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  1. Some final pics from our abortive trip to Yosemite NP. Weather never cleared, would haven’t seen much even if we did make it to the actual park. Tried thanksgiving day, sun was out for about 15 minutes, but snow picked up shortly thereafter. Went about a mile towards the park and encountered several spun out cars which we couldn’t get past. Went back to our cabin to watch more snow. All told I estimate about 4 feet fell from Tuesday pm until when we left Friday AM. No wind, so no crazy drifts. Awesome time! Long way to go to chase snow, LOl.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Been under a winter storm warning since Tuesday. Have to have over 3+ feet, 3-6in tonight and 2-4in tomorrow. Crazy awesome!
  3. Don’t hate 18in on the ground with another 18 to go today here in Fish Camp, CA.
  4. Visiting Yosemite NP with the family for Thanksgiving week...check out the forecast! We are staying in a town called Fish Camp, CA. Going to be epic, can’t wait, 30-40 inches and possible Thunder snow! ....anyone have advice on tire chain types, and tips for installing?
  5. New Method this year. "Alexa, give me a random number between 0 and 40..." BWI: 10.0 DCA: 22.0 IAD: 9.0 RIC: 19.0 The Breaker SBY: 33.0...congrats SBY! You can thank Amazon I guess it could happen, sharp cutoffs to the west and north = DCA, RIC AND SBY jackpotvilles!
  6. Really? In a concentric circle like that? Interesting.
  7. Did a meteor hit near Port Royal, Va? Strange Radar return. First radar was from about 643.
  8. Only web cams I can find that are still active out of abaco. Last one looks nasty. This is actually from Elbow cay, one of the out islands east of abaco. These images are facing east out into the Atlantic.
  9. Link to some web cams on Abaco. Having been to Abaco a couple of times, don't expect them to last long. Power goes out in a light breeze. Beautiful island and people, but their infrastructure is horrible. There are tiny out islands/barrier islands just to the east of Abaco, green turtle cay and elbow and others. These islands have even worse infrastructure. Will be interesting to see what's left of them after Dorian. This one seems to be the most stable one, from elbow cay.
  10. I think I just experienced every form of precipitation known to man in the span of 5 min, plus lightening and thunder. That was awesome!!!!!
  11. Was enjoying the dry slot on the drive home, now getting pounded. Would have been happy to dry slot the rest of this storm.
  12. I graded this winter a C, If this winter was a student, it started strong with an A + in November, turned in an F in December, January was a B, February a C-, March (so far a C-). Just didn’t live up to its perceived potential. Hit climo, 2 warning events. Guess it could have been worse, so a Solid C.
  13. Their altitude makes them closer to the sun, makes snow hard to stick on blacktop...