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  1. BWI: 62.5 DCA: 46 IAD: 61.9 RIC: 32.2 Tiebreaker (SBY): 23 MBY: 50 Highly scientific reasoning: 1. I’ve had a couple of beers 2. I passed up buying a Mac daddy snowblower this year, guarantees lots of snow. If I would have bought it would have gone single digits. 3. I like the 1995-1996 analog this year, who doesn’t?
  2. It's Back!
  3. This cam is totally live, it's the Nest camera, things are going down hill fast, massive waves. This is a south facing cove, called Hart Bay, just around the corner from the Westin resort. There are people here, they come out and wipe the lenses off every once in a while. I hope this feed hold for the eye wall. https://greatexpectationsusvi.com/webcam/
  4. The one from the soggy dollar doesn't seem to be live, but the one below that one I think is.
  5. https://greatexpectationsusvi.com/webcam/ web cams from St. John, USVI. I think some of these might be live, the bigger one seems to have sound.
  6. Sheesh, only the panhandle of Florida survives after that run.
  7. Amazing, and scary! Thanks so much!
  8. I totally missed what happened Saturday night on radar, the height of the deluge would be awesome. Sorry I don't have times. Thank you so much!
  9. Anyone have a radar loop of the rain over Houston on Saturday night?
  10. 4.29 inches last night from a the PWS 2 blocks over. Pool overflowed and contains half my mulch which washed into the pool, and garage flooded a bit, nothing big. I am ready for a dry spell.
  11. I am drawing water down from my pool, if I have to refill it from the hose because we get the shaft, I'm throwing this iPad in the pool.
  12. Sun and blue skies breaking out
  13. Rocking snow!
  14. 1.75 inches of slop, mostly sleet. Very surprised at the freezing rain on top, easily .1 of that. In the process of going back to snow now
  15. I forgot that I hate wind and sleet, that sh!t hurts when it hits you in the face!