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  1. Really? In a concentric circle like that? Interesting.
  2. Did a meteor hit near Port Royal, Va? Strange Radar return. First radar was from about 643.
  3. Only web cams I can find that are still active out of abaco. Last one looks nasty. This is actually from Elbow cay, one of the out islands east of abaco. These images are facing east out into the Atlantic.
  4. Link to some web cams on Abaco. Having been to Abaco a couple of times, don't expect them to last long. Power goes out in a light breeze. Beautiful island and people, but their infrastructure is horrible. There are tiny out islands/barrier islands just to the east of Abaco, green turtle cay and elbow and others. These islands have even worse infrastructure. Will be interesting to see what's left of them after Dorian. This one seems to be the most stable one, from elbow cay.
  5. I think I just experienced every form of precipitation known to man in the span of 5 min, plus lightening and thunder. That was awesome!!!!!
  6. Was enjoying the dry slot on the drive home, now getting pounded. Would have been happy to dry slot the rest of this storm.
  7. I graded this winter a C, If this winter was a student, it started strong with an A + in November, turned in an F in December, January was a B, February a C-, March (so far a C-). Just didn’t live up to its perceived potential. Hit climo, 2 warning events. Guess it could have been worse, so a Solid C.
  8. Their altitude makes them closer to the sun, makes snow hard to stick on blacktop...
  9. That right there is the SH!T. Look at those pressures, it’s like black hole low, like a category 73 Hurricane, LOL....thought they adjusted for elevation, guess not....and I went to meteorology school in Greeley, CO, they must have covered that after I dropped out and went south.
  10. Like Ralphie, I want an 2009-2010, but first we need a real - - - - - - - NAO. I did see a Christmas tree on the curb this last Monday a block down, the shame, and I felt bad taking mine down on Jan 4.
  11. Winter is officially over, the last parking lot snow pile melted at work today, the neighbors finally took down their Christmas lights on Sunday, and the daffodils are in full bloom. Game, set, match. I give this winter a C.
  12. They had a good one in 2003, was actually there the day after looking for wedding venues, most of it was melted, but still pretty cool. Winter of 2002-2003 will always have a place in my heart.
  13. Pouring rain down here in the tropics, awaiting my Flash Flood Warning. System is juicy, good stuff headed your way, good luck to the northern folks!