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  1. How have we not learned that in this regime, we take everything with a grain of salt more than 4 days out, for every model (except the cmc, then it’s 4 minutes) and even then…buckle up everyone and enjoy the ride, however it turns out!
  2. That damn volcano in the pacific…ice age here we come!
  3. Tomorrow night, sun will take care of it tomorrow. Save your back.
  4. Baro dropping like a rock 29.449” of hg. Just nasty out there. Doggo went out and back in record time, he usually likes the rain…
  5. I think my house is on fire 32.4, no worries though deluge in bound.
  6. And onto phase 2 of this storm, sleet. Visibility up, pinging sound increasing. Final snowfall 2”. Fun sunday
  7. Big flake beat down, sign sleet is almost here. Many flakes are heavily rimmed.
  8. Current wet bulb is 21.7 (at least according to by weather station algorithm) Not saturated yet, but getting close.
  9. Took a nice Jeb walk with ole Thunder. Champagne powder, nice and squeaky!
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