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  1. Yes....yesterday was miserable.
  2. We can only hope. They have such a deep team this year. I definitely expect them to make the playoffs...Its just how they will stack up against Philly, Brooklyn and Milwaukee. Oh...I forgot about Atlanta too.
  3. The question is......How long do I wait until I cave into my wife and daughter and turn on the heat? :-)
  4. They probably won't. I only wonder what other skeletons we would find if they were released though.....
  5. Wow. Talk about possibly throwing Snyder to the wolves. Maybe this is the only way they feel they can get rid of him.....by forcing him to sell the team based on public outcry? You know there has to be some really juicy stuff being released.
  6. Briefly peeked out here. Back to cloudy and depressing.
  7. Can we just rename it to Charlie Sheen?
  8. I had the famous poster on my bedroom wall. I think I was 4 or 5....what were my parents thinking?
  9. Ha! Had the biggest crush on Heather Locklear back in those days until she she hooked up with Tommy Lee.
  10. I totally agree. I was listening to the game on the radio and Ayenbadejyo made a good point. If you are that close and realize that the record can be tied, you are doing it to pay respect to all of the players who contributed towards it. It is a 40 year old record and to not try to extend it would be crazy with how close they were.
  11. It actually wasn't bad. I was with season ticket holders, so they had the padded stadium seats on the aluminum bench, which made sitting there easier. I will say that there were many, many older fans there....like 70+ years old...and they all had seats near the field. It was painful watching them try to make it back up the stairs to the main concourse level though and they need to figure out how to make it a better experience for them since I assume they are all generational alumni who will always have those seats in the family. The brand new scoreboard made it's debut and was really nice.
  12. Was at the game...it sucked. A ton of Iowa fans there too.....
  13. Happy Birthday @yoda. I hope you gad a great day!
  14. DCA: 11/17 IAD: 10/23 BWI:10/28 RIC: 11/14 Bwi:2.37”
  15. Great show last night. It was a great tribute to rush and sounded exactly like them....except for Les' vocals. Nobody can replicate Geddy . In case anyone wanted to go.....Tool tickets for the 2/22/22 show in DC are on sale tomorrow at 10:00. :-)
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