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  1. What's your favorite <2" snow event?

    Christmas night 1993. Came in very quickly after a very clear early evening. The traffic nightmare that ensued immediately after when the minor accumulation froze was also very notable.
  2. December 2017 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    The snow squall was serious indeed. But even more serious was the traffic nightmare than followed late Christmas night. The region was paralyzed like that inch of snow a couple of years ago
  3. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    Heavy stuff coming into Mclean now
  4. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    Picking up quickly in Mclean
  5. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    I noticed the same thing as I drove around today about how it appeared we had a bigger event. Is that because of all the sleet?
  6. 1/5/17 to 1/8/17 Obs Thread

    I bet Fins was a blast during a storm. How is City Hall looking? Almost done?
  7. Didn't PD 1 have a track further of the coast? Is that the kind of track that one would want to see again for such high totals?
  8. Visibility as low in McLean as it has been at any time during storm
  9. Just got back from a nice Jeb walk as the rates are picking up. But I did not expect that stiff of a wind this early in the evening.
  10. Up to steady light snow in McLean.
  11. Winter 2015-2016 speculation and discussion

    I am sure to the surprise of no one, about 3 weeks ago JB said he was probably going to cancel his earlier call for a warm 2015-2016 winter. That's earlier than Ji cancels cold outlooks.
  12. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    Great burst in McLean. Blowing and flake size increased quickly. Very heavy
  13. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    Hardest it has snowed in McLean all winter. Just back from walk. Perfect