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  1. I did send in the photos and this was the reply from NWS. They got back very quickly btw. "Good (late) afternoon, Thank you for the phone call and the pictures! We were watching this as it crossed out of Pennsylvania and had noted some weak rotation on the FAA Terminal Doppler Radar for BWI, and were wondering if there was visible rotation. It definitely organized on a storm scale, but not quite strong enough in the lowest levels to produce a tornado. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued a short time later for points further east for straight line winds, which knocked down a fair number of trees (we heard of about a dozen or so) in Harford County."
  2. I'll send it to them today when I get a chance. I notice there was no mention from lwx but there was definitely rotation and a clear well formed wall cloud and even seemed to be a bit of a funnel cloud for a short time. It passed right over me and things got wild for a short time. It definitely had the same feel as other close encounters I've had when chasing but this was the first time it was at my house. Didn't come close to touching down but no doubt it had rotation. It kind of caught me off guard. I was just thinking it was a typical thunderstorm and went out to get the umbrella down on my pool deck when the wind picked up and suddenly realized what was going on and was in the middle of it as it passed over.
  3. Pretty impressive lightning show to my south with the storm hitting reisterstown. My 2 year old made me take him out to watch and he forego his ice cream to keep watching. Earlier he was excited when the first storm came through. I've seen lightning from as far away as state college and ocean city from up here on Dugg Hill Ridge.
  4. I posted pics in the obs thread. Things got exciting here as that storm passed an hour ago. Rotation. Funnel cloud. Heavy rain with hail wind and sun all at the same time. Very unexpected and I guess local from nws lack of response but one of the crazier experiences I've had.
  5. As the southern edge of the thunderstorm line passed over about 30 mins ago it actually produced a well developed wall cloud here with clear rotation and possibly a bit of a funnel cloud for a short time. The feature went right over my house and just before the rain picked up and became absolutely huge drops with some sporadic hail mixed in for a brief time. Then as the wall cloud passed over the winds picked up and things got exciting for a time. At one point the winds were howling, wind swept rain, sun shining as it was clear just to the south and a double rainbow that ended in my yard. One of the neatest experiences. It reminded me a bit of a time in NC when a storm dropped a tornado right as it passed over me. Winds picked up and saw the funnel dropping then suddenly the dirt in the field across the highway starts to kick up and it developed. This time nothing came of it but I'm surprised nws missed the rotation. I have to delete some photos then I'll post a few.
  6. You didn't take my keys the chair is on the back patio by where the coolers were. If I forget to put it out just grab it from there since it's not out in the weather there.
  7. At least your local. I was worried it was wxdude.
  8. Someone left a green lawn chair.
  9. There is a little crab shack on 30 about 5 minutes mile south of me. I've picked up a bushel to eat during eagles games in the fall from time to time.
  10. It's worth the extra hassle to me!
  11. There were a couple. The plain ones were johnsonville beer brats. The spicy ones I think NwbaltimoreWx brought so I'm not sure but they were really good. We definitely have to do this again. I'll try to make future gatherings down in the D.C. Area also.
  12. Thanks to everyone who came up yesterday. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad everyone had a good time. And thank you for all pitching in. Losetoa6 the taco dip was great. showmethesnow the burgers were amazing. NwbaltimoreWx thanks for the shrimp and good to know we're worthy of the crabs next time. Wxdude64 thanks for the beer and for making the 4 hour drive. For you it was a mission. Wxwatcher007 it was great to have someone add tropical expertise to our discussion. Supernovasky welcome to the region and your excitement over being here and tropical stories from Louisiana were great. I had a good time getting to know you all a little better and hope to see all of you and others at future gatherings. If there is interest I would be down to do something in the fall.
  13. I have a 2 year old also.
  14. Once you get on Ebbvale Rd there is a huge realtor sign blocking my road sign where you turn into the private access road. It says contract on the top. That's where you turn.