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  1. F+/D- More snow than last year but didn’t last long, most of the time what fell was quickly washed away with rain. Not exactly a fun winter, lots of tracking for little payoff. Definitely a forum divider. @mappy should map the grades and we can see where the line of tears and joy meet. Onto spring, calling the pool company to schedule pool opening end of April. Guarantees a rainy May, thank me later...
  2. For Mappy’s Map: seasonal snow to date as of 2/26/2021 4.9”
  3. Homicide was one of my favorite shows too! Back in the late 90s it was fun to see where they filmed in Fells Point. RE: Evil Genius, while watching that show I realized I had recently been to the area around where all that stuff went down in Eire, pretty sure I I had been in the parking lot where the bomb went off...kinda crazy.
  4. I literally live on the rain/snow line of brood X cicadas here in Fairfax county. Not sure why, but literally had 0 in my yard in 2004, I could cross the street to the north and they would be all over the place. This map illustrates.
  5. Meanwhile, the state of “snow”pack on the coastal the shade...temp 65, was hoping for a run at 70...
  6. I will take historical March warmth...and drought! 80’s or bust!
  7. Me too, we usually do wind well. We will see.
  8. Full on snow globe! Heaviest snow of the season x 10
  9. Best looking Radar of the winter! Too bad it will last 8 minutes. Flakes getting big!
  10. Can confirm it’s pouring freezing drizzle. How do I know, been smoking/grilling a turkey for the last 4 hours. It’s done! Temp 29, just so I stay legal...
  11. Ef this winter, I am good with an early and dry spring! Bring it!
  12. Sleeting so hard it’s peeling bark off the trees. Kiddo wants to go sledding, will see how long that lasts. Temp 28
  13. Just raise out elevation to about 7000’!
  14. Yeah, not sure you heard, DC climate is Atlanta’s from the 1980’s now.