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  1. Not too shabby for a met school dropout! Now if I could only pick winning lotto numbers!
  2. snowing in the high country,snow guns are a blazing. https://www.wispresort.com/mountain-report-cams/ https://timberlinemountain.com/snow-cams/
  3. What a crappy Sunday! And the Commanders aren’t even playing…glad to not to be traveling, best of luck to those that must.
  4. With all the holiday travel I expect the jet exhaust will keeps things toasty at DCA
  5. Good call, forgot that you have to get tickets for that! We seem to be alternating years between Deep Creek and Canaan!
  6. Just booked my winter insurance trip to Canaan Valley, last weekend in January…
  7. Just need to get to Nov 27th....then I can move on to winning the snowfall contest.
  8. BWI: 29.5” DCA: 23.4” IAD: 35.5” RIC: 17.3” Tiebreaker SBY: 14.1”
  9. Some sort of wet substance fell from the sky today. Plus my car has these things that wipe the wetness off the windshield automatically. We are truly living in the future!
  10. BWI: Nov 3 IAD: Nov 3 DCA: Dec 1 RIC: Nov 3 BWI departure +2.1
  11. Light flurries…er I mean sprinkles have started. Barometer 30.162 and falling, breezes out of the ne 7-11mph. Temp 66.6, yikes.
  12. After gloomy afternoon the sky just lit up on fire!
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