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  1. I saw a few here as well dipping in the flowers, Must be heading down south. I tried to get a pic with my phone, but they were way too fast.
  2. If you have more issues in the future, I have a guy up north who I've used and seems to be honest and relatively inexpensive. If it comes to that, PM me and I can get you his contact info.
  3. I had to put a box fan in the window to get air at night. I grew upon main street in Manchester and always remember the fire siren going off at 2:00 am....what a wake up call in the middle of a hot summer night! My mother still doesn't have central air, just a few window units, which she never really uses.
  4. I'm sorry about this....Ours went up right before the July 4th week. Was without AC for 9 days during the heat. I told my kids that we were going retro, Back to the 80s when I grew up without AC.
  5. I saw that cell develop right north of me and watched it move towards New Windsor.