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    COVID-19 Talk

    kinda like all the long range winter threads this least we are consistent!

    COVID-19 Talk

    Am I the only one that read this like you were talking about your BM’s, in referencing H2Os comment? ..fine, easy and quick...
  3. Full sun, not a cloud in the sky, went from 58 to 67 in like 15 minutes
  4. Massive fire on route one in Alexandria section of Fairfax county. Smoke showing up well on radar.
  5. @WxWatcher007 I hereby sacrifice myself to the Reaper. I had 4 days under a winter storm warning, 36 inches of snow and immense fun in the sierras near Yosemite over Thanksgiving. The best 96hrs of winter I have experienced since 2010 around here! Hopefully my sacrifice will maybe assuage the snow gods to throw us a bone, but I don’t care. I feel liberated and whenever I think I need a snow fix, I’ll just look at pictures from Thanksgiving.
  6. Please let us know when it's safe to start talking about PD3....
  7. Nice and snowy up here in Canaan Valley, yeah snow. About an inch, 26 degrees. Whole different and wonderful world up here!
  8. Hoping for the best. I would be happy with 1-2 at this point.
  9. This Winter Sucks! Even Canaan Valley, WV is brown!
  10. Happy January 25th day everyone! Proof that miracles sometimes do happen! Just not lately!
  11. Thanks! Love how the latest Euro gives Canaan the deep purple! Through Late Monday.
  12. Me Too! If I get snow in Canaan I am good with this dumpster fire of a winter! If it can’t snow there it can’t snow anywhere! Hopefully this storms winds up and we get favorable lake effect. I am there sat to to Tuesday
  13. Interesting clouds, almost lenticular which would be very rare around here. Taken from the Woodrow Wilson bridge looking south! Wow, I am looking at clouds I am so bored with the weather
  14. Wow, you got about 200% of what I did. Slight coating, road and sidewalks just wet. Glad I didn't get up early to watch the "show"
  15. @WxWatcher007Taking the family to Canaan Valley next weekend. If It doesn’t snow there then I will gladly sacrifice my soul to the reaper! Will send an eta on my soul reaping Sunday Jan 26 by 8pm.