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  1. Big time lightning and thunder here surprisingly.
  2. Sleet, rain, maybe a mangled flake too.
  3. Ericjcrash

    March, 2019

    Fv3 continues to be interesting Tuesday
  4. I mean it wins, but not really. Widespread 12" amounts will commence December 11th.
  5. Ericjcrash

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    RPM nailed it.
  6. Good job to those who didnt shovel. Sidewalks are icy out here.
  7. Ericjcrash

    March, 2019

    NYC only 1.6" below average on the season. Although that's an antiquated average.
  8. Off topic, but forest park is quite photogenic after a wet snow that sticks to branches. Bet last night was a prime photo op.
  9. Plenty of trees, and dead people. Cemeteries really help not only radiate on clear nights but really cut down UHI effect in general. Couldn't help the mid level push and sleet, although the sleet didnt last too long.
  10. Seems legit. 4.5" in Glendale.
  11. RPM absolutely nailed this system. Anyway in Manhattan you wouldn't even know it snowed lol.
  12. Might be higher? I thought they reported .81" with the 3.8" snow report.
  13. No surprise in Manhattan in January, let alone March.
  14. What else is new. Someone tag that guy from DC who says they have a clue. Wither way, fitting disappointment here. 4.5" the sleet killed it, LE was there for the taking.