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  1. It’s hard to be very positive about the pacific. We’ve been in a very Nina ish hostile background state even when the SSTs weren’t that bad across the pacific basin. There has been good discussion and speculation about the SST patterns near the maritime continent and correlated mjo impacts being a cause. But it’s hard to imagine an actual Nina would improve that. The Atlantic side is always the wildcard though. At some point the NAO will go negative again in winter. Anyone holding their breath died a long time ago though.
  2. Sorry I just saw this. Wasn’t on much. Crazy week at work then took some family time over the weekend. I would be glad to help any way I can if it’s not too late. Just PM me
  3. He certainly wasn’t but we were about 8-10 feet apart so I’m probably ok.
  4. Had to run to the store because wife forgot the pineapple for the kabobs. Guy in front of me has a “I stand for the flag:respect” shirt and his mask is over his chin. I said “glad you respect the flag now could you respect everyone in this store and put the mask over your face”. He responds “Stfu asshole” to which I you resoect the flag but not peoples health or freedom of speech”. He asks “what’s your problem asshole”. I finished “I’m just pointing out your own values here, if that upsets you maybe you should examine your actions”. Altercation ended with a “FU”.
  5. I’m not sold on anything at this range. A weak Nina seems favored though. What that means...typically not great but there is always 1996 during a solar min to hold onto hope. And it certainly wouldn’t mean as bad as last year. But my post was just pointing out things could get a lot worse before they get better. Sobering since most of us are about done with all this.
  6. I have and yes. I’m just worried things are going to suck for a lot longer than we want to accept.
  7. How miserable will it get if there is a major second wave (assuming we ever finish the 1st) in the fall/winter, the football season gets stopped, Thanksgiving then Christmas pretty much are ruined, and the long range guidance is correct and we get another non winter with no snow...because jokes aside all those events are probably odds on favorites to happen right now.
  8. JB cancelled next winter also. Might need to skip to 2022
  9. That is heart wrenching. And it drives me crazy that so many can’t empathize with that. Someday we will have to reckon with the sins of our past that perpetuates generation after generation if we ever wish to move towards a future without this unhealthy wound tearing at our society. But imo our failure extends even beyond bigotry (although that is our greatest challenge). For a Christian nation we don’t treat each other the way we should. We don’t take care of each other. We don’t show compassion and empathy for others. We don’t see the needs of others and think “how can we help”. We are tribalistic and egocentric and too many people are more worried about protecting their position than trying to make the world a better place.
  10. I took my son there last week. There is a place near the northern end where Clipper Mill Rd crosses. A parking area with a trail to the water. There are also a couple places where Beckleysville Rd crosses the middle. We had more luck there. Overall we like Codorus near Hanover PA best. Sucks I’m 10 minutes away but have to pay out of State license fee because I’m 1 mile across the border but it’s the best/easiest accessible spot for the kids. I haven’t yet found a spot in MD close by the Kids like as much. There is a little community pond down the road on 30 we go sometimes if we just have an hour in the evening.
  11. He is 5. He has a practicality to him. When our Disney trip in April got canceled he was disappointed but said “but I don’t want to get sick so ok”. Last year he saw a flood video on the news and said those people needs boats now and then we need to build them new houses but on top of something so that don’t happen again”. Recently he said he can’t really understand racism because he doesn’t understand why anyone would be mean to people because of how they look. He also constantly asks me difficult questions that are way over his weight. Sometimes I’m not sure how to answer. We aren’t totally sure how old Lily was, she was rescued. But around 11/12. Old but not that old. But she had a liver condition her whole life and it finally gave out. This morning my 2 year old almost made me cry when she crawled into Lily’s bed by the window like she often did to cuddle her and was saying lily and whimpering.
  12. My son had a really bad day but he took it like a champ. His cat died, he got an ear infection and found out he can’t go in the pool for 2 weeks and then his favorite character in Star Wars rebels died. He said to me “you shouldn’t have let me watch that tonight”. Lol. He asked how to say goodbye in cat language at the vet then when we were burying Lilly said “I will miss you I hope we see you when we dead someday”. At bed time he simply said “today sucked can we never do that again” then asked me to stay with him until he is asleep because he is kinda sad. I was proud of how he handled everything. I don’t think I would have been as mature as he was. RIP Lilly
  13. Still waiting for that low to move northeast out of WV through NC without jumping. #geography #salty
  14. But what’s the barometric pressure in Pittsburgh ?