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  1. BWI: 11/1 IAD: 10/25 DCA: 11/19 RIC: 11/19 TB: 91
  2. Blinding rain for the past hour, FFWarnings now blossoming, every dang device is blaring
  3. Who is ready for a drought? This is is getting ridiculous...
  4. There’s a 15 foot concrete sea wall below the road, it ain’t breaching that. Optical illusion from the camera angle, but there is a man made cliff off that road to the gulf. The road is literally the top of the seawall
  5. Race begins, can I pump more water out of the pool then falls in it. I had 5 inches of room last night, I have one inch of capacity left now....must keep power!
  6. Had one of those, where am I moments, what’s going on , I work in a windowless basement in a nondescript government building. Entering work at 830 sunny with lots of blue sky, came out of work to dark foreboding clouds, thick humidity that you could cut with a knife and rumbles of Thunder and spitting rain. Pretty cool! Driving home on the GW parkway pouring rain, giant puddles. Good times.
  7. Keep it real for us that lack the smarts!
  8. Nice tstorm, gusty winds gust up to about 35-40, maybe a gust to near 50, prolific lightening, knocked power out for a minute or two. I rate a tad above average tstorm. Low end Warning verified imho.
  9. I fall into this trap every year, open the pool early, surely this will be the year 90s return in may.... Enjoying my one pool day in May. Maybe I get another tomorrow...Then lights out for a while...temp 84, cocktail is cold and alcoholic....
  10. My investment...ok folly, of installing an inground pool 7 years ago might actually payoff this better be hot and sunny this summer, so far, not so much..... I can't wait to do video conference calls while floating in my pool...#winning....until I drop the phone in the drink.....
  11. Same, my son is totally bummed. Will be interesting to see how if they open community pools.
  12. GATECH

    COVID-19 Talk

    kinda like all the long range winter threads this least we are consistent!
  13. GATECH

    COVID-19 Talk

    Am I the only one that read this like you were talking about your BM’s, in referencing H2Os comment? ..fine, easy and quick...