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  1. Fair enough. Personally I'm never going to say "we have too many snow threats this week"
  2. You must have loved the last two Decembers then.
  3. Good gfs run. Shows potential start to finish.
  4. My bad. It does. Too far out for me to dig into so I probably saw the 0z saturday time stamp and didn't think into it enough to realize that's showing Friday afteroon. Ive been busy beyond belief with family and work stuff. Not as much time to weather as years past.
  5. I wouldn't sleep on the wave early next week either. Actually the whole long range looks loaded with potential to me. Looks like waves galore riding the boundary. Most look warm in the gfs but there are numerous ways to change that. A well timed high. Two waves seperating just enough to sink the boundary for the following wave to ride along.
  6. The Saturday thing definitely has potential. I started paying attention to it as a singular threat yesterday because it struck me as the kind of thing that often trends better for us. Not all the time but enough to think maybe. It's still way too far out to be worried about specifics. Just look what happened the last 72 hours last week. This is still 100 hours out. The trends are good right now. Just have to wait and see.
  7. Being an Eagles fan is worse then a snow fan in DC.
  8. That's rough. For one year I commuted from Pine Grove PA to Baltimore every day. Over 120 miles each way. It sucked. What's crazy is I got used to it after a couple months. Now when I have to do that same drive once every long while for family reasons it feels like a stress test gone wrong. Can't believe I did that.
  9. Did you want to be close to Burlington? Wonderful town imo.
  10. My ratios were crazy high. Can tell just by the fluff consistency. It was huge fluffy flakes all afternoon. I bet my qpf was only about .35.
  11. Just got home. 5.5" on my deck. I'm not about to say anything you don't already know but I do hear others often "wonder" if topography is why the Westminster death band always ends up in the same place. It most definitely is. Parrs ridge and the hills in northern Baltimore county are just high enough to create enough upslope flow to enhance precip. It's not drastic. But were already usually a few degrees colder to begin with then you add in just a bit of enhanced lift and that's why this happens every time. You can see it on just about every long range gfs or euro snow map in winter where the local snow maximums are in the same places. Given those factors plus the heat islsnd and about the only times the urban corridor will beat those locations is when we really do get fringed and the back edge ends up between the 95 corridor and here. It can happen. But of course the odds of being on the edge is slim. Usually it either misses all of us or we manage to get into the decent qpf also and then given those advantages the typical climo spots will win. Im not from up here. I grew up in south jersey then northern VA. I moved up here because of the snow climo advantage. Yea I also love the view and cooler summers and all but the main reason was the snow. Yes I'm that crazy. But I suffer for my snow. If there is any accidents it can take me forever to commute. Even a good day is almost an hour. But I don't regret it one but. Helps that I like to drive. Gives me time to think and reflect on things. People joke about moving up here. Come on up. We need more weather weenies up here. I'll do more BBQs. It's a great place to live and the snow is real and if you don't mind the commute it's worth it. (From DC it's too much to up here but Demarcus to Mt Airy is a pretty good local max for that area and a doable drive). For those that can't I totally understand and I also understand the frustration each storm, I felt it to which is why I moved up here. If you can't beat em join em.
  12. That band finally pushed east. It was very good to me hope it takes its time and spreads the wealth on the way out.
  13. I'm in Westminster and it's coming down good. Looks like 5-6" for sure. I'll measure when I get home but it's probably similar. Was at 4" when I left and this band has been over my house too the last few hours.
  14. Darn you need to move 10 miles south... seems Hanover always gets screwed compared to here and it's so close. 5 min drive up 30 from me.