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  1. Probably last night. Sunny and clear where?
  2. Some really warm flurries currently
  3. LGA is always absolutely useless. And both are BS representatives of Queens right on the water anyway with nothing but asphalt around.
  4. I'm saying this was a typical 80s-90s white rain storm where NYC gets shafted.
  5. Yeah but this age of megastorms is the exception not the rule. This was a typical 80s-90s storm
  6. Technically still snowing, still not much to show for it. At least some people to the north cashed jn.
  7. LIght snow continues, below freezing now as everything's iced up. Dusting on all pavement probably about an inch on car tops and lawns. Yawn. It was fun to track but the result wasn't there.
  8. It is. Down there there's an actual band. Light white rain continues.
  9. Lmao. Warm air advection on a North wind in Decemeber with snowpack to the north. Okay.