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  1. They already have the cinnamon pine cones in the grocery store entrances.......
  2. I think we have had a few times on Halloween over the last 5 years with Severe threats, but could be wrong.
  3. I had a 1.5 gallon bucket out from doing some yardwork over the weekend. It was overflowing this morning.
  4. So...you feel that I can tell my daughter no Hershey Park tomorrow?
  5. I was at PGCC yesterday watching my son play soccer and it was surprisingly 91 on the car thermometer.
  6. Jesse Ventura loved HAARP.
  7. I see those often in the morning. Always curious as to what birds were causing them to occur. I'd love to takt the time some day to figure out the location and watch this occur.
  8. Tied for the last wildcard spot!
  9. Looks like the I-70 split is starting to form.
  10. I hope your flight isn't cancelled this morning....that seems to be the trend lately. Good Luck!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/1661096083/videos/615385630164485/
  12. You see the video with beach umbrellas flying out to sea at Sea Colony from this storm? My wife showed it to me, and I'll post when I find it.
  13. Yes...sweated through 2 shirts while mowing.
  14. I know....I also fill the dishwasher, put the soap in shut the door set it....and walkaway without starting. Getting old sucks. :-)
  15. This morning I put the water and coffee the Keurig machine and pressed the button to brew. I walked back 5 minutes later and realized that I forgot to put the coffee cup under drip. Coffee was all over the counter. Luckily none was on the floor.
  16. look at that line of rain just pop along 70 from Frederick to Mt Airy behind the outflow boundary.
  17. Went to DC last night to watch Rage Against the Machine. Great show with a ton of energy. They played from about 9:15 to almost 11:00. Zach hurt his ankle last month and does the show while sitting, but still brings it. They have a show tonight with tickets available. If you can go, you really should.
  18. I have an outside GFI which keeps popping every time it rains. Might be the lamp post, but this is going to be a pain to figure out.
  19. About 2 years ago I realize that I get a small pension from a former employer I totally forgot about. I know people who still work there and that benefit is no longer offered, so for once I lucked out. :-)
  20. THat is the best part of playing. I started playing indoor soccer again about 3 years ago in Westminster. THe best part is that the folks in the over 40 league have so much fun. As the games are going on, it's like a big happy hour! It's a really good group of people who just have fun. Hope you are able to enjoy the rest of the day, and rememeber...stay hydrated.
  21. Good Luck! Have a towel ready...otherwise you will be playing with wet balls. :-)
  22. Was able to get 2 rides on the Wildcat today. The first one wasn't bad. Since there was no line at all, we went back for a second....and that one was ROUGH. Glad to be able to ride it one last time.
  23. Right down the street from me. Were you around when the Cell formed and dropped the big Fat drops for about 2 minutes then grew as it went east?
  24. Hershey added a new coaster when you enter the park last year. My daughter wants to get me on that tomorrow. Luckily with her season pass, we get in an hour before everyone else. :-)
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