid this threat. Paddle smart from the start and always wear your life jacket! $$ BANACOS
  3. I'm too far north now with no elevation.
  4. Heavy coating in Amsterdam, drove down to Albany for work, mangled flakes.
  5. That one incoming band means business although it will be short lived.
  6. Its possible but this isn't anything but a nuisance.
  7. Dacks, if not some random high terrain near Gilboa
  8. I'd really wanna be NW of liberty. Delhi even
  9. April fools day... I remember being stuck up in cooks falls/Roscoe having to miss school in the city because 17 was shutdown