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  1. 7.5 storm total(not daily)as of 1pm including the 1.2 from yesterday. So 7.3 today and 1.2 yesterday makes 8.5 total for the storm.
  2. Logan has 12.2 inches season to date and DCA has 12.1. We should be happy where we are so far.
  3. Grass is just now getting covered? Urban heat island is crazy.
  4. You wonder why the forum will never grow. You’re the reason.
  5. I was using their probability page for the national mall as an example. Anyway I was just making the point we all knew- that the models are less bullish today and the NWS took notice.
  6. The expected snowfall at the national mall went from 4 inches to 2 inches. Please make cheesy sex jokes instead of harassing other posters. Stick wirh what works for you.
  7. In the actual forecast, not the advisory, it went from 2-4 to 1-3. It changed. It’s relevant as it reflects their thinking after today’s models.
  8. NWS lowered their totals. Generally 1-3 throughout central md and the cities.
  9. No problem. They can handle it.
  10. Interesting that they(NWS) increased their high end (1 in 10 chance) to over 6 inches. It was a little lower earlier.
  11. Still a miss but a big jump nw
  12. Never. It’s not the problem with this storm.
  13. DCA is terrible and I agree we can still score with a negative PNA and negative nao, but the PNA at -5 makes us all dead in the water. Hopefully we can at least get close to neutral in early January.
  14. Negative PNA doesn’t work well for DC snowstorms.
  15. The years you mentioned you were in nyc were also very cold in dc and snowy.
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