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  1. Spring is quickly approaching the DC area! "In parts of the Southeast, this year's spring is the earliest in the 39-year record"
  2. To add insult to injury, places such as Midland, TX and Oklahoma City are currently under winter storm watches and are likely to blow away our seasonal totals over the coming days.
  3. 13/-7 in Natick. Visiting the area for AMS and family so this will be my first New England winter storm.
  4. For once l’ll be rooting against the snow since I have a flight back from Boston tomorrow afternoon. Would be pretty fitting for my flight to get canceled or delayed coming back from a weather conference. Only supposed to get a few inches up here though so not worth being a weenie and rooting for a cancellation.
  5. I grew up very close to the high elevation spot and in marginal events, there can be a significant difference between my house and ILG. Best recent example I can think of is 2/3/14 where I received over 4 inches and the airport barely got 1. In the last winter I measured every event in North Wilmington (2014-15), I received about 30% more snow than the airport over the season. That being said, I do understand @RevWarReenactor's frustration about the area because that area is often painstakingly close to bigger events but ends up on the wrong side of the gradient. @psuhoffman outlined this before with Miller Bs, but it's true for mixed events and southern sliders too. Mdecoy's situation is a bit worse than mine was when I lived in DE, but I still missed out on events such as 2/1994, 12/1995, 12/14/13, and 3/4/19 by maybe 20 miles. Meanwhile storms like 1/30/10, both March 2014 storms, 2/16/15, and 1/13/19 were advisory level storms while downstate and the DMV got crushed. Delaware is also pretty susceptible to dry slotting during big Miller As, which was most evident in the Blizzard of 2016 when NCC was a relative minima compared to the surrounding areas.
  6. Annapolis, MD: 11/12: T 12/11: 0.2" 12/16: 0.1” 1/7: 1.0” TOTAL: 1.3”
  7. Final total in Annapolis: 1.0” on the grass, nothing on the pavement. Right in line with expectations.
  8. 0.3 inches in Annapolis and ripping. Us Bay folks may cash in after all.
  9. Just flipped to snow here in Annapolis with giant flakes. For the rest of you near the Bay, your time is coming shortly.
  10. I'm just west of Annapolis and it's all rain here.
  11. 40/33 here in Annapolis. If i get an inch out of this I'll be ecstatic but I suspect I'll be on the wrong side of the gradient. I think my only hope down here is to get in on the IVT action. I see widespread 1-4 inches along and north and west of 95 with an isolated 5 inch total possible somewhere from, say, Germantown to Westminster.
  12. I know those posts are DC centric, but his hometown (Newark) did far better than DC in the “awful” winters of 2011 and 2018 - I believe they were between 133% and 150% of normal based on obs at my old house in Wilmington. So for him, that makes it five out of the last six winters, or seven out of ten, with average to above average snowfall. Hardly a famine period. Definitely best to ignore but I found that funny.
  13. Highs: 6-10 February, 2010: I don't think I'll ever see a a snow period like that again unless I move to the Great Lakes region. Nearly 4 feet of snow this week on top of 18 inches in December made this the GOAT winter 26-27 January, 2011: One of my favorite all time snowstorms for the overperforming round 1 and the insane round 2 overnight to cap off a pretty snowy month. 29-30 October, 2012: The eye of Hurricane Sandy went right over my house - never thought I'd be able to say that. Winter 2013-14: The antithesis of winters 11-12 and 12-13. Every month from December to March had a warning criteria event. Second snowiest winter of my lifetime, but also had the most snow days. Special shoutout to the surprise 8.5" on December 8th for starting things off. 14 February - 20 March, 2015: Redeemed a terrible start to the winter. Highlights included the Valentine's Day squall, PD2.5, the heavy snow with southwest winds, near 0 temps, an ice storm, and anafrontal snows. 9 May, 2016: My first ever storm chase out in the Plains: intercepted an EF2 tornado in southeastern Oklahoma that was originally part of the famous Katie/Wynnewood storm 15 November, 2018: Easily the best early season snow I've ever experienced (11.5"), the best snow during my time in college, and capped it off with an appearance on The Weather Channel. Lows: 26 December, 2010: Not as bad for me as others since I still received a few inches, but got stuck on the wrong side of a very sharp gradient. 20 minutes from me got a foot. Winters 2011-12 and 2012-13: Two of the worst winters I can remember. First one was a torch fest and second one screwed my area (Wilmington, DE) in all directions - we were the relative minimum for snow on the East Coast aside from DCA. 26 January, 2015: An ever bigger bust than BDB, we only got an inch and it temporarily hurt my credibility as a meteorologist in high school Winter 2015-16: I was at Penn State for that one, so I missed out on the blizzard for the most part. Rest of the winter was a torchfest and the second worst on record at school. 17 May 2019: Was out storm chasing in the Plains again and missed the McCook, NE tornado because of some wrong turns. Late 2019 drought: A very boring period of weather that welcomed me to the DMV. Included a moderate risk bust.
  14. This one has I'm sure been overshadowed by more recent storms, but 10 years ago today, this was an all timer for Long Island and the mid-Atlantic and MECS for NYC.
  15. Annapolis, MD: 11/12: T 12/11: 0.2" (from coworker) TOTAL: 0.2"