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  1. Sun and blue skies breaking out
  2. Rocking snow!
  3. 1.75 inches of slop, mostly sleet. Very surprised at the freezing rain on top, easily .1 of that. In the process of going back to snow now
  4. I forgot that I hate wind and sleet, that sh!t hurts when it hits you in the face!
  5. Seems to be sleet behind that "wall". 100% sleet now
  6. Ripping fatties and pouring pingers at the same time, insane
  7. Ok, pingers now, was fun while it lasted
  8. This reminds me of feb 13 2014, insane snow just before sleet, wind is kicking up, super wintery now!
  9. Jinx for Jeb man, Do huge flakes register like sleet in CC?
  10. Huge fluffy flakes now, any reports from Jeb
  11. Still,all,snow, so far. I sit at the big bend of the potomac just north of my Vernon, no pingers yet
  12. Getting raked now, solid powder no sleet. Will see how long we can hold, i see that sleet wall moving north very slowly.
  13. Puking snow!
  14. Nice dendrites now, mulch caving
  15. I guess rimed mangled snow coming down, maybe rain mixed in, with some occasional bigger flakes