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  1. Fall line storm. Climatology takes over.
  2. 0z nam, rgem, gfs, and 21z sref trended farther north and a touch warmer. Worse for DC and south.
  3. Over an inch of qpf at the Jersey Shore on this run.
  4. Philly annual snowfall is 22 and Dulles annual snowfall is 22 and bwi is around 20. I don’t understand why everyone says it doesn’snow around here Nyc was around 25 which isn’t much more and I would say they’ve had a historic run the last two decades and that has started to skew their average. Yes many years are not snowy but the same holds true in philly and nyc snow records. That’s how averages work but people can be justified in being disappointed in a snowless winter with a mean around 22 inches. Yes, we’re not Rochester but we can expect snow.
  5. Alabama or missing that winter?
  6. Could be worse is my point. We measure at the lowest point in the city on the shore of the Potomac.
  7. I got 36 inches in the suburbs just west of dc. Dc only report about 18 for that storm. At least you get to have snow measured at Central Park. That’s a favorable location.
  8. They’re in southern VA should be in the SE forum anyway.
  9. Closest report to dca I could find on the nws website was ballston and the 2.6 report was from 1030am.
  10. That’s not dca’s official report. They have reported over .4 of frozen precip(almost all snow)as of the last hour. Not possible
  11. How much qpf before we lose the column? Dc area.
  12. Looks worse on the southern fringe to me. Edit: 12z looked better for dc and surrounding burbs than 18z
  13. Typical for a miller B. Eventually makes the transfer but too late for us.
  14. Southern PA is similar climatology to much of our forum. The southern VA posters have a more distant climatology than southern PA. Not sure what the fuss is all about. Philly has very similar annual snowfall, temps, and precip to IAD and BWI.
  15. 1.1 for meteorological winter. They(Central Park, the airports got less) got 6.4 from the November storm.
  16. Dynamic cooling from a rapidly deepening low. Would be fun.
  17. To me then trough is too flat and the low doesnt eject out of the gulf soon enough and goes too far east. By the time it makes its move the best case scenario might be like last year’s bomb cyclone favoring the shore.
  18. Seems like dc has been in the most favorable band throughout so an inch at dca is very realistic.
  19. Dca 9 inches as of 7pm according to the NWS. Wonder if the CWG figure of 9.8 was accurate.
  20. Maybe they found the snow board and actually measure snowfall instead of snow depth.
  21. That was from around 1pm I believe. The zoo had 7.3 at 358 before the coastal.
  22. Where are you exactly? Dca reporting unknown precip type at the 2pm observation.