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  1. That’s funny because I always have to clarify when I say “good” or “bad” winter to someone. It’s a matter of perspective….
  2. Are there other sites similar to this one? I may have to give in and check out Discord.
  3. Agreed. We’re heading into kids’ field hockey and football seasons. I recall two years ago having a game one weekend at something like 85° and high humidity followed by 45° and steady mist the following weekend. You never know what you’re going to get this time of the year! If I remember correctly, last year the games happened to land on almost all beautiful days. Doubt we’ll see that again.
  4. I hope this happens. We have missed out on most of the recent rain events for the past week or so….after not having any chances for a few weeks before that. Gorgeous weather, but could really use the rain now.
  5. At 1,700ft we are usually “white” but it has been many years since we have had several inches of snow on the ground on Christmas Day. It seems like it must be a pretty remarkable statistical anomaly to pick any random date between Dec 1 - Mar 1 and see how many consecutive years did not have more than say 2” of snow on the ground. I think we’re looking at a decade or more. The fact that it happens to be Christmas Day is incredible. I’d like to forget Christmas 2020 where we got hammered with 2.5-3ft of snow exactly one week before Christmas, only for it ALL to melt Christmas Eve into Christmas morning. That was almost as incredible as having it all fall overnight a week earlier!
  6. That’s what I assumed too. Painful. On the other hand, it might not be bad for us to go into winter with that expectation. Then there is a slight chance of wintry weather exceeding our expectations….
  7. We had our 2nd consecutive morning in the low 40s this morning. Blue skies and low humidity. It really has been a beautiful stretch of weather recently.
  8. We received about 1” last night and about 2” overnight last week. If not for those two, we would be concerned about drought again, as well. It’s amazing how one or two fluke events can change everything. Hopefully you get something soon!
  9. Yeah, sensory overload! Could have at least made the background colors red/white/blue….
  10. Our son had a double header for baseball yesterday in the Binghamton area. It was in the 50s all day (exactly 50 to start the first game) with steady wind, clouds, and intermittent rain showers during the morning. Everyone agreed it felt like an October football day, not a June baseball day. Low of 39° this morning which is the 3rd time we have dropped into the 30s this month. It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous day, though!
  11. FWIW, I’m starting a new job next week which will have me spending a lot of time this summer in Syracuse. I’ll still live in Delaware County and my work will be based out of my house by September. The job has a sales element to it and my initial territory will cover roughly Broome to Oneida County and points west from there (and 4 northern tier PA counties). I’ll be making regular trips to the Rochester and Buffalo areas once I learn the ropes. Maybe I can meet up with some of you western folks some time this fall/winter.
  12. I was starting to get nervous about drought, but yesterday and tonight/tomorrow should help out tremendously.
  13. I just upgraded to my neighbor’s car which has functional air conditioning….looks like I got lucky with the timing!
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