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  1. This is not unusual after a tropical system. The GFS believes a cold front associated with a temporary pattern shift in about a week will bring some moisture back into the picture. September/October often get dry without tropical contribution.
  2. 45 degrees and clear this morning. The first sun in about 6 days!!
  3. I am heartened to see comments about the "Woke" Wa. Po. and CWG. I was a well known contributor to CWG 10 years ago. Jason knew me very well by my username "Augusta Jim". We had occasional exchanges.. I even won a CWG sweatshirt by being the only one to identify a pattern by a synoptic map............................... That's all history as I grew weary of the daily nonsense with AGW and the afternoon loon with Wa.Po. oversight. Steve Scolnick and I used to lock horns nearly every afternoon. What a thrill!
  4. A classic example of up-slope enhancement was at Wintergreen which reported 8.35"............... That puts my 2.10" to shame.
  5. The heaviest of the rain will pass south and southeast of D.C., but rejoice!!!! This has been a wonderful interlude during the middle of a drought.
  6. Orphilia has been unusual because it has been a hybrid system. Sub tropical evolved to tropical. Sub tropical systems can often have a widespread wind-field more removed from the center compared to a pure tropical system. Associated rainfall can also be farther removed from the center of a sub tropical system than a pure tropical system. Both of these sub tropical characteristics have been quite obvious with Orphilia.
  7. Hopefully that is correct! It will take nearly 10 inches over 2-3 weeks to bring us out of the Drought. Ophelia will not do the job.
  8. Out on the end of The Atlantic City Pier in Morehead City, Ophelia will be a hurricane when she comes ashore later tonight, regardless of what the NHC says.............
  9. The latest NHC track is 20 - 30 miles west of the bay up to Baltimore. The latest NBM D.C rainfall total is 2.62 inches.
  10. I noticed at 7 am that the 00z ECMWF 10M windfield brought the core of circulation over D.C. by 12z Sunday. The NHC at 11 am has now adjusted the track westward to just east of D.C. by Sunday morning.
  11. I could be vain and say I'm batting 1000............. But honesty is one of my highest attributes! I thought the 18z12 NAM would shift east from Richmond toward consensus up the bay and the NHC track. H--- it shifted west to Lynchburg!! But, I believed the 12z to be too juicy....... I dropped from 4.12" to 3.02"............. Winning streak continues! I'll practice some more before the snow flies.
  12. I nailed the huge shift in the ECMWF yesterday with a lucky bet. I feel lucky again today. I therefore predict the incoming 18z NAM12 will dry somewhat for western areas.
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