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  1. I'm generally a decade long lurker, but couldn't agree more. Perhaps we can preemptively set up a "morality thread" and keep this one clean for those of us who can compartmentalize...
  2. At least part of it is due to the scale being several inches different per color. Orange gets you almost 52 on the first and only 40 on the second.
  3. I never post, but just want to say thanks for all your analysis man. Always great stuff. And to Bob, Ian and all the red tags. I was 2 for the infamous ice storm in CT that got me started on weather, have experienced '78 in CT, '93 in VT, '96 in CT, 09-10 here (landed in '09 to 5 inches on my way back from the climate conference in Copenhagen), Boxing Day in SW CT (where I was lucky to be visiting), and can't wait for this. Enjoy all.