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  1. Dry as a bone in my corner of Silver Spring since the middle of last week. Lawn is becoming thirsty, even in the shade.
  2. Thicc chunky bois floating down in east silver spring. Almost all snow. Temps still at about 35 though.
  3. I'm having rain-radar hallucinations; it's been a while without precip in Silver Spring. I'm nowcasting this storm in my head like its late January and we're expecting 1.0QPF of frozen, lol. Very low cloud cover inside the beltway in Maryland, no moisture yet.
  4. Got what I expected here in College Park. Took a jebwalk along the NW branch of the Anacostia in some light sleet. Wondering if we'll get that second wave of ice...
  5. thicc and juicy snowy bois are spinning down in college park. we're holding strong at 28/28... unusual, as we're usually part of the UHI/fall line crowd that warms up.
  6. Moderate snow here in College Park south of the central/northern MD extreme deathband. Still accumulating nicely; still holding at 28/28.
  7. Probably about an inch on cold surfaces, but nothing sticking to the roads quite yet in college park. 28/28 and steady snow
  8. Still snowing in College Park - has not stopped since 7AM. Probably about 1 - 1.5" (no ruler available)
  9. 5+ hours of snow here in College Park. Pretty cool. UMD closed early - 1pm.
  10. We've had steady SN from 830 through til now here in College Park. From 730-830 it was SN- . Exceeding expectations.
  11. Deathband in College Park. Pic taken just now. Grass was totally clear before 7AM.
  12. Wow, like the flip of a switch we went to white rain here on 20783/Hyattsville/College Park.
  13. Precip is heavy in College Park, there may be an occasional thicc flakey boi mixed in with the rain.