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  1. I'll make a separate thread for the BBQ up here idea as soon as I can figure out exactly what weekends I'm free. I will try to make the get together near DC too but will depend on the date and time.
  2. A few people have expressed interest in a BBQ up here. I'm also open to attending an event down in the DC area as well but Saturday's are pretty much the only day of the week I'm free. I'm willing to set up a BBQ here for anyone interested but that doesn't have to preclude other outings or gatherings for the southern portions of our region that may think my location is too far away.
  3. A few people have inquired about a BBQ. I don't mind hosting, I have the space and land and plenty of parking but I also know I'm a bit of a hike for most in this forum. It really is nice up here in the late spring and summer though. If anyone would want to do a BBQ type thing or anything else I'm definitely open to either host or attend.
  4. One last one.
  5. 2.5" here.
  6. It's really pretty out. The kind of snow that sticks to everything. Looks like 1.5-2" on top of what was left otg from Tuesday. Have to get some sleep. Driving up to pine grove pa for a birthday party in the morning.
  7. I had that here the last 2 hours. Now it's all snow and starting to accumulate. Down to 32.
  8. It's snowing now.
  9. I've seen 1-3" type events the first week of April up here several times. From records I know they have had 10"+ storms up until April 15th up here. After that there have been some 4" or less snows up until the end of April but the window to get a significant snow here closes mid april.
  10. Down to 34. Still rain mixed with slush bombs but my guess is it flips within the hour.
  11. There is some slush mixed with the rain here about a mile south of PA.
  12. I was going to commute. I drive an hour to work now to live here. I think it's worth it but others would say I'm crazy. Their probably right. There are slush bombs mixed in with the rain here now so it's close. The radar is bright banding here because it's not raining as hard as radar would indicate.
  13. When I was considering looking for a teaching job in north jersey many years ago highland lakes was where I was thinking of living. Where I ended up here, Manchester, is kind of the Maryland version of what you are to NJ.
  14. 1100 feet does wonders for the boundary temps. Being 40-50 miles north doesn't hurt either. It could flip fast later even south of here if rates are good enough.