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  1. Nice gust front moving through, temp and humidity dropped like a rock, cool clouds too!

    Winter 2021-22

    Well it’s sure as Sh!t not supposed to be a summer month either, but that’s what we seem to get nowadays!

    Winter 2021-22

    Well, I will take chilly and wet over tropical anytime in December in these parts. Rain snow mix would be a huge win! I really miss December’s like 2003 and 2009! Eh screw it, I am going to Montana for Christmas so what do I care, December is going to December here.
  4. BWI 12/18 IAD 11/8 DCA 12/18 RIC 12/18 TIE Breaker: .52
  5. Wow weather is gorgeous right now, wee nip in the air with a breeze from the NW, Temp 67! AC is going to get a well deserved vacation the next few days!
  6. In ground, problem is when it overflows the water can find its way to a basement stairwell, plus the pool gets trashed with mulch and stuff. Events like this make me nervous, I have sandbags for the basement well, but those are a pain to drag out.
  7. The struggle is real! Only had to do it twice this year! Good luck tomorrow!
  8. Everyone relax, I pumped 4 inches of water out of my pool, this insures a few tenths of in inch of rain. Water will be re-added to pool costing me roughly $58 dollars on Friday…but on the plus side, I am refusing to put down my deck umbrella thus insuring I decent tornado outbreak. If you would like flooding rain and no tornados, please send me $58 and I will add the water back to the pool and take the umbrella down. The choice is yours…unfortunately I have yet to find the correct superstition combo to yield snow in winter…working on it though. To keep this legit for this thread…obs: cloudy, temp 82.7, DP 74.1, wet bulb is 77.7.
  9. Invite @EastCoast NPZ to your vacation, that should do it!
  10. If you want free radar, this is the best site… https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/
  11. Best of the year lightening show just to the south. I am in a perfect spot, get to see and hear it without the rain, already had 1.22 inches today so I am good.
  12. Sorry about your basement. Crazy! We only had .5 down here, didn’t even hear the rain last night.
  13. Entering the strange pink sky phase of the storm. Went from grey to green to pink.
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