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  1. We ended up with about 2in over about 1.5hrs. Tiny little cell just sat on us. Thankfully we are pretty high in the watershed so the end result was mainly entertainment and some roadside ditches that need to be cleaned out. Our basement gets very wet during most “extreme” wet periods.
  2. Just got a little over 1.5” in about an hour. Radar showed an extremely narrow band that happened to be right over our house (and my parents a mile down the road). Localized flooding over some roads, water flowing across basement floor. Fun.
  3. This seems like the winner for our first “vertical” trial hike. Thanks!
  4. Do you have any suggestions for decent hikes with younger kids? We have done a few hikes on NW side of the ADKs where it is pretty flat. They did good with a +/-6mi distance (total out and back). I’d like to find a hike with a decent view for them, but of course vertical hikes will wear them out much quicker.
  5. That’s amazing and terrible. Just a fluke of bad luck, I assume.
  6. It has been raining/misting for two straight days in eastern Lewis County. Hoping to see it move out soon and give us two nice days for the long weekend!
  7. 38° at my house this morning after 36° yesterday morning. Saw a little frost on a roof that must be in a prime radiational cooling area. I’m taking advantage of this nice sunny and cooler weather to replace the last part of my house roof this afternoon, tomorrow, and probably into Saturday. I also just got Sirius radio set up (Father’s Day gift) for the first time in +/-10 years! That will make it much more enjoyable!
  8. 36° low this morning and the 3rd morning with spotty frost this month!
  9. I was on one of our jobs for about 1.5hrs this morning. Like 8:30-10am. Shirt soaked through, sweat running down my back, and I wasn’t even doing physical labor! If we had 90 more days of this, our company would call it quits because the crews’ production slows WAY down in this stuff (understandably). I don’t know how they do outside construction down south….
  10. Never say never…. However, I do agree that it does seem like the “droughts” in my limited snapshot of 35 years here are really just across the span of a season or two. The idea of a multi-year drought is truly scary, but at least we (humans as a whole) now have the ability to just move to a new area, which seems like it may become necessary for many in the SW.
  11. That’s interesting! I think of July & August as the classic summer months (probably due to the school schedule), but it does seem that June & July are the really hot months around here. By August the really hot spells are *generally* shorter in duration and the nights are usually cooling off better, especially by late August.
  12. Yeah, I’m hoping this is the peak week for my grass pollen allergies. I don’t mind being in the office for these couple weeks of late May into June….it gives me a break from the pollen.
  13. Ouch! That’s one of the beauties of living out in the rural hills. 50° at 5am here. Pretty rare to be above 60° before sunrise.
  14. Yep, 60°+ at 5am is when I really feel the heat. Usually I can get outside early and enjoy a few hours before it really heats up, but when it is that warm (usually accompanied by humidity) I look for inside projects!
  15. That is remarkable. You’re having a beautiful day and it is about the most miserable weather possible in the Catskills. 45° and steady rain most of the day.
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