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  1. Coming down heavy in McLean but I think flip or mix imminent
  2. Didn’t expect to see these minuscule snow flakes in McLean. I will consider this a win to help keep my sanity.
  3. Beautiful in McLean right now. What we all hope to see.
  4. I think another shower inbound to McLean. I’m on side near Evans. Popped up quickly
  5. Was up at 12 and 3 this morning and was surprised to see what was happening. And still is!!! Nice for McLean/FFX get in on some late bands once in a while.
  6. Yep. Finally some nice snow in McLean today.
  7. Angels Envy Old Fashioned. I’m in Rehoboth Beach and coming home to NOVA tomorrow. For a while there not so sure I wouldn’t see more action at the beach.
  8. I just read where Topper is calling for rain Sunday. What is happening in the world.
  9. Flurries while opening presents on Christmas morning. It’s a win!!
  10. Huge flakes and heavy rates in Mclean. Is change imminent?
  11. Wow. The secondary roads in Mclean caved on a dime. Plows came by and covered right back up. Showing 31 degrees
  12. Light snow and sticking in Mclean. Somehow it feels like victory. Sadly
  13. Well said. I am 57 and lived here my entire life loving snow. Can’t tell you how many times back in the mid 70s the famous “Heavy Snow Warning” was issued for 4-6 inches. After no snow I would get the update. How? Calling 936-1212. Then would be crushed to hear the revised forecast of a Travelers Advisory for 1-3. And reality would end up being 0. Many years later the drill might be different but the results frequently the same.