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  1. We'll know if this year's record(tie) will stand by Saturday. Just a disgraceful winter.
  2. If the GFS/ICON verify this winter won't stand out as especially horrible.
  3. Still some light snow here in Between Roscoe and Delhi ~2000'. Looks to be about 3" of snow today. Blowing snow is refreshing. 6" on the ground. Glacier beneath the new stuff, deep winter feel.
  4. Flurries in Queens. Overperformer!
  5. Band is gone. Sure you had to be pretty decently Nw of Wurtsboro to get anything decent. Eyeing ~3" in Delhi per webcam.
  6. Deform band is no joke in western catskills right now. I'll get to see the aftermath later at 2000'.
  7. At least there are several big hits, not that I'll pay much attention outside of 48 hours.
  8. It's a c4. The redheaded stepchild. I have a very different c4 Audi. 5 cylinder turbo. Tale of 2 seasons in as many days, yesterday was definitely a winter's day and today felt like baseball season.
  9. He should be banned due to name change. Smh.
  10. Nothing like a cold rainy Friday night. Epic storm.