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  1. Yes because there is no $ on life AND money is all abstract anyways. We literally make it up. It’s the value of our goods, services and means of production that matters. Temporarily there will be an imbalance to that but necessary services will survive and if the government wanted too they can easily freeze then reboot all non essential economic sectors with an infusion of capital to kick start it. Typically such an infusion would create inflation but not when it’s balanced by downward price pressures such as now. Economic policy is really about how we allot and prioritize resources. Money can be manipulated. This won’t create a permanent imbalance in the means of production. We will still have an adequate labor force and raw materials. With an infusion of cap to crate necessary demand the economy would recover quickly. We could also freeze all debt both to and from financial institutions so most come out the same way they entered the crisis. Now I know our government sucks at economic policy and that likely won’t do all that. The biggest issue is we are selfish AF and that strategy would require the greater good mentality. A lot of people will still be making a profit. Financial institutions don’t want to give up several months of interest payments. And many wouldn’t want everyone to realize just have abstract the value of money is and open their eyes to the truth of how we deploy our resources. So we will probably drive ourselves into a depression in a futile attempt to save the status quo economic system but that doesn’t make the first part of the plan wrong. It just makes us idiots when it comes to economic policy.
  2. In a few years when it’s a constant neussance we will have some natural immunity and likely a vaccine. It won’t be a threat to run rampant all at once and crash the medical system.
  3. It’s unavoidable. An old boss of mine is a Qanon tin foil hat nutcase and it’s amazing what he shares on his FB wall. I mean some of it’s like grocery store tabloid level stupid. The theme seems to be “take ANYTHING that doesn’t fit his preferred narrative and twist it into a conspiracy that does”. But some of those absolutely lunatic level crap posts have 100,000 likes.
  4. You are describing the micro effects of the macro pattern I discussed.
  5. Split flow progressive pattern with lack of phasing (until OTS). Southern stream moisture stays south. Northern stream races by to the north. It happens. But it’s unlikely to persist forever. Especially as we move into Summer patterns when different factors become more critical to our precipitation prospects.
  6. @showmethesnow everything you bring up are good points and it’s very possible. I guess I’m more optimistic that if it was a truly catostrophic (extremely high mortality) virus nations and individuals would be more likely to take the known necessary measures. It’s one thing to have 20 year old selfish ding dongs ignoring the measures when the risk to them truly is relatively minor. It’s another if the virus had a 50% mortality rate! And the few remaining idiots would likely face swift immediate severe government action. We were “lenient” and many people ignored the advice. I hope that wouldn’t be true if a civilization threatening level event. Additionally modern medicine likely would reduce the mortality rate “some”. Of course that’s assuming we mitigate the spread enough not to crash the system. A huge assumption. So I agree your pessimism is warranted but there are more optimistic possibilities. Hopefully we never have to find out!
  7. I’m dealing with that now. I recently cleared another 1/2 acre in the back and the ground was too uneven to mow. I’ve been using my pick axe, shovel and rake to just chop up then level everything. It would be much easier with a cultivator but I like doing things by hand to get a workout. I’m not really a fan of using the weights so if I can get a workout while doing something productive that’s better. I’m sure it would be a lot easier to buy sand and topsoil but it’s way too large an area for that. $$$
  8. I wonder why the initial dismissal of masks as a part of the containment strategy. Even if it’s minimally effective at preventing people from contracting it seemed to me that it would help with the transmission from the asymptotic carriers. And even minimally effective could lower transmission some. Maybe they knew we simply didn’t have the supply and didn’t want to cause a panic or rush on supplies? ETA: just read that some experts feared masks would create a false sense of security and cause people not to practice social distancing thus mitigating the benefits. I could see how that “could” be a problem but then better messaging was needed. That seems to be a “people are too stupid to handle the truth” attitude. And while that may be true you have to at least attempt imo.
  9. @showmethesnow given how much more we know about virus transmission now and medical advances hopefully we never see another pandemic that wipes out majorities of the population in places. It’s possible but it’s also likely we could at least mitigate the impact some compared to pandemics that predated modern medicine. This doesn’t have the mortality rate to be that kind of outbreak anyways but people taking the minimalist extreme position also aren’t accounting for what the mortality would look like if we didn’t take these measures. Somewhere in between is the likely answer but a level we would regret considering the crash to the healthcare system it would cause and how that would impact millions of other people.
  10. Yea not sure how you said it to get deleted but whenever I’ve had something removed it was because I was wrong. The mods here aren’t tyranical but you’ve started beef with virtually everyone since you got here. No one, least of all me, needs protection from you. And while the virus isn’t political the governments policy towards it is. Literally. So your post makes no sense. I do think we need to be careful to keep it as non hostile and neutral as possible and my pillowguy post was on the edge but I admitted my bias and that maybe I was wrong and I explained my reaction. We do need to be able to comment on stuff in general given how big a deal this is.
  11. At least this time the map agrees with your point. But a 30 day anomaly over such a relatively small geographic area isn’t that significant. If that kind of pattern were to continue another 60 days or so it would become a problem. My guess is it won’t. These things tend to naturally balance out. These short term anomalies aren’t even really anomalies. The mean is just a bunch of anomalies averaged together. You are missing the forest from the trees.
  12. That’s pretty much how we are handling it too. My wife, myself, and our son all have asthma so we’re not playing around or taking any chances. It’s just not worth it. Stay safe!
  13. Judging from the quality of his posts that don’t get deleted I can’t imagine what the ones that do look like...
  14. A LOT of businesses are doing that right now. And I commend all of them! But not all of them were crackheads who were arrested for domestic assault, fraudulent checks, violating a protection order, lost a million dollar fraud suit, filed bankruptcy, has an F rating from the BBB....but also donated to Trump and said he was chosen by God and is possibly running for office. It seemed like a publicity stunt to me and I don’t think that was the right place for that. But I am famously not a big fan of Trump and so I am admitidly biased so if others saw it as a genuine thing and not a publicity stunt to help a friend of Trump I will concede maybe I was seeing it through jaded lenses.