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  1. Haven’t been paying attention for a while, because why, is this the back door cold front mentioned from earlier this week?
  2. It’s delightful, after hitting 90, now 78!
  3. What was that? Sea breeze blowing through, east to west? Was a delightful refreshment, temp dropped about 5 degrees in 20 minutes.
  4. First day of pool some rib smoking!
  5. First kill for ole Thunder. One cicada down, billions to go...
  6. Picked a fine day to go to a winery, 55 rain and hail here near Purcelville! About to get pummeled...but at least wine!
  7. I got it for Christmas and so far it’s been working pretty well. Performance seems about as good as my old Davis Vantage pro 2 so far, that lasted 15 years though. I have a terrible sighting problem, surrounded by large trees and houses, so wind readings aren’t great. Was leary about the haptic rain sensor, but seems pretty good now compared to surrounding stations, they use some sort of AI to smooth out errors. Couple of cool features, the UV sensor and lightening detector are cool, not sure how accurate they are but interesting to have. For the cost, seems like a lot of bang for the buck. Just have to see how long it lasts. Also setup is a breeze!
  8. I don’t like the look of that appendage, nothing special on the velocity to indicate anything else though
  9. My weather flow getting a workout today, real first time to see the lightening detection feature in action. I bit clunky, but better than nothing.
  10. Yeah, not a fan either, I use Radar Scope. The old NWS radar was fine IMO. I was a fan of the National mosaic display, but they even messed that up and its unusable now. They should have a ‘classic’ feature, kinda like when they rolled out new I have dated myself. found the problem with the LWX radar... NOUS61 KLWX 040416 FTMLWX Message Date: May 04 2021 04:16:10 There is a pedestal problem with the WSR-88D. The radar will be down through the night. Technicians will be notified 7AM Tue morning.
  11. Ugh. Feeling like mid July out there, 70 with a dew of 66. Anyone know what’s wrong with the LWX radar? Hasn’t updated since around midnight.
  12. Turning into a miserable evening, moderate rain, windy, at the low for the day (55.9 and falling fast, was 72 2 hours ago). On the plus side found a bottle of port that I missed from winter, might need to crack that open, maybe start a fire....Blue is temp.
  13. Only LWX can verify a STW without a thunderstorm. Never had anything less than partly cloudy skies, but definitely low end verification severe thunderstorm damage. Large limbs down, power out for about 5 min.
  14. On the doorstep. 60mph Gusts on the way...