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  1. All snow here too, surface could be better but I'll take my chances with that solution
  2. Really tough forecast here... new GFS actually paints a pretty snowy picture, blended with NAMs and Canadian 3-6" is a decent call atm
  3. Even snowing all the way out here now. Just a dusting so far but still.
  4. Sign me up. I have zero complaints about this winter over here. Over 40", went subzero, still a solid 3" glacier, and mood flakes aplenty.
  5. Absolutely gorgeous morning with everything caked in white. No complaints about this winter yet.
  6. Very weird event. I thought it was over before, ripping again. Bad snow growth but vis is way down again.
  7. Yeah same here, I'd say about 2" wish it could keep going.
  8. Ripping but about cut off. Solid refresher on top of the 2" glacier.
  9. They just got lucky. Should be Dallas' ball.