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  1. @Bob Chill if you are around I could use your help with something. PM me if you get the chance. Thanks
  2. I am heading up to New England later next week and next weekend to do some skiing. I was expecting spring conditions...skiing in a jacket on slush snow. Not sure how I feel about the potential to get mid winter conditions for a couple days.
  3. You have to set up on the windward side of the ridges in upslope scenarios.
  4. If you move don’t go to Laramie. Like MN said that are in a shadow zone. Where are you exactly? The front range in northern CO looks good. Ground zero (other then really high elevations) might be places just north of Cheyenne WY like Chugwater to Wheatlant.
  5. They put in a skate park between the pavilions and the pond.
  6. It’s been nice. Took the kids to Christmas Tree Park in Manchester. Last of the snow hanging by a thread today...
  7. I said Gefs. There are some members that are wet. But it’s still not in details range anyways. I’m not really paying much attention. Just made a half joking observation.
  8. Then it targets just north layer in the week. I suppose one more DC split would be a perfect way to end things.
  9. p28 seems to fit the seasonal pattern.