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  1. Being from New Orleans(I think that's what you said), you deserve a good event. Believe it or not, we can score some sweet ones around here. Our snow climatology at Dulles is very similar to Philadelphia and NYC.
  2. It's Arlington. There are ample places in DC we could get accurate measurements.
  3. Sref mean snowfall at DCA over 6 inches. I know I'm going to hear it for posting the srefs, but it's a nice jump for anyone who thinks there's any value.
  4. Sref had a nice increase in qpf and the mean snowfall at DCA is now 5.33.
  5. I think someone asked about sref. Mean snowfall at DCA up to 1.57, qpf up to almost .2.
  6. Navgem ticked a hair east at 18z. I know, it's the navgem, but it discontinues a western trend. Hopefully not a harbinger of things to come.
  7. December 2010
  8. Nam snow map looks like December 2010. Yikes.
  9. That's because you only ran it out to 78 hours. 78 hours from yesterday's 18z is pre-storm. The trend went the other way on the gefs. Less snowy rather than more snowy. Exactly the opposite point you were trying to make.
  10. Weenies are imploding there as the rain pours down on Long Island.
  11. Nam was first and consistent with the western track and warm nose. Sat gfs and cmc was snow city and they folded to the nam
  12. I see the opposite. Yes, Miller B, and because of that the fear of losing the greatest precip to the north once the coastal consolidates.
  13. Sw of DC the qpf is much lower as the coastal bombs too late.
  14. 24 hours ago we were rejoicing 20 inch snowfall maps for DC. What a difference a day makes. This doesn't happen in other places. It really doesn't.