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  1. Well it looks like a snow globe out here..heavy snow currently. Awaiting the heavier echos. Curious to see if it flips to rain or stays as very heavy snow..everything in the bronx is snowcovered it seems!!
  2. Wow the final band is really sharpening up as it heads towards the city..literally we might bet some the heaviest snow in an hour or so.
  3. Its snowing cotton balls out here..im right in the middle of the northern city band as I type..
  4. Well its still snowing moderately with yet another weenie band here in the bronx. Liberally its the storm doesn't give up..nyc should see another half an inch out of this band..ive picked up an 1.1 of new snow today.
  5. These bands are all developing right over nyc..nice radar expansion of precip also. 4.6 inches so far..from yesterday and today..still snowing lightly...more incoming..
  6. Went from very light to borderline moderate snow here in the bronx..the weenie band is doing its thang.
  7. Yes sir..there has to be some interacting going on with the low in western pa and the coastal low riding up the front. The back edge is kinda backbuilding down south in to virginia up the i95.
  8. Incoming weenie band for nyc folks..its still snowing here in the bx with nothing on radar..but the echos are streaking north in to nyc next hour or so...
  9. 4 inches + a glaze of ice yesterday..light snow falling again today. Seems like the radar might be filling in for the metro area this morning. Interesting to see how the coastal shapes up today especially along the coast.
  10. Anything in the teens or single digits,it just won't work. Also the ground temp is below freezing.
  11. This leading band over the bronx and lower westchester is literally merging with another band coming north right over nyc..it got dark and its coming down hard up here currently. 25f dp19. Mod snow currently.
  12. The city is gonna do well here it seems. The cutoff is literally Yonkers ny directly east for steady snow..anywhere south and west will get their 6+ inch totals with the banding heading slowly towards nyc from the w-sw...
  13. First flakes here in the bronx. Must be snowing hard up top because the saturation happened pretty darn fast. Its 26° f with a dp of 15.
  14. The radar is popping right over n.y.c..we might get some of the best banding for the next few hours..its gonna snow and fast pretty soon around here.
  15. I would probably include nyc in the 6-8 range as well..seems like some of the banding is kinda setting up over nyc as we speak and points south.