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  1. Looks like I hit the rain lotto jackpot today. Heaviest cell currently in the area parked over me! Nearing a half inch!
  2. Glorious pouring heavy rain! .25 in the last 10 minutes and still going strong!
  3. Doing the same thing…but from the pool!
  4. 102 high today. Hopefully the last one for a long time! Let’s see how the storms screw some of us over tonight! Good luck, may everyone get lots or rain! …and keep your power!
  5. Day 10 of 100+ this summer. Its too hot to even look up how many 90+ I have had…
  6. Nah, hell has less humidity.
  7. Just broke my station all time record, 103.3, with more time to go. Previous record of 102.9 stood all of 24 days.
  8. Rain is the new snow apparently
  9. Truth…I have a plan though
  10. 101.3 today. That is the 6th 100+ degree day this year. In the previous 4 years, with the same weather station, in the same location I had a total of zero. What da fuq!
  11. I noticed a little brown out yesterday. Today’s outage was definitely branch down…happens all the time on fort hunt road…ironically our lines are underground but a fed from the lines on fort hunt
  12. Luckily it came back around 6…now gotta cool the house before the storms roll in
  13. Nice breeze today…just enough to knock a branch onto a power line and take out the power to the neighborhood. Ok weather gods what have I done to piss you off! Whatever it is, I am sorry, truly very very sorry….currently 96 outside and 81 inside….
  14. Good god. 102 again today! HI 114!
  15. 101. HI 118! Can I hit 120?!
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