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  1. Nice little sleet burst in Silver Spring just now. These were solid chunks, maybe 2 or 3mm across. Not graupel or snow.
  2. Well that's not what I hoped to wake up to, but it's what I expected. Just a thin layer of sleet and ice.
  3. When did we add a para Euro? Have I been oblivious to this all winter? Assumed all para discussions were GFS....
  4. Same here. It's not like it's 31 and raining hard. It's been 27-29 and lightly raining/mixing all day and the tree branches here aren't sagging, nor is the untreated sidewalk anything but wet. Seems impossible.
  5. Also, Amazon Prime is still making deliveries here if we want to use that criteria for "serious event" If they ever stop we'll know the S is hitting the F.
  6. Yeah, sort of between DTSS and Four Corners. Roads are as driveable as a summertime drizzle. Back deck is an ice rink. Shrug!
  7. Same deal in Silver Spring: it's been raining and sleeting on and off all day at 27 degrees, but very little is accumulating on trees or powerlines, and even our quiet neighborhood street is not slippery. Ice on the car and back deck looks nice but no real consequences yet.
  8. Can anyone explain to me why my car and my kids' Cozy Coupe are covered in solid ice with 6" icicles all over, but the trees and shrubs are not? Basketball goal and net are just wet with no icicles. Is it raining too hard to accumulate on hanging items so it only ices on stuff with large flat surfaces?
  9. Much better rates now in Silver Spring with that radar burst overhead. If only it was snow... Ice is fun for no one.
  10. It's 27.7 in Silver Spring but the rain is really just a mist. There's some ice on the car but I don't see anything of note on the trees or bushes. Certainly no drooping or crackling of any sort. It'll take a long time at these rates to get anything of significance, not that I'd go for a drive right now.
  11. Sitting at 32.4/32.4 with a sleety mix for hours now in Silver Spring. The grass is whiteish but the front walk is a slushy disaster. If temps drop a degree or two overnight it's going to get really icy out there.
  12. All or nearly all sleet near downtown silver spring. 32.5 degrees. Grass has a white coating but it's well under a half inch.
  13. 37.9 degrees and the front edge of the radar was instant snow in Silver Spring. Not sticking obviously.
  14. People saying the last few model runs are a non-event for most of the forum are losing it... Come on folks. We're looking at multiple inches of snow and all kinds of cold air. Not every system can be a HECS.
  15. Ehh... For DC proper that gradient is brutal.