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  1. So far July 22 seems to be the date most who have replied are free. I'm fine with bringing whoever honestly. Family/friends/wives. Once we have an idea of how many, if it does look like a significant figure perhaps we can find a system to chip in for food/drinks. If it's a smaller event I don't mind covering. Just depends how big it ends up being. But there is plenty of room here.
  2. Sorry I couldn't be there. Hopefully I will meet some of you later this summer at the BBQ. I can help with the "imagery" issue. These are me and my family from earlier this week. https://mobile.twitter.com/psuhoffman/status/878786488242241536
  3. July 22 seems to be the most popular date so far.
  4. One problem with seasonal is we don't have enough sample size to get much statistical significance from the results. I'm not poo pooing it. There are some definite conclusions. Modoki nino good. Strong East based not so much. Nina and west qbo bad combo. But there are more variables that play off each other then a 50-100 year sample can account for and come up with good data conclusions for each combo. The results are too skewed by flukes or anamolies when one factory dominates the others and throws off the typical results for a given set of peramiters perhaps. That said, when we start to see multiple bad indices showing up then it could spell trouble. Not there yet but losing the prospect of a west based nino is one duck falling on the wrong side of the ledger. Still have time to see other factors line up better.
  5. We have discussed a possible BBQ up here from time to time. I figured I would list a few options for dates and see who is interested and which date would work best. Once we have a date and who is coming we can work on other details like food/drinks. Options are Saturday July 15 Saturday July 22 Saturday July 29 Saturday Aug 26
  6. I had forgotten I have a wedding to attend this weekend and unfortunately won't be able to make it. I had the dates wrong. I will try to organize a BBQ up here for anyone interested but I'll start a different thread for that.
  7. I would still like to do a BBQ up here for any interested. It didn't work out in the spring because I was working some weekends grading senior state exam projects and my debate team had several events. I know some don't like to do summer but it's usually not that hot up here with a breeze even in summer plus the pool will be open if we wanted to turn it into a BBQ/pool party. Any Saturday from July 8 to Aug 5 is good or Aug 26. If there is still interest I'll try to set it up. Even if it's just a few people that's fine.
  8. That definitely works better for me.
  9. Is this happening? I'm up in the air this weekend. My sister is coming up to visit so not sure how it works with her schedule.
  10. What happened to the political blog?
  11. I am asking for help finding sponsors to help raise money for my debate team. If it's deemed inappropriate to post this here please delete and I am sorry. I've been coaching a policy debate team at Carver Vo Tech HS in Baltimore for the last 12 years. It's a great opportunity for students who may not have many. We are in one of the poorer neighborhoods in the city. We have helped several get scholarships and in the last 3 years we won a city championship, district title, and qualified for nationals twice. We need to raise money to be able to attend nationals next month, and due to budget cuts we lost all funding from the school district and our local city league has folded so if we are going to survive we will need sponsors. Take a look and if you can't contribute yourself I totally understand but please share it on Facebook or twitter and help us get to as many people as possible. Thank you. http://www.gofundme.com/sponsor-carver-debate
  12. I should be able to make it June 3. I didn't forget about a BBQ up here but haven't been able to find a free weekend. I've been working several weekends plus a baby shower, wedding, family birthday, and work party all crammed into spring. I was going to suggest June 3 but that's taken lol. I'll have way more free weekends over the summer so if there is still interest we can still do that. It's usually nice up here in summer. Even on a 95 degree day in D.C. It's usually in the 80s here and even a 90 degree day isn't that bad with a nice breeze here on the ridge. Plus the pool will be open.
  13. I'll make a separate thread for the BBQ up here idea as soon as I can figure out exactly what weekends I'm free. I will try to make the get together near DC too but will depend on the date and time.
  14. A few people have expressed interest in a BBQ up here. I'm also open to attending an event down in the DC area as well but Saturday's are pretty much the only day of the week I'm free. I'm willing to set up a BBQ here for anyone interested but that doesn't have to preclude other outings or gatherings for the southern portions of our region that may think my location is too far away.
  15. A few people have inquired about a BBQ. I don't mind hosting, I have the space and land and plenty of parking but I also know I'm a bit of a hike for most in this forum. It really is nice up here in the late spring and summer though. If anyone would want to do a BBQ type thing or anything else I'm definitely open to either host or attend.