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  1. Thanks! Love how the latest Euro gives Canaan the deep purple! Through Late Monday.
  2. Me Too! If I get snow in Canaan I am good with this dumpster fire of a winter! If it can’t snow there it can’t snow anywhere! Hopefully this storms winds up and we get favorable lake effect. I am there sat to to Tuesday
  3. Interesting clouds, almost lenticular which would be very rare around here. Taken from the Woodrow Wilson bridge looking south! Wow, I am looking at clouds I am so bored with the weather
  4. Wow, you got about 200% of what I did. Slight coating, road and sidewalks just wet. Glad I didn't get up early to watch the "show"
  5. @WxWatcher007Taking the family to Canaan Valley next weekend. If It doesn’t snow there then I will gladly sacrifice my soul to the reaper! Will send an eta on my soul reaping Sunday Jan 26 by 8pm.
  6. Stuff building back near Culpepper, let’s see what that does!
  7. Yep sure did....but here comes the backside! Beggars can’t be choosers I guess. Got to go through some nice yellows first!
  8. Legit snow now, all is not lost! Lots of yellows to the west!
  9. If I stare really hard, I might see white rain...
  10. Love being under yellows, and getting rained on! Home now, temp 38
  11. Looks like DT has thrown in the towel, he is wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day over on Facebook. I think we need to open up the MA pool and gardening thread for 2020.
  12. @Jebman you are the Ying to the @WxWatcher007 Yang. The eternal optimist to the eternal pessimist, the half full to the half empty. I think you need to start up a thread counter to the panic room. A thread where everyone can post nothing but optimism about winter, about how many feet are going to fall, how we need grease up the snow shovels, gas up the snow blowers, and cancel schools from Fredericksburg, Va to Fredrick, MD. Where one can check into the nicest of optimistic, self delusional suites of snow, glorious snow. Where the weather channel is always in storm mode, where Cantore is checked in to the room next to yours, and where you can always find some computer model that buries us in three feet of snow (the 0z run of the Venezuelan is money BTW). What say you @Jebman!? @WxWatcher007 please book me a suite in the panic room starting Jan 20. Something with a view of the valley of winter’s death or of the plains of broken weenie dreams. Thanks!