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  1. The years you mentioned you were in nyc were also very cold in dc and snowy.
  2. Veterans Day 87 was 63 the day before, wasn’t it?
  3. I’m not saying they’re good models. Just seems like they are keying in on a trend of a less amplified system. Doesn’t seem as much interaction early enough with the ULL and doesn’t intensity as rapidly as earlier runs a day or two ago. Results in a track slightly southeast and weaker than prior runs.
  4. wunderground forecast for dc. Lol
  5. Arw Max stipe of qpf just nw of 95 all the way up the coast. Blended with other guidance, 95 looks like a solid hit. Just need thermals to cooperate.
  6. Agreed. Looked good early but followed the trend of the rest of the 0z suite unfortunately.
  7. Top is 21z that just came out the bottom is 15z from this afternoon. Precip lighter on 21z as well.
  8. 21z seems worse? Mean snowfall went down around dc and SE of town it dropped significantly.
  9. Remember that marginal storm in 2010 that produced around here before the big storms? Maybe we’re about to see a redux.
  10. Exactly right. Dca isn’t even representative of the entire city. It’s really an island to itself which is why we should let people who care about science have the official reporting site at the zoo.