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  1. Ha! Happy Birthday Mrs. Map!
  2. One pushed westward from that smaller cell which went through Carroll county as well.
  3. I totally get that. Sometimes our children can't understand and since she has been working for months to prepare for this one day. When all is clear, you should get some of her dance classmates and have your own little backyard recital. :-)
  4. Sorry to hear that! Hopefully it is quick spell for you. At least Covid in my house got me out of my trip to Austin for work this past week. On another note, I join @H2O today and all others in the 50 club. :-)
  5. Will that help "seed" the event?
  6. Sorry to hear that! My daughter tested positive on Sunday, but is fine now. She is able to go back to school Friday, but will also have to go back next week to catch up/practice for a presentation she has for SkillsUSA. Her team won the gold medal in billboard design for the state of Maryland and is going to the National competition in Atlanta the week of 6/20.
  7. I'm still working through the 96 boxes of hardwood I'm replacing our carpet with. I'm about 1/3 of the way through but hope to pick up speed with some time off this summer. :-)
  8. Good Luck to you too!
  9. This is great...thanks for the explanation and suggestions. I do not have the alarm, but can definitely get one set up. I also want to check the drain as well to make sure it isn't clogged. Dumb question here....How does the evap coil freeze up and stay frozen in an attic where the temp is probably 125 degrees? Is that because it might melt and refreeze because the drain is not functioning properly? THere were chunks of ice coming off....like an inch think by 4 inches long.
  10. Ugh...My upstairs unit went up yesterday too. Luckily it was low on freon and the coils were frozen. They added the freon and it was able to get the temp down to a balmy 79 upstairs now. I think it will take a few more hours to get it manageable with a 16 year old system which is leaking.....Hopefully this holds for a few more months and I can replace it next year at bonus time.
  11. Went out with My daughter at 12:10 for about 45 minutes. I think we saw about 20. We did see fireflies as well.
  12. I think Season 3 of The Boys comes out next week too.
  13. Saw that too and came over here to post......Backdoor front of some type?
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