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  1. Same here. wasn't @H2O was the trailblazer in the race to 50 last year.
  2. This all goes back to the "sandwich" dynamics which you explained last year. Hopefully some on the board can remember this for the future. :-)
  3. my xmas present was a new Grip6 wallet. Pretty cool concept. Check it out.
  4. That is what happened to my team in Austin last February, but it was in the teens for at least 5 days. A ton of them had frozen pipes burst since those houses weren't built to a code with much insulation. It was a mess.
  5. The euro drying up is the most predictable thing since the wizards losing that last foul on Beal was marginal at best.
  6. ever try their Secret Machine?
  7. This should be your new avatar....
  8. I lost both of my Championship games, but 2nd place in 2 of 3 leagues is good for me. :-)
  9. Totally Agree! So happy for those who are usually on the wrong side of the line.
  10. So True. I'm right on the cutoff in the SW Part of Carroll County and we have a bout .5 on the ground with flurries for the past 2 hours. My daughter was pissed that they only had a 2 hour delay today. :-)
  11. What music are you into? I wanted to take the time to learn how to play guitar but really need to make the time to put into that effort. I think that in a year or two after all of my kids are in college......I might have some free time to put into that.
  12. i started to listen to the XM channel 87 a few years back. That helps since you get advice from multiple "experts". At the same time you learn what to look for in players and weekly trends. I'm not great at it, but have lucked out this year. :-)
  13. I have 2 today and a 3rd place game. I'll probably win one and the 3rd place game. Good luck to you!
  14. I snuck in under the cover of night last year......
  15. Going to RAR? They just had a nice drop.
  16. look at the dust being picked up from Colorado and blown across Nebraska. https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/conus_band.php?sat=G16&band=GEOCOLOR&length=24
  17. That system is moving at 100 MPH........amazing.
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