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  1. Interesting UHI experience this afternoon. Left Tyson’s headed to Annapolis around 4:00. Snowing pretty good. Snowed all the way down GW Parkway but began to taper off as I crossed Roosevelt bridge. Once into the city, boom, snow cut off. No snow at all as I made my way through heart of downtown in North West. As I hit NY Avenue, now in North East, snow gradually came back. Not like in NOVA but there. Thought it interesting that even though further East than heart of downtown, the UHI impact of downtown won the day.
  2. Don’t forget 79, 83, 00, 06. Even though the good one in 06 was gone by noon
  3. I've always wanted payback for the March 2001 disaster Payback for that and I have always felt like March 93 owed us something. Maybe not a full refund but something
  4. Well said. You have a lot of serenity. Puts this unusual hobby in perspective.
  5. Wow. Huge flakes in McLean now and coming down fast. I guess the last hurrah before sleet
  6. I have been here for all of them and PD 1 is still what I am chasing. And what caused my snow issues. The depth of 2016 was close but nothing has come CLOSE to PD 1 rates. I was only 2 for Blizzard of 66. But by looking at my dads pictures, that storm is the champ for drifts around DC.
  7. It seems like DT is going to give the -NAO one more shot after warm up. If another false alarm, winter is ending early.
  8. I have been trying unsuccessfully to determine how ignore works!!
  9. I was thinking we were close to 10 here. Thanks for confirming
  10. Yes!!! Yes!! My daughter and I were walking backward up the street!!!
  11. The last two hours in McLean have been such a blast. The intensity has been a welcome surprise. What an awesome Jebwalk! Now back to football!!
  12. Most intense rates of the storm in Mclean right now
  13. Had a nice burst of moderate snow in McLean for the last hour. Just starting to lessen a bit.