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  1. Always good to have newbies. Don’t worry you’ll figure it out after a while.
  2. So I’m not the only one who does this lol
  3. https://fb.watch/hbQYHocZGI/?mibextid=vTn5qL
  4. Let me preface this that I don’t necessarily buy into this ATT. But…there is a lot of assumption that once the cold enso pattern breaks our pac issues will be alleviated. But we did have a Nino and a neutral winter recently where the pac was every bit as god awful and there are some speculating this current cycle is more related to other factors not enso.
  5. I have hope. Just being pragmatic and keeping my expectations in check given the evidence of how this usually ends in a Nina. But there are plenty of encouraging enough signs. It certainly could be worse.
  6. Statistically there has been a slow decline for the last 100 years. It happens in an uneven way with cycles within the longer trend but it’s there.
  7. My fear is by the time the pac improves we lose the Atlantic. That’s been a common theme. I’ll take the pac to increase chances if some snow given temps are the bigger problem lately, but truth is we’re unlikely to do very well without both cooperating I’ll try but it would be somewhat subjective since you can’t simply add a couple degrees and keep everything else the same. Example: there is some good research implying the central pac ridging is being enhanced by warning. That’s going to encourage a -pna which in turn pumps the se ridge which is also being further enhanced by warmer SST in the GOM and Atlantic. So the whole storm track can be shifted hundreds of miles and a whole pattern radically altered by relatively minor warming.
  8. @WxUSAF we probably can still work with a marginal setup between like Jan 10-Feb 15 or some crazy small window like that, maybe…but we seem to also get our worst patterns during that narrow window often.
  9. This is 100% but I continue to observe the fact that over the last 10 years we seem to need increasingly anomalously perfect patterns to get snow. The days of lucking into snow with marginal setups seem a thing of the past.
  10. Or start a go Fund me project to turn all of central MD and NW VA into a huge lake. Sell It as creating a sustainable freshwater source for the megalopolis or something, only we will know the real reason.
  11. @Maestrobjwa try something…instead of coming at this from the perspective of “it should snow” then getting frustrated when it doesn’t…just come at it from the expectation it probably won’t snow and expect nothing…then be happy when on rare occasions it does snow.
  12. In the end GGG picked Wes and Weah over him it seems. I can’t really criticize that too much. They both balled out. And Wes created way better than I expected. Weah was a vertical threat we needed. What was inexcusable was using Morris over Reyna late against Wales and not finding a way to get him more mins as a sub. Even V IRAN I’d have favored trying to defend by possessing more than bunkering and got him on. But in the end the reason we are out is just embarrassing lazy marking today. You won’t ever control the run of play better than we did, but you can’t ignore and simply not mark late arriving runners to the box. That’s like rec league level basics. I’d have had words with the youth team I coach for that kind of lazy defense. I hate to pick on Tyler because he was great the rest of the tournament but my god what he did on the first goal was inexcusable as a defensive mid. Lazily strolling back as a man arrives right in front of him unmarked to the box. That was my position and I’d probably have never seen the pitch again in high school or college if I did that more than once! Just amateur level mental mistake. The finishing was kinda awful too but we we knew that wasn’t a strong suit and no one was picking us to win 4-3. The awful marking did us in. Shame, we really could and maybe should have won this match. We have the quality to take the play to teams now and not just sit back and counter. But you can’t be lazy on defense ever at this level.
  13. The h5 pattern was actually degrading by the time that storm happened. But the pna and NAO combo earlier set the stage. We got lucky that a healthy enough stj wave (in a Nina no less) but not too strong that it would try to amplify too soon, came along with a healthy arctic airmass in place and bombed at the right time. The blocking really had relaxed by then and the pna was only ehh. But there was still a lingering 50/50, a arctic air mass, and a nice wave and it all came together.
  14. I was up in PA in 2014. We did good but not as good as down here. I was here in 2015 and got like 55”. The mean of 2 full winter composites hides important details. look at the h5 from the 2 good January snows in 2014 That look is washed out on the mean. The AO domain h5 pattern is pretty darn good there. Now look at the Feb and March snow periods The pattern was breaking down some for the Feb storm but there was cold established, a lot of snow over across the north, and the AO isn’t awful. There is no consolidated raging TPV over the pole. March the TPV is displaced and suppressing the flow for us. I don’t consider any of those looks ++AO in a practical sense as it impacts our pattern. 2015 there was a monster full latitude EPO PNa ridge displacing and elongating the TPV. 1993 all the snow came in one storm in March from a triple phased bomb. That’s an anomaly and not a good way to try to reliably get snow 1994 our area did god awful wrt snow given how cold it was and the pac pattern. So again I don’t think it’s a good example of what you’re implying. If we have some truly god awful AO state like Jan-Feb 2020 for instance, the PNA alone wouldn’t save us.
  15. The high latitudes weren’t as hostile as you’re implying some of those years. The numerical index isn’t as important as the actual h5 pattern.
  16. Problem is we’re too far south to survive any one major factor being awful. I agree the AO is the most important but it can be ruined if other things are in a bad way.
  17. I’d just wait. It’s 180 hours but more important there are multiple waves between now and then which will impact the outcome.
  18. An uncharacteristic Nina healthy stj signal also.
  19. There was some quote about wanting to actually play 90 mins. This might help stop the time wasting and fake injuries if they actually add on the time wasted. It can get REALLY bad. I’ve seen matches where a team wasted 15 mins of the second half and they only added a few mins of extra time.
  20. That’s possible. It’s hard to remember all the stupid I’ve argued with over the years. Trying to just ignore more now.
  21. They are keeping a lid on it. GGG haters are using it to attack him. I’m not a GGG fanboy myself BUT applying all known facts it seems the most likely scenario is he isn’t healthy. lets add it all up. GGG is very close with Reynas family. He clearly rates the kid and started him when healthy every opportunity. And it’s just flat ridiculous that anyone would rate Morris or even Aaronson over Reyna, even if you think GGG is a bonehead, that’s just next level stupid. Like how could that person remember to breathe stupid. Also Reyna has been injured about 75% of the time the last 2 years! Yes GGG banished Brooks for some obvious personal reasons but Brooks is aging, slow, made several costly mistakes, and was on the way out anyways. That’s not close to the same as benching a young star that’s likely to be a central figure for the next decade (if the kid can stay healthy). Add all that up and the most logical explanation is he just isn’t fit.
  22. On the one hand they’re one win away from the quarters right now. And I don’t think it’s out of the realm that they pull it off. But on the other hand it’s really dangerous to set hard expectations on a World Cup unless you’re truly “elite” level like Brazil and Germany (although even they’ve fallen on some harder times recently). So much is down to luck. So few matches. One goal often makes all the difference. But I think we should be at a level by 2026 with the current player pool where that kind of run is not considered some crazy fluke.
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