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  1. I just drove to Greenbelt and can't say that I see any signs of mixing myself. (not that I'm doubting you) Edit - it took a minute but now I see a bit of slop starting.
  2. We're really closing schools the night before for this event? Crazy.
  3. It is *very* lightly flurrying in Greenbelt right now. Anyone else?
  4. Overnight high in Silver Spring was 41.2 at around 2am, with minimum pressure of 29.12 inHg. Now down to 33 again, pressure holding near the bottom still. No clear ice remains. The snow is spotty and wet.
  5. 31.1 and all rain (I think...) in Silver Spring. The snow that was pure powder at 530pm is now crusty and crunchy, but no visible ice on the trees yet.
  6. Well, the sledding was remarkably good this late afternoon, but we've switched to mostly sleet now in Silver Spring. Temperature up from 23.9 to 26.1 in about 1.5 hrs.
  7. Still 23.9 degrees in Silver Spring... Steady light snow. About 1.5" of pure powder everywhere.
  8. Tilt 2 is much better around DC in my experience...
  9. I'm mildy impressed by the rate of MPING reporting today across the SE and MA states.
  10. Look at the MPING reports. That radar derived rain snow line is inaccurate by a hundred miles.
  11. The brine trucks were out in Columbia, SC *yesterday*.
  12. The question I'm posing is whether a mean is always an end product (like an average of 50 rainfall amounts at each geographic point) or if the means are computed internally to generate a "mean" atmosphere at each timestamp and then used to generate a single output after additional processing. I assume it's the former as the latter would seem to be problematic but I had never thought about it before.
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