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  1. January 2016 had Alex so that would actually be a very good sign for us
  2. Sun is out here in Annapolis, grand total is 0.00". Can't wait until this happens again 6 months from now.
  3. This is a pretty alarming signal to say the least. The stronger-than-normal West African Monsoon has consistently been modeled since the spring and actually played a part in the Saharan dust outbreak in late June. My concern is once we head toward August and the ITCZ shift northward, it may lead to a Cape Verde wave train which historically spells trouble in the Atlantic.
  4. That storm near the Bay Bridge is no joke, just had some penny-sized hail here in Annapolis. A nice little surprise.
  5. Sad! Let’s keep these protestors out of my hometown, please.
  6. Ended up getting hit with an initial round of convection here in Annapolis before the main squall line went through. Part one actually had some pea-sized hail along with torrential downpours. Second one also had torrential downpours, but contained stronger winds. No reports of damage here, but friends in Rockville reported several downed trees in their neighborhood.
  7. Isotherm's winter outlook was by far the most accurate I've seen this winter and pretty much nailed the CONUS snowfall gradient. Don't sell yourself short, this was a job well done, as usual.
  8. Regardless of what the NFL says, if sporting events do return, they will likely be held in empty stadiums until we get the all clear. Otherwise I'm sure people would still flock to games, but I have to imagine numbers would be down due to fear and other psychological effects.
  9. Agree wholeheartedly with all of this. That's why I think when the stay-at-home order is lifted, it will be eased gradually instead of just returning to normal all at once. I don't see large gatherings happening for a long time after, for example.
  10. I think that's more likely than not, especially if there's a the possibility of a resurgence and no vaccine until 2021. On the other hand, I imagine there will be a lot of people currently going stir-crazy who will immediately return to business as usual as soon as the quarantine is lifted.
  11. Same thing at my company with Microsoft Teams. As an international company, the majority of our meetings were already done virtually, so it's been business as usual the last few weeks. It's actually been really nice to work from home and productivity has been up company-wide. I imagine most businesses going forward will become more lenient about work-from-home or even go entirely remote which will save businesses money in operating costs and employees money and time on travel.
  12. I imagine we'll see other states follow suit. From what I've seen, the majority of people have followed orders but there are still idiots who have proceeded business-as-usual and that jeopardizes everyone else's safety. So now it's stay-at-home or pay the consequences.
  13. That's all we were able to do before, it's the enforcement that has changed.
  14. Not much has changed but the enforcement is much harsher. Before all non-essential businesses were closed and people were strongly dissuaded from leaving their houses. Now, beginning at 8 pm, people are not permitted to leave their homes by law and can be fined up to $5000 or sent to prison for a year.
  15. Stay-at-home order goes in effect at 8 pm tonight in Maryland. Figured that was coming after seeing PA and DE, but wow, this is surreal.