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  1. Flurries while opening presents on Christmas morning. It’s a win!!
  2. Huge flakes and heavy rates in Mclean. Is change imminent?
  3. Wow. The secondary roads in Mclean caved on a dime. Plows came by and covered right back up. Showing 31 degrees
  4. Light snow and sticking in Mclean. Somehow it feels like victory. Sadly
  5. Well said. I am 57 and lived here my entire life loving snow. Can’t tell you how many times back in the mid 70s the famous “Heavy Snow Warning” was issued for 4-6 inches. After no snow I would get the update. How? Calling 936-1212. Then would be crushed to hear the revised forecast of a Travelers Advisory for 1-3. And reality would end up being 0. Many years later the drill might be different but the results frequently the same.
  6. I mentioned this a couple of days ago but I don’t think there was much around DCA after the nice December storm in 1973.
  7. I was only in grade school so the memory is fuzzy, but I don’t think DCA saw much snow January- March of ‘74 after the good ‘73 December snow.
  8. DT knows how to teach. It’s better for that reason alone when he is here.
  9. Flakes in Mclean. Also snow flurries.
  10. The one that comes to mind for me was Christmas night 1993. After snow showers came in the roads were impassable after 1/2 inch of snow.
  11. Incredible lightning East side of Mclean into Falls Church
  12. Looks like a cracked lollipop and a Texas Longhorn.
  13. I had always thought the amount for DCA in ‘72’-73 was a Trace. So not as bad as I thought
  14. Didn’t we also have a day where it snowed about 2-3 inches in the afternoon with a temperature at DCA of 7?