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  1. Yes we can and I will be rooting for that kind of fluke, but it’s fighting uphill. Ultimately we need the global pattern to shift (are we still assuming it will?). If we want any sustained run of success to break out of this funk.
  2. I heard something disturbing today. Someone called lgbt rights “political” Bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, nationalism and persecution in general isn’t political. Some things are still just right and wrong no matter how many people are wrong nor how loudly the wrong people try to scream in order to normalize their wrong behavior.
  3. The 1930s were hot but I think that graph misrepresents the degree. It’s continues to warm since so many of those records set in the 30s have since been surpassed. But the warning since was more spread out not the extreme jump the 30s were compared to prior decades.
  4. Why do MLB players tolerate the way the umps behave? The players have all the power. The fans pay to see players. But when they continue to play a game after the umps do something inexcusable it allows it to continue. Instead they should walk off. Anytime an ump acts like a child or does something wrong they should end the game. Make the fans who paid really mad at the league to force them to fix it. The players should take back control.
  5. I'm probably late to the party on this one but my god is twitter a mess now. It was always a god awful place to get any political news from, but used to be if I was careful about who I followed my feed was 90% weather, soccer, and philly sports. 1 in 10 posts would be some BS nonsense. But now...its the reverse. No matter how many crazies I block my feed is 90% batshit crazy conspiracy nonsense, blatant racist garbage, or BS political takes. I have to scroll through piles of BS to find anything I am interested in. WTF
  6. I liked DT, but I guess he went too far
  7. Yea mashed potatoes are the worst but once it’s had a freeze thaw cycle its good.
  8. Stowe was in great shape yesterday BTW, softened up real nice pretty early. Goat was great once it softened up a little.
  9. I am aware of the issues. I know they didn't just close it for no reason. But waiting until 2 days before to announce this was inexcusable and frankly I find it odd some are defending them at all. How do you defend not telling people so they can make plans. Selling spring tickets without telling people. They also originally were doing absolutely NOTHING to compensate for the loss of HG. They have since relented and announced they will keep the gate house side open as long as possible. This is "something" at least. It does not excuse them for keeping this a secret all winter though when people could have made plans or informed decisions. Also, some of their excuses are weak imo because they are based on decisions they made earlier in the winter. Yea now its too late for them to do anything about the staffing issue but that was a decision they made months ago. I am slightly less upset now that they at least are leaving gate house open. That is something...but it's not supposed to be my job as the customer to understand the problems. It's supposed to be their responsibility to not let their problems affect me negatively. In my opinion they did not try hard enough to do that in this case. Actually originally their plan was to do absolutely NOTHING, just close HG and offer absolutely nothing and hope I understand. That is not acceptable. And even now, we shouldn't have had to force them to open gate house by complaining, and their lack of communication... sorry nothing anyone says makes me ok with what they did. They are taking us for granted and I don't let people treat me that way! I can give my money to other places they don't take my patronage for granted.
  10. I found it odd, not sure why they did that the week I was there. I know in the past they had great terrain variety when I visited in April. They did have a freeze before I arrived, perhaps they thought it was necessary for safety reasons. Glad others have confirmed that is not the normal.
  11. Last spring I visited Sugarloaf mid April and they had groomed everything. I was incredibly disappointed as I love bumps. I actually left a day early and went to killington on the way back and they had plenty of mogul runs! Does anyone know of this is a common issue? I was at sugarloaf in years past during Spring and I remember them having some natural terrain with moguls. I asked the resort and got a very non answer like “we focus on safety and please check out conditions page for trail info”. planning a trip in 2 weeks and just don’t want to drive 10 hours and have the same thing happen. Sugarloaf is a better mountain but if they are going to groom the whole thing into a boring flat surface again I’ll go to Vermont!
  12. @bwt3650 do you work for SG? Otherwise I don’t understand why you would have this attitude. Yes they have reasons. Yes finding way to compensate with a plan b (keeping Ellen open, starting the project later) would have cost them money and been difficult, but that’s their responsibility to their customers. It’s not my job as the customer to care about their logistical problems in providing me with the promised service. That’s their problem. Instead they made a bunch of excuses why they are basically choosing not to do anything and make their logistical issues my problem by offering less service than is acceptable and was implied when they sold their season passes. You shouldn’t have to explain why they are screwong us over. It’s their job to wind a way NOT to screw is over. They had options. Instead they made excuses why they didn’t choose those. Yes it wolf have cost them money. That’s their problem. They chose their bottom line over providing the expected experience to their loyal customers. For that we should hurt them the only way that matters. They won’t ever get my money again! I am urging anyone else who agrees the way they handled this was unacceptable to do the same. don’t give your money to someone that treats you like this! On Facebook it seems most agree with me. Hopefully this will end up hurting them enough that it serves as a lesson the next time a resort wants to do something stupid like this!
  13. You have neglected to touch on the one part of this that makes it unforgivable. The fact they waited until yesterday to tell us. Meanwhile they were selling April passes and taking reservations. And people were making plans. I could have planned out my winter and spring differently had I known. That is the part that is inexcusable. Also the part about staff is totally their choice. They allowed that to happen. That’s an excise and not a valid one.
  14. @vtski and why are they replacing a triple that works fine when they have major infrastructure issues on Ellen? I never experience the number of lift issues anywhere else that I do at sugarbush. But it’s not the HG lift. Plus can Lincoln peak even withstand the increased traffic from a quad? There aren’t many runs off the summit. There is so much about this that seems off. It the unforgivable part is the lack of communication.
  15. Then why not keep Ellen open instead like they used too? That’s the better spring skiing mountain anyways. And why the lack of communication until yesterday when they were selling post April 1 discount tickets all season and people were making reservations? And why are you the one explaining this and not them? Im sure there are reasons. I doubt they just shook a magic 8 ball to bet this decision. But they botched the whole thing. Maybe it would have gone over better if they announced this months ago and explained the reasoning and offered some discount on spring passes. But they did none of that. Sorry this is an indefensible and imo unforgivable act. And unless they do something to rectify (either reverse the decision to close Lincoln or keep Ellen open) I am done with them forever. There are plenty of other good mountains that don’t behave this way and have never left me feeling this screwed over. They can keep their new summit quad. I’ll never be on it.
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