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  1. It's a disaster forecast for anywhere without elevation.
  2. Latham I don't frequent casually/personally. My company is based out of there so that's my only reason to go down. I can not recommend Grano in Schenectady enough. Best pasta in the world, and I'm from NYC and had pasta all over Italy.
  3. In Albany itself? That's rough for snow. But glad to see more people in this area. Where are you from?
  4. Was quite toasty but has definitely cooled off some with the cloud cover. Van thermo was sitting at 86° for an extended period earlier in Albany.
  5. The front range and Dakotas have amazing springs as well as falls... awesome shorts and T-shirt days to blizzards in the 10's and 20's with no worries of an extended period of shitty 40° rain and overcast.
  6. Yeah, Idk. I got down to -16° and they're saying that's 0-2° higher than average lowest min. Seems suspect.
  7. Tomorrow getting a little interesting. Possible paste job for some.
  8. Light white rain mix in Gloversville. Raw shitty day, winds picking up.
  9. About to leave Queens to come back home and even here got some shitty flakes and graupel.
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