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  1. High of 79 this afternoon compared to 90 expectations from all the experts. Persistent cloud cover made a huge difference.
  2. Drought breeds heat..............
  3. Our "new climo" hasn't really changed from 60 years ago or 100 years ago. Depending on atmospheric patterns we indeed witness almost daily occurrences of convection. Otherwise, high and dry. For a real mind trip, revisit the summer of 1963.
  4. 47.7 degrees at 6:15. That's 10 degrees below normal.
  5. My low was 48.4 at 6 am. Augusta, Alleghany, Bath,Highland and Garrett Md. all reported some 40's. Garrett only expecting 70-75 today compared to my 76-81.
  6. The 18 z Nam Nest 3 k is actually colder in Augusta than Garrett at 47 degrees at 6 am. It will be interesting as 10 degrees below normal on June 8 is noteworthy.
  7. The 18z GFS has lost interest.
  8. Op. GFS brings first heat wave June 16 - 22. GEFS not interested.
  9. .77" last 20 hrs. The first decent rainfall since May 18. I have averaged drier than normal for the past 3.5 years since January of 2021. During this period I have received 122.6" rain and melted snow. Normal would have been 141.7". 19.1 inches below average precipitation since January of 2021.
  10. I'll do better in the future, especially for you. Please forgive me.
  11. Finally the CPC agrees with the GEFS, GFS, ECM, ECM Weeklies, GEM and CMC ensembles that the next 6 - 10 days will average cooler than normal.
  12. oh,yes........................ You are well advised to correct your math error................................ Have a great afternoon!
  13. 41 degrees this morning. The coolest June 1 in 40 years! In 1984 it was 39.
  14. 39 at 6:30 (in Augusta County), 31 at Davis W.Va., 24.9 at the Va. Tech. station in Canaan Valley.
  15. I would think that everyone including you knows that I live in Augusta County. Do I need to remind you with stupid reminder ???
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