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  1. 25° this morning! Several degrees colder than expected. Gorgeous outside as the sun is starting to reveal the white covering on everything. Growing season officially over in the Northern Catskills.
  2. Very interesting. I guess I didn’t realize how far inland the effect of the warm lake water really extended in the Rochester/Buffalo areas. I lived about 4 miles East of Pulaski (very close to where Wolfie just moved from) and it seemed like Lake Ontario really only influenced surface temps In the area from roughly I81 West toward the lake. By the time you were a mile or two East of I81 you were mostly away from the biggest surface temp influence. Slowly gaining elevation toward the East probably plays a bigger role than I realized.
  3. I’m shocked to hear this. In the northern Catskills we almost always have a frost by the 2nd half of September. It’s not uncommon to have a frost in late August or early September. This year it was Sept 15th (Tuesday) which seems about normal. NWS Bing AFD mentions “high rural valleys” which describes us well. I did not think there would be a 4-6 week difference....probably would have guessed +/-2 weeks. Leaves are turning in the hills, but they’re pretty dull thus far.
  4. That’s awesome. I seriously considered that area (as well as Boise, ID) as I was getting done with college but we ended up staying in upstate NY where our families are. With 3 little kids it is great to be around family, but when winter comes around I really wonder if I made the right decision....
  5. Agreed. I trust very little of what I hear on the news or read online, including this forum, but I do trust people I know stating facts about their families. It’s not guaranteed to be truthful every time, but it stands a better chance of being truthful than almost anywhere else.
  6. BW, I’m mainly just a lurker on this forum, but you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and I appreciate your regular posts about weather and trips to the Adirondacks. I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s situation - there’s not much worse in the world than helplessly watching a parent fight a bad disease. On top of that, your wife must be very frustrated about her employment. 2020 has been rough for you. I wish the best of luck to the two most important women in your life! In relation to your wife’s employment, what are the latest statewide numbers for deaths and hospitalizations relative to positive tests? People near Oneonta are freaking out because college kids are not practicing social distancing (what a shock...). There are now 65 current cases in Otsego County, but zero hospitalizations. I can’t help but wonder if the virus has mutated to cause a less serious illness? Not one person in my social/work circle has contracted the virus in months, but I have heard, 2nd hand, of two local situations of an older person dying of other causes but the families finding COVID on the death certificate! Both families are fighting to get that changed, but you know the statistics won’t be updated to remove a few deaths. I’m not a conspiracy nut, but I am starting to wonder about how much of a role politics is playing in this pandemic. That’s a very scary situation if it’s true....
  7. I was looking for a little CRF50/70/110 for my 7yr old but they are so overpriced on the used market that he’ll be waiting a year. I plan to keep my eyes open over the next year or two when some of these ATVs/SxS/dirt bikes are for sale with hardly any use. Hoping to upgrade for cheap. Even thought of selling my 2001 Sportsman 500 right now while the market is up, but I can’t go a winter without’s my firewood hauler.
  8. We have seen our grocery bill explode this year. Whether it’s from supply and demand, price gouging (which is basically supply and demand, right?), one thing is for sure: Most prices that increased recently won’t go back to “pre-pandemic” levels ever again. Go up 15%, maybe go back down to the equivalent of “only” a 5-10% increase?
  9. As a winter sports enthusiast, I have finally learned to accept this seemingly new reality. My mind has shifted to hoping for a few decent storms and forgetting about any type of consistent “average winter temps” to maintain a decent snowcover away from Adirondack high peaks. Hope for a few decent storms as a bonus, otherwise expect 35-40° highs and grey skies for 4-6 months.
  10. We got two rounds of rain between 4am and about 8am which resulted in exactly 2in of rain. There was a ton of close lightning (and loud thunder) associated with both rounds. There’s a surprising amount of energy associated with these storms. Including today’s rain (thus far) we have now received 4.5in since Tuesday morning.
  11. Is there any evidence (either way) that multiple early storms reduce the chance of a larger storm(s) later? I could see early storms releasing some of the latent heat energy from the water, but it wouldn’t shock me if the duration and relative size of a few storms might not have much effect, if any, on the overall energy stored in the Atlantic/Gulf. Any thoughts?
  12. I know it’s not really applicable coming from the tropics, but imagine that track up the coast in the winter....
  13. Yes, there won’t be another 40 day streak of 80+ this summer so we are sliding downhill now! Really, really, really slowly for another few weeks.... People in our office who complain about the weather being too cold 8 months of each year were recently complaining about it being too hot this summer. That cracks me up....people are never happy no matter what the situation is. That doesn’t just apply to weather, either!
  14. Good point. My default image of upstate NY consists of semi-elevated rural areas, but of course most people live in populated areas that are generally lower elevation and near water. My property is usually a +/-5 degree difference compared to when we “go into town.”
  15. Not my kind of weather either. Too hot to do any productive work outside. I wonder if the guy who kept posting about this summer’s forecast ever got central air installed. I would never suggest it for someone from upstate NY but, ironically, this summer is trending toward one where it may be useful. Dropped to 50 degrees last night though, so that was a nice surprise. I’m also shocked to see that the number of annual 90 degree days in Buffalo is trending downward over the last +/-century. That seems very counterintuitive relative to all other temperature trends I have heard about.