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  1. Weenies are imploding there as the rain pours down on Long Island.
  2. Nam was first and consistent with the western track and warm nose. Sat gfs and cmc was snow city and they folded to the nam
  3. I see the opposite. Yes, Miller B, and because of that the fear of losing the greatest precip to the north once the coastal consolidates.
  4. Sw of DC the qpf is much lower as the coastal bombs too late.
  5. 24 hours ago we were rejoicing 20 inch snowfall maps for DC. What a difference a day makes. This doesn't happen in other places. It really doesn't.
  6. A hair more qpf but colder. Probably meaningless but let's hope a trend to a colder solution
  7. Yes, it will melt quickly. Still fun to track. Also, why is our forum so obsessed with sun angle? NYC and NE forums aren't the least bit concerned about snow falling during the day Tuesday. People here would be cutting their wrists if the bulk fell during the day for this storm.
  8. Qpf is good at DCA, but precip is wet, not white
  9. Tell that to the "trained FAA spotter" at DCA who loses the snow board and measures what's left of the compacted accumulation.
  10. Typical Miller b. Southern low develops too late so areas sw are drier.
  11. Looks like the southern low gets the energy later and this creates a sharp precip cutoff southwest of DC. Could be a trend to keep an eye on.